Morning Post | OpenAI CEO talks about GPT-5/Xiaomi: Mobile phones will break through the price range of 6,000 to 10,000 yuan this year/Nio’s new mobile phone enters the manufacturing stage


Altman: GPT-5’s capabilities have been improved beyond imagination

Xiaomi: Mobile phones will break through the price range of 6,000 to 10,000 yuan this year

Tesla opens more than 800 charging stations in China, other brands are available

Lenovo and Nvidia collaborate to launch new hybrid AI solution

Ant Group appoints CFO Han Xinyi as president

Xpeng: More than 10 new models will be launched in the next three years

Xiaomi responds to test car evasion of highway tolls

Huawei Wenjie Intelligent Driving Navigation Assistant Upgrade

Apple may launch iPhone-specific film application tool

Alibaba’s big model upgrade, super long video for free questions

NIO confirms new phone enters manufacturing stage

Stability AI releases 3D generative model

Mixue Bingcheng responded with "price increase of 1 yuan"


Altman: GPT-5’s capabilities have been improved beyond imagination

On March 19, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman was once again a guest on the American podcast column Lex Fridman.

In this interview, Altman provides an in-depth analysis of the recent changes in the OpenAI board of directors, and also talks about the AI ​​text-to-video tool Sora, which has triggered huge discussions, the upcoming new generation of large language model GPT-5, and the vision of general artificial intelligence (AGI). Planning etc.

He said he thought GPT-4 was actually "kind of bad" and of little use when dealing with complex multi-step problems.

Altman also talked about the upcoming GPT-5. He believes that the gap between GPT-5 and GPT-4 may be as big as GPT-4 and GPT-3, and said that he is still researching OpenAI robots. However, he also mentioned that there are other important things to be released before launching GPT-5.

When talking about the development of OpenAI, Altman said that OpenAI is looking for new board members and hopes to introduce talents with different professional backgrounds, including experts in non-profit organizations, learning companies, law and governance.

As for Sora, which was released some time ago, he said that Sora further demonstrates the huge potential of AI in creating complex, dynamic and visually appealing virtual worlds. These technologies are not only of great significance to the gaming and entertainment industries, but also to scientific research, Areas such as education and industrial simulation offer new possibilities.

big company

Xiaomi: Mobile phones will break through the price range of 6,000 to 10,000 yuan this year

Xiaomi released its 2023 fourth quarter and full-year financial results yesterday.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Xiaomi Group's total revenue was 73.24 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.9%, and its adjusted net profit was 4.91 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 236.1%; for the full year of 2023, Xiaomi Group's total revenue was 270.97 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 3.2%. Adjusted net profit was 19.27 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 126.3%.

Among them, the annual smartphone business revenue reached 157.46 billion yuan, and the IoT product revenue reached 80.11 billion yuan. In December, the number of monthly active users of smartphones and tablets reached a record high, reaching 641 million, a year-on-year increase of 10.2%.

At the performance meeting, Xiaomi Group President Lu Weibing said that Xiaomi mobile phones must unswervingly promote high-end products and break through the price range of 6,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan in 2024. At the same time, new progress has been made in overseas high-end products.

When Lu Weibing responded to the progress of Xiaomi Motors at the results conference, he said that Xiaomi SU7 is a C-class high-performance ecological technology car and the price "will be a bit expensive", but he believes that everyone will agree with the pricing after watching the conference.

Tesla opens more than 800 charging stations in China, other brands are available

Tesla China officially announced that Tesla’s charging range has been expanded to more than 800 charging stations, including more than 450 super charging stations and more than 350 destination charging stations.

Tesla specifically announced that the "Tesla Tesla" applet supports "charging of non-Tesla vehicles." Until April 30, other brands of new energy vehicles can subscribe to the "Non-Tesla Charging Membership" for 2.99 yuan, the original price is 9.99 yuan.

Lenovo and Nvidia collaborate to launch new hybrid AI solution

Early yesterday morning, at the GTC (GPU Technology Conference) held by NVIDIA, Lenovo announced its cooperation with NVIDIA and launched a new hybrid artificial intelligence solution.

As early as the 9th Lenovo Innovation and Technology Conference in October last year, Lenovo Group Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing had announced that it would cooperate with Nvidia to launch a hybrid AI plan.

Officials say it can achieve "safe, supported and stable production-grade" AI, and Lenovo's hybrid solution has been optimized for running NVIDIA AI Enterprise software. In addition, Lenovo will also provide developers with the just-released NVIDIA microservices, including NVIDIA NIM and NeMo Retriever.

Lenovo said the collaboration will "help enterprises and cloud providers obtain the critical accelerated computing capabilities needed to succeed in the artificial intelligence era, turning artificial intelligence from concept to reality."

Ant Group appoints CFO Han Xinyi as president

Jing Xiandong, chairman and CEO of Ant Group, issued a letter to all employees announcing a new round of organizational upgrades and business changes.

CFO Han Xinyi will become the president of Ant Group, with overall responsibility for digital payment, Internet and financial businesses, reporting to Jing Xiandong.

Ant International, OceanBase and Ant Digital have established independent boards of directors and become independently operated subsidiaries. This move aims to accelerate the reform process and realize the three major strategies of "AI First", "Alipay Double Flywheel" and "Globalization Acceleration".

The adjustment continues Ant’s market transformation and youth management team strategies, and is expected to further stimulate organizational vitality.

Xpeng: More than 10 new models will be launched in the next three years

Yesterday, Xpeng Motors released its fourth quarter financial report for 2023.

The financial report shows that Xpeng's total revenue in Q4 2023 was 13.05 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 153.9%, and its gross profit margin increased by about 10 percentage points month-on-month. Full-year revenue in 2023 will be 30.68 billion yuan. Deliveries in the fourth quarter exceeded 60,000 units, the highest number in the fourth quarter of the year.

Xpeng expects to deliver more than 21,000 units in the first quarter of 2024, with total revenue ranging from 5.8 to 6.2 billion yuan.

He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xpeng Motors, revealed at the performance meeting that in 2024, Xpeng Motors will further expand its sales network coverage and accelerate channel sinking. The new brand will be launched in April and the first model will be delivered in the third quarter.

He Xiaopeng also said that Xpeng Motors is about to start a major product cycle of launching more than 10 new models in the next three years. Xpeng will lead the equalization of high-end autonomous driving technology, cover mainstream markets, expand the global market, expand economies of scale, technological advantages, and accelerate commercialization.

Xiaomi responds to test car evasion of highway tolls

A few days ago, Tianjin Expressway Group's "High-speed Voice" WeChat public account posted an article stating that inspectors confirmed that there were "long-distance and short-reporting" toll evasion of unlicensed vehicles, and the vehicles involved were new energy test vehicles of a certain brand. It was later confirmed to be the Xiaomi SU7 test car.

Yesterday, Xiaomi spokesperson issued a response on Weibo, saying that the relevant conclusions are seriously biased.

Xiaomi stated that the vehicle driven by the tester was tested on a closed-loop highway, but the high-speed billing default is based on the shortest distance between entering and exiting the highway intersection, resulting in a discrepancy between the toll the tester paid according to the highway system prompts and the actual driving mileage. Complying with the agreement, we have negotiated and confirmed that all tolls will be paid back.

Xiaomi also stated that during the test, there were no illegal U-turns, driving at excessive speeds, or evasion of highway tolls on the highway. The above situations were malicious misinterpretations by individual Weibo accounts.

Xiaomi also pointed out that there were many false information in the relevant public account articles of Tianjin Expressway Group, and it is still communicating with the other party. At present, the relevant public account articles of Tianjin Expressway Group have been deleted.

New product

Huawei Wenjie Intelligent Driving Navigation Assistant Upgrade

Yesterday, Huawei Auto BU Chairman Yu Chengdong announced that all Wenjie models have received OTA upgrades. Wenjie M9 has unlocked the intelligent driving navigation assistance (NCA) function in urban areas that does not rely on high-precision maps. All Wenjie models have completed urban NCA. evolution.

Yu Chengdong said that whether it is highways, urban expressways, or urban roads in large and small cities or even towns, Wenjie Automobile can handle it with equal ease, "not only making everyone's driving more comfortable, but also safer."

In addition to the NCA function, this OTA also brings 15 functional updates including enhanced lane cruise assistance, valet parking assistance, and active speed reduction at consumer stations.

Apple may launch iPhone-specific film application tool

Patently Apple discovered yesterday that Apple has obtained a series of design patents in Europe, two of which involve a "tool for installing a screen protector."

According to reports, the design patents for these two protective film tools were applied by Apple in Germany in late November last year, and they are both named "Tools for Installing Screen Protectors" (tools for installing screen protectors).

In addition, Apple has obtained four iPhone design patents. Two of the patents cover the iPhone 15 and two patents cover the iPhone 15 Pro.

Alibaba’s big model upgrade, super long video for free questions

Yesterday, Alibaba’s large model product “Tongyi Tingwu” released a number of new features.

According to reports, Tongyi Tingwu is connected to the Tongyi Qianwen large model and integrates more than ten AI functions, including transcription, translation, role separation, full-text summary, chapter overview, speech summary, PPT extraction, etc., and supports standard Focus and take notes.

The audio and video Q&A assistant "Xiaowu" is online, supporting content understanding Q&A for a single audio and video of up to 6 hours, up to 6G, and hundreds of audio and video at one time, allowing users to "question whatever they want" on ultra-long audio and video, allowing it to summarize any knowledge points , or asked to organize golden sentences, sort out conclusions, and write meeting minutes. You can also ask questions in Chinese on English videos and get answers in Chinese.

Tongyi Tingwu also launched the "University Charity Plan" to directly give away 500 hours of audio and video transcription worth thousands of yuan to all teachers and students in mainland China's universities.

NIO confirms new phone enters manufacturing stage

When NIO CEO Li Bin participated in the "Talk about Jiangcheng" event, he revealed that the second-generation NIO Phone "will be available for some time."

Li Bin said that the mobile phone has been developed and has entered the manufacturing stage. Mobile phones are "one generation per year" and not too many styles will be released.

Li Bin said that manufacturing mobile phones is first of all a "defensive strategy" to provide NIO with the "world's best" mobile phone connection experience and compete in the long term.

Bai Jian, Vice President of NIO, forwarded the relevant video and revealed NIO’s mobile phone goals for this year:

  • Continue to improve the interconnection of automobiles and mobile phones, and optimize and launch new and old functions;
  • Further open up the underlying functions of the car terminal and interact with mobile phones;
  • Automotive mobile phone computing power and information sharing, large-scale model application.

Stability AI releases 3D generative model

Stability AI released the Stable Video 3D (SV3D) model yesterday, which is based on Stability Video Diffusion and can generate 3D meshes.

There are two versions of SV3D: SV3D_u and SV3D_p. SV3D_u can generate an orbital video based on a single image, while SV3D_p can create a 3D video based on a specified camera path.

Model weights for Stable Video 3D have been open sourced. Users with Stability AI membership can use SV3D for commercial purposes.

new consumption

Mixue Bingcheng responded with "price increase of 1 yuan"

Recently, some netizens revealed that the price of Mixue Bingcheng drinks in Shanghai has increased by 1 yuan. After checking with Mixue Bingcheng headquarters, some media confirmed that the price increase is true, but it is currently only implemented in some areas of Shanghai.

Some media subsequently communicated with Mixue Bingcheng stores in other regions, and the other party said that they have not received notification of drink price increases for the time being.

As for the reasons for the price increase of drinks, the interviewed staff said: The reason is unclear and the prices are set by the company.

Microsoft’s game “Perfect Soundwave” lands on Sony PS5 platform

BethesdaAsia announced on its official Weibo yesterday that Hi-Fi RUSH has officially launched on the Sony PS5 platform. On the PS5 platform, the game has a capacity of approximately 15.5 GB, and the Hong Kong version is priced at 213 Hong Kong dollars (approximately 195 yuan).

"Hi-Fi RUSH" (Hi-Fi RUSH) was released and put on sale at the Xbox & Bethesda developer direct meeting on January 25, 2023, and is available on both Windows and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

It is understood that the game has received numerous praises on the Steam platform and also won the TGA 2023 Best Sound Design Award.

Unilever announces spinoff of ice cream business

On March 19, Unilever announced the divestiture of its ice cream business, which owns brands such as "Heluxue", "Menglong" and "Lovely".

Unilever said it decided to spin off its ice cream business due to its unique nature. This move is considered to be most beneficial to the ice cream business and Unilever's future development.

After the demerger, Unilever will transform into a more streamlined, focused business divided into four business groups: beauty and health, personal care, home care and nutritional products.

It is reported that this is the most significant adjustment to the company's business since the new CEO Hein Schumacher took office. Following the spin-off of Lipton tea business, another food business was spun off.


Netflix's 'Black Mirror' Season 7 Trailer Revealed

Recently, Netflix released the latest trailer for the seventh season of "Black Mirror" on its official Instagram.

The seventh season of "Black Mirror" is expected to be launched in 2025. There are currently six episodes planned, one of which will continue the story of the first episode of season 4, "USS Callister."

Following the release of Black Mirror Season 4, Callisto won a total of four Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Television Movie.

According to Netflix, the new episodes in Season 7 will continue the story of Robert Daly, who becomes comatose and trapped in the game after his employees escape.

"Exploding Drummer" is expected to be introduced to the mainland

According to the official website of Beijing Finished Products Culture, the movie "Breaking Drummer" appears in the "Upcoming" column, along with works such as "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" and "Sakamoto Ryuichi | Masterpiece".

It is reported that Finished Culture participated in the mainland introduction of the film "La La Land" directed by the same director as "Breaking Drummer".

At present, the introduction of "Crackling Drummer" has not been officially announced. The film will be released overseas in 2014.

Eight "Spider-Man" movies will be re-released in North America this year

To celebrate Columbia Pictures' 100th anniversary, eight live-action "Spider-Man" movies will return to North American theaters.

The first film to be re-released will be "Spider-Man" directed by Sam Raimi and starring Tobey Maguire, which will be released in North American theaters on April 15.

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