Morning Post | The iPhone 14 Pro will take longer to receive the goods / Musk asked the wrongly laid off employees to return to work / Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room is more expensive than the official one is questioned

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  • Musk returns some laid-off Twitter employees
  • Apple issues statement on Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou
  • Consumers say that Li Jiaqi’s live studio products are more expensive than the official one
  • Bilibili CEO Chen Rui personally takes over the game business
  • LeTV issued a document saying that Jia Yueting never sued LeTV
  • Meta to initiate first mass layoffs in history
  •  Why is Nike doing a podcast?
  • Aifaner Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 Call Challenge
  • Huawei denies that HiSilicon Kirin chips will return next year
  • NVIDIA responds to RTX 4090 using native 16Pin spontaneous combustion
  • Xiaoice completes new financing of 1 billion yuan
  • Costco unveils 'world's largest puzzle'
  • Remember to watch the total lunar eclipse tonight at 19:00
  • "Age of Awakening" won the Golden Eagle Award for Best TV Series
  • "Changjin Lake" behind-the-scenes documentary finalized
  • Director Quentin Discusses Reasons Not to Direct Marvel Movies

Musk returns dozens of laid-off Twitter employees after 50% layoff

After Musk fired about 50% of Twitter employees, some foreign media said Twitter later re-contacted dozens of employees, hoping they can return to work.

It is said that these employees who were asked to return may have been wrongly fired before, or that Twitter may not have realized that their work experience is very important in order to implement the new features that Musk is referring to.

50% of the employees who have been laid off involve the trust security department, the public relations department, and the machine learning ethics department. At present, there are only about 3,700 people left at the Twitter headquarters. The team in India has even been cut by more than 90%, and currently there are only about 12 people left.

Twitter has not yet responded to the matter, and some foreign media pointed out that this may also be because the entire communication department has been fired.

Source: Sina Technology, etc.

Consumers say that Li Jiaqi’s live studio products are more expensive than the official one

During the Tmall Double 11 pre-sale event, some consumers reported that a water and milk set that was sold in the live broadcast room of Shiseido’s official flagship store on November 4 was priced at 888 yuan, which was better than the same product in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room. The price is about 300 yuan cheaper.

On the evening of the 4th, the Shiseido flagship store responded: "The price of 888 yuan is a system failure, and abnormal orders will be refunded uniformly, and appropriate compensation will be given." Li Jiaqi also said, "The brand will uniformly refund abnormal orders."

However, some consumers said that when they were preparing to apply for price protection, they found that the Shiseido flagship store had removed the live link of the product, and the system showed that "price protection service cannot be provided".

There are also some consumers who have won 888 yuan suits, but have not yet received the goods, saying that Shiseido requested to cancel the order directly, but promised that as compensation, all the suits they shot will be given away.

To this end, some consumers who purchased the corresponding products in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room initiated a collective complaint, requiring the official Taobao Shiseido store to fulfill the promise of price guarantee and refund the corresponding price difference.

Source: The Paper

Apple issues statement on Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou

Apple's official website issued an announcement on the 6th, saying that due to the impact of the epidemic, the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou is currently significantly reduced in production capacity, and customers will have to wait longer to receive the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

According to the Financial Associated Press, due to weak demand for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus models, Apple lowered its expected production of the iPhone 14 this year to 87 million units, at least 3 million fewer than the original target.

The Foxconn iDPBG business group in Zhengzhou also issued an announcement on the morning of the 7th, announcing that it will start recruiting soon, with an hourly wage of RMB 30, and the construction period will end on February 15th next year.

In addition, Foxconn also lowered its fourth-quarter outlook. Previously, Foxconn's guidance for fourth-quarter results was "cautiously optimistic", but recently "downgraded" the outlook.

Source: Phoenix Network Technology & Interface News

Bilibili adjusts the game business structure, and CEO Chen Rui personally takes charge of the management

Recently, Bilibili released an internal email, announcing the adjustment of the business reporting line related to the game business.

According to the email, the reporting lines of the game publishing department, game cooperation department, game community department, game innovation product department and other departments have been adjusted from the company's senior vice president Zhang Feng to the company's CEO Chen Rui. Zhang Feng, who was previously in charge of Bilibili's game business, will be adjusted to other businesses of the company.

The email shows that this adjustment is to implement the game business strategy of Bilibili’s self-developed high-quality products and global distribution.

Source: Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily & Economic Observation Network

LeTV issued a document to clarify: Jia Yueting never sued LeTV

Last night, LeTV Video's official Weibo issued a statement denying the news that "Mr. Jia Yueting sued LeTV", emphasizing that Jia Yueting never sued LeTV, including LeTV, Lerongzhixin and all its subsidiaries.

The announcement stated that the companies involved in the incident, “LeTV Holdings” and “LeTV Mobile”, are no longer associated with “LeTV”. Companies that are still using the "LeTV" brand to continue their operations mainly focus on the two operating entities of LeTV and Lerongzhixin.

Of course, LeTV Video did not forget to mention the news that "The Legend of Mi Yue" will return to LeTV Video's exclusive broadcast.

After Twitter, Meta expects to kick off big layoffs this week

According to foreign media, social platform Facebook's parent company Meta is preparing to start mass layoffs tomorrow, which will affect thousands of employees.

The report said this would be the first mass layoff in Meta's 18-year history, and Meta's job losses are expected to be the most of any big tech company. At the end of September, Meta had more than 87,000 employees.

Slowing global economic growth, competition from TikTok, changes to Apple's privacy policy, and concerns about massive spending in the Metaverse may all have prompted Meta's gloomy outlook.

Source: The Paper

 Why is Nike doing a podcast?

Compared with public account tweets and short videos, the length of 30 to 40 minutes makes the brand-made podcast more like a sound magazine, carrying the needs of "storytelling".

However, unlike Feishu's "Organizational Evolution" and "Fishing and Sunning" with more fish, Nike's "Nei Ting" has its sights set on the outside, inviting people who have worked in sports trend media and also run a "Fat Jie" of the personal podcast serves as the host of the show.

Service provider JustPod said that "Nei Ting" does not want to be a pure sports podcast, but hopes to tell about the relationship between sports and people.

Compared with highly professional sports content, mainly pan-sports, the audience of content discussing sports lifestyle will obviously be wider.

In fact, Nike has launched more than one brand podcast abroad. There are "Trained" which focuses on the big topic of fitness, and "No Off-Season" which focuses on the mental health of athletes.

The topics of different sizes and incisions allow all kinds of sports enthusiasts and senior fans of sports to have the opportunity to find programs that they are interested in.

In general, from Nike App, SNKRS China, Nike official website to Nike Tmall flagship store, Nike has basically completed the basic construction of its direct retail structure and tools in the Chinese market. Continuing to operate various platforms and fill in brand content with Nike characteristics will be the next important task.

To learn more, you can check it out in "Social Beta":

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 Calling Challenge: No need to shout!

It is very troublesome to find a quiet place when you encounter a sudden and important call when you are away from home.

However, the quiet call function of Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 allows you to easily call even in high noise scenarios, and can also avoid the embarrassment caused by ambient noise.

In order to test its specific call performance, we chose a few of the loudest scenes and called you there

Click on the picture to jump to the video

Huawei denies Internet rumors that HiSilicon Kirin chips will return next year

Recently, it was reported that a Huawei internal engineer revealed that "there will be a return of Kirin chips next year", and "the progress is quite smooth, the tape has been produced, and it is waiting for the final landing."

In this regard, according to All Weather Technology, Huawei denied the news, calling it "false news".

HiSilicon is a chip design company that belongs to Huawei Group.

Source: 24/7 Tech & IT House

The RTX 4090 also caught fire with a native 16Pin power cord, NVIDIA: research is being accelerated

So far, there have been at least 15 spontaneous combustion events with the RTX 4090. According to past cases, most of the affected users attributed the reason to the AWG16 150V specification issue.

However, some users recently said that even if the native 16Pin power supply line is used, there is a burning phenomenon.

NVIDIA said that it is currently working with manufacturers to accelerate the research on the fire and burning of the RTX 4090, and will eventually give detailed instructions. MSI has also contacted the user to replace the graphics card and power supply.

Some foreign media analysis said that the fundamental problem may be that the power of the RTX 4090 is too high. According to reports, the TDP of the RTX 4090 is as high as 450W, and the highest power consumption in actual use can reach 600W, an increase of about 30%.

Source: Fast Technology

Xiaoice completes new financing of 1 billion yuan

Xiaoice recently announced the completion of a new financing of 1 billion yuan, which is a rare large-scale financing for a Chinese artificial intelligence software company this year.

At the same time, Xiaoice also officially launched the annual upgrade of its AI Being Employee product line. The enhanced technologies in this upgrade include large model dialogue engine, 3D neural network rendering, super natural speech and AIGC artificial intelligence content generation.

XiaoIce, formerly known as the Microsoft AI XiaoIce Team, will be spun off into an independent technology research and development entity in 2020, achieving complete localization. According to "Waidian Finance", Xiaoice's post-investment valuation is about US$2 billion, double the valuation after financing last July. New investors include Sequoia China.

Source: Entrepreneurship & Late Finance

Costco unveils 'world's largest puzzle'

Recently, Costco launched a so-called world's largest puzzle "What a Wonderful World".

The 60,000-piece puzzle is 8 feet high and 29 feet wide and features views of the Taj Mahal, Paris, the Pacific Islands, and more. The inside of the puzzle is actually made up of 60 small puzzles that players can assemble separately and solve the puzzle through 60 reference posters.

The puzzle is priced at $600 and is now available on the official website.

Source: Hypebeast

Remember to watch the total lunar eclipse tonight at 19:00

According to the Guangzhou Wuyang Planetarium, there will be a rare total lunar eclipse (red moon) celestial phenomenon today. If the weather is clear, it can be observed in most parts of China.

The whole process from "eating" to "generating light" will take up to 1 hour and 26 minutes. It is estimated that around 19:00 is the best time to watch, when you will be able to see "the moon occulting Uranus", "the combination of the sun and the moon" and the "red moon" at the same time.

A total lunar eclipse is visible throughout China, the last time it happened on July 28, 2018. If you miss this time, the next one will have to wait until September 8, 2025.

Source: China News Network & CCTV News

"Age of Awakening" won the Golden Eagle Award for Best TV Series

The winners of the 31st Golden Eagle Awards were announced yesterday.

Among them, "The Age of Awakening" won the best TV series, Li Lu won the best director for "The World", and "The World" starred Lei Jiayin and Yin Tao won the best actor and actress, and Ma Shaohua and Ma Li won the best supporting actor and actress.

Source: Douban Movie

"Changjin Lake" behind-the-scenes documentary to be released next week

The behind-the-scenes documentary of the film "Changjin Lake" series "One Ten Million" announced yesterday that it will be released in theaters on November 18.

The title of the documentary contains the names of the Wu family brothers, and at the same time pays tribute to the most lovely people in the "Ten Millions", as well as the unity and hard work of the "Ten Millions" filmmakers behind the film.

Many clips that were not shown in the film are expected to be exposed for the first time in the documentary.

Source: Mtime

Quentin on why he's not directing superhero movies: I'm not looking for a job

In a recent interview, director Quentin Tarantino talked about why he doesn't direct the Marvel Universe or other superhero movies:

"You have to be hired to do this, but I'm not a hire, and I'm not looking for a job."

However, he also added that he was actually very fascinated by the "Star Wars" series when he was young. It's just that with age, this kind of movie is no longer one of his favorites.

At the same time, when talking about the phenomenon that "modern filmmakers expect hero-type movies to fall out of favor", he also said: "As a genre that dominates the industry in different eras, this situation is actually like the decline of musicals in the 1960s, when directors rejoiced. Same."

Source: Hypebeast


This famous painting was hung upside down for 77 years

Dutch artist Piet Mondrian's "One New York City" has been on display since 1945, but it wasn't until this year that it was noticed that it might have been hung upside down.

The frame of One New York City consists mainly of blue, red and yellow lines intersecting at right angles.

On the left is the current suspension

Curator Mayer Busser stumbled upon the painting’s densely colored, bold lines at the bottom rather than the top while planning a recent exhibition, which doesn’t live up to its name. The heavy grid lines should be at the top, "like the black sky over New York City."

The details of the direction of the lines are also one of the points of doubt. The traces left by tearing off the tape suggest the artist's creative direction. According to the conventional top-down operation, the side where the traces remain should be facing down.

An enlarged version of the bottom of One New York City with the "correct" suspension

However, this discovery came too late. Because after the reverse, the painting may "fall apart" due to gravity. At the same time, the curator also raised an interesting question:

"Perhaps there is no such thing as a right or wrong direction at all?" ( Cultural Living Room )

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