Morning Post | Reboot! New progress in Apple’s car building / Fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes will be removed from the shelves / Beixi leak may cause the largest greenhouse gas emissions in history

Tomorrow will start the last holiday of the year. How are you going to arrange this rare long holiday?

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Love Faner Morning Report Read

  • Apple's car-building plan to restart
  • All fruit-flavored e-cigarettes to be removed from shelves on October 1
  • The North Stream leak may cause the largest greenhouse gas emissions in history
  • Tesla AI Day will be held tomorrow
  • Bilibili turns to dual primary listing
  • OpenAI cancels DALL-E 2 queue
  • Tech companies are revisiting their old foes
  • Apple Watch Ultra has "jelly screen" issue
  • Many old Samsung mobile phone batteries have been exposed to bulging
  • China-made large aircraft C919 obtained airworthiness certificate
  • On Ang runner announced Miao Hao as a signed athlete
  • Hotels that give cats an independent holiday
  • Haidilao and Nai Xue's Tea Launches "Wagyu Mousse"
  • Jia Ling's new work is adapted from "A Hundred Yuan Love"
  • The second season of "Spy Playing Home" starts tomorrow
  • Makoto Shinkai releases official trailer

Apple's car-building plan to restart

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said yesterday that Apple is likely to rebuild the Apple Car team by the end of this year.

Apple launched Project Titan back in 2014, but the composition of the team has been constantly changing. Until January of this year, with the announcement of the departure of Joe Bass, the head of the software engineering program, almost all of the project's executives left.

The Information disclosed the development progress and design details of the project in July this year. These include Apple's desire to remove the steering wheel and brake pedal from the vehicle, which will have four face-to-face seats and a curved roof similar to the Volkswagen Beetle.

But the report also pointed out that Apple is still immature in autonomous driving. Because in the first quarter of this year, one of Apple's test vehicles nearly hit a pedestrian on an unmarked crosswalk.

Source: The Information & Xinzhiyuan

All fruit-flavored e-cigarettes to be removed from shelves on October 1

The Mandatory National Standard for Electronic Cigarettes will be implemented on October 1.

The standard specifies the concentration of nicotine, impurities and heavy metals in e-cigarettes, and clearly requires that all fruit-flavored e-cigarettes be removed from the shelves. Since then, the national unified e-cigarette transaction management platform can only provide national standard tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes and smoking sets with child locks.

According to industry insiders, the main purpose of the national standard supervision of e-cigarettes is to reduce the "inductiveness" of products and focus on strengthening the protection of minors.

Source: CCTV Finance & Daily Economic News

The North Stream leak may cause the largest greenhouse gas emissions in history

On September 26, two "North Stream" natural gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea suddenly leaked.

According to reports, before the incident, explosions occurred near the two pipelines "Beixi-1" and "Beixi-2". Currently, natural gas is leaking into the Baltic Sea from three holes in the two pipelines.

According to official estimates provided by the Danish government, in the worst-case scenario, the Nord Stream pipeline leak could lead to the escape of 778 million cubic meters of natural gas, equivalent to about 500,000 tons of methane gas being ejected into the air, causing the maximum greenhouse effect.

In addition, on the 28th local time, the Swedish Coast Guard stated that the leakage of the "North Stream-1" pipeline that day was the same as when the leak was found, and it is expected to continue to leak until October 2nd.

According to Zhao Chen, director of the European International Relations Research Office of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, "Beixi-1" and "Beixi-2" can make the direct gas transmission between Russia and Germany reach 110 billion cubic meters, accounting for three of the EU's natural gas imports from Russia. two-thirds.

Source: Financial Associated Press

Tesla AI Day will be held tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tesla's 2022 AI Day event will be held in Palo Alto, California.

It is expected that the functions, prices and mass production plans of Tesla's humanoid robot Optimus will be disclosed for the first time, and the latest progress of Tesla's Dojo supercomputer and self-driving technology FSD may also be announced.

It is reported that Optimus Optimus will be 1.72 meters high, weigh 56.6 kg, and can carry a load of 20 kg. The face is a screen, and its surface is made of "lightweight material", which is smoother than human skin.

Meanwhile, Optimus will use the Dojo D1 supercomputing chip. According to the data, Dojo's single training module consists of 25 D1 chips independently developed by Tesla, using TSMC's 7nm process and having 50 billion transistors.

In terms of the fully autonomous driving system FSD, Musk said in August that Tesla plans to start selling Tesla vehicles with fully autonomous driving technology by the end of this year. In mid-September, Musk also said that FSD 10.69.3 would be updated after AI Day.

Source: Financial Associated Press & IT House & Financial Sector

Bilibili turns to dual primary listing

On September 29, the official website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange showed that Station B was converted from a secondary listing to a primary listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which will officially take effect on October 3.

At that time, Station B will become the first company among China's TMT (technology, media, communications) companies to voluntarily convert from a secondary listing in Hong Kong to a dual primary listing.

After the dual main listing, Station B is also expected to be eligible to be included in the Hong Kong Stock Connect in the near future. After being included in the Hong Kong Stock Connect, mainland Chinese investors will be able to directly trade the company's shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

OpenAI cancels DALL-E 2 queue

OpenAI removed the wait queue for access to DALL-E 2 yesterday, meaning anyone can sign up to use the AI ​​art generator right now.

Anyone who registers to access DALL-E will now receive 50 free credits, each of which can be used to generate single images, image variants, or to "fix" and "extend" picture boundaries. Users can also receive 15 free credits every month.

Previously, in order to avoid the abuse of AI painting, OpenAI has been cautious about the public release of DALL-E. But this time OpenAI said that it has made satisfactory improvements to the safety system.

Source: CnBeta

Tech companies are revisiting their old foes

Tech companies have always been looking for ways to make everything faster. But recently, “digital speed bumps” are becoming more and more numerous.

In recent years, Twitter has tried to add "barriers" to users before tweeting, making users who use abusive language reconsider the content before replying to others.

As a result, 34% of users who were prompted either re-edited their original responses, or did not respond at all.

A study in Nature Communication also showed that asking people to rate the accuracy of content before pressing the "share" button could reduce misleading information by 10 percent.

From security warnings that must be manually clicked off, to the "Unsend" option for emails, such "obstacles" slow down the internet, but can give users a knee-jerk reaction to think further.

Digital technology now enables us to do more and faster than ever before. But in some critical moments, the friction of these "hurdles" can slow us down.

For the full content, you can view it in "WIRED":

Apple Watch Ultra has "jelly screen" issue

According to iPhoneSoft, some Apple Watch Ultras have a "jelly screen" problem, that is, the refresh rate of one half of the display is significantly slower than the other half, and there will be a jitter effect when the content moves quickly.

The iPad mini 6 a year ago also had a "jelly screen" problem. Apple responded at the time that this was a normal phenomenon for LCD screens:

Since the screen refreshes line by line, there is a delay between the line at the top of the screen and the line at the bottom, leading to a "jelly scroll" effect.

It is reported that the Apple Watch Ultra uses the same display technology as previous models. 9to5 Mac believes this may be because the Apple Watch Ultra has a larger and brighter display than other Apple Watch models, making the "jelly roll" more noticeable than on standard Apple Watch models.

Source: 9to5 Mac

Many old Samsung mobile phone batteries have been exposed to bulging

Samsung has faced serious battery problems in its phones before, and the Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones were eventually recalled in large numbers. Recently, some reviewers have reported that Samsung's older phones are also starting to suffer from battery bulging issues.

YouTuber Mrwhosetheboss points out in the video that the batteries inside his 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6 and 2019 Galaxy S10 have started to swell, but other devices in similar conditions have not shown this deterioration.

Battery swelling isn't a new problem, though, and it's not unique to Samsung. As lithium batteries age, chemical reactions within them produce gases that expand the battery and increase the risk of fire. Therefore, companies such as Apple recommend that when the device is not used for a long time, it is best to keep the battery power at about 50%.

Source: IT House & engadget

China-made large aircraft C919 obtained airworthiness certificate

Yesterday, the Civil Aviation Administration of China held a ceremony at Beijing Capital Airport to formally issue the C919 aircraft type certificate to COMAC.

At present, the C919 passenger aircraft has 28 customers, with a total of 815 orders. According to the current plan, the first aircraft will also be delivered to the first operator, China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. before the end of the year, and China Eastern may put the new aircraft into operation for the first time in the first quarter of 2023.

The C919 passenger aircraft is my country's self-developed medium- and short-range commercial trunk-line twin-engine large passenger aircraft with independent intellectual property rights. It successfully made its first flight on May 5, 2017, and obtained the first type inspection approval on November 27, 2020. The models of the same class on the market are the best-selling single-aisle aircraft of Boeing and Airbus, the Boeing 737 series and the Airbus A320 series.

Source: IT Home & Securities Star

On Ang runner announced Miao Hao as a signed athlete

Swiss sports brand On has officially announced the signing of Chinese triathlon leader Miao Hao as a Chinese signing athlete.

Miao Hao is the first professional triathlete in China. He has been engaged in triathlon for 16 years, and is the creator and holder of the triathlon record in China and Asia.

This signing is the first time in the history of the On brand that it has become associated with a Chinese athlete. At present, On is also working with runners from all over the world to carry out various activities such as urban running, training camps, and sharing sessions in combination with local sports culture.

Hotels that give cats an independent holiday

The Arbre a Chats hotel in Paris, France, is a pet hotel that offers cat rooms.

This hotel has a total of 24 rooms and can provide grooming, massage and other services for cats. When the pet owner is away on vacation, the "waiter" will also send the owner photos of the cat's life twice a week, so as to let the pet owner know whether the cat gets along well with other cats and so on.

Currently, the price per cat is 40 euros a night, and rooms are said to be fully booked from August this year to February next year.

Source: CondeNastTraveler

Haidilao and Nai Xue's Tea Launches "Wagyu Mousse"

Nai Xue's Tea announced its first joint name with Haidilao, launching new products "Domineering Xueding Hawthorn Strawberry" and "Domineering Hawthorn and Niu Mousse", and opened an offline theme store in Beijing.

According to reports, "Domineering Xueding Hawthorn Strawberry" uses hawthorn and strawberry pulp as the base to match the base of jasmine first snow tea; "Domineering Hawthorn Wagyu Mousse" uses hawthorn to restore the realistic "snowflake and cow" texture.

Two new products are now on the market, and peripherals such as theme packaging and mobile phone brackets are also launched simultaneously.

Source: Haidilao Hot Pot

Jia Ling's new work is adapted from "A Hundred Yuan Love"

Director Jia Ling's new work "Hot and Hot" will be launched in Foshan, Guangdong in early October.

It is reported that the film is adapted from the Japanese film "A Hundred Yuan Love" starring Ando Sakura. The original work tells the story of the protagonist, a son who chose to learn boxing when he was extremely depressed, eager to release his grievances and dissatisfaction, and won the best film at the Tokyo International Film Festival. .

The starring lineup includes Jia Ling, Lei Jiayin, Li Xueqin, Qiao Shan, etc. The filming lasted for 2 months.

The second season of "Spy Playing Home" starts tomorrow

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

Part 2 of the TV animation "Spy Play House" adapted from the original work by Tatsuya Endo will start broadcasting tomorrow.

The story tells the story of a new family daily comedy formed after the most capable spy "husband" in the Western country, the superpower "daughter" who can read the hearts of others, and the professional killer "wife" hide their true identities from each other.

In addition, the latest 10th volume of the manga will also be released on October 4th.

Makoto Shinkai releases official trailer

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

Makoto Shinkai's new work "Suzume Toki" released an official trailer yesterday, and the film will be released in Japan on November 11.

The story tells the story of a 17-year-old girl, Suzuha, who embarks on a journey to close the "door" of disaster.

Hara Naoka and Hokuto Matsura are the voices of the main characters, and Fukatsu Eri, Someya Shota, Ito Sari, Hanase Kotone, and Hanazawa Coriander also participate in the dubbing. The film's music was co-produced by RADWIMPS and composer Kazuma Jinai.

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