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TikTok rejected Microsoft's takeover offer

According to the New York Times, Microsoft officially issued a statement saying that TikTok had rejected their takeover offer. At present, Oracle is the only known bidder left.

Microsoft official statement: ByteDance informed us today that they will not sell TikTok's US business to Microsoft. We believe that our proposal will benefit TikTok users while protecting national security interests. To do this, we must make major changes to ensure that the service meets the highest standards of security, privacy, online security, and combating false information. We also clarified these principles in our August statement. Looking forward to seeing the development of Tiktok's services in the United States in these important areas.

SoftBank will transfer ARM to Nvidia for US$40 billion

According to Tencent Technology News, Softbank Group announced that it would transfer the British chip design company ARM to Nvidia at a price of US$40 billion. Nvidia confirmed the news. This transaction does not include ARM's IoT services.

Nvidia stated that after the acquisition, ARM will continue to maintain its previous business model, that is, continue its open licensing business model, while maintaining global customer neutrality.

However, the transaction still needs to be approved by China, the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom, and it is expected that regulatory approval may take up to 18 months.

Latest epidemic figures

Domestic (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) some published data : September 13,

Hong Kong : On September 12, 19 newly confirmed cases were confirmed, including 11 locally infected cases and 8 imported cases. Hong Kong has reported a total of 4957 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia.

Overseas : As of 7:00 on September 14, there were 28,987,539 confirmed cases overseas, 921,399 deaths, and 20,986,787 cured.

Sony will release PS5 this week

3DMGame news, Sony announced that it will hold the PS5 online conference on September 17, Beijing time. According to reports, in addition to the PS5, Sony will also announce more first games and "more other content."

Musk predicts that Tesla will bring new battery products

According to Sina Technology News, Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla will bring "many exciting products" on Battery Day on September 22. This event will be held after Tesla's annual shareholder meeting and will be broadcast live on the web.

Apple updates App Store review guidelines and adds new "cloud game" platform launch standards

According to the Financial Associated Press, Apple recently updated its App Store review guidelines, in which the new cloud game service regulations were interpreted by the market as "relaxing restrictions on cloud gaming platforms."

Apple stated that the cloud gaming platform can be put on the shelves if it meets all the requirements, and each game on the "Game Catalog" platform needs to be "linked to a separate App Store product page."

Pinduoduo launches iPhone 12 appointment page

Recently, Apple announced that it will hold a new product launch conference at 1 am on September 16. It is predicted that the iPhone 12 will not be brought to this conference. If you want to know about iPhone 12 and other new Apple products, please jump to our previous Apple conference for the most comprehensive forecast .

However, Pinduoduo has launched the pre-sale page of the iPhone 12, stating that "iPhone 12 will be launched on the whole network soon" and the time is marked as "1 o'clock on September 16, Beijing time."

Canalys: This year there will be 278 million 5G smartphones worldwide

According to the news of the national express train, the latest forecast report released by the market research agency Canalys recently shows that global 5G smartphone shipments will reach 278 million units this year, of which 62% (about 172 million units) will come from Greater China, North America, Europe, The Middle East and Africa region followed closely behind.

According to data recently released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, the total number of 5G mobile phone shipments in the Chinese market in the first August of this year has reached 93.677 million units.

TCL Technology: The company's shares were suspended on September 17

36kr news, TCL Technology Announced that the Securities Regulatory Commission’s M&A Committee will review the company’s issuance of shares, convertible corporate bonds, and payment of cash to purchase assets and raise supporting funds on September 17. Trading of the company’s shares will be suspended on the day.

McDonald's UK will trial reusable coffee cups

"Fastcompany" news, McDonald's UK is expected to try to launch reusable coffee cups next year. Specifically, consumers need to pay a small deposit. After buying coffee, if you drink it directly in the store and collect it, you can get the deposit back directly; if you take away the coffee, you can send the cup to the partner Loop after drinking it. The other collection points may be brought back to McDonald’s for collection next time and get the deposit back.

These cups will be cleaned and disinfected by Loop, the packaging service organization, and returned to McDonald's for use.

Vinyl records sell more than CDs

USA Today cited data from the Recording Industry Association of America's semi-annual report that the sales of vinyl records in the United States exceeded CDs for the first time since the 1980s. In the six months affected by the epidemic, sales of vinyl records have increased by 4%, and sales of CDs have fallen by 48%. The report believes that the instability caused by the epidemic makes people more inclined to nostalgia.

Billboard data pointed out that the sales of vinyl records in the United States have been growing for 14 consecutive years.

Chinese director Zhao Ting's new work won the highest Golden Lion award in Venice news, at the 77th Venice Film Festival, Chinese director Zhao Ting's new work "A Place Without a Support" won the highest honor Golden Lion Award. "A Place of Nowhere" tells the story of Fern, after losing her husband, job and home, forced to embark on a journey of wandering while working.

American media predicts that Zhao Ting may become the first Asian woman shortlisted for Best Director Oscar. Her next directorial work is "The Eternal Family" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Hankou No. 2 Factory" parent company received new financing

"Beijing Business Daily" reported that Wuhan Hengrunshi Operation Management Co., Ltd., the parent company of "Hankou No. 2 Factory", has completed financing of over 100 million yuan. The new shareholders of this round of financing include Qingliu Capital, Hillhouse Ventures, Country Garden Capital and Shunwei Capital, and the old shareholders’ pro-food strategy continues to follow suit.

The industry generally believes that Yuanqi Forest and Hankou No. 2 Factory are both known as the two new domestic Internet celebrity beverage brands. Yuanqi Forest focuses on "0 Sugar, 0 Fat, 0 Card", and Hankou No. 2 Factory focuses on "Love Card". In 2017, the second factory in Hankou launched a complete "reprint" of the soda water from the second factory in Wuhan in 2017, which was recognized by consumers.

Health Commission clarifies four key groups of depression prevention and treatment

Recently, the National Health Commission released the "Working Plan for Exploring Special Services for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression", which proposed that various high schools and colleges and universities include depression screening in the content of student health examinations. At the same time, four key groups of depression prevention and treatment are defined: adolescents, pregnant women, the elderly and high-pressure occupations.

Netizen: "If you say you are depressed, how many people will believe it? It is already difficult, but it will become more and more difficult if you don't understand it." "Don't talk about anything else, can the price of antidepressants and psychological counseling be possible? Turn it down a little bit… or join medical insurance, otherwise it won’t be useful.”

Title: "Uber: Algorithm Redefines Work"

Author 🙁 US) Alex Rosenblatt

Number of pages: 338

Language: Simplified Chinese

Publication time: September 2019

Alex Rosenblatt is an ethnographic scholar of science and technology. In four years, she obtained a lot of first-hand information through interviews with Uber drivers and executives, online forums, etc., and described in detail the stories of a large number of online ride-hailing drivers in more than 25 cities such as New York and Toronto. At the same time, she further explored the commercial and political impact of current popular technology and how it manipulates practitioners and consumers.

Recently, more people have participated in the discussion on the topic of takeaway riders and gig economy. This book may be a little inspiration for us.

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