Morning Post | Tesla’s “brake failure” owner apologizes / AirPods Pro 2 may adopt a new design / Three squirrels fully suspend store expansion

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  • Tesla Wenzhou "brake failure" owner apologizes
  • AirPods Pro 2 may have a new design
  • Three Squirrels suspend store expansion
  • Sharp launches AQUOS R7 mobile phone
  • Nissin Launches Limited Edition "Cup Noodle Style" Makeup
  • GU joint name Kawakubo Rei's favorite painter Filip Pagowski
  • Some production lines of BYD in Changsha are suspended for rectification
  • Luckin responds to Hong Kong listing rumors
  • App adds " New Department Store" and will enter offline stores
  • Apple is restructuring its services business to boost profits, sources say
  • Coca-Cola launches summer-limited zero-sugar vanilla flavored Coke
  • launches Luckin's limited "European gas tank"
  • CELINE Opens Official Flagship Store

Tesla Wenzhou "brake failure" owner apologizes

According to Beijing Daily, Tesla's "brake failure" incident in Wenzhou was widely reported last year. After identification, the facts did not match the owner's description, and the owner was sentenced to an apology and compensation of 50,000 yuan. After that, the owner appealed, and the second instance was dismissed.

On May 9, the owner issued an apology, admitting that he had stepped on the wrong pedal.

According to the apology statement, the owner said that on the night of the accident, when he was driving home, he suddenly found someone in front of him and wanted to step on the brakes, but he stepped on the wrong accelerator. He also said that after the accident, although he knew that he had stepped on the accelerator as a brake, but because of his unwillingness, he fabricated content such as "Tesla automatic acceleration and braking failure" in multiple media. (Interface News)

AirPods Pro 2 may have a new design

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple plans to release the second-generation AirPods Pro this fall, which is rumored to feature a new design, improved audio quality, and integrate some health features.

Gurman said the AirPods Pro hasn't been iterated since the fall of 2019, so for some early users, the battery may be running out of steam. In addition, AirPods Max headphones will also launch new colors.

Gurman's statement is consistent with information previously shared by Ming-Chi Kuo, who said the new AirPods Pro will be released in the second half of this year. AirPods Max may come in five colors: space gray, silver, sky blue, green and pink.

Three Squirrels suspend store expansion

According to 36 Krypton, the three squirrels said on the investor interaction platform: "From the perspective of high-quality development, there were problems with the large-scale and extensive development model of stores in the past. For this reason, the company has completely suspended store expansion and closed down vigorously. For stores that do not meet long-term positioning and have poor performance, the next step will be to improve the profitability of individual stores and focus on the high-quality development of high-quality stores.”

In an interview, the relevant person in charge of the three squirrels said that in the long run, "the three squirrels will transform from the past e-commerce model to the mainstream model, taking into account both online and offline."

At the end of 2019, Zhang Liaoyuan, the founder of the Three Squirrels, once said that the Three Squirrels will open 1,000 offline stores in 2020, and within 5 years, 10,000 offline stores will be opened. (Beijing Business Daily)

Sharp releases AQUOS R7 with 1-inch Leica lens

Sharp released the AQUOS R7 mobile phone in Japan, and the screen configuration and camera configuration are still bright.

AQUOS R7 is equipped with a 6.6-inch Pro IGZO OLED display, which provides a variable refresh rate of 1~240Hz and a peak brightness of 2000nit. Corning Gorilla Glass Victus glass is used on both sides. It's just that this 240Hz refresh rate is based on the original 120Hz frame insertion.

In the imaging part, the rear main camera of AQUOS R7 is equipped with a Summicron lens supervised by Leica of Germany. Its sensor area reaches 1 inch (larger than the previous two generations), the equivalent focal length is 19mm, 47.2 million pixels, and Octa PD is added. AF focusing technology, there are 8 phase difference sensors in a single pixel, which greatly improves the focusing speed. There is also a 1.9-megapixel rangefinder lens next to it.

In terms of hardware configuration, the R7 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, a wide-area 3D ultrasonic screen fingerprint, provides 12GB RAM and 256GB ROM, supports up to 1TB microSD memory card expansion, and retains a 3.5mm headphone jack. Built-in 5000mAh battery, support Qi wireless charging, the whole machine supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof.

Nissin Launches Limited Edition "Cup Noodle Style" Makeup

Recently, Cup Noodles, a cup noodle brand owned by Nissin, has teamed up with Hip Dot to launch a limited-edition "Cup Noodle" makeup.

The outer packaging of this series of makeup completely adopts the nostalgic style of Nissin Cup Noodles, and the name is also named after the food. Such as "soy sauce", "teriyaki", "diced carrot" and "seasoning".

It is reported that this joint model includes several series of Hip Dot Cup Noodle Collection, Cup Noodle Pigment Palette and Cup Lip and Cheek Set, which are now officially on sale on Hip Dot's official website. (topys)

GU joint name Kawakubo Rei's favorite painter Filip Pagowski

For the first time, Japanese fashion apparel brand GU has teamed up with Rei Kawakubo's favorite painter, Filip Pagowski, to launch tops with hand-drawn illustrations of animals and plants as the main design elements.

As Kawakubo's official illustrator, the Polish artist is known for her strong, bold and childlike personal style.

This joint series also presents the casual and casual feel of summer in eye-catching ways such as full-page floral printing and flower embroidery. (cool-style)

Some production lines of BYD in Changsha are suspended for rectification

The Securities Times learned from multiple sources that some of Changsha BYD's production lines have been shut down for rectification, while other production lines are operating normally.

Previously, a number of residents in Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan made a voice on the Internet, saying that the BYD Changsha automobile factory near the residential area emits exhaust gas and the smell is pungent. Since April this year, hundreds of children in the community have suffered from nosebleeds, and adults have also one after another. Nausea, vomiting, and persistent cough.

On the afternoon of May 8, the investigation team entered the factory area to sample the exhaust gas. In the evening, some production lines were shut down. In addition, BYD has not issued an announcement on the suspension of production at the Changsha base in the past two days, which also shows that BYD in Changsha has not completely stopped production. The reporter also learned that the investigation team also conducted sampling tests on the gas emissions of the BYD Xingsha production base.

Luckin responds to Hong Kong listing rumors

According to the Financial Associated Press, in response to the news that “Luckin Coffee is considering listing in Hong Kong”, Luckin Coffee responded that there are currently no plans to go public in Hong Kong.

Luckin said that the management of Luckin Coffee is focused on implementing the company's business strategy and providing customers with excellent products and services. We also remain committed to U.S. capital markets and strive to enhance long-term shareholder value. The company will continue to monitor capital market developments and evaluate all avenues for delivering value to various stakeholders. App adds " New Department Store" and will enter offline stores

According to 36kr, has recently completed the integration of clothing, home, beauty, sports, luxury watches and other businesses, and the existing fashion home business has been fully upgraded to "JD New Department Store".

The source pointed out that Jingdong New Department Store will deploy selected collection stores of new department stores with different "theme models" in key cities, targeting young people. The first batch of cities currently planned include Beijing, Chengdu, Xi'an and other places, and the first store is likely to be It will be released before this year's "6.18".

"New Department Store" is a project promoted by Feng Yili, the newly appointed president of the fashion and home business group. It has been highly valued since the project was established at the end of last year. According to people familiar with the matter, this project is internally designated as "S-class", which is the main project promoted by Jingdong this year. one.

Apple is restructuring its services business to boost profits, sources say

Apple is restructuring its services team to improve the profitability of the business, people familiar with the matter said. Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of services, is already making some tweaks to improve the services business.

Apple has identified streaming and advertising as two areas of revenue growth. Cue is also adjusting the responsibilities of several key executives in the division.

Apple's advertising business is now "big enough to survive on its own," the people said. The services business has been a steady source of profit for Apple over the years. Apple's services revenue in the fiscal second quarter was $19.8 billion, up from $17 billion a year earlier. (Phoenix Network Technology)

Coca-Cola launches summer-limited zero-sugar vanilla flavored Coke

A few days ago, Coca-Cola launched a new summer limited product: a sugar-free version of Vanilla Coke. According to reports, the vanilla flavor will be fresher than the original flavor, which is more suitable for summer drinking. In addition, this new product also emphasizes the concept of "zero sugar free".

Vanilla Cola was first released in 2002, but was discontinued in North America, the United Kingdom and other regions in 2005. Subsequently, in 2007, it was re-launched in different regions such as New Zealand. (FoodTalks) launches Luckin's limited "European gas tank"

After launching three new flavors of orange-gold bubble coffee, grapefruit bubble coffee, and coconut green iced coffee at the beginning of the month, Ruixing continued to launch two bubble coffee delivery packages "European gas tank".

The packaging is designed in a pop-top can and molded from food-grade PET material, which can be reused and recycled, but cannot be filled with hot beverages.

“Luckin European Gas Tank” will be launched on the platform for a limited time from May 9th to 12th.

CELINE Opens Official Flagship Store

LVMH's fashion brand CELINE officially joins hands with to open an official flagship store. Consumers can purchase handbags, apparel, perfumes, shoes and other products in the flagship store, as well as the simultaneous launch of the CELINE 520 capsule series and 2022 spring and summer new products. .

On May 14th, CELINE will also launch the "I LOVE YOU CELINE DAY" theme event with's special Z column, and launch the CELINE love interactive game. (nowre)

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