Morning Post | OpenAl will terminate its services to China, and many domestic large models provide moving services/GPT-4o voice mode turns on grayscale test/618 The highest-selling mobile phone is iPhone


OpenAl announces the termination of API services to China

Apple refuses to cooperate with Meta's AI due to privacy concerns

Report says iPhone is still the best-selling mobile phone in 618

GPT-4o voice mode has enabled grayscale testing

Huawei’s first nationwide digital service innovation center opens in Chengdu

Google will launch celebrity AI chatbot


Three major music giants jointly sue two AI companies

He Xiaopeng: I believe that 2025 will be the moment of ChatGPT for fully autonomous driving


Realme GT6 design line draft exposed

Xiaomi officially announces Xiaomi Civi4 Pro Disney Princess Limited Edition

Lenovo AI summer new product launch conference was officially held, bringing a variety of new products

Robam Electric releases the "God of Cookery" large cooking model

Play Dreams released its first MR spatial computing device yesterday


OpenAl announces the termination of API services to China

OpenAI informed users via an official push email yesterday that in order to maintain service quality and security, additional measures will be taken to limit API traffic from currently unsupported countries and regions. The content of the email is as follows:

Our data shows that your organization has APl traffic from regions that are not currently supported by OpenAl, you can find supported countries and regions here. Starting July 9th, we will block API traffic from regions that are not included in our list of supported countries and regions. If you want to continue using OpenAl's service, you need to access the service in a supported region.

Currently, OpenAI's API is open to 161 countries and regions, but China is not included. This also means that OpenAI announced the termination of API services to China.

After this news came out, various domestic large-scale models also provided "moving services."

Alibaba Cloud: It will provide OpenAI API users with a more cost-effective alternative to China's large models, and also announced that Chinese developers will provide 22 million free tokens and exclusive migration services.

Zhipu AI: Officially launched a special relocation plan for OpenAI API users, and will also provide developers with 150 million Tokens and a series of migration training from OpenAI to GLM.

Silicon-based flow: Announced that SiliconCloud will open 7 large models for free.

Zero One Thousand Things: Launched the "Yi API 20% Replacement Plan" and launched a smooth migration service to the Yi series of large models for OpenAI users. In addition, for users of different models connected to OpenAI, Zero One Wish also provides high model performance and cost-effective replacement solutions on a one-to-one basis.

Baidu Smart Cloud Qianfan: From now on, it will provide 0 yuan call for newly registered enterprise users. Wenxin’s flagship model is free for the first time, and the ERNIE 3.5 flagship model is given a 50 million Tokens package. The main model ERNIE Speed/ERNIE Lite and the lightweight model ERNIE Tiny will continue to be free.

Tiangong Open Platform: Provides API calling resources of 150 million Tokens, and will also provide developers with Tiangong migration service technical support.

Baichuan Big Model: Announced that 10 million tokens will be given away for free, and the Assistants API will be free to use.

big company

Apple refuses to cooperate with Meta's AI due to privacy concerns

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman published an article yesterday stating that Apple has rejected an artificial intelligence cooperation with Meta due to privacy issues.

The report pointed out that as early as March this year, Meta and Apple had brief discussions on possible cooperation, but the negotiations did not make progress, and Apple has no plans to integrate Meta's large language model (LLM) into the iOS system.

Preliminary talks occurred while Apple was in discussions with both OpenAI and Google parent Alphabet, and Apple decided not to move forward with formal discussions with Meta because it believed Meta's privacy practices were not stringent enough.

Report says iPhone is still the best-selling mobile phone in 618

Research institute TechInsights released a report yesterday, saying that during the June 18 period this year, smartphone sales dropped 2% year-on-year to 13.1 million units. However, due to the increase in average selling prices, the smartphone market value was almost the same year-on-year at 62.3 billion yuan.

In addition, judging from the performance of manufacturers, TechInsights estimates that Apple, Xiaomi and Honor are the top three smartphone brands in sales this year. In terms of value, Huawei ranks third, behind Apple and Xiaomi.

GPT-4o voice mode has enabled grayscale testing

Some foreign netizens reported that the iOS version of ChatGPT is suspected of having enabled grayscale testing.

Consistent with what was described at the previous press conference, in addition to some new UI components, the new version may also support audio and video chat. However, it was revealed that the expected macOS update has not yet arrived.

At the OpenAI conference held in May, GPT-4o was officially released, and a stunning real-time voice assistant was demonstrated at the conference. OpenAI stated at the press conference that it will launch GPT-4o’s real-time voice assistant in the next few weeks.

Huawei’s first nationwide digital service innovation center opens in Chengdu

Chengdu Post posted a tweet on its public account yesterday, announcing that at the Huawei Sichuan New Quality Productivity City Summit held on June 24, Chengdu Tianfu Software Park Co., Ltd. and Huawei Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei (Chengdu) Digital Service Innovation Center protocol. The signing of this agreement marks the establishment of Huawei's first nationwide digital service innovation center in the Chengdu High-tech Zone.

In addition to the Huawei (Chengdu) Digital Service Innovation Center (product overseas center) located in the Chengdu High-tech Zone, the Huawei (Sichuan) Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Digital Transformation Innovation Promotion Center and the Huawei (Southwest) Digital Robot Innovation Center have also landed in the Pidu District. Digital robots realize the innovative promotion of artificial intelligence and intelligent transformation.

The tweet also stated that Huawei (Chengdu) Digital Service Innovation Center will provide consulting, compliance, and security services to enterprises in the city based on Huawei's overseas public cloud.

Google will launch celebrity AI chatbot

According to foreign media The Information, Google will launch a celebrity AI chatbot.

Two people familiar with the matter said that Google will build this celebrity influencer AI chatbot based on the Gemini large language model. Google is also trying to develop a feature that allows users to create their own AI chatbots in a customized way.

The report pointed out that Google’s idea is not the first; companies such as and Meta have already launched similar products.

Three major music giants jointly sue two AI companies

A recent report by foreign media The Verge pointed out that three major record companies, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group, are suing two giants in the field of generative artificial intelligence music production-Suno and Udio.

According to the report, the lawsuits were filed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on behalf of the record companies, accusing Suno and Udio of "using the works of artists from different genres and eras without their consent."

Suno is a generative artificial intelligence music creation program that can produce realistic songs that combine vocals and instruments based on text prompts provided by users. In March this year, Suno released v3 version to all users, which allows users to create 2-minute songs with free accounts.

Udio's functions are similar to Suno, and its free beta version was released to the public on April 10 this year. Users can pay a monthly or annual subscription to unlock more features, such as audio repair.

He Xiaopeng: I believe that 2025 will be the moment of ChatGPT for fully autonomous driving

Yesterday, Xpeng Motors CEO He Xiaopeng published his experience using FSD V12.3.6 and Waymo on Weibo. He said, "Waymo performs better in urban San Francisco, while FSD performs extremely well in Silicon Valley and highways, and can achieve very high scores. It handles many road conditions very smoothly." At the same time, he claimed that he “believes that 2025 will be the Chat GPT moment for fully autonomous driving.”

Later, He Xiaopeng released a video of test driving Tesla FSD, saying that "most road conditions handled made me feel at ease, and it was very much like a human driver." In addition, he also said, "Currently, our Xpeng XNGP has fully adapted to China's road conditions, and we invite Elon Musk to come to China to experience XNGP."

New product

Realme GT6 design line draft exposed

Yesterday, a blogger exposed the line drawing of the Realme GT6. As can be seen from the design drawing, the Realme GT6 mobile phone adopts a small matrix camera Deco decorative design in the upper left corner.

In addition, the blogger said that the Realme GT6 will use a combination of metal middle frame + glass back cover + pure straight screen, and the pure white version will also return this time. ​​​

Xiaomi officially announces Xiaomi Civi4 Pro Disney Princess Limited Edition

Xiaomi Mobile announced yesterday that it will release the Xiaomi Civi 4Pro Disney Princess Limited Edition on June 27. Officials stated that the phone is a "flagship customization that was 1 year in the making."

Xiaomi Civi4 Pro was previously officially released on March 21, with the world’s first third-generation Snapdragon 8s flagship processor and Leica Optical Summilux lens.

Lenovo AI summer new product launch conference was officially held, bringing a variety of new products

On June 25, Lenovo held a summer launch conference for new consumer products. At the same time, it released the "one-in-one, multi-terminal" strategy for the layout of the AI ​​era, the new capabilities of the Tianxi smart body system, and the "super-connected" application module. It also brought a variety of New AI terminal products.

Liu Jun, executive vice president of Lenovo Group and president of China, said at the press conference that Lenovo's "all-in-one, multi-terminal" strategy is implanting the Tianxi intelligent system, the "AI brain", into AI PCs, AI mobile phones, AI tablets and various Specialized AIoT devices allow users to enjoy seamlessly connected applications and services in all scenarios, and gain a new experience of "personal AI assistant".

This conference brought the release of the following new products:

  • Lenovo moto razr 50 Ultra AI Yuanqi Edition has two configurations: 12GB+256GB and 12GB+512GB, priced at 5,699 yuan and 6,199 yuan
  • Lenovo moto razr 50 is available in 8GB+256GB and 12GB+512GB configurations, priced at 3,699 yuan and 3,999 yuan
  • Lenovo moto S50 Neo has three versions, priced at 1,399 yuan (8GB+256GB), 1,599 yuan (12GB+256GB) and 1,899 yuan (12GB+512GB).
  • YOGA Air 14s Snapdragon AI Yuanqi is priced at 9,999 yuan, and YOGA Air 14c AI Yuanqi is priced at 8,999 yuan.
  • Savior Y9000P Extreme Edition AI Yuanqi starts at 24,999 yuan, Savior Y9000P AI Yuanqi Ice White color starts from 11,299 yuan, Savior Y9000P AI Yuanqi Carbon Crystal Gray color starts from 10,999 yuan

Robam Electric releases the "God of Cookery" large cooking model

At the recent Robam Appliances Conference, a large AI cooking model named "God of Cookery" was officially unveiled to the outside world.

Robam Electric said that the birth of the AI ​​cooking model "God of Cookery" has truly brought AI into Chinese kitchens. This is also another milestone initiative in the construction of new quality productivity by Robam Electric in recent years, after building the industry's first "unmanned factory" and releasing the first set of "digital kitchen appliances" and "AI" cooking assistants.

Ren Fujia, President of Robam Electric, said, "We hope to use cooking as a bond. Because of our common beliefs and love, you and I can complement each other, build a relationship full of love, create new value together, explore new possibilities together, and create a meaningful world together." A world that contains all the beauty."

Behind the large AI cooking model "God of Food" is the massive cooking data accumulated by Robam Appliances' 45 years of focus on the cooking field. Finally, generative AI is used as a means to meet the personalized cooking needs of thousands of current users.

Play Dreams released its first MR spatial computing device yesterday

Yesterday, Play the Dream released the Android system space computer device – Play the Dream MR.

This product is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ Gen2, which can bring true 8K IMAX-level cinematic effects in terms of look and feel.

In terms of "spatial imaging", the device is equipped with a 32-megapixel ultra-high 3D camera, and also adds functions such as EIS stereoscopic video anti-shake and 3D spatial video beauty.

new consumption

Starbucks returns with a variety of new summer products

On June 25, Starbucks announced the start of the limited summer peach season, and also ushered in three limited-time drinks.

The Frappuccino family welcomes a new member – White Peach Frappuccino, and also newly launched is the White Peach Sparkling American Style. In addition, the White Peach Toasted Oatmeal Latte is back again after a few months.

In addition, Starbucks Reserve whiskey barrel brewed coffee returns after a year, with three new whiskey barrel brewed special coffees independently created by the Chinese team – whiskey barrel brewed blackcurrant cold brew, whiskey barrel brewed lemon variation, Italian Landuo whiskey barrel-aged cold brew will also be available at the same time.

Steam Summer Sale starts on June 28th

Steam announced on the X platform yesterday that the Steam Summer Sale will start at 10 am Pacific time this Thursday (2 am Beijing time this Friday) and last until July 12th.

Steam said that in addition to thousands of games being discounted this time, it will also launch a new set of

"Seagull" stickers and profile props.

Voxel-style model building game "Diorama Builder" launches official version

The voxel-style model building game "Diorama Builder", which has received "special praise" on Steam, has recently launched its official version.

The game contains 3D model scenes in various styles such as Western, casual, and warm. Players can drag and drop parts to the corresponding positions on the screen in a similar way to putting together Lego.

Paperboy x New Balance “NOT FAR” collaboration shoes revealed

Paperboy x New Balance's collaborative shoe "NOT FAR" was recently exposed by foreign media.

According to reports, this collaborative shoe is designed based on the FuelCell SuperComp Elite v4, and is equipped with a more resilient FuelCell compound and carbon fiber plate. The exterior design is mainly white.


Crayon Shin-chan 2024 movie version confirmed to be introduced

Yesterday, Crayon Shin-chan China's official Weibo announced that Crayon Shin-chan's 2024 "Crayon Shin-chan: Our Dinosaur Diary" has been confirmed to be introduced. The film will be released in Japan on August 9. The specific time for domestic release has not yet been determined.

"Crayon Shin-chan: Our Dinosaur Diary" is adapted from the comic series "Crayon Shin-chan" created by manga artist Yoshito Usui, and is also the 31st theatrical animation in the series.

Poster for new movie starring Dwayne Johnson

The new film "Red One" starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Chris Evans has released a poster, and the mainland title is "Red One: Winter Operation".

The film is directed by Jake Kasdan and written by Chris Moen. The film is scheduled to be released in North America on November 15 this year, and will be available on Amazon later.

David Fincher plans to film an English version of Squidward

According to foreign media The Playlist, director David Fincher, who has directed "Seven" and "The Social Network", will collaborate with "Utopia" screenwriter Dennis Kelly to develop an English version of "Squidward."

According to reports, David Fincher suspended the prequel series of "Chinatown" that had already written the script in order to film the English version of "Squidward".

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