Morning Post | The founder of Nongfu Spring may become China’s new richest man / Hey Tea and Naixue’s tea may be listed next year / “Yabai” UK fixed file

Nongfu Spring is listed in Hong Kong today, founder Zhong Sui Sui may become China’s new richest man

According to the daily economic news, Nongfu Spring will be listed on the Hong Kong stock market today. Yesterday night, the closing market value of Nongfu Spring's dark market was 492.842 billion Hong Kong dollars, the highest price in the dark market reached 55 Hong Kong dollars, the closing price was 44.05 Hong Kong dollars, and the price increased by 104.88%. Based on the market value of 492.842 billion Hong Kong dollars, its founder Zhong Sui Sui holds a stock market value of 416 billion Hong Kong dollars, which is equivalent to 366.1 billion yuan.

In addition, Zhong Suisui holds a 74.23% stake in Wantai Biotech. Based on the closing price on the 7th, Zhong Suisui holds a market value of 63.44 billion yuan in Wantai Biotech. Zhong Suansui's net worth reached 429.5 billion yuan, equivalent to 62.9 billion US dollars. According to Forbes' latest rich list, Ma Huateng ranked 18th with a net worth of US$56.8 billion. Zhong Suansui has surpassed Ma Huateng.

Hey Tea and Nai Xue's tea seek to be listed in Hong Kong in 2021

According to Sina Hong Kong stocks, according to people familiar with the matter, Chinese milk tea chain companies Xicha and Naixue's tea seek to be listed in Hong Kong in 2021, raising HK$400-400 million respectively.

Recently, there are reports that Hey Tea is about to complete a new round of investment, with a post-investment valuation of more than 16 billion yuan; Naixue's tea also has a valuation of 6 billion yuan after two rounds of financing. In February of this year, it was reported that Naxue's Chayuan planned to go to the US for an IPO, but due to the impact of the Ruixing Coffee incident, the listing destination was changed to the Hong Kong stock market.

"Eight Hundred" UK set file

According to Sina Film News, the British distribution rights of "Yu Bai" were bought by Trinity Cine Asia. The British version is scheduled to be released on September 16, and will be available in 2D and IMAX versions. At present, the domestic box office of "Yabai" has exceeded 2.4 billion yuan.

Confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections in Xinjiang are "cleared"

On September 7, the last three confirmed patients in Urumqi City met the National Health Commission's new coronavirus pneumonia discharge standards and were cured and discharged. One asymptomatic infection was released from medical observation. So far, all confirmed cases in Xinjiang (including the Corps) since the outbreak of the epidemic on July 15 have been cured and discharged, and all asymptomatic infections have been released from medical observation.

Latest epidemic figures

Domestic (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) : On September 7, 10 newly confirmed cases were imported, all imported cases (5 in Sichuan, 2 in Guangdong, 1 in Tianjin, 1 in Fujian, 1 in Shaanxi); no new cases Death cases; no new suspected cases.

Hong Kong : On September 6, 11 newly confirmed cases were confirmed, of which 10 were local infections. The cumulative number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong reached 4889.

Overseas : As of 7:00 on September 8, a total of 27,332,678 confirmed cases overseas, a total of 889,998 deaths, and a total of 19,590,995 cured cases.

Pixel 5 may be available on September 25

According to cnBeta news, Vodafone of Germany revealed that Pixel 5 is expected to be launched on September 25. It may use the mid-range Snapdragon 765G chipset and is expected to use a 90Hz high refresh rate display. The price is about 629 Euros (about 5140 yuan). ).

Developers use user mood to get five-star praise

Pinwan cited "Financial Times" news that Apple has been cracking down on "reviewing reviews" and "downloading application robots" for a long time, but most developers are using the good mood of users to get five-star praise.

For example, game applications often collect reviews after users get high scores, bank applications recommend user ratings on paydays, and sports applications invite comments after users care about the team's victory. The consulting firm Mobiquity stated that “it is difficult to find companies that do not do this among large companies.”

Vivo teamed up with National Geographic to launch vivo's first global mobile photography competition

According to Titanium Media News, Vivo released its global imaging IP "Vivo Video+" strategic plan, and joined hands with National Geographic to launch Vivo's first global mobile photography competition, which will officially open the registration channel on the official websites of both parties on September 15.

"Vivo Image+" will invite creators from all over the world to create core sections such as mobile photography competitions, mobile photography academies, and photographer alliances, and build a content ecosystem that integrates content co-creation, public education, technology, and aesthetic exploration.

Samsung and Verizon Sign the "First Largest Order" for South Korea's Communication Equipment Export

According to "China Business News", Samsung Electronics America (SAMSUNG America) has won an order for wireless communication solutions from Verizon, the largest telecommunications operator in the United States. The value will reach 7.9 trillion won (about 6.7 billion US dollars, 45.4 billion US dollars). Yuan Renminbi).

According to data from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, South Korea’s total export value of production, communication equipment and accessories in 2018 was US$316.2 billion, and this order is equivalent to 2.1% of the annual export value of equipment and accessories. This order will also become the "largest order" for the export of communications equipment in Samsung Electronics and even South Korea's history.

Liu Bo, President of OPPO China, released an internal letter

OPPO Vice President and President of China, Liu Bo issued an internal letter stating that OPPO’s sales in China in the second half of the year are expected to increase by more than 30%; OPPO is about to launch its first smart TV; Find next-generation products will be released in the first quarter of next year, or will debut Qualcomm 8 series chip platform; the era of "service is king" is coming, OPPO will accelerate the establishment of new shopping mall specialty stores and integrated sales and service stores.

"Regulations on Housing Leasing" for public comments

People's Daily Online reported that yesterday, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a notice to solicit public opinions on the "Regulations on Housing Leasing (Draft for Comment)."

This includes the following: within the term of the housing lease contract, the lessor or lessee shall not unilaterally terminate the housing lease contract, and shall not unilaterally increase or decrease the rent, except for the circumstances stipulated in the law and in the contract; lease without the tenant’s consent People are not allowed to enter the leased housing without authorization; the lessee shall vacate the leased housing in a timely manner when the contract expires or is terminated, and the lessor shall not use violence, threats or other illegal methods to force the lessee to vacate.

If you have any feedback, you can submit it by email or letter, and the deadline is October 8, 2020.

IKEA launches snowy mooncakes

According to Popbee, IKEA launched snowy mooncakes in Hong Kong and Macau this year, with four flavors of "red fruit", "elderflower", "mango" and "chocolate", priced at 49 Hong Kong dollars.

The International Olympic Committee says the Tokyo Olympics must be held next year

The Vice President of the International Olympic Committee John Coates stated on the 7th that the Olympic Games will be held as scheduled, regardless of the presence of the new crown virus.

Toshiro Muto, CEO of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, said that the Olympic Games is likely to limit the number of spectators, but will try to avoid empty venues and streamline the opening and closing ceremonies. He said: "The revival of the Olympics is a slogan put forward by Tokyo. They experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. Now, defeating the new crown virus will become the theme of the conference, just like the light at the end of a tunnel."

Netizen: "The five major leagues of the Champions League have not just finished playing empty games, and the Olympics can also be held empty. How many years can an athlete's career have four years? How many years have Tokyo been in preparation? You can't just stop and stop." If the operation is really stopped, the money invested will really be gone. I hope that the epidemic will be under control by then."

Relax, try this BGM?

ChilledCow’s "lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to" is a 24/7 live music program on YouTube. Although the "learning girl" GIF played in a loop on the screen is only a few seconds, it is accompanied by a gentle melody and slow drum beats, making lofi hip hop a popular "study/relax only" music genre. This kind of music basically relies on sampling, and some people think that this kind of music sounds the same.

"The New Yorker" once referred to this kind of music as "the numb music that people listened to when making a table", and felt that people listened to this music to enter a state of focused work, and then listened to it to relax after work . More importantly, the author believes that it "destroyed the beauty of actively listening to music."

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