Morning Post | Pfizer denies allowing China to imitate the new crown drug/Tesla received 30,000 orders in 3 days/iOS 17 new features exposed

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  • Pfizer denies allowing China to force imitation of new crown drugs
  • Tesla China received 30,000 orders in 3 days
  • Video account users use time close to Moments
  • It is rumored that Blizzard's national server agency negotiations have entered "choose one from two"
  • Microsoft plans to invest $10 billion in Open AI
  • Apple plans to phase out Broadcom and Qualcomm chips by 2025
  •  Will Binance be the next FTX?
  • Meta will stop feature updates for the original Quest headset
  • Domestic automotive electronic exterior mirrors officially approved
  • Rumor has it that the iPhone 16 Pro will be equipped with an under-screen face ID
  • Features you can expect in iOS 17
  • "Yangkang" physical examination packages are selling well
  • "Goose and Duck Kill" is closed for maintenance
  • Changhong Meiling responds to the launch of the "kill" new crown refrigerator
  • "Avatar: Way of Water" added to the Spring Festival file
  • "Ant-Man 3" released the ultimate trailer
  • The Legend of Zelda may be adapted into a movie

Pfizer responds to allowing China to imitate the new crown drug: the news is inaccurate

According to news on January 10, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference on whether Pfizer Paxlovid can be imitated in China, when it will be produced, and how to ensure supply:

Reports that China is in discussions with Pfizer to allow local drugmakers to produce and sell generic drugs are inaccurate. Pfizer will realize the localized production of the new crown oral drug Paxlovid through local partners in China in the next 3 to 4 months.

It is understood that the compulsory licensing of drug patents is a forced imitation implemented through the country's coercive force, and does not require the consent of the drug patentee.

However, Deng Yong, director of the Qihuang Law and Business Research Center of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a professor of medical and health law, said that strong imitation is unlikely. There is no precedent for using the compulsory licensing system in my country. A few pharmaceutical companies have applied for it, but they have not been successful.

In addition, regarding the failure of Pfizer’s new crown oral drug Paxlovid to be included in the medical insurance catalogue, Pfizer also stated that negotiations with China on the pricing of Paxlovid in China have been interrupted because the price requested by the Chinese government is lower than the price of Paxlovid in low- and middle-income countries. .

Source: 21 Finance

It is rumored that Tesla China received 30,000 orders in 3 days, Tesla: No data has been released

On January 10th, auto blogger @孙少军09 said that within 3 days after the price cut of Tesla China, the order volume increased significantly, with an average of 110-130 orders per store. Based on the current 250 Tesla stores, this means that Tesla has received about 30,000 orders in 3 days.

In terms of model selection, Model Y buyers accounted for about 70%, and the other 30% buyers chose Model 3, and the options are mainly standard.

In response, a person from Tesla China responded that they would not comment on the rumors: "We have not released data in this regard."

Earlier, in response to Tesla’s price cuts, Tao Lin, Tesla’s vice president of external affairs, also responded:

"I think it's nonsense to lower the price when it can't be sold. Tesla's inventory is very transparent. You may see that there are some differences between our production and sales now, mainly because of the larger volume, like some cars. On the way to transport."

Source: Dong Chehui & Shell Finance

2023 WeChat public class: Video account users use time close to Moments

According to news on January 10, the 2023 WeChat Open Class PRO will be held online. The content ecology of video accounts, the real economy of WeChat ecology, and the upgrading of digital life services are the three major themes of this open class.

According to the video account team, in 2022, the total user usage time of the video account has exceeded 80% of the total user usage time of the circle of friends.

WeChat positioned the video account as an atomic content component within the WeChat ecosystem, and opened up official accounts and small programs to provide higher traffic support. From the data point of view, the active users and high-quality content of the video account are increasing, but WeChat still has not announced the specific monthly activity data of the video account and the GMV of the live broadcast.

Source: Interface News

It is reported that Blizzard's national server agency negotiations have entered the stage of "choose one from two": the core of mobile game copyright development

News on January 10, according to Warcraft player @老刀99, the negotiation of Blizzard’s national service agent “has reached the critical stage of choosing one of the two.”

It is said that the core of the negotiation is the development sharing method of Blizzard's authorized mobile game copyright, because the gold-absorbing ability of "Diablo: Immortal" far exceeds the gold-absorbing ability of the existing "family bucket". Therefore, "new agents must have money, have a very successful case of mobile game development, and be able to accept Blizzard's profit sharing conditions for mobile game development."

At present, it seems that there are only two companies that meet the conditions, but @老刀99 did not specify which two companies.

In terms of the version number, @老刀99 also stated that the game version number can continue to be used, but the information of the operating entity needs to be changed.

Source: IT Home

Microsoft is discussing investing $10 billion in OpenAI

News on January 10, according to Semafor, Microsoft is currently negotiating to invest $10 billion in OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, which also includes other venture capital institutions.

Microsoft's capital injection will allegedly be part of a complex deal in which Microsoft will receive 75 percent of OpenAI's profits until it recoups its investment. After reaching that threshold, Microsoft will own 49 percent, other investors will own 49 percent, and Open AI's nonprofit parent company will own 2 percent.

After the deal, OpenAI will be valued at $29 billion.

Source: Foreign Media & The Paper

It is reported that Apple iPhone plans to phase out Broadcom's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips and Qualcomm's 5G baseband chips in 2025

According to news on January 9, Apple plans to phase out Broadcom's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips in 2025 and switch to its own chip design.

In addition, Apple is also seeking to replace Qualcomm's 5G baseband chips. According to reports, by the end of 2024 or early 2025, Apple will switch to self-developed baseband chips.

Currently, Apple is the largest customer of Broadcom and Qualcomm, contributing $7 billion and $10 billion to the two last year, respectively.

Source: IT Home & Wanwan Finance

 Will Binance be the next FTX?

Binance is sending out huge red flags, more conspicuous than FTX before its downfall.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, known as "CZ", said that his company does not have a headquarters. The statement sounds modern at first glance, but it seems to be trying to make people ignore the fact that Binance has been banned from doing business in multiple countries.

In terms of the company's financial status, CZ only discloses the company's assets through a dubious "proof of reserves" system, which is meaningless without also disclosing the company's liabilities.

CZ also said on Twitter: "We have not loaned money to anyone." This may mean that the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange has not done basic accounting.

Worse, Binance may not have a functioning balance sheet. A Reuters analysis revealed that Binance’s filing is a “black box.”

The most worrying detail is that Wei Zhou, Binance’s former CFO, never got a full view of the company’s books during his three-year tenure. To apply a proverb in the currency circle, "it should be fine."

None of the rules, regulations, and protections that prevent catastrophe in traditional finance have been applied to the crypto world.

Crypto fundamentalists believe that this is a property of decentralized finance that does not need to be fixed. If this doesn't change, the next financial scam is not only doomed, but hard to detect.

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Meta will stop the function update of the first-generation headset Quest and cancel some social functions

According to news on January 10, Meta stated that it will no longer update the functions of Quest 1, the original virtual reality device released in 2019, and will also cancel some social functions of Quest 1.

Most of the original features will continue to function normally, but users will not be able to "create or join parties" in the future, and "users who currently have access to Meta Horizon Home social services will lose these features on March 5, 2023," the notice said.

But the company says it will also deliver "significant bug fixes and security patches" to Quest 1 until 2024.

Source: Pinwan

Domestic automotive electronic exterior mirrors have been officially approved, Lotus Eletre has opened the option of "streaming media exterior mirrors"

According to the news on January 10, the national standard information public service platform shows that the national standard "Requirements for Performance and Installation of Indirect Vision Devices for Motor Vehicles" (GB15084-2022) will be implemented on July 1, 2023.

One of the highlights of the new standard is that it stipulates that vehicles can not only install electronic rearview mirrors, but can also be used to replace traditional optical rearview mirrors.

This month, Lotus has officially announced that it will provide smart sensors to replace traditional exterior mirrors. It is said that the electronic exterior rearview mirror uses a 1280×720 resolution LCD screen, supports 15 levels of brightness adjustment, the camera part is made of water-repellent material, can also be heated to melt snow, and has blind spot monitoring, door opening warning, rear crossing Optional functions such as auxiliary functions are priced at 16,000 yuan.

Source: IT Home & Dong Chehui

It is reported that the iPhone 16 Pro will be equipped with an under-screen face ID

According to news on January 10, according to The Elec, the iPhone 16 Pro will use the Face ID technology under the screen, and the TrueDepth camera module will be hidden under the display.

According to reports, the "pill screen" of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro will remain unchanged because the off-screen technology is not yet ready. This speculation is also in line with the roadmap given by analyst Ross Young in May 2022.

9to5mac also pointed out that if this news is true, the iPhone 16 Pro may also continue to use the interactive feature of the Smart Island.

Source: Macrumors & 9to5mac

Features you can expect in iOS 17: Third-party app stores, support for Apple headsets

On January 11th, Apple iOS / iPadOS 16.3 Developer Preview Beta 2 was released.

So far, iOS 16.3 and iPadOS 16.3 have added support for physical security keys, which can be used as additional protection for Apple IDs; more instructions have been added for transferring music from iPhone to HomePod. There are no other notable updates yet.

At the same time, Macrumors also listed some of the new features we can expect on iOS 17.

· Third-party app stores

According to Mark Gurman, in order to comply with the EU’s Digital Market Act, Apple wants to make third-party app stores part of the “iOS 17 update,” allowing iPhone users to install apps outside of the Apple App Store.

These changes were initially planned for Europe only, though.

· Support AR/VR headset

Multiple sources expect Apple to release an AR/VR headset this year, and iOS 17 may support the device before it is released.

Apple could also announce other headphone software tools for developers at WWDC.

· Support for next-generation CarPlay

At WWDC 2022, Apple showed off the next generation of CarPlay, which will support multiple displays, widgets, and integrate with vehicle functions such as dashboards and radios.

Apple said that the first vehicles to support the next-generation CarPlay experience will be released in late 2023, and current committed automakers include Acura, Audi, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Volvo, etc. .

Source: Macumors

"Yangkang" physical examination packages are selling well, and Meinian Health's half-month sales exceed 100 million

According to news on January 9, some hospitals and medical examination institutions have recently launched "Yangkang Physical Examination Package".

The physical examination items of the "Yangkang Physical Examination Package" are mainly set up for the symptoms of the respiratory system, circulatory system, and immune system that may be caused by the new crown, such as lung CT and heart color Doppler ultrasound.

As of January 8, on Meinian Health’s official website, more than 160,000 standard packages of its “Yangkang” peace of mind checkup package have been sold, and more than 10,000 pieces of specific packages have been sold. According to reports, its revenue may have reached nearly 100 million yuan.

Source: The Paper

Changhong Meiling responds to the launch of the "Coronavirus Killing Refrigerator": it actually refers to the refrigerator equipped with a new crown killing device

According to news on January 10, Changhong Meiling recently stated on the investor interaction platform that the company has launched a "coronavirus-killing refrigerator" and has passed the authoritative certification of the Beijing Institute of Analysis.

According to reports, "Coronavirus-killing refrigerator" does not actually mean that the refrigerator has the function of killing viruses, but refers to a product called "Meiling anti-virus and deodorant cartridge", which can effectively kill 105.6TCID50 new coronavirus on the surface of refrigerators/freezers. Virus.

With the increase in the number of people infected with the new crown, the disinfection of refrigerators has become the focus of many families. At present, the "Meiling New Crown Refrigerator Sanitizer" needs to purchase a designated type of refrigerator to obtain it, and the validity period is 6 to 12 months.

Source: Daily Economic News

The server of "Goose and Duck Kill" was attacked by a large-scale network, and the official announced that it will stop the server for maintenance

According to news on January 10, recently, the werewolf killing game "Goose_Goose_Duck" quietly exploded out of the circle, and the number of people online on Steam exceeded 600,000 for three consecutive days.

However, after the game's server went down twice on the 9th and 10th, the official announcement revealed that it has been attacked for about two months and will have to be shut down for maintenance.

It is expected that "Goose and Duck Kill" will reopen the server around 6 am Beijing time on Thursday.

Source: IT Home

The key of "Avatar: Way of Water" has been extended to February 14, adding to the Spring Festival file

According to news on January 10, "Avatar: The Way of Water" announced that the key has been postponed to February 14 and added to the Spring Festival file.

"Avatar 2" continued its good global trend. As of the end of last weekend, the film's latest global box office estimate was 1.708 billion US dollars, surpassing "Jurassic World" (1.67 billion) to become the seventh single-film box office in film history.

In addition, the domestic sci-fi blockbuster "The Wandering Earth 2" will also be released simultaneously in North America on the 22nd of this month, and will be distributed by Well Go USA.

Source: Mtime

Released on February 17, the ultimate trailer for "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum of Frenzy" was released

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

According to news on January 10, Marvel released the ultimate trailer for the first Marvel Universe movie "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Frenzy" in 2023.

As the focus of the current stage of the Marvel Universe, Ant-Man will save the world by handling family affairs, and the whole family will enter the magical quantum realm. Kang the Conqueror, one of the "strongest villains" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, has also been unveiled.

The third part of the "Ant-Man" series, "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Frenzy" will be released on February 17, US time.

Source: Nowre

"The Legend of Zelda" may be adapted into a movie, Illumination Entertainment

According to news on January 10, Nintendo's action-adventure game "The Legend of Zelda" will be adapted into an animated film, which will be the first film adaptation of the game.

The film developer Illumination Entertainment has created the "Despicable Me" and "Minions with Big Eyes" series, and is preparing to bring another Nintendo classic IP "Mario Brothers Movie" to the screen.

The story of "The Legend of Zelda" takes place in the fantasy world of Hyrule, where the protagonist Link is going to rescue Princess Zelda from the villain Ganon. The game's first title was released in 1986 and has sold more than 6.5 million copies.

Source: Yangcheng Evening News


"Steady in the New Year"

Apple’s first ad in 2023 cleverly used a sports game to show the stability of the iPhone 14’s motion mode, allowing smooth videos to be taken even with a shaking camera.

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