Morning Post | Tesla announces data before the accident

Morning report

  • Tesla releases pre-accident data
  • Chanel loses lawsuit against Huawei in trademark dispute
  • Collective price increases for domestic chips
  • realme Q3 Pro officially released
  • WeChat Android 8.0.3 official version released
  • The Supreme People's Court will strengthen anti-monopoly trials to prevent disorderly expansion of capital
  • Kuaishou search monthly live more than 250 million
  • Intel releases first quarter earnings report
  • Lego teamed up with Nintendo to create "Luigi Introductory Adventure"
  • Three and a half releases 2021 Cold Extract Super Instant New Series
  • "My Mom and Dad's Romance" will be a sequel
  • Netizens hotly discuss: Henan parents at their own expense to build a flyover at the school gate
  • Relax Friday: Video News

Tesla releases pre-accident data

Last night, Tesla once again responded to the recent rights protection incident, saying that "it has provided complete driving data half an hour before the accident, and has proactively contacted and communicated with relevant parties and reported relevant situations on many occasions."

In the statement, Tesla stated that it has tried to contact Ms. Zhang via phone and text messages, but has not received a reply; "At present, we have not received any opinions on whether the client concerned agrees to conduct a third-party appraisal, and whether to choose a specific appraisal and testing agency Recommendations. In the next step, we will continue to contact customers sincerely and actively, respect the wishes of consumers, and promote the safe resolution of the incident."

At the same time, the China Market Supervision News yesterday announced the data information one minute before the vehicle accident:

When the driver stepped on the brake pedal for the last time, the data showed that the vehicle speed was 118.5 kilometers per hour. Within 2.7 seconds after the driver stepped on the brake pedal, the maximum brake master cylinder pressure was only 45.9 bar. After that, the driver increased the stepping on the brake pedal, and the brake master cylinder pressure reached 92.7 bar. The front collision warning and automatic emergency braking function were activated (the maximum brake master cylinder pressure reached 140.7bar) and played a role, reducing the magnitude of the collision. 1.8 seconds after the ABS was applied, the system recorded the occurrence of the collision. After the driver stepped on the brake pedal, the vehicle speed continued to decrease, and before the collision, the vehicle speed was reduced to 48.5 kilometers per hour.

Chanel loses lawsuit against Huawei in trademark dispute

According to Sina Technology, in 2017, Huawei applied for EU trademark protection for its trademark used for computer hardware, which was subsequently opposed by Chanel, who claimed that "two intertwined half-rings" were similar to its protected trademark. In 2019, the European Union Intellectual Property Office rejected Chanel's opposition.

After that, Chanel filed an appeal in the EU General Court, hoping to overturn the previous ruling. The EU General Court in Luxembourg ruled yesterday: “The disputed trademarks have some similarities, but their appearance is very different. It is particularly worth mentioning that Chanel’s trademark curve is more rounded, the lines are thicker, and the direction is horizontal. The direction of the Huawei trademark is vertical."

Collective price increases for domestic chips

According to CCTV Financial News, recently, domestic micro-control chip manufacturers Lingdong Microelectronics and Rockchip have announced that they will increase the price of chip products to varying degrees from April 1. At the same time, manufacturers such as Renaggi Semiconductor, Minsil Microelectronics, and Huiman Microelectronics have also issued notices of product price increases.

According to industry insiders, as the current shortage of micro-control chip market continues, the local micro-control chip industry chain is expected to accelerate market expansion and increase product shipments to meet market demand.

Latest epidemic figures

Domestic (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) data have been released : On April 22, Chongqing added 2 newly imported confirmed cases;

Overseas : As of 7:00 on April 23, a total of 144.93 million confirmed cases overseas, a total of 3.07 million deaths, and a total of 111.49 million cured cases.

realme Q3 Pro officially released

Yesterday, realme Q3 series was officially released. TrueWo Q3 Pro is equipped with Dimensity 1100 5G chip, adopts 6nm process technology, uses Dimensity 1200 and the same A78 core, with dual-channel UFS 3.1 high-performance flash memory, 3D tempered VC liquid cooling, and 6.4-inch 120Hz Samsung AMOLED gaming Screen.

TrueWo Q3 Pro is available in three colors: firefly, electric blue, and gravitational black. The pre-sale has been launched on April 22.

The official version of WeChat Android 8.0.3 is released, and the group chat supports @ all

Kuai Technology News, the official version of WeChat Android 8.0.3 was released yesterday. In this version, the group owner can enter "@" in the input box to directly "@ ​​everybody". Previously, the group owner usually realized the function of "@ everybody" through the "group announcement".

In addition, this version also increases the video length limit of Moments from the original 15 seconds to 30 seconds; the search bar of the drop-down panel has also been improved.

Kuaishou Search has over 250 million monthly active users and 250 million video searches in a single day

According to the 36kr news, Kuaishou announced that the current monthly active users of Kuaishou Search have exceeded 250 million, the monthly active penetration rate in the main app has reached 50%, and the number of single-day video searches has reached 250 million, which is more than double that of last year. Fan.

At the same time, Kuaishou also released two products, "Kaishou Cloud Cut" and "Kaishou Cloud Live" to meet the diverse needs of professional and quasi-professional creators for PC-side video editing and live broadcast.

Intel releases first-quarter financial report, with revenue of 19.67 billion U.S. dollars

According to Zhitong Financial News, Intel announced the first quarter financial report for the 2021 fiscal year. The financial report shows that Intel's revenue in the first quarter was 19.67 billion U.S. dollars, and the market expected it to be 17.883 billion U.S. dollars. Among them, the data center group revenue in the first quarter was US$5.56 billion, down 20% from the same period last year, and the market was expected to be US$5.89 billion; the first quarter revenue of the personal computer chip business was US$10.6 billion, an increase of 8% over the same period last year.

Intel’s adjusted earnings per share in the first quarter were US$1.39, and the market expected US$1.14. The gross profit margin was 55.2%, a decrease of more than 5 percentage points from the same period in 2020. This is a key indicator of its manufacturing and product pricing strength. Intel's previous gross profit margin exceeded 60%.

The Supreme People's Court will strengthen anti-monopoly trials to prevent disorderly expansion of capital

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Supreme People's Court issued the "People's Courts' Intellectual Property Judicial Protection Plan (2021-2025)", which clarified the key work measures for intellectual property judicial protection during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, which will strengthen anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition Case trial work, strengthen the basic position of competition policy, formulate relevant judicial interpretations in a timely manner, clearly regulate various types of monopoly and unfair competition, eliminate market blockades, and promote fair competition. Properly handle Internet monopoly disputes, improve platform economy anti-monopoly adjudication rules, prevent disorderly expansion of capital, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of platform economy norms.

Lego teamed up with Nintendo to create "Luigi Introductory Adventure"

Hypebeast news, Lego teamed up with Nintendo to launch a new set "Luigi Introductory Adventure". Based on "Super Mario Bro. Luigi's Mansion 3", this interactive package has built-in speakers in each level, which can play in-game sounds and background music.

In addition, the character’s eyes, mouth and stomach have LCD screens and are equipped with color sensors, which can trigger the reaction of poisonous purple bricks and brown bricks with gold coins.

Three and a half releases 2021 Cold Extract Super Instant New Series

Brand Planet News, Sandton has released the cold brew super instant coffee series "NEXT 5.0" updated to the 5th generation, and the product line has been adjusted and upgraded.

Three and a half said that the fifth generation continued to improve the degree of flavor reduction, and at the same time developed the "F100 flavor management system" with the goal of managing more than 100 coffee flavors. Three and a half uses super extraction technology to extract freshly roasted specialty coffee at low temperature to achieve the preservation of coffee flavor, which can support the expression of hundreds of subtle differences in coffee production, processing and roasting control.

"My Mom and Dad's Romance" will be a sequel news, the American drama "How I Met Your Mother" will make a sequel "How I Met Your Father", starring Hilary Duff. It is reported that Hulu has scheduled 10 episodes in a season.

"My Mom and Dad's Romance" tells the story of the protagonist Ted Mosby starting to tell his children how he met their mother in 2030, and the final season was aired in 2014.

Henan parents pay millions to build a flyover at the school gate

Recently, a parent of a middle school in Shangqiu, Henan Province paid millions of dollars to build a flyover in front of his child's school, which aroused the attention of netizens. It is reported that this school is close to the main road, with many people and vehicles, and it is inconvenient for students to get on the bus. Donor Ms. Meng said: I didn't tell the child, I was afraid that he would drift off.

Netizen: "The local area is not resolved, the planning is not resolved, so I have to do it myself…I am afraid that it will be demolished if it does not meet the planning." "I am afraid that I will seek compensation from this lady for various accidents involving the bridge in the future."

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