Morning Post | Sam responds to the blue-ringed octopus incident/Faraday Future sets up China headquarters/Apple’s second-generation HomePod core replacement price cut

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  • Sam responds to blue-ringed octopus incident
  • FF China headquarters settled in Huanggang, Hubei
  • Haohuanluo responds to product packaging attracting attention
  • China's largest mobile phone chip maker may restart listing
  • Tesla Autopilot video revealed to be fake
  • NetEase's "Naishuihan" suspected of plagiarizing Blizzard's IP
  •  Gen Z takes off with flip phones
  • 2022 global mobile phone market share released
  • Apple's new HomePod is priced at 2299 yuan
  • Apple's cheap headset rumored to be priced closer to the iPhone
  • New "Blizzard Green Tea" in NetEase Café
  • The national travel platform will be launched soon
  • The first China Mahjong Open will start in March
  • "Thunder Shazam! The official introduction of Wrath of the Gods
  • Chen Kaige's new war movie premiere preview
  • "Attack on Titan" Final Season Part 3 Release Trailer

Sam Vendor responds to blue-ringed octopus incident: promises no blue-ringed octopus

According to the news on January 18, Weibo user @肉鸡鸡和麻辣热 posted that a suspected blue-ringed octopus was found in a box of frozen baby octopus purchased at Shenzhen Futian Sam’s Member Store.

Blue-ringed octopus contains tetrodotoxin and other comprehensive toxins, which cannot be decomposed by heating. Professor Zheng Xiaodong from Ocean University of China said that blue-ringed octopuses overlap with common octopuses in the southern waters of China, and may be accidentally caught by fishermen.

In this regard, Sam, the food supplier and the consumers involved have responded successively:


"Sam attaches great importance to food safety and has established a relatively complete food safety management system. For suppliers' products, the relevant qualification certificates of suppliers are strictly checked in accordance with national laws and regulations, and the purchase inspection system is strictly implemented."

Suppliers Fuzhou Golden Ocean Trade Co., Ltd. and Fujian Dahai Star Food Co., Ltd.:

"The frozen octopus produced by our company, raw materials are processed in the factory, and the finished product is sold. Every process is strictly screened to ensure that there is no blue-ringed octopus."

Party consumers:

"So far my family and I have not received any contact from the store in any way… I won't go into details personally. In the end, I just want to say that I am really disappointed."

Source: Interface News

Huanggang responds to the settlement of FF China headquarters: We are in contact with cooperation matters

On January 18th, on January 17th local time, Jia Yueting’s Faraday Future (FF) announced that it had reached a non-binding cooperation framework agreement with the Huanggang Municipal Government of Hubei Province.

On the morning of the 18th, the Huanggang government website responded: In order to accelerate the layout of the new energy industry, Huanggang City is actively discussing cooperation matters with the foreign-funded enterprise Faraday Future. The two parties have signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" in the third quarter of 2022.

According to the agreement, FF plans to relocate its future FF China headquarters to Huanggang City, while retaining its global headquarters in Los Angeles, California, USA. Among them, FF China Headquarters is expected to be jointly funded and constructed by Huanggang Municipal Government Guidance Fund, related industry funds and FF.

In addition, according to the previous shareholder agreement between FF and FF Top LLC, FF is expected to start mass production of the marketable FF 91 Futurist electric vehicle at the end of March 2023, which is expected to roll off the production line in early April and be delivered before the end of April.

Source: Securities Times

Product packaging attracts attention, Haohuanluo responds: Exceeds expectations and advocates rational consumption

According to news on January 18, Haohuanluo, a brand of snail noodles, was recently asked to be removed from the shelves in Taiwan because of the copywriting on the packaging of "You are Chinese, and I am also Chinese. Rounding up, you are mine". A wave of "hoarding goods".

In this regard, Haohuanluo flagship store issued an announcement, advising consumers to shop rationally:

In the past few days, the number of visits to the Haohuanluo flagship store has increased sharply, and sales have also increased significantly. I am very grateful to everyone for your continued attention and support, but we also advocate rational consumption. The attention to product packaging has exceeded our expectations. Snail chrysalis powder is an Internet celebrity delicacy, and our original intention is to hope that everyone can share the joy together.

Source: Interface News

China's largest mobile phone chip maker may restart listing

According to news on January 18, market sources said that after completing the 60 billion yuan reorganization of Ziguang Group, Zhilu Jianguang Consortium may promote the listing of Ziguang Zhanrui, Ziguangyun and other subsidiaries of the group.

Ziguang Zhanrui's main business is to develop 5G chips for devices such as mobile phones and drones. After Huawei HiSilicon withdrew from the market, Ziguang Zhanrui became the largest mobile phone chip designer in mainland China.

According to data from research firm Counterpoint Research, UNISOC has a market share of about 10% in the field of mobile phone processors, ranking fourth in the world.

Source: Wanwan Finance

Engineer Testimony: A Tesla Video Promoting Autopilot Was Fake

On January 17th, according to the testimony of Ashok Elluswamy, director of Tesla's self-driving software, a video Tesla used to promote its self-driving technology in 2016 was fake.

At Musk's request, Tesla's Autopilot team designed a "system capability demonstration," Elluswamy said, which showed features like stopping at red lights and accelerating at green lights that the system didn't have at the time. The driver was actually in control while the test car was filmed crashing into a parking lot fence.

However, Elluswamy also said: "The purpose of this video is not to describe exactly what customers can get in 2016, but to describe what (in the future) may be built into the system."

Source: The Paper

NetEase's "Naishuihan" suspected of plagiarizing Blizzard's IP

On January 18th, according to The Paper, a person close to Activision Blizzard said that NetEase's "Naishuihan" was suspected of plagiarizing Blizzard's IP:

"Blizzard has received reports from many players that the 'Warcraft Veteran Uniform' launched on NetEase's client game "Naishuihan" is a direct copy of Blizzard's "World of Warcraft" IP, and that the discontinuation of the World of Warcraft server is used as a celebration marketing. However, Blizzard did not I don’t know. "Naishuihan" not only directly called out Warcraft players through an open letter, but some of the reservation-related in-game rewards are also very similar to many classic items and characters in "World of Warcraft."

Previously, some media reported that Netease wanted to obtain control over Blizzard's IP through negotiations. In this regard, Netease responded on the 17th that, as an agency company, Netease has never sought IP control of Blizzard games or other partners.

Source: The Paper

 Gen Z takes off with flip phones

Flip phones started popping up on TikTok, with Gen Z recording unboxing videos of them and photo tutorials for flip phones.

Actor Dove Cameron swapped out her old phone for a '90s Matrix-y flip phone because she thinks spending too much time on phones and social media "really sucks."

Palazzolo, a college student, finds herself crying over unwelcome social media posts or text messages from her ex, “and the root cause is our phones.”

She also likes the flip phone photos "because they're grainy and blurry". The absence of well-curated photos is perhaps one of the reasons why Gen Zers miss the millennium just as much as they love BeReal.

However, Palazzolo's parents objected to her using a flip phone because these older phones do not have the location function of a smartphone. "My parents said absolutely not, we need to be able to track you."

HMD Global, a Finnish company that develops Android phones under the Nokia brand, is surprised by this new trend, because "the first mobile phone of this generation is not a Nokia":

“We attribute this shift to the realization that many smartphone users are spending too much time on their devices and have a strong desire to disconnect and be in the moment.”

The views in this article come from

The global mobile phone market share in 2022 is released, and Chinese manufacturers occupy three seats

According to news on January 18, according to market research firm Canalys, among the top five manufacturers with market share in 2022, Chinese manufacturers continue to occupy three seats.

Although Samsung's shipments are the first in the world, judging from the financial report released by the company, its operating profit has fallen to the lowest in eight years. Apple, which ranks second, is facing the challenge of shrinking demand.

Xiaomi ranks first among Chinese manufacturers with a market share of 13%, and its global ranking remains stable at third. The market shares of OPPO and vivo dropped 2 percentage points and 1 percentage point year-on-year, ranking fourth and fifth respectively.

Source: Digital Tail

Apple releases new HomePod, priced at 2299 yuan

According to news on January 18, Apple launched a new HomePod after 5 years.

The new HomePod uses the same S7 chip as the Apple Watch Seris 7. Compared with the S5 chip on the HomePod mini, the S7 chip is theoretically 20% faster.

In terms of sound quality, the new HomePod uses a custom-developed high-amplitude woofer, a motor-driven diaphragm with an amplitude of up to 20 mm, a built-in bass equalizer microphone, and an array of five beamforming tweeters surrounding the bottom.

The new HomePod starts at 2,299 yuan, which is lower than the previous generation’s 2,799 yuan. There are two colors of midnight and white. Orders are now open and will be officially released on February 3.

In terms of hardware configuration, the new HomePod has two less tweeters and two microphones than the previous generation. What is the actual listening experience and what is the difference from the previous generation? Please pay attention to the hands-on evaluation after Ai Faner.

Apple's first MR headset is rumored to be priced at about $3,000, delaying the release of AR glasses

On January 18th, according to technology reporter Mark Gurman, the price of the first mixed reality (MR) headset that Apple plans to launch this year will be about $3,000.

In addition, Mark Gurman also said that Apple may launch a lower-priced MR headset in 2024 or early 2025. The launch of another lightweight augmented reality (AR) glasses was delayed due to technical problems.

The Information's report also reconfirmed the news about the above-mentioned MR head display. At the same time, the report also said that the price of the cheap version of the headset may be close to that of the iPhone. For reference, the iPhone 14 costs $800-$1600.

Source: 36kr & Mark Gurman & The Information

New "Blizzard Green Tea" in NetEase Café

On January 18, the official account of NetEase Recruitment Bilibili announced that the coffee bar in NetEase Park has launched a drink called "Blizzard Green Tea" and called it "the gospel of lactose intolerance". The price is 13 yuan per cup.

Previously, Blizzard China had released "Blizzard's Update Notes on the National Service Player Community", saying that it had contacted and negotiated with Netease again last week to discuss the extension of the existing agreement for 6 months.

Netease responded that: Considering the unequal, unfair and other conditions attached to the cooperation, the two parties failed to reach an agreement in the end.

Source: Sina Games

The national-level travel platform "Qiangguo Transportation" has completed internal testing and will be launched soon

According to news on January 18, as the first national-level transportation platform in China, "Qiangguo Transportation", which covers car-hailing, freight, water transportation, shipping and other functions, has recently completed internal testing and entered the countdown to launch.

According to the "Qiangguo Transportation" project team, "Qiangguo Transportation" will be the first to launch car-hailing services, and has connected dozens of online car-hailing capacity companies. In the future, it is expected that the access capacity will account for more than 90% of the total market capacity.

At present, the "car-hailing" service has been opened for operation testing, and users can choose two ways: "taxi-hailing" and "helping the elderly to hail a car". For example, if you choose "Taxi Call", after the user enters the destination, you can go through the whole process of calling a car, receiving orders, and paying; if you choose "Help the Elderly to Hail a Car", you can call a car, which greatly facilitates the travel of elderly users.

Source: The Paper

With a total bonus of 1 million, the "First China Mahjong Open" will start in Hangzhou in March

According to the news on January 18, according to the Hangzhou Asian Games website, the "First China Mahjong Open" will be held in Hangzhou on March 24-26.

Players who intend to participate in the competition need to register as mahjong players in the WeChat mini-program "Intellectual Sports Test" and obtain an amateur 6-dan before they can sign up for the "Professional Duan Fixed-Segment Competition" in March and obtain the "China Mahjong Open Competition" after being promoted. Qualifications for the competition.

The event has two official events of Sichuan Mahjong and National Standard Mahjong, as well as the promotion event of Hangzhou Mahjong 2v2. The total prize money of the event is as high as 1 million yuan. At present, more than two million mahjong fans have officially registered as mahjong players.


"Thunder Shazam! The official introduction of Wrath of the Gods

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

On January 18th, DC China's official blog announced the movie "Thunder Shazam!" Wrath of the Gods will be released in Mainland China soon.

Starring Zachary Levi, Arthur Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, etc., this film tells the story of Billy, a teenager who will be struck by lightning every time he shouts "Shazam". Hit and empower six gods, ultimately turning into the story of adult superhero Shazam.

The film will be released in North America on March 17, 2023, and the mainland release date has not yet been announced.

Source: Mtime

The first preview of Chen Kaige's new war movie will be released in 2023

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

According to news on January 18, Chen Kaige's new film "Great Victory" (tentative title) released a 45-second teaser for the first time, featuring Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Songwen, Wang Chuanjun, and Lang Yueting.

The trailer takes New China's first appearance at the United Nations as the starting point, and the multi-faceted content such as the front-line battle to resist US aggression and aid Korea and the game in the rear unfolds slowly, with a grand pattern.

Previously, the online lineup also included Xin Baiqing, Zhu Yilong, Chen Feiyu, etc. The film will be released in 2023.

Source: Mtime

"Attack on Titan" final season third part teaser released, March 4 premiere

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

On January 17th, MAPPA released the latest trailer for the third part of the final season of "Attack on Titan".

According to MAPPA, the third anime will be divided into the first part and the second part. The first part will be officially launched on March 4, and the broadcast time of the second part will be announced separately.

Source: Hypebeast

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