Morning Post | “The Father of ChatGPT” may return to OpenAI/Apple considers developing its own camera image sensor/Nio President responds to doubts about bankruptcy


Altman and Brockman arrived at OpenAI headquarters to meet with executives

Apple considers developing its own camera image sensor

T1 defeated WBG and won the "League of Legends" S13 finals championship

Going further than last time, Musk congratulates SpaceX team

NIO President Qin Lihong: NIO will not go bankrupt, and there is absolutely no possibility of it going bankrupt

Xiaomi Motors has completed store manager training in some cities


WeChat, Douyin and Kuaishou jointly crack down on illegal micro-short dramas

WPS states that user documents will not be used for AI training

Nature: The essence of large models is role-playing

Apple Vision Pro is expected to be released in March next year

Tesla executive: 10 Cybertrucks will be delivered on November 30

Realme GT5 Pro officially announced the launch of BOE’s customized flagship screen

Didi showcases NEURON self-driving concept car

Damai does not support real-time public ticket sales and was named


adidas releases ORIGINALS retro football series

Apartamento's new book fully displays the Spanish artist Dali's house

"Dune 2" released two weeks ahead of schedule

Guillermo del Toro scouts locations for new film

Robbie says Greta is a game-changer


Altman and Brockman arrived at OpenAI headquarters to meet with executives

Sam Altman posted a photo of himself wearing an OpenAI visitor card pass on the X platform on Sunday, with the caption "First and last time I wear these."

According to The Information, Sam Altman met with executives at OpenAI’s San Francisco headquarters on Sunday local time to push the board to reinstate him and other recently departed executives.

According to people familiar with the matter, OpenAI interim CEO Mira Murati told employees earlier that she and the leadership team invited Altman.

In addition, Greg Brockman, former chairman and president of OpenAI, also arrived at the office on Sunday. He also offered to leave just hours after Altman was fired.

Chief Strategy Officer Jason Kwon told employees Saturday night that the company was "optimistic" about reinstating Altman, Brockman and the three senior researchers who resigned Friday night in solidarity with them.

In addition, people familiar with the matter revealed that as the largest shareholder of OpenAI, Microsoft is considering that if the ousted CEO Altman returns to his post, Microsoft will have a seat on the OpenAI board of directors, and may also be a board observer without voting rights.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has been personally assisting OpenAI interim CEO Mira Murati in discussing Ultraman's return, people familiar with the matter said. A person familiar with the matter said that if Altman cannot return to OpenAI, Microsoft will consider investing in Altman's new venture.

Apple considers developing its own camera image sensor

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman revealed in the latest issue of the "Power On" newsletter that Apple is considering developing an "internal strategy" for the design of camera sensors.

Gurman said that photography has become one of the most critical selling points of the iPhone, and that the technology is also at the core of the future development of the mixed reality and autonomous vehicle industries.

According to reports, the team led by Apple's technical director Johny Srouji still has many goals that have not yet been achieved, such as developing its own 5G modem, improving Apple's display, and introducing more wireless chips.

Apple also needs to continue to improve existing chips. The M3 Ultra is reportedly in development, and the next-generation processor, the M4, will eventually follow. Additionally, there will be new AirPods chips and updated iPhone processors. In the long term, the chips inside Macs, iPads, and iPhones will move from 3nm to 2nm.

In the meantime, the group is working on several other projects:

  • A Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo chip that will eventually replace Broadcom components. The technology was originally scheduled to be released in 2025, but like modems faced delays.
  • MicroLED displays will first be used in Apple Watch, and later in other devices.
  • Apple hopes to develop a non-invasive blood glucose detection system and hopes that this feature will eventually be integrated into the Apple Watch. This project has been brewing for a long time.
  • Custom design of batteries for Apple products. The company has been deeply involved in battery development for decades, working closely with partners, but now Apple is investigating whether it can do more of its own.

T1 defeated WBG and won the "League of Legends" S13 finals championship

In the 2023 League of Legends Global Finals, the T1 team defeated the WBG team 3-0, and the T1 team became the champion of this finals.

According to official news, the T1 team achieved its 100th victory in the global finals and won the fourth championship in team history. At the same time, T1 mid laner Faker successfully crowned the four-time champion.

In the 2023 TGA Game Awards, Faker was nominated as the best e-sports player, and is expected to receive this honor again after becoming the best e-sports player in 2017.

big company

Going further than last time, Musk congratulates SpaceX team

At 9:03 pm on November 18, Beijing time, SpaceX's Starship was launched on its second test flight, and all 33 engines started correctly.

However, after the first-stage rocket reached the working sequence, the second-stage rocket malfunctioned and the rocket lost contact. Space X later confirmed that it lost contact with the "Starship" a few minutes after launch and was forced to activate the self-destruct system.

CNN stated that the second test flight of the Starship went further than the test flight in April this year, but it still did not complete all scheduled plans and eventually exploded again.

SpaceX summarized the launch after the live broadcast: "The Starship successfully lifted off and completed stage separation under the power of all 33 Raptor engines on the Super Heavy booster. The booster experienced a rapid launch shortly after stage separation. "It was an unplanned disassembly and the spacecraft's engines fired for several minutes while en route to space."

The company said, "Success comes from what we learn through tests like this, and today's test will help us improve the reliability of Starship as SpaceX works to bring life to multiple planets."

Musk posted a message on the X platform to congratulate the SpaceX team, "For the first time, a rocket can allow all life to enter multiple planets. This is a fork in the road of human destiny."

NIO President Qin Lihong: NIO will not go bankrupt, and there is absolutely no possibility of it going bankrupt

Recently, Qin Lihong, co-founder and president of NIO, responded to external doubts at the Guangzhou Auto Show:

NIO has released and delivered a total of five new cars so far this year, and built a new factory with an annual production capacity of 300,000 vehicles. In various markets of the company, the cumulative sales volume in the first ten months increased by nearly 40% year-on-year.

Qin Lihong said that the current market is full of huge opportunities and puts forward higher requirements for every company. Facing the current market opportunities, we must not only strive to seize it, but also maintain strategic focus.

"NIO Auto will not go bankrupt, and there is absolutely no possibility of it going bankrupt. Please feel free to experience and buy NIO cars."

Xiaomi Motors has completed store manager training in some cities

According to Jiemian News, the recruitment platform shows that Xiaomi is opening a number of car sales-related positions, recruiting new energy vehicle sales managers, Xiaomi car store managers, etc. in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places.

It is reported that Xiaomi Auto is currently recruiting for Xiaomi Auto store managers, while supervisors and other sales positions will be openly recruited after the year.

At present, store managers in some cities have been trained, and the maximum salary of store managers can reach 35,000 yuan per month.

According to reports, the recruitment process for Xiaomi Auto sales is strict and the interviews are difficult. Many people on social platforms said that their resumes are still being evaluated and have not yet been completed, and not many people have passed the screening and entered the interview.

On the one hand, Xiaomi's current recruitment is still mainly for store managers, with a small number of positions. On the other hand, Xiaomi has higher requirements for applicants. It hopes to poach store managers with mature experience and strong capabilities from the leading new power stores to take on the responsibility of start-up and The important task of opening up new territories.

According to previous reports, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website released the "ID photo" of Xiaomi's first car, including two models, SU7 and SU7 Max. Several people familiar with the matter have revealed that Xiaomi Motors is positioning itself as a C-class sedan, with a maximum price of over 300,000 yuan.

WeChat, Douyin and Kuaishou jointly crack down on illegal micro-short dramas

Douyin, Kuaishou and WeChat collectively announced that they will crack down on illegal and low-quality micro-short dramas, focusing on illegal content suspected of pornography, vulgarity, bloody violence, and bad values. For illegal short dramas and accounts, they may face penalties such as removal and ban.

On November 16, Douyin released the "Douyin Announcement on Crackdown on Illegal Micro-Shorts", announcing that a total of 119 illegal micro-shorts in mini programs have been removed from the shelves recently, and 1,188 Douyin accounts that illegally promoted micro-shorts have been dealt with.

On November 14, Kuaishou issued the eleventh issue of the governance announcement on illegal micro-short drama mini-programs. A total of more than 10 illegal micro-short dramas were removed from the shelves. At the same time, 13 accounts that posted illegal content were punished accordingly according to the degree of violation; On the 17th, the twelfth issue followed, and more than 20 illegal micro-short dramas were removed from the shelves again, and 27 accounts were punished.

On November 10, WeChat issued an announcement stating that in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the "Tencent WeChat Software License Service Agreement" and "WeChat Mini Program Operation Specifications", the platform has removed some illegal micro-short plays and has implemented relevant regulations. Illegal mini-programs will be dealt with.

It is reported that from March 2023 to now, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has supervised platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Tencent, Bilibili, Xiaohongshu, and Haokan Video to issue more than 40 announcements and clean up more than 350,000 episodes of vulgar and harmful online micro-shorts ( strips), more than 20.55 million minutes.

429 "mini programs" and 2,988 accounts that spread vulgar and harmful online micro-drama were dealt with in different levels.

WPS responds to privacy policy queries: Statement that user documents will not be used for AI training

Recently, WPS updated its "Privacy Policy", which stated that "we will use the document materials you actively uploaded after desensitization as basic materials for AI training." This statement has been questioned as involving user privacy issues.

In response, WPS issued a response saying, "We have updated the WPS Privacy Policy to remove misleading statements and ensure that its content strictly corresponds to our actual operations."

At the same time, WPS said, "We solemnly declare that all user documents will not be used for any AI training purposes, nor will they be used in any scenario without the user's consent."

According to previous reports, on November 16, Kingsoft Office announced that WPS AI has launched public testing. The AI ​​functions will be gradually open to all users for experience. Users can go to the WPS AI official website to apply for use.

 Nature: The essence of large models is role-playing

In an article published in Nature magazine, the authors stated that large models are becoming more and more human-like and are actually role-playing, and we should not simply attribute human traits to them.

The article points out that LLM-based chatbots are very different from humans in many aspects. Human language skills are an extension of cognitive abilities developed through connections with the world, while LLM is a disembodied neural network based on large amounts of human-generated text.

The chatbot may exhibit behaviors that appear to be deceptive or self-aware during its role-playing, but these behaviors do not mean that the larger model is truly aware or deceptive.

Its behavior may change depending on the user or environment, acting more like an improviser than an actor in a traditional script.

It is worth noting that although LLM-based chatbots are just role-playing, this behavior may still have significant real-world impacts. For example, if it is able to use email, social media, or access a bank account, its actions could have real consequences.

New product

Apple Vision Pro is expected to be released in March next year

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple had planned to release its first head-mounted device Vision Pro in January 2024, but the company is still formulating distribution plans for the product and conducting final device testing.

Apple has officially stated that the Vision Pro will be available in the United States early next year. Gurman said he now expects the device to launch "around March."

The Apple Vision Pro will be available first in the United States and in other countries and regions later in 2024. Apple is expected to sell the device only through Apple retail stores and the Apple online store.

The Vision Pro will not be sold at third-party retailers as Apple looks to curate the launch experience for its new wearable platform. Retail stores also need to stock hundreds of different product models, such as different sizes of headbands and prescription lenses.

Tesla executive: 10 Cybertrucks will be delivered on November 30

According to the Mexican newspaper Milenio, Javier Verdura, Tesla’s director of global product design, said at a theme meeting in Monterrey, Mexico, last Friday that Tesla will deliver 10 Cybertruck electric pickup trucks at the Cybertruck delivery event. .

Tesla has previously officially sent out invitations to the Cybertruck delivery event, which will be held at the Texas Gigafactory on November 30.

It is understood that Tesla Cybertruck reservations have exceeded 2 million. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on a podcast on October 31 that Tesla’s goal is to produce 200,000 electric pickup Cybertrucks per year.

Realme GT5 Pro officially announced the launch of BOE’s customized flagship screen

Recently, Realme Mobile announced that the Realme GT5 Pro will be the world’s premiere with BOE’s customized flagship screen, claiming that “powerful players join forces to create a flagship screen highlight moment.”

Realme GT5 Pro will be equipped with Qualcomm’s latest flagship platform Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip and equipped with an independent display chip.

In terms of impact, officials said that the Realme GT5 Pro will be the first to be equipped with Sony Optical high-end sensors. At the same time, this new phone will also become the first Android phone to support telephoto Dolby Vision HDR video shooting.

According to previous reports by digital blogger, the Realme GT5 Pro will be equipped with a micro-curved ultra-narrow screen, using 1.5K BOE new substrate, with a peak brightness exceeding 3000nit. The display quality, eye protection SVM, and frame control are all "industry-leading" TOP".

This new phone has been certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology earlier and the ID photo has been published. It can be seen that it uses a centered large circle camera module. The realme logo is located on the lower right of the module. The phone screen is a curved screen and is available in white. type.

At present, the official has not announced the specific release time of the new machine.

Didi showcases NEURON self-driving concept car

During the Guangzhou Auto Show, Didi Chuxing demonstrated a "future service concept car" – the driverless car DIDI NEURON. According to the official introduction, this is a "travel tool completely built for passengers" and hopes to provide passengers with services everywhere. Not available service.

According to reports, in terms of space, the NEURON concept car eliminates the driver's seat. On the premise that the total length of the vehicle remains unchanged, compared with ordinary online car-hailing cars, the internal space is increased by 50%, and the leg space is increased by 86%. Passengers can " "Lie flat with one click."

In terms of function, NEURON has a built-in robotic arm in the car, which can provide users with services such as carrying luggage, delivering water, and waking up.

The car is equipped with a large-screen interactive system that provides conference, game, audio and video, street view introduction, atmosphere selection and other modes.

In addition, the car also uses an "intelligent interactive five-screen" outside the car instead of traditional car lights, which can be used to display the vehicle's turning, arrival, charging and other status.

new consumption

Damai does not support real-time public ticket sales and was named

According to CCTV Finance, recently, Damai Ticketing Platform has launched a waitlist function for performance tickets, and its process is basically the same as that of waitlisting for train tickets. However, the platform stated that based on platform technology development and operation and maintenance costs, the platform charges a waiting service fee of 6% of the total ticket price.

The manual customer service of Damai Ticketing Platform stated that the source of waitlisted tickets mainly comes from user refunds and newly available tickets after professional surveys after stage construction or on-site re-planning. If the waitlist is unsuccessful or the waitlist order is canceled midway, the platform will fully refund the advance payment of the waitlist, but the platform does not support real-time public ticket sales.

The Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission believes that the introduction of innovative means should not be at the expense of infringing on the original rights of consumers. When selling tickets, the platform should face consumers with a more open and transparent attitude, and promptly disclose ticket information, product quantity, After-sales service information, etc.

adidas releases ORIGINALS retro football series

adidas recently released a new ORIGINALS football series, reshaping the jerseys and training apparel of Argentina, Germany and other national teams with retro casual styles.

The new series reproduces the classic looks of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. The jerseys in this series use different cuts, fabrics and trims from the original versions, aiming to weaken sports performance and highlight daily casual aesthetics. The ORIGINALS football series is designed for fans who integrate football culture into their lives.

In addition to jerseys and training clothes, Adidas also launched the ADICOLOR capsule series, which includes 1970s-style sports suits, T-shirts and shorts, using the colors of the 10 national teams that Adidas cooperates with UEFA and CONMEBOL.

Products designed for the European national teams will be on sale on November 17th, and products designed for the Latin American national teams will be on sale on December 1st.

Apartamento's new book fully displays the Spanish artist Dali's house

According to HYPEBEAST, Barcelona interior design magazine Apartamento officially launches a new hardcover book "Casa Dalí" with a total of 96 pages.

This book was photographed by emerging artist Coco Capitán and shows the Costa Brava residence of legendary Spanish artist Salvador Dalí.

The house has a surreal design exterior that is very similar to Dali's creative style. The twisted and asymmetrical exterior is made of a mixture of white stone and cement stacks. The entrance is presented with an egg-shaped wooden door, echoing the giant egg model on the roof.

The book then shows the interior, which is surrounded by taxidermy, porcelain, paintings, books, creative equipment and other items, as well as rooms such as bedrooms and studios.


"Dune 2" released two weeks ahead of schedule

"Dune 2" has changed its schedule again, moving two weeks from March 15, 2024 to March 1 of the same year in North America.

Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, and Rebecca Ferguson continue to star, Denis Villeneuve returns to direct and write, and Hans Zimmer returns to score.

The second part will continue Paul Atreides’ desert journey after meeting the Fremen. Paul must decide between the love of his life and the fate of the known universe, and try to prevent a horrific future that only he can foresee.

Guillermo del Toro scouts locations for new film

Guillermo del Toro has begun filming Netflix's new version of "Frankenstein". The film will be written and directed by Toro. He has revealed that he plans to start filming in February next year.

The rumored cast includes Andrew Garfield, Oscar Isaac, Mia Goss and Christoph Waltz.​​​​​

The roles have not yet been officially announced, but it was recently announced that Garfield will play Dr. Frankenstein, Isaac will play his monster, and Goss will play Frankenstein's bride.

Robbie says Greta is a game-changer

During a special screening of "Barbie", Margot Robbie said director Greta Gerwig really changed the rules of the game:

"Because of what she's done, everything is different from now on. If someone comes up with another big-budget original project with a female lead, they can point to Barbie and say that movie made money, and then everyone will say, Oh, right, then we have to give the green light to this project.”

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