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  • iPhone 15 may be renamed
  • Musk blasts fuel cars
  • Evergrande requires full resumption of work before September 30
  • French New Wave filmmaker Godard dies
  • C919 airliner to be certified as soon as this month
  • Daily Youxian responded that the user's balance was cleared
  • 73 domestic games were approved, NetEase and Tencent finally made the list
  • Netflix partners with Ubisoft to launch mobile games
  • Will users pay for Facebook's paid features?
  • Four Apple models do not support displaying battery percentage
  • Android version of Smart Island plug-in online
  • Google cancels next-gen Pixelbook
  • Internet fitness platform Peloton co-founder leaves
  • Fully automatic nucleic acid detection platform launched
  • Chinese web articles are included in the British Library for the first time
  • "Beautiful Chinese" releases production special
  • Spielberg's semi-autobiographical new film released
  • 'The Witcher' Season 3 Completes

iPhone 15 may be renamed

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the naming of the iPhone 15 series next year may undergo major changes.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman then retweeted the tweet, suggesting that the Pro Max naming scheme would disappear on the iPhone 15 series and could be replaced by an Ultra model.

Previously, Apple has launched the M1 Ultra chip and the Apple Watch Ultra watch, indicating that Apple is gradually adapting to the new naming rules.

However, this is somewhat similar to the naming scheme of some Android flagships.

It is reported that Samsung first used "Ultra" as a naming rule on the Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020, and the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra also used this to represent the top model in the entire series.

Source: @Mark Gurman & Digital Tail

Musk blasts fuel cars

Yesterday, Musk posted on Twitter and Weibo, saying that the fuel car will be the next steam engine, and its residual value will be much lower than people think:

This is not the first time Musk has explicitly "bombed" fuel vehicles. In July of this year, Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess, who pushed electric cars, resigned early. Musk commented on Twitter that self-driving electric cars will be the most important, (driving) gasoline cars without self-driving are like riding a horse and Same as using a flip phone.

In August this year, Musk also expressed his view at the ONS conference in Norway that by 2030, almost half of all cars will be electric vehicles.

In addition, at a technology conference held by Goldman Sachs, Tesla's head of investor relations, Martin Viecha, introduced Tesla's development plan for the next five years, and mentioned that the company hopes to produce a more affordable model, aiming to expand the product line. And for self-driving taxis.

However, the current Model 3 and Model Y sales are good, and Tesla's incentive to launch new models in a short period of time has decreased.

Source: Phoenix Net Finance

Evergrande requires full resumption of work before September 30

According to Evergrande's official website, Evergrande Group held a weekly meeting on resumption of work, production and delivery on September 12.

Xu Jiayin, chairman of Evergrande Group, said at the meeting: "At present, there are 706 construction projects across the country, 668 projects have resumed construction, and 38 projects have not resumed construction. Companies in relevant regions are required to fully resume work before September 30."

Xu Jiayin also briefly summarized the reasons for the above-mentioned results, including "all employees start work early on the sixth day of the lunar new year, hold weekly engineering seminars", "with the help of the government", etc. Under these circumstances, the construction of the project will be resumed on a large scale.

Source: Securities Times

French New Wave filmmaker Godard dies

According to Liberation Daily, director Jean-Luc Godard died yesterday at the age of 91.

According to reports, Godard was authorized to die by euthanasia and chose to "depart peacefully" at Rolle's home on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Godard was one of the founders of the new wave of French cinema. Since filming, he has completed more than 100 various film and television works, and his works such as "Exhausted", "Pirlo the Madman", "Contempt", "Alpha City", "The Name of Carmen" and "The Book of Images" are world-renowned.

In 2020, on the occasion of his 90th birthday, his assistant also revealed that Godard, who is "full of energy and clear thinking", is working on two films.

So far, the "Five Tigers of the New Wave" – ​​Truffaut (1984), Chabrol (2010), Rohmer (2010), Rivette (2016), Godard (2022) have all passed away, beginning in the 20th century The French New Wave of the 1950s came to an end.

Source: The Paper & Adventure Movies

C919 airliner to be certified as soon as this month

Yesterday morning, two C919 passenger planes flew from Shanghai to Beijing Capital Airport.

According to China Business News, the two C919 planes flew to Beijing mainly to prepare for evidence collection. At present, the C919 passenger aircraft has completed the five-year certification and test flight work, and is waiting for the issuance of a type certificate, which will be obtained as soon as this month. It is planned to deliver the first aircraft to its first customer, China Eastern Airlines, within this year.

The C919 large passenger aircraft is a large jet civil aircraft developed by my country in accordance with international civil aviation regulations and with independent intellectual property rights. It has 158-168 seats and a range of 4,075-5,555 kilometers. It has accumulated 815 orders from 28 customers.

Source: First Financial

Daily Youxian responded that the user's balance was cleared

On September 13, a number of Daily Youxian stored value users indicated that their balances in the Daily Youxian app had been emptied.

In response to this incident, Daily Youxian responded that the incident stemmed from a system server failure. At present, the staff is fully recovering.

It is reported that the daily excellent fresh mall has been emptied, and the balance of daily excellent fresh stored value users has nowhere to spend. Complaints related to “Daily Fresh Fresh Refund” have also begun to appear on the Black Cat Complaint Platform.

Source: Interface News

73 domestic games were approved, NetEase and Tencent finally made the list

On the evening of September 13, the State Press and Publication Administration released the approval information for domestic online games in September, and a total of 73 games were approved .

Among them, NetEase's "All-Star Street Ball Party" and the self-developed game "Health Defense War" operated by Tencent affiliates passed the approval. Previously, NetEase did not get the game version number for two consecutive months.

In addition, among the games with the approved version number, the key games also include Zhongqingbao's "Alien Command" and so on.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Netflix partners with Ubisoft to launch mobile games

Netflix yesterday announced a partnership with Ubisoft, one of Europe's largest video game companies, to launch three new mobile games based on Ubisoft titles next year.

These include Ubisoft's most successful game, Assassin's Creed, the historical puzzle-adventure game Heart of Valor, and the action role-playing game Mighty Quest.

These games will only be available to Netflix subscribers. For Ubisoft, this collaboration also enables new audiences to be tapped and new experiments in existing games.

Source: Pinwan

Will users pay for Facebook's paid features?

Facebook is planning to open up a paid feature, but users won't necessarily pay for it, especially when it comes to reducing advertising.

On YouTube, the strategy of getting users to pay for fewer ads works well. After all, the wait time before the video starts obviously takes the user's time and makes the ad look like it will never be finished.

But for Facebook, that might not be all that appealing.

First, because Facebook's interaction with users is just scrolling, these annoying ads just take up some screen space and can be skipped by just swiping.

And, thanks to Facebook's tracking capabilities, its personalized ads can be so well disguised in a message that users may sometimes not resist such ads.

However, for Facebook, which generates 97.5% of its revenue from advertising, with the overall slowdown in the digital market, making users pay for the simplest and most direct service of removing ads may be Facebook’s source of revenue. A key measure of diversification.

So, at this point, Facebook may have "no choice." And users might just have to hope that Zuckerberg doesn't try to make his ads more annoying than YouTube's in the process.

For the full content, you can view it in "Bloomberg":

Four Apple models do not support displaying battery percentage

Yesterday, Apple officially pushed the official version of iOS 16 to iPhone 8 and above.

The previously concerned "Battery Percentage" display function can now be turned on by users in "Settings – Battery". But it is worth noting that after this function is turned on, the battery icon will always be displayed as a fully charged state, and will not shorten with the power consumption.

At the same time, users of iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 13 mini models with LCD screens or small screen models also have no access to this feature.

In addition, some users said that they could not open WeChat after updating iOS 16.

In this case, you can try to update WeChat in the App Store, or select the "Uninstall App" option to keep documents and data in "Settings – General – iPhone Storage – WeChat", and then reinstall WeChat.

Source: Fast Technology

Android version of Smart Island plug-in online

Last week, the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max series brought a rather innovative "Smart Island" interactive UI. Recently, some third-party developers on the Android platform have begun to "port" "Smart Island" to the Android platform.

At present, this third-party Android plug-in called "Smart Bird" can already display the lyrics bar of QQ Music, NetEase Cloud Music, Apple Music, and Spotify, as well as headphone connection prompts.

At the same time, in view of the screen differences of different users, the plug-in also supports users to manually adjust the position to avoid information occlusion in the notification bar.


Google cancels next-gen Pixelbook

According to The Verge, Google has canceled its next-generation Pixelbook laptop, which was expected to debut next year, and disbanded the team in charge.

Google launched its first Chromebook Pixel in 2013, priced at a whopping $1,300. It was not until 2019 that Chromebooks were finally recognized by Acer, ASUS and other manufacturers, and began to try to lay out this device category.

The disbanding of the Pixelbook team means that Google is exiting the competitive game in the laptop field, and the Pixelbook Go may become Google's last laptop.

Source: IT House

Internet fitness platform Peloton co-founder leaves

According to WSJ, the co-founders of Peloton Interactive, an American internet fitness platform, have left John Foley and Hisao Kushi, and chief commercial officer Kevin Cornils will also leave.

Peloton Interactive posted a quarterly loss of $1.2 billion and revenue fell nearly 30%, according to earnings reports a few weeks ago.

With fewer Peloton buyers of exercise bikes or treadmills, the company has tried cutting prices and renting out fitness equipment, among other things, and trying to entice consumers without equipment to subscribe to its online fitness classes.

At an investor conference on Monday, Chief Executive Officer McCarth said the company had lifted the cash-out alert after laying off workers, outsourcing production and reducing inventories.

Source: WSJ

Fully automatic nucleic acid detection platform launched

The "Xiaoqinggeng" fully automatic nucleic acid detection platform developed by Shanghai Zhijiang Bio was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration.

The device weighs 45Kg and can automatically complete operations such as sample tube opening and closing, pipetting pretreatment, and nucleic acid extraction by nano-magnetic beads. It is suitable for places with relatively limited space environments such as fever clinics, emergency rooms, and mobile vehicles.

According to reports, if matched with a 20-mix 1 solution, the device can complete at least 960 samples within 2 hours. In addition to the new crown nucleic acid detection project, the device can also be used for early screening of cervical cancer, influenza A and B, HIV and other pathogen detection projects.

Source: The Paper

Chinese web articles are included in the British Library for the first time

For the first time, Chinese online literature has been included in the British Library's Chinese collections, according to Business Matters.

A total of 16 online literature works have been included, including "The Son-in-law", "Era of the Earth", "Great Powers and Heavy Industry", etc., including science fiction, history, reality, fantasy and other online literature themes.

According to public information, the British Library will select works to collect based on the needs of readers and the value contribution of the books themselves, that is, works that it thinks readers most want to see and that will be of epochal significance to the history of human literature for a long time in the future.

Source: Business Matters & The Paper

"Beautiful Chinese" releases production special

Click on the picture to jump to view the special edition

At the Disney Global Fan Conference at D23 Expo last weekend, Disney announced the production special of the new drama "Meisheng Chinese". Among them, the Monkey King Monkey King played by Wu Yanzu and the Avalokitesvara played by Michelle Yeoh were exposed.

Based on the 2006 graphic novel of the same name by Gene Luen Yang, the series tells the story of a Chinese-American high school student who is involved in a fight with gods in traditional Chinese mythology.

The new drama is directed by Destin Creighton and Lucy Liu, directors of Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, starring Michelle Yeoh, Kwan Jiwei, Xu Weilun, Wu Yanzu and Huang Jinghan.

Spielberg's semi-autobiographical new film released

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

The new semi-autobiographical growth film "Dream House" directed by Steven Spielberg has released an official trailer.

The story is adapted from Spielberg's life experiences, focusing on the relationship between the hero and his parents during his teenage years living in Phoenix.

The new film will have a limited release in New York and Los Angeles on November 11, and will expand nationwide on November 23.

'The Witcher' Season 3 Completes

The third season of Netflix's hit drama "The Witcher" is completed, Cavill, Freya Allen, Anya Sharoncha continue to star, Robbie Amell, Zhang Menger, Hugh Skinner, Chris Taylor · Erwin and other new joiners.

Based on the best-selling fantasy novel series, The Witcher follows a solitary witcher trying to find his place in a world where humans are more evil than beasts.

The new season is expected to go online next summer.


I just found……

In Japan, there is also the custom of viewing the moon every Mid-Autumn Festival. McDonald's takes this as an entry point and will launch a limited product every time.

This year, it also produced an ad called "I just found out" for "Moon See Burger", which tells the heartwarming story of how food can reconnect the seemingly estranged hearts of father and daughter.

Uncle Matsushige Feng in "The Lonely Gourmet" plays his father this time, and he still eats deliciously~

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