Morning Post | “Second Uncle Coin” denies running away, and the video is questioned again / Apple may give up iPhone 14 mini / “Lone on the Moon” box office broke 1 billion

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  • The "Second Uncle Coin" distribution team denies withdrawing from the project, and the "Second Uncle" video is questioned again
  • Tesla responds to Autopilot mistakenly hitting street lights
  • Hongxing Erke donated another 100 million
  • Zhou Hongyi clarifies and reprimands Microsoft for stealing 360 security model
  • Intel responded that the market value was surpassed by AMD: the stock price fell is self-inflicted
  • Ditching the office, the VanLife commune is calling on digital nomads
  • Apple will abandon the iPhone 14 mini small screen phone
  • Xiaomi may release smart glasses today
  • Shadowstone Insta360 will release new products on August 2
  • The author of Conan has already drawn the finale
  • Netflix launches 'Squid Game' interactive experience
  • Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo holds animal painting exhibition
  • "Lonely Walk on the Moon" box office exceeds 900 million in 3 days
  • Crime Comedy 'Rapid Seoul' Releases Trailer
  • Trailer for biographical drama 'Blonde Monroe'

The "Er Uncle Coin" issuance team denies withdrawing from the project

Recently, the video "Three days back to the village, the second uncle cured my mental internal friction" by Bilibili UP host @伊格記 has attracted much attention.

Subsequently, a digital currency called "second uncle coin" was launched on the Binance Smart Chain.

The digital currency issuance team stated that the currency "aims to provide security for the second uncle's pension, and the marketing wallet will be donated to the second uncle."

However, according to the Securities Times, the digital currency has fallen from its highest point in the past two trading days to only one tenth of its current market value.

At the same time, a "Rug Pull" occurred in the currency pool (referring to the issuer's sudden withdrawal of the project and the sale of encrypted assets, etc.), and the issuing team has cleaned the stolen funds through the Tornado Cash protocol.

According to reports, the amount involved in this incident is as high as 1.3 million US dollars.

In response, the digital currency issuance team denied the authenticity of the news on social media.

In addition, the authenticity of the video "Returning to the village for three days, the second uncle cured my mental internal friction" has been questioned by many parties recently.
According to Red Star News, the second uncle actually suffered from "polio" (also known as "poliomyelitis"), and it cannot be ruled out that he was disabled due to the disease. The "doctor" mentioned in the video passed away from a myocardial infarction more than ten years ago.
Phoenix Weekly said that the video shooter @伊格guess is not actually the nephew of the second uncle.
Source: Securities Times·e Company & Jiemian News & Red Star News & Phoenix Weekly

Tesla responds to Autopilot mistakenly hitting street lights

On the evening of July 29, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, while a Tesla owner was using the autopilot function, the vehicle ran off the road and knocked down a street light. There were no casualties in the accident.

It is reported that the owner of the car had called for a driver after drinking at a banquet, but because the driver could not enter the park, he activated the automatic driving function and drove to the designated park entrance. During the driving process of the vehicle, the owner sits in the passenger seat.

In response, Tesla responded: "According to Tesla's gravity sensing settings, the vehicle cannot be started without the driver sitting in the main driver's seat." and so on to activate the automatic driving function.

It pointed out that Tesla's standard basic version of the automatic driving assistance system is not suitable for all road sections, and can only be used on road sections with clear markings.

At the same time, according to the relevant regulations of the "Road Traffic Safety Law", the L2 to L3 level car automatic driving assistance systems must be used when the driver is conscious. The automatic driving assistance system only plays an auxiliary function and cannot completely replace human operation.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily

Hongxing Erke donated another 100 million

On the evening of July 30, Hongxing Erke announced a public welfare donation with a total value of 100 million yuan in a public welfare evening.

It is said that Hongxing Erke's donation will be connected with the Fujian Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation to help the disabled and their families improve their quality of life.

Previously, Hongxing Erke announced a donation of 50 million yuan during the flood in Henan last year, triggering a buying frenzy of "wild consumption" by the public.

It is worth noting that Hongxing Erke also caused dissatisfaction among netizens by inviting controversial Internet celebrity Xiong Lei to bring goods not long ago.

Subsequently, Wu Rongzhao, president of Hongxing Erke, said on the social platform that he had ordered the account operators and distributors to suspend the behavior of the disputed masters in the first time.

Source: Daily Economic News & AI Finance and Economics

Zhou Hongyi clarifies and reprimands Microsoft for stealing 360 security model

Recently, at the 10th Internet Security Conference of ISC 2022, Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360, rebuked Microsoft for stealing the security model of 360, and thus became the largest network security company in the United States.

Zhou Hongyi said that Microsoft has learned from the free antivirus model of 360, so as to master the security big data of the global terminal, so as to obtain the awareness of the global network security situation.

Subsequently, Zhou Hongyi clarified this: "I am not bombarding Microsoft, but essentially sympathizing with each other."

Source: Sina Technology

Intel responded that the market value was surpassed by AMD: the stock price fell is self-inflicted

A few days ago, Intel’s financial report showed that Intel’s revenue in the second quarter fell 22% year-on-year, which made Intel’s market value fall to $148 billion, and was officially overtaken by AMD, which has a market value of $153 billion.

According to the "Economic Daily" report, Intel CEO Pat Kissinger said in an interview that the decline in Intel's stock price was self-inflicted, and the stock price should indeed fall. But he also reiterated that this is the bottom, and Intel will be ready to start a comeback.

It is reported that this is the second time that AMD's market value has surpassed Intel's, the last time was in February this year.

This suggests that investors may now value more asset-light chipmakers like AMD, which emphasize design patents, than Intel's model, which emphasizes producing chips and operating factories.

Source: IT House

Ditching the office, the VanLife commune is calling on digital nomads

Silicon Valley start-up Kift is calling more people into their cars and forming a mobile community in different places.

In this community, you can drive your car and camp in various parks, and Kift will provide all community members with common spaces and equipment such as kitchens, bathrooms, and fast WiFi. At night, you can go back to your car and sleep.

By day, Kift commune turns into a temporary workspace

For example, at 8 a.m. every morning, residents of one of the neighborhoods will share their plans for the day and start telecommuting from a shared office or their own car.

In the afternoon, residents can join in a yoga class volunteered by one of the members, while the residents take turns in charge of dinner.

Here, as Kift promises, you can “share values ​​and healthy lifestyles, explore new ways to work, create and share stories, laugh and cry together.”

The safety issues that digital nomads often face when traveling alone are guaranteed in the Kift community. When you want to leave, you can also go to other public spaces provided by Kift at any time.

Kift CEO O'Donnell sees public living under the Vanlife model as a solution to housing overburden, climate change and atomized living.

At the same time, it also redefines "city" and "community":

Economic engines have moved away from urban centers.

Cities are no longer geographically defined.

Learn more about the Kift community here:

Apple will abandon the iPhone 14 mini small screen phone

According to multiple sources, Apple will not offer an iPhone 14 mini model this year.

The reason for this may be that the iPhone mini model has suffered a series of commercial failures since its debut in 2020.

Apple debuted the mini model in the iPhone 12 series. But two months after the official release, the mini model accounted for only 6% of total iPhone sales, and the results were not ideal. The next year's iPhone 13 mini sales accounted for only 3%.

In addition, users may prefer to choose older models of smartphones compared to new mini phones. For example, the iPhone 12 mini will be less popular in 2020 than the iPhone SE, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.

Source: IT House

Xiaomi may release smart glasses today

On the afternoon of July 31, Xiaomi announced that it will unveil a new product that has never been seen before at 10 am today.

According to the promotional poster, the new product should be related to the “Xiaomi Smart Glasses Discovery Edition”, a concept product that Xiaomi displayed in September last year.

According to reports, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses Discovery Edition uses MicroLED optical waveguide technology, the whole machine weighs 51g, and supports functions such as calls, display, navigation, photography, and real-time translation.

Source: IT House

Shadowstone Insta360 will release new products on August 2

Recently, the intelligent imaging brand Insta360 released a warm-up poster and video, announcing that it will release new products on August 2.

According to the poster, this new product may have low-light night vision and flexible rotation capabilities similar to owls, and may be an innovative product for interactive sharing scenarios.

Source: Pinwan

The author of Conan has already drawn the finale

"Detective Conan" author Gosho Aoyama recently revealed in a conversation with "One Piece" author Eiichiro Oda that he has completed the draft of the finale.

He said that the final draft was actually written as early as five years ago, because "I don't know which will come first tomorrow or the accident, so make preparations first."

But even though the ending has been decided, Aoyama is still not ready to finish Conan.

In this regard, "One Piece" author Oda said: "I really don't want to finish it before Conan!"

Source: That NG

Netflix launches 'Squid Game' interactive experience

Netflix recently announced a partnership with Immersive Gamebox, an interactive game technology company, to launch interactive experience games offline.

This one-hour game includes six challenges in the play, including "One, Two, Three, Wooden Man", "Peng Candy Game" and "Glass Bridge".

At the same time, the store provides 3D motion tracking goggles and a touch screen, so players do not need to wear bulky headsets, and can also accommodate 2-6 players to participate at the same time.

The interactive game is currently available at select Immersive Gamebox stores, with tickets starting at $24.99.

Source: CnBeta

Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo holds animal painting exhibition

Recently, Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo and IFCX jointly launched the "We Are Not Brutalist" exhibition.

The exhibition showcases the paintings of orangutans Xiaohei, Xiaolu and Le Shen in the Hongshan Forest Zoo, hoping to bring animal creations into the public eye.

The exhibition is located at Exit 5 of Xinjiekou Metro Station in Nanjing and will last until the end of August. In addition, other paintings have been included in a previously published book of the same name.

Source: WWD International Fashion News

Next, let's take a look at the recent film and television news worthy of attention~

The box office of "Lone Walk on the Moon" broke 1 billion in 3 days

Just now, the movie "Walking on the Moon alone" broke 1 billion at the box office.

Three days after its release, the film entered the top 100 box-office charts in mainland film history, becoming the 98th film in film history to exceed 1 billion at the box office.

"Lonely Walk on the Moon" is set in the future time and space, and humans have deployed a lunar shield plan on the moon to resist the impact of asteroids. But the maintenance worker Duguyue was accidentally missed by the team and landed on the moon, and accidentally became the "last human being in the universe".

Crime Comedy 'Rapid Seoul' Releases Trailer

Click on the poster image to jump to view the preview

The crime action comedy "Rapid Seoul" starring Yoo Ah-in has released a preview.

Set against the backdrop of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the story tells the story of the theft of secret funds by riders in Sanggye-dong.

The film is directed by Moon Hyun-sung, and stars Go Kyung-pyo, Lee Kyu-hyung, Park Joo-hyun, Moon So-ri, etc. It will be launched on Netflix on August 26.

Trailer for biographical drama 'Blonde Monroe'

Click on the poster image to jump to view the preview

Based on Joyce Carroll Ortez's best-selling novel, Blonde Monroe boldly recreates the life of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe.

Written and directed by Andrew Dominic and starring Ana de Armas and Adrien Brody, the film was shortlisted for the main competition unit of the Venice Film Festival and is scheduled to hit Netflix on September 28.


Title: "Post-Work Theory"

Editor-in-Chief: Xu Zhiwei / Wang Xingkun

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Published: January 2022

In science fiction works, there are already many imaginations of a "post-work" society: people no longer need to work, and labor is replaced by automation technology.

But what exactly does the future of work mean for humanity? Are people facing the "elimination of jobs" or "the inability to work"?

This book criticizes work-related deformities such as artificial intelligence impacting labor-intensive industries, labor hours continue to rise while wages are relatively stagnant, and the prejudice that poverty is rooted in laziness, and calls for creative and free work to replace alienated, Meaningless labor.

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