Morning Post | Nvidia’s market value surpasses Apple’s, with market value exceeding US$3 trillion/Blizzard’s national server battle network reopens for login, data is still retained/Apple customer service responds to iPhone Smart Island screenshot scam


Nvidia surpasses Apple in market value

Blizzard’s national server battle network reopens for login

Apple responds to iPhone Smart Island screenshot scam

OpenAI, Google DeepMind employees say advanced artificial intelligence needs tighter regulation

Bookings for college entrance exam rooms in some cities increased five times year-on-year

BYD subsidiary wins Tesla energy storage battery order

The founder of Fat Donglai said that most entrepreneurs do not understand the meaning of life

Shengshu Technology completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing

Google's chief privacy officer is leaving


Three major AI platforms collectively went down

Polestar Technology COO announced his resignation after five months in office

TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin: It is impossible for Huawei to catch up with TSMC

Cadillac is already developing a pure electric sedan

Lynk & Co’s first pure electric model makes global debut on June 12

Facewall Intelligence announces free commercial use of MiniCPM

Zhipu AI releases GLM-4 open source version, surpassing Llama3


Nvidia surpasses Apple in market value

At 3:12 a.m. in Beijing today, Nvidia's stock price soared to US$1,222.99, with its market value exceeding US$3,005.3 billion. It once surpassed Apple during the session and became the world's second largest company after Microsoft.

As of the close, Nvidia's share price rose 5.16% to US$1,224.4 per share, with a market value of US$3.01 trillion. This is the first time NVIDIA has exceeded the US$3 trillion mark, and it has become the third company after Apple and Microsoft to achieve this milestone.

As the co-founder and CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang's net worth has exceeded US$100 billion, making him one of the 16 "ultra-rich" on the Forbes Global Rich List with assets exceeding US$100 billion.

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Blizzard’s national server battle network reopens for login

Yesterday, the Warcraft national server battle network was officially launched, and players can log in through their account and password. After logging in, you can see that the page is consistent with the old version, and the transaction records are still saved.

On April 10, Blizzard Entertainment, Microsoft Games, and NetEase jointly announced that Blizzard's games will gradually return to the Chinese mainland market starting this summer.

The official has also stated that when the server is opened, it will ensure that player account data is completely retained, and will share more latest news about the return of World of Warcraft with players at 10 a.m. on June 6.

Apple responds to iPhone Smart Island screenshot scam

Some time ago, there was a news content about "Apple Smart Island screenshots for 5 yuan a piece", which caused a heated discussion. Specifically, on social platforms, some people will pay others to help them take screenshots using iPhones with Smart Island.

However, recently, some netizens have shared their experiences of being scammed and blackmailed because they took screenshots for others:

Buyers of Smart Island screenshots will make a request to the seller when purchasing Smart Island screenshots: In order to prove that the phone is theirs, the original owner is required to log in with his or her Apple ID, and then take screenshots after logging in.

Next, after the seller logs in to the buyer's Apple ID as required, the buyer locks the phone remotely. Then the scammer will ask the seller to transfer money to him before he can help unlock it remotely.

In response to this, Apple customer service said that it has noticed the relevant situation, and when faced with the request to pay for unlocking, remember not to comply. According to the customer service staff, "If your phone is remotely controlled by someone else's Apple ID, you can contact Apple customer service as soon as possible and provide information such as the device purchase certificate to solve the problem. "If you have screenshots of the other party's blackmail chat, etc., you can also upload them together."

OpenAI, Google DeepMind employees say advanced artificial intelligence needs tighter regulation

Recently, OpenAI and Google DeepMind employees jointly issued an open letter in which these employees expressed concerns about the potential risks of advanced artificial intelligence and the current lack of supervision of artificial intelligence technology companies.

They noted that AI could pose risks such as the further entrenchment of existing inequalities, manipulation and misinformation, and the loss of control of autonomous AI systems that could lead to human extinction.

These employees called on AI companies to provide reliable whistleblower protections for those who expose the risks of AI. The specific measures are as follows:

  • Do not establish or enforce protocols that prevent employees from raising criticism on risk-related issues
  • Provide verifiable and anonymous procedures for employees to raise risk-related concerns with boards, regulators and independent organizations in relevant areas
  • Support a culture of open criticism that allows employees to raise risk concerns with the public, the company's board of directors, regulators or relevant independent organizations while protecting commercial confidentiality
  • Avoid retaliation against employees who publicly share confidential risk-related information after other procedures have failed

Bookings for college entrance exam rooms in some cities increased five times year-on-year

According to China Business News, Ctrip data shows that so far, the number of hotel bookings within 3 kilometers of examination centers across the country has increased by more than three times year-on-year.

Currently, the 10 cities with the largest number of reservations for college entrance examination rooms are: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi'an, Nanjing, Changsha, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, and Guangzhou. The overall bookings have increased exponentially year-on-year. Among them, hotel reservations in Qingdao, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Changsha where college entrance examination rooms are located have increased by more than 500% year-on-year.

In addition, as the weather begins to heat up in early June, many parents have chosen hourly rooms for their children near the examination room, which allows candidates to rest as quickly as possible between each examination. Ctrip data shows that the current bookings for hourly rooms within 3 kilometers of the examination room have increased by more than 150% year-on-year.

BYD subsidiary wins Tesla energy storage battery order

According to late reports, BYD subsidiary Fudi Battery reached a supply agreement with Tesla in March this year for the Shanghai energy storage factory and will supply energy storage cells to Tesla in the first quarter of next year.

A person familiar with the matter said that Fudi's supply share exceeds 20%. The designed annual production capacity of Tesla's energy storage factory in Shanghai is 40 GWh, so Fudi's order corresponds to a supply of more than 8GWh under full production. According to industry price calculations, the annual order value is approximately 3.5 billion yuan.

At present, BYD Group has not responded to this matter.

The founder of Fat Donglai said that most entrepreneurs do not understand the meaning of life

Yesterday, China Entrepreneur Magazine published an exclusive interview with Yu Donglai, founder and chairman of Fat Donglai.

In the interview, Yu Donglai mentioned, "Most entrepreneurs do not understand the meaning of life. They are self-restrained by responsibility and face, lost by the phantom of success, and distorted by the grab for profits." He believes that this is not called an entrepreneur, but a slave family. A truly successful entrepreneur should be healthy, relaxed and happy.

When asked what he thought about Fat Donglai becoming a tourist attraction, Yu Donglai said that his popularity is the help of the Internet. Fat Donglai’s sincerity is very attractive. This is also a good thing. At least more people can understand Fat Donglai. Here's how to do it.

He also said, "From 1999 to now, 25 years later, Fat Donglai has been working around this goal, so it doesn't matter. We treat these things (traffic) reasonably and release our energy within our capabilities. However, We still have many immature areas, so we have to take it step by step. As long as we do good, the results will get better and better."

Shengshu Technology completed hundreds of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing

Shengshu Technology announced on its official account platform yesterday that it has completed Pre-A round financing of several hundred million yuan. This round of financing was jointly led by the Beijing Artificial Intelligence Industry Investment Fund and Baidu, and was followed by Zhongguancun Science City Company and others.

Shengshu Technology stated that after the completion of this round of financing, Shengshu Technology will adhere to its native universal multi-modal technology route, continue to iteratively optimize self-developed large models, and accelerate product development and market expansion.

When large language models emerged in early 2023, the founding team of Shengshu Technology determined that the development of large models would move from a single language modality to multi-modal integration. In September of the same year, Shengshu Technology released an industrial-level multi-modal universal large model. In April 2024, Shengshu Technology and Tsinghua University released Vidu, China's first fully self-developed large-scale video model. Its performance is fully comparable to OpenAI's Sora, which has attracted widespread attention and high recognition at home and abroad.

Google's chief privacy officer is leaving

"Forbes" reported yesterday that Google Chief Privacy Officer Keith Enright will leave the technology giant after 13 years in office. However, Google has no plans to find someone to replace him as the technology giant is reorganizing its responsibilities for privacy and legal affairs. Compliance team.

Two people familiar with the matter said staff were informed of Keith Enright's departure in mid-May. One employee told Forbes that the news came as a shock to employees because Keith Enright was so well-liked and respected.

In addition, Google's head of competition law Matthew Bye will also leave. He has worked at Google for 15 years, and it is now a critical moment for Google's antitrust.

Google spokesperson Jenn Crider confirmed that the two executives mentioned in the article will leave later this year. At the same time, Jenn Crider said in a statement, "As the innovative services we launch and operate increasingly involve intersecting obligations and expectations, we are also constantly improving our legal, regulatory and compliance efforts."

Three major AI platforms collectively went down

According to the Financial Associated Press, on the afternoon of June 4, OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google Gemini, AnthropicAI's Claude and Perplexity experienced downtime at the same time.

Initially, ChatGPT experienced downtime, which was mainly manifested as being unable to log in to the ChatGPT client, or generating answers very slowly. After OpenAI confirmed that all services were running, ChatGPT experienced another outage, and the outage was larger.

When ChatGPT went down, some users reported that there were also problems with Google Gemini, Anthropic's Claude AI and Perplexity AI network search. Claude's webpage once reported an error, and Perplexity displayed "too many requests received, server overloaded", and the user was advised to try again later.

For this large-scale outage, these artificial intelligence companies did not give a specific explanation. There is also speculation that the downtime of Claude and Perplexity may not be due to bugs or other problems, but due to the interruption of ChatGPT, which caused the other two AI platforms to receive too much traffic in a short period of time.

Polestar Technology COO announced his resignation after five months in office

According to a reporter from China Business News, Chen Siying, who has only joined Polestar Technology for five months, is about to leave.

Chen Siying officially joined Polestar Technology, a joint venture between Polestar Motors and Xingji Meizu, in early January this year as chief operating officer and fully responsible for the company's marketing sector. After arriving at Polestar Technology, Chen Siying adopted a series of brand marketing measures, but Polestar automobile sales did not increase significantly in the short term.

Currently, there are rumors within Polestar Technology that Qin Peiji, deputy general manager of Geely Automobile Group Sales Company, will succeed Chen Siying as the chief operating officer of Polestar Technology.

TSMC Chairman Liu Deyin: It is impossible for Huawei to catch up with TSMC

According to Titanium Media, on the morning of June 4, TSMC, the world’s second largest semiconductor company and the leader in wafer foundry, held its 2023 fiscal year shareholders’ meeting. This major shareholder meeting is the last shareholders' meeting chaired by chairman Liu Deyin during his tenure. It is also the latest external meeting attended by the incoming TSMC chairman and current president Wei Zhejia.

When investors asked how TSMC views Huawei's competition in wafer foundry, Liu Deyin said that TSMC focuses on whether its development speed is fast enough. TSMC will always have competitors. As for whether Huawei will surpass TSMC, he originally wanted to ask Wei Zhejia to answer, but then he directly said, "There is no need for the president to answer, because it is impossible (to catch up)."

New product

Cadillac is already developing a pure electric sedan

According to Australian car media DRIVE, General Motors Vice President of Global Design Mike Simcoe said at a media roundtable that Cadillac will launch a new sedan in the next few years.

Mike Simcoe also said that economical pure electric sedans will have a place in Cadillac's product lineup in the future.

Lynk & Co’s first pure electric model makes global debut on June 12

Lynk & Co Auto announced on its official Weibo that it will hold "The Next Day" conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, on June 12 to release the Lynk & Co ZERO pure electric model.

Previously, the deputy general manager of Lynk & Co Auto Sales Co., Ltd. @ Lynk & Co Xiaofei Flynn released official spy photos of Lynk & Co ZERO on his personal Weibo and revealed that the new car is "being seriously tested in Huangshan."

Facewall Intelligence announces free commercial use of MiniCPM

Yesterday, Wall-Facing Intelligence posted a message on its official public account, announcing that Wall-Facing "Small Steel Cannon" MiniCPM is free for commercial use.

In the article, Face Wall Intelligence stated that from now on, the weights of MiniCPM and MiniCPM-V will be fully open to academic research, and businesses and individuals will also be allowed to use them commercially after filling in the questionnaire and registering. The use of MiniCPM series models by the community needs to comply with Apache 2.0 and "MiniCPM". Model Community License Agreement.

Previously, the Stanford AI team was exposed to plagiarism from the 8B multi-modal small model MiniCPM-Llama3-V 2.5 released by Face Wall Intelligence in mid-May. This incident became a hot topic on Weibo and ended with an apology from the two authors of the Stanford Llama3-V team.

Zhipu AI releases GLM-4 open source version, surpassing Llama3

On June 5, Zhipu held a Zhipu AI Open Day event in Beijing with the theme of "Through GLM, to the NEXT-Gen". At this event, Zhipu released the Qingyan App and MaaS large model open The latest update of the platform

  • Qingyan App: Launched the multi-agent collaboration system Qingliu, which can easily call a variety of different agents to work together in the same dialog box.
  • MaaS 2.0 large model open platform: full access to new models, launching a new enterprise rights service system to further reduce the cost of using large models; launching a one-click fine-tuning function, no code is required, and model fine-tuning can be completed in only three steps; AllTools agent API, Provides developers with a set of tools to easily build powerful AI assistants.
  • GLM-4-9B: The comprehensive capability of the open source model is improved by 40% compared to ChatGLM3-6B, and comprehensively exceeds Llama-3-8B-Instruct. The Chinese subject capability is improved by 50%, and it supports up to 1 million tokens long text and supports up to 26 It is a language with function call capabilities comparable to GPT-4-Turbo.
  • GLM-4: New API model released, GLM-4-Air generation speed increased by 300%, reaching 71 token/s
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WIND AND SEA x Champion join hands to launch joint products

WIND AND SEA cooperates with Champion for the first time and launches a number of joint products.

The cooperative products include loose T-shirts in terry fabric, sports half-sleeves, shorts and half-zip pullovers using Champion's signature craftsmanship REVERSE WEAVE®. The brand logos of both parties are integrated into a college-style embroidery print that is presented on some items. Good quality.

The series will be on sale on Champion’s official website and designated offline channels on June 8.

Nova Coffee x My Little Pony joint merchandise launched today

The joint merchandise between Nova Coffee and My Little Pony will be officially launched today.

For this collaboration, Nova Coffee has brought a variety of co-branded peripheral products including cup sleeves, stickers, co-branded bags, and transparent fans.

LOUIS VUITTON menswear creative director joins hands with French perfumer to launch fragrance

LOUIS VUITTON recently released its first fragrance jointly created by menswear creative director Pharrell Williams and French perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud.

The main component of this perfume is galbanum, which has a fresh scent. The perfume bottle is infused with the "LVERS" theme, and the outer packaging uses the plaid camouflage elements that appeared in Pharrell Williams' 2024 spring and summer debut show.

LOUIS VUITTON "LVERS" perfume will be officially launched on LOUIS VUITTON's global official channels for sale on June 19.


Netflix to produce 'Peaky Blinders' movie version

Netflix recently officially announced that it will produce a movie version of "Peaky Blinders".

The film is directed by Tom Harper, with series creator Steven Knight continuing to serve as screenwriter, and Cillian Murphy returning to star.

The movie version of "Peaky Blinders" is expected to begin filming later this year.

"Alien: Death Ship" releases official trailer

The movie "Alien" recently released an official trailer, and the film will be released in North America on August 16.

The film is directed and written by Fede Alvarez and stars Carly Spaeny, Isabella Merced, Aileen Wu, Spike Finn, David Jonsson, Archie… Renault and others star, with Ridley Scott serving as producer.

"Deadpool 3" director expected to direct "Avengers 5"

According to reports, "Deadpool 3" director Sean Levy recently received the latest script for "Avengers 5", but currently Sean Levy has not responded to Marvel whether to direct "Avengers 5".

Previously, the original director of "Avengers 5", Destin Cretton, quit, and the screenwriter was replaced by Jeff Lowes and Michael Waldron. According to people familiar with the matter, "Avengers 5" is expected to have more than 60 MCU characters returning, including Hulk, Thor, Doctor Strange, Loki, Shang-Chi, Nebula, etc. The overall structure is more like a large ensemble drama.

"Avengers 5" will be released in North America on May 1, 2026, and "Avengers 6" will be released on May 7, 2027.

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