Morning Post | QQ responds to a large number of account theft / H&M closes its first store in China / WeChat emoji is written into the judgment

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  • QQ responded that a large number of accounts were stolen
  • H&M closes first store in China
  • WeChat emoji written into verdict
  • The new version of HomePod may support touch interaction
  • realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition will be released in July
  • LG Unveils Star Wars Custom 65-Inch C2 OLED TV
  • Tencent Map "Footprint Map" access to WeChat status
  • Riot Games will monitor player voice chats
  • Tencent Games held an online press conference
  • Uniqlo UT to hold 20th anniversary exhibition
  • Dyson launches pet hair cleaning kit
  • Levi's and GOODBAI create custom 501 jeans

QQ responded that a large number of accounts were stolen

On the evening of June 26, a large number of QQ users reported that their accounts were stolen.

In response, the QQ security team responded that the main reason was that the user scanned the QR code forged by criminals to log in to the game and authorized the login, so that the account information was hijacked and recorded by the black gang.

At present, the affected user accounts have gradually resumed normal use in the early morning of the 27th. Tencent said that it is collecting and sorting out the criminal evidence of black production gangs, and will cooperate with relevant departments in the follow-up as needed.

At the same time, Chaoxing Xuetong, who was previously questioned about the leakage of database information, also denied that it was related to the account hacking incident. (Interface News & Sino-Singapore Jingwei)

H&M closes flagship store in Shanghai

Recently, Swedish fast fashion brand H&M closed its flagship store on Huaihai Road in Shanghai. The store was the first H&M opened when it entered the Chinese market 15 years ago.

H&M was embroiled in controversy in March 2021 over its decision to stop sourcing cotton raw materials from China's Xinjiang region. Currently, H&M has 362 stores in China, down about 143 from November 2020. Its Tmall and Jingdong stores have not resumed business so far.

However, since the second half of last year, H&M Group's higher-end brands such as COS and &Other Stories have successively opened new stores in mid-to-high-end shopping malls in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. (WSJ & Late Finance)

WeChat emoji written into verdict

In recent years, emoji are increasingly being used as auxiliary evidence in legal cases. According to the Judgment Documents Network, since 2018, there have been 158 cases nationwide using emoji as evidence.

For example, some criminals will use emojis instead of sensitive words to express metaphorical meanings, thereby evading detection.

During the judgment process, since the interpretation of emoji is highly subjective and lacks uniform standards, the court needs to accurately "translate" the true meaning of the parties.

In addition, the court also needs to consider the differences in the display of the same emoji on different mobile devices. For example, the "embarrassed smile" emoji in Apple's iOS system is displayed as "happy smile" in Android system, which can easily lead to misunderstanding between the two parties. (Jiangsu High Court)

The new version of HomePod may support touch interaction

According to Mark Gurman, Apple's new version of the HomePod, which may be released next year, will have a display to support features such as multi-touch interaction.

The new HomePod will be powered by the Apple Watch Series 8 chip. But Gurman also mentioned that the chip may have the same specs as the 2020 S6 processor in the Apple Watch Series 6.

In a previous report, Gurman said that Apple is working on a combination of Apple TV and HomePod. (MacRumors & 9to5Mac)

realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition will be released in July

Recently, the official announcement of the realme GT2 Master Exploration Edition will be released in July, known as the "annual texture flagship".

The network access information shows that in terms of appearance, the model uses a 6.7-inch 2412×1080 120Hz AMOLED screen, is 8.2mm thick and weighs 199g.

In terms of core configuration, the new phone is equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Plus processor, with a battery capacity of 5000mAh, supports 100W fast charging, a rear-mounted 50-megapixel, 50-megapixel and 2-megapixel triple camera, and a front-facing 16-megapixel selfie lens. (IT House)

LG Unveils Star Wars Custom 65-Inch C2 OLED TV

LG recently launched a limited edition Star Wars 65-inch C2 OLED TV.

This version of C2 features a Star Wars-themed on-screen menu system, aesthetic visual system, and pre-installed Star Wars "gallery" software, including illustrations and posters of iconic scenes.

At the same time, the equipped themed remote control simulates the shape design of the Star Wars lightsaber.

The Star Wars custom version of the LG C2 OLED will be available in limited quantities, with only 501 units to be released in the U.S., priced at $2,999. (IT House)

Tencent Map "Footprint Map" access to WeChat status

On June 27, Tencent Map’s “Footprint Map” announced the access to WeChat status. Users can choose from four WeChat status modes: a comprehensive city light map, a single city footprint map, a city landscape photo, and a city stamp.

The user opens the Tencent Maps app, clicks "My – Personal Center – Footsteps – Footprint Map", and then clicks the "WeChat Status" icon at the top to set the personal travel "Footprints" to the WeChat status with one click.

The Tencent Maps Footprint Map feature allows users to record personal itineraries by using Tencent Maps in different cities. Users can also import photos from mobile phone albums, and unlock city footprints one by one or in batches through the latitude and longitude information of album photos. (WeChat Pie & Tencent Map)

Riot Games will monitor player voice chats

Riot Games recently announced that it will start testing and recording in-game voice chat in the strategic shooting game “Valorant” to combat destructive behaviors such as hate speech and harassing information in the game.

Starting July 13, Riot Games will begin collecting voice data in the chat system of English-speaking players to help train AI language models, and is expected to launch a beta version within this year.

The voice monitoring system checks voice and logs only after a report has been made, and automatically deletes voice recordings when the report is resolved.

Riot Games said the move is intended to provide a safer and more inclusive environment for every player. (3DM)

Tencent Games held an online press conference

On the evening of June 27, the "SPARK 2022" Tencent game conference was held online. Ma Xiaoyi, senior vice president of Tencent, attended the conference in the form of a high-fidelity digital human. .

During this period, Tencent released more than 40 products and content. Among them, a series of game technology projects were exposed for the first time.

For example, the "twin factory" of Baosteel's 1580 hot-rolling plant built with holographic projection technology can restore the factory site environment in real time, making it possible to carry out high-risk operations remotely.

The "Digital Book Collection Cave" jointly created by the Dunhuang Research Institute and Tencent can integrate and share the history of scattered cultural relics in the Book Collection Cave in an interactive experience, and explore innovative ways to promote Dunhuang culture.

In addition, Tencent’s “League of Legends”, “Codename: To Jin Yong” and “Jinle Fantasy” also announced new trends.

Uniqlo UT to hold 20th anniversary exhibition

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Uniqlo UT. Uniqlo will display about 400 UT items in the commemorative exhibition and release the "20th UT Archive" series in advance.

This series includes popular items that have been released in the UT series, including Jean-Michel Basquiat released in 2003, "Genius Daddy" released in 2008, Moriyama Avenue released in 2009, "Street Fighter" released in 2009, etc. 18 The price of each model is about 75 yuan.

The exhibition will be held in WITH HARAJUKU, the business district where Uniqlo Harajuku is located, from July 1st to 10th. (nowre)

Dyson launches pet hair cleaning kit

Recently, Dyson launched a new product "pet hair cleaning kit".

The product features an adjustable 364-bristle comb with a 35-degree tilt angle, one-touch control, and a self-cleaning function that claims to enable efficient household hair removal for pets.

The set is suitable for vacuum cleaners such as v15, v12, v10, v8, and Digital Slim. It is currently available in Dyson online channels and some offline stores for 500 yuan. (ATP convenience store)

Levi's Teams Up With GOODBAI For Custom 501 Jeans

To pay tribute to the 149th anniversary of the birth of Levi's 501, the world's first pair of jeans, Levi's has teamed up with Chinese star Bai Jingting, in charge of GOODBAI, to launch a special customized 501 jeans.

The special customized model continues the "white pigeon olive branch" pattern in the GOODBAI 2022 summer vacation series, conveying a relaxed and lively feeling.

The bespoke collection includes men's and women's 501 jeans and will be available at Levi's and GOODBAI official channels on June 30. (Hypebeast)

Raising a clump of pine needles from the Himalayas


Designers Gaurav Mohan Krishna Wali and Yashika Munjal picked up pine needles scattered in the wild at their feet, sorted and mowed them into grass.


In the wild, pine needles are not easy to rot and decompose, and they are also easy to become one of the sources of forest fires.

These "domesticated" pine needles can be containers for everything.


"Super Cup"

The designer hopes that it can bring some "smell of pine forests", "the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze" and "the feeling of running on a ripe wheat field" to your desktop.

The appearance of a pine needle bush changes as moisture is lost, and you can also see the seasons change through it. (Topys)


Colors record time spent with each other

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