Morning Post | Station B responded to HR saying that the user is a Loser / iPhone 14 still improves performance with old chips / Qudian Luo Min quits Douyin

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  • Station B responded to HR saying that "the core users are Loser"
  • Qudian Luo Min quits Douyin
  • Dior's flower-and-bird design re-emerges in cultural appropriation controversy
  • Ideal response to car fire
  • Shenzhen allows fully self-driving cars to legally hit the road
  • Fashion is ditching human taste
  • The performance of the A15 chip in the iPhone 14 will still improve
  • Shadowstone Insta 360 Introduces AI Camera
  • Lenovo Xiaoxin Duet released on August 11
  • lululemon settled in Beijing SKP
  • Metaverse real estate community The Row launches virtual buildings
  • Nestle launches instant coffee-flavored ice cream
  • Alzheimer's themed movie "Mom! 》Fixed the Mid-Autumn Festival
  • "Paradise Cinema" confirmed to develop drama version
  • "Rick and Morty" main innovative drama "Little Devil" will be launched

Station B responded to HR saying that "the core users are Loser"

After the Bilibili video "Second Uncle Healed My Mental Internal Constraints" went viral, a Weibo post by blogger @pineappledimanatee last year related to the documentary department of Bilibili received attention.

According to the description, the broadcaster said that when his friend participated in the job interview related to the production of Bilibili documentary, Bilibili HR referred to the core users of station B as "Loser in life".

In response to this, @ bingili documentary responded in the Weibo comment area that an internal investigation has been launched, and "if the problem is found to be true, the relevant personnel will be dealt with seriously."

Source: Sina Finance

Qudian Luo Min quits Douyin

On August 2nd, Qudian Luo Min’s Douyin account was renamed from “Qudian Luo Boss” to “Qudian Pre-made Dishes”, and his avatar was also changed to the brand image of Qudian, and all the videos related to Luo Min in the account have been changed. delete.

Previously, Luo Min once posted a message in the fan group, saying that he "may not be able to broadcast live in front of the camera for some time", and his subsequent work will focus on supply chain, dish research and development, food quality, etc.

It is worth noting that the current number of fans of this account has shrunk from a peak of 5.08 million to 4.723 million.

In addition, Qudian’s pre-made vegetables business has also been accused of false propaganda recently. Its products are accused of having a shelf life of 3 days on the outer packaging and 12 months on the inner packaging.

Source: Blue Whale Finance & Economic Observer

Dior's flower-and-bird design re-emerges in cultural appropriation controversy

After being questioned about the cultural appropriation of the "horse face skirt", Dior was recently accused of misappropriating Chinese fine brushwork flower and bird patterns.

It is reported that in Dior's latest 2022 autumn and winter ready-to-wear collection, many pieces of clothing are in a style similar to traditional Chinese fine brushwork flower and bird paintings.

But in the product details, Dior called it the iconic "Jardin d'Hiver" pattern, which was inspired by a greenhouse called "Winter Garden" by Christian Dior, the founder of the Dior brand.

Fine brushwork flower and bird painting is one of the important schools of traditional Chinese painting. It uses Chinese brushes and pigments to paint, and pays attention to the use of lines, which is different from traditional Western oil paintings that emphasize the texture of light and shadow.

Source: Yangtze Evening News

Ideal response to car fire

Recently, an ideal one caught fire on the Sichuan Leya Expressway.

The picture shows that only the skeleton remained after the car was overheated, the position of the range extender at the front of the vehicle was severely damaged, and the tailgate of the vehicle had fallen off the body after the overheating.

In this regard, the ideal side responded that a special investigation team has been established:

"(Currently) the cause of the fire is under investigation whether the owner or the vehicle has shortcomings. The results will be announced after the investigation is clear."

At the same time, the ideal aspect also emphasizes that the car meets the national quality inspection standards before delivery.

Source: Sino-Singapore Jingwei

Shenzhen allows fully self-driving cars to legally hit the road

Recently, the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Management Regulations on Intelligent Connected Vehicles" has been officially implemented, which means that Shenzhen has allowed L4 fully autonomous vehicles to legally go on the road. At the same time, Yuanrong Qixing self-driving taxis also started test operation in Shenzhen.

The robo-taxi will have no driver in the main driver's seat, but will still have a safety officer in the passenger seat. The screen in front of the vehicle will display the surrounding pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, etc., so that passengers can fully understand the surrounding environment of the vehicle.

At present, about 70 vehicles of the self-driving taxi are put into test operation every day, and passengers can now ride for free.

In addition, the new regulations also clearly stipulate the risks of autonomous vehicles on the road:

If a fully autonomous vehicle is involved in a traffic accident without a driver, and the responsibility for the accident belongs to the autonomous vehicle, then the vehicle owner and manager will be responsible for compensation.

Source: CCTV News & Wall Street News

Fashion is ditching human taste

The fashion industry was born from human creativity, but the industrialized production of "fast fashion" based on big data is in turn eroding this creativity.

In a month, the fast fashion company Shein can put on an average of more than 7,000 new clothes every day. Because fast fashion companies rely heavily on speculation about trends:

Such companies can quickly find potential trends through Internet big data, track the market response of new products in real time, and use a wide-spreading method to catch the most likely next "popular" products.

But such a strategy will force other fashion industry competitors to speed up.

As a result, designers on the assembly line had to add some new design details to the old styles, package the old clothes into "new fashion styles" and immediately relaunch them.

As more and more companies do this, coupled with the similarity of the underlying supply chain in the global apparel industry, copycat designs flood clothing stores, making the fashion industry highly homogenized.

For consumers, buyers who are accustomed to online shopping today may also have to face similar-looking “seller shows” in the algorithm whirlpool.

To learn more about the impact of big data on the creative industry, check out this article from The Atlantic:

The performance of the A15 chip in the iPhone 14 will still improve

Previously, according to multiple sources, the iPhone 14 standard version and iPhone 14 Max version will still use the A15 chip, and the higher-positioned Pro version will use the A16 chip.

However, overseas pusher @ShrimpApplePro recently revealed that although the non-Pro version retains the same A15 bionic chip as the previous generation in hardware, it "will still achieve an overall performance improvement over the iPhone 13 series."

Previously, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman has said that in addition to trying to make the Pro more differentiated from non-Pros, the ongoing chip shortage is also the reason why Apple decided to limit the use of new-generation chips to the two iPhone 14 Pro models.

Source: Phoenix Network Technology

Shadowstone Insta 360 Introduces AI Camera

On August 2, the intelligent imaging brand Insta 360 released the AI ​​webcam "Link".

The new product is equipped with a 1/2-inch sensor, supports 4K 30fps video streaming, and can perform AI tracking to ensure that the subject is always in the center of the screen. At the same time, it also integrates a variety of innovative modes such as whiteboard enhancement, lossless vertical screen, and automatic overhead shooting, which can meet the needs of users for video conferences and live broadcasts.

The Link is priced at 1,798 yuan and is available globally.

Lenovo Xiaoxin Duet released on August 11

Yesterday, Lenovo announced that it will hold a new product launch conference on August 11, and is expected to release new products such as the new Xiaoxin Duet 2-in-1 notebook.

The new machine is equipped with a 12th-generation Core U-series processor. The National Bank will be equipped with an i5-1235U processor, standard 16GB dual-channel LPDDR4x memory and 512GB SSD, and a 12.35-inch 2.5K IPS panel, covering 96% of the DCI-P3 color space.

In addition, new configurations of the Xiaoxin Pro 14 notebook and Xiaoxin Pro 27 all-in-one will be released at that time.

Source: IT House

lululemon settled in Beijing SKP

lululemon officially debuted at Beijing SKP recently, which is the brand's 14th store in Beijing.

The interior design uses terrazzo and oak as the main elements to create a fresh and natural shopping experience. The large-scale original illustrations feature Beijing cultural landmarks, showing a picture of sports life with Beijing characteristics.

This new store offers a full range of products covering different life scenarios such as yoga, running, training, and daily commuting. It will also hold a team competition and a dance party on the afternoon of August 5th at the China Central Place.

Metaverse real estate community The Row launches virtual buildings

Metaverse real estate development company Everyrealm recently launched the Metaverse real estate community "The Row".

The virtual buildings within the community were designed by Arsham, Misha Kahn, Andrés Reisinger, Alexis Christodolou, design studio Six N Five and Hard. Architects, each of which will be sold as an NFT.

For example, designer Arsham designed the "Ares House" with the Greek god of war Ares sculpture as the theme, and the virtual building will show different exterior color changes according to different seasons.

The community is members-only and currently has a total of 30 virtual real estate projects launched.

Source: Dezeen

Nestle launches instant coffee-flavored ice cream

Nestle recently launched a new product "Nestle Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream", which replicates the classic Nestle instant coffee flavor in ice cream.

According to reports, the new ice cream uses real coffee in the coating and inside.

At the same time, the "soft coating" of the ice cream uses a ganache process that melts at a similar rate to the inside, unlike the hard coating used in traditional chocolate bar ice cream.

The new product is currently on sale in Malaysia, with plans to launch in other parts of the world.

Source: Food Dive

Next, let's take a look at the recent news and movies that deserve attention~

Alzheimer's themed movie "Mom! 》Fixed the Mid-Autumn Festival

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

On August 2, the family movie "Mom! "Officially set for the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 10.

The film is directed by Yang Lina and supervised by Yin Lu, starring Wu Yanshu and Xi Meijuan, Wen Qi as a special star, and Zhu Shimao as a friendship star. It tells the story of an 85-year-old mother taking care of her 65-year-old daughter with Alzheimer's disease.

The film was nominated for the Best Film at the Tiantan Awards at the 12th Beijing International Film Festival.

"Paradise Cinema" confirmed to develop drama version

The classic Italian film "Cinema Paradiso" has recently decided to develop a theatrical version. The series will be directed and written by film director Giuseppe Tonadore, with Marco Belardi as producer.

The new series has 6 episodes and is currently looking for a streaming distributor.

"Rick and Morty" main innovative drama "Little Devil" will be launched

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

Rick and Morty's new show 'Little Devil' tells the story of a mother and her daughter trying to live a normal life in Delaware, but are constantly thwarted by demons who yearn for custody of their daughter's soul .

The animation will be launched on hulu on August 25.


feeling of reading

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When we are reading, our imaginations are producing invisible magic.

Droga 5 has invited a number of artists and illustrators to participate in the creation, and made this short film for Amazon Books, which depicts the subtle and complex psychological feelings we have when reading through wild visual effects.

Do you remember how you felt the last time you read it?

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