Morning Post | Taobao can change the account name / Tesla recalls over 120,000 Model 3s / WeChat launched the “listen to text messages” function

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  • Tesla recalls over 127,000 Model 3s
  • Taobao can change account name
  • WeChat care mode launched the "listen to text messages" function
  • The Shanghai Internet Information Office will further investigate and deal with rumors in the online circles
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre launches the new INFINITE air clock
  • Toyota to develop self-driving tech using low-cost cameras
  • Hot Toys launches "Moonlight Knight" doll
  • Honor Releases Play 6T Series Phones
  • Michelle Bingcheng store responds to illegal use of child labor
  • Faraday Future was notified that it did not meet the criteria for continued listing
  • Penguin eSports announced that it will terminate operations
  • Staple x Crocs Collaboration Shoe Presents Street Spoof Culture
  • "innocent" launches "Innocent Coconut Water"
  • Outdoor equipment brand "Naturehike" completed nearly 100 million yuan in financing
  • take it easy friday

Tesla recalls over 127,000 Model 3s

According to the website of the State Administration for Market Regulation, starting from April 7, 2022, Tesla recalled some imported and domestic Model 3 electric vehicles with production dates between January 11, 2019 and January 25, 2022, a total of 127,785 vehicles. (34,207 imported Model 3 cars and 93,578 domestic Model 3 cars).

There may be slight manufacturing differences in the power semiconductor components of the rear motor inverters of the vehicles within the scope of this recall. Some of the vehicles have been used for a period of time. The component manufacturing differences may cause the rear inverter to fail, causing the inverter to not be able to control the current properly. .

This fault occurs when the vehicle is in a parked state, which will cause the vehicle to fail to start; when this fault occurs when the vehicle is running, it will cause the vehicle to lose its driving power. In extreme cases, it may increase the risk of vehicle collision, posing a potential safety hazard.

Tesla will upgrade the motor control software for the vehicles within the recall scope free of charge through the car remote upgrade technology; for vehicles that cannot be recalled through OTA, it will contact the relevant users through the service center to upgrade the motor control software for the vehicle, so as to improve the vehicle's after-sales service. The motor inverter is closely monitored, and the rear inverter with related faults is replaced free of charge in time to eliminate potential safety hazards.

Taobao can change account name

Yesterday, Taobao's official Weibo responded to the topic of changing the name of Taobao's account: "Run in small steps, as long as you like it."

It is reported that the change path is: open Taobao app – my – settings – account and security – Taobao account.

It was previously reported that this function is a gray test, and it is initially planned to be fully covered in mid-April, but it is limited to one modification opportunity per year.

WeChat care mode launched the "listen to text messages" function

The "Listen to Text Messages" function has been launched in the WeChat care mode.

After the user enables the listening to text function in the care mode, click on the text message in the chat to hear the voice read aloud.

At present, Android and iOS systems have been basically covered, and WeChat can be experienced by updating to the latest version. (36kr)

The Shanghai Internet Information Office further investigates and punishes the rumors of the online circle group

On April 8, the Shanghai Internet Information Office issued the "Announcement on Further Investigating and Punishing Rumors in the Internet Circles".

The announcement pointed out that the Shanghai Internet Information Office reminded group owners and group members of social media groups that any behavior on the Internet should abide by the law. Emotions, let alone make up rumors, stir up trouble, and make public appearances.

The Shanghai Internet Information Office will continue to refute and clarify all kinds of rumors in a timely manner based on reports from the masses and online inspections, and will work with public security and other departments to track down the rumor maker and those who deliberately spread rumors and punish them according to law. At the same time, some groups that maliciously spread rumors will also be dealt with in accordance with the law.

At the same time, in the early hours of this morning, regarding the Internet rumors that Shanghai will start militarized management, the Shanghai rumor platform asked the authorities and learned that this rumor is false news. (Interface News)

Jaeger-LeCoultre launches the new INFINITE air clock

Jaeger-LeCoultre has recently launched a new ATOMS range of air clocks – the INFINITE air clock.

This air clock adopts a new base and glass case design. Through the glass case, we can see all the mechanical devices in the air clock, supplemented by a black lacquered dial and silver rhodium-plated hands, reproducing the classic air The aesthetic features of the clock are also integrated into a contemporary perspective.

The so-called "air clock" can also be regarded as a "perpetual motion machine" in the watch industry, that is, a desk clock that approaches constant motion. It has a gas-filled hermetic cover in its body, which is connected to the drive hairspring through a thin film. A temperature difference of just 1 degree Celsius changes the volume of air inside the enclosure, causing the membrane to expand or contract like an accordion's bellows to wind the balance spring.

Honor Releases Play 6T Series Phones

On April 7, Honor held a new product launch conference and released the Honor Play6T series of mobile phones. The Honor Play6T Pro is equipped with the Dimensity 810 5G chip, which is unlocked with a side fingerprint, equipped with a 4000mAh battery, supports 40W wired charging, and uses a 48-megapixel main camera + 2-megapixel photosensitive lens for photography, which supports front and rear dual-view video functions.

The Honor Play6T uses the Dimensity 700 5G chip and supports Link Turbo and Gpu Turbo X technologies. It is equipped with a 5000mAh battery, supports 22.5W charging, and has a rear 13-megapixel main camera and a 2-megapixel photosensitive lens.

In terms of price, the Honor Play6T Pro 8+128GB version is priced at 1399 yuan, and the Honor Play6T 8+128GB version is priced at 1199 yuan, and pre-sale is now officially open.

Toyota to develop self-driving tech using low-cost cameras

According to Reuters, Woven Planet, a unit of Toyota Motor, has joined Tesla in its attempt to advance self-driving technology without the use of expensive sensors such as lidar.

Woven Planet said they were able to collect data with low-cost cameras and effectively train its self-driving system.

The company believes that the cost of testing self-driving cars with expensive sensors is too high to be tested at scale. "We need a lot of data, and it is not enough to collect a small amount of data from a small batch of very expensive self-driving cars." said Michael Benisch, vice president of engineering at Woven Planet.

Woven Plant claims that using much of the data from the low-cost cameras improves the system's performance to a level similar to when the system was trained exclusively using high-cost sensor data.

Hot Toys Launches Moonlight Knight Figure

Recently, Marvel's new drama "Moonlight Knight" is on the air, and Hot Toys has recently launched the Moonlight Knight 1/6 collectible scale doll. The doll is about 29cm high, with 30 movable joints throughout the body. The off-white bandages and clothing are embellished with golden crescent-shaped elements, and the white cape can be bent freely.

The head of the doll also has an LED light-emitting function. The accessories include 8 types of boomerangs of different sizes. The price is 1730 Hong Kong dollars. The specific release time has not yet been announced. (nowre)

Michelle Bingcheng store responds to illegal use of child labor

On April 2, a Michelle Bingcheng store in Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province was fined 12,500 yuan for illegally using child labor.

The person in charge of the store involved said that the child laborer was a 15-year-old girl who dropped out of school. "Because of my wrong decision, I should bear this problem."

my country's "Labor Law" and "Minor Protection Law" have relevant provisions prohibiting the use of child labor. The "Prohibition of the Use of Child Labor" clearly stipulates that the age standard for child labor is under 16 years old, and the fine standard for using child labor is one month for each child labor used. A fine of 5,000 yuan will be imposed. (China News Weekly)

Faraday Future was notified that it did not meet the criteria for continued listing

Recently, Faraday Future received a notice from the Nasdaq Stock Exchange that its delayed filing of Form 10-K did not meet the requirements for continued listing.

If Faraday Future wants to remain listed, the exchange wants the company to meet compliance standards by April 19, and Faraday Future is working toward that goal.

In March, the Securities and Exchange Commission subpoenaed some members of the company's management team to investigate the company's inaccurate representations to investors. (Sina & Reuters)

Penguin eSports announced that it will terminate operations

Yesterday, Penguin E-sports issued a delisting announcement stating that due to changes in business development strategies, “Penguin E-sports” and “Penguin E-sports Live Assistant” will terminate operations at 23:59 on June 7, 2022.

Founded in 2016, Penguin E-Sports is Tencent's largest mobile e-sports platform. It is positioned as the "connector" of the e-sports ecosystem, integrating, QQ Mobile Games, Tencent Interactive Entertainment team resources, and QGC, TGA, etc. In-depth cooperation in professional e-sports events, and at the same time, it brings together a large number of big-name game anchors, integrating mobile game professional competition, interactive live broadcast, game gift package sharing and other functions.

Around March this year, a number of game anchors announced their departure from Penguin E-sports on social platforms. (Hexun Technology)

Staple x Crocs Collaboration Shoe Presents Street Spoof Culture

Recently, the New York trendy brand Staple has teamed up with Crocs to create a new joint shoe.

Inspired by New York, this collaboration, Staple's iconic dove element is abstracted as dove claws placed on the upper. At the same time, pigeon dung, chewing gum, mice, cockroaches, garbage and other elements on the sidewalks of New York are presented as color matching and accessories, reflecting the street spoof culture.

Crocs wrote on the official website: "One man's trash is another man's treasure… When the pigeons poop, they always hit the target. This joint shoe is another New York legend, adding to the richness of the city. History – from buildings to sidewalks."

The joint shoes will be officially launched on the official website on April 12. (nowre)

"innocent" launches "Innocent Coconut Water", coconuts from sustainable plantations

Recently, British juice brand "innocent" announced the launch of "Innocent Coconut Water" in China.

According to reports, "Natural Coconut Water" is made from selected Philippine coconut palms and certified fair trade coconuts grown in sustainable coconut gardens. The new product is low in calories and contains natural electrolytes. (Foodtalks)

Outdoor equipment brand "Naturehike" completed nearly 100 million yuan in financing

Recently, the outdoor equipment brand "Naturehike" completed nearly 100 million yuan in financing, exclusively invested by Bell Ding Capital. This is the first time the company has accepted external investment.

Naoke is a company that originated in China and provides one-stop outdoor equipment and travel products to the world. Since its establishment in 2010, Nooke has been focusing on the development and sales of hiking, camping, mountaineering and other products, among which tents, tables and chairs, sleeping bags, air cushions and other products have won the No. 1 sales in Tmall's single category for many times.

In 2017, Naoke developed overseas sales through cross-border e-commerce. The proportion of domestic and overseas sales in China is about 5:5, covering 68 countries including South Korea, Japan, and Australia. In 2020, it will be named "Tmall Overseas". Big new brand. (Investment and Rilakkuma Sports)

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