Morning Post | NetEase Cloud Music restarts IPO / Gome responds to “notify employees to go to work to fish” / Zhou Guanyu becomes China’s first F1 driver

Good morning everyone, today is November 17th.

After an interruption in August, NetEase Cloud Music is about to restart its IPO.

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  • NetEase Cloud Music restarts IPO
  • Gome responded to “notifying employees to go fishing at work''
  • Zhou Guanyu becomes the first official F1 driver in China
  • Beats × Fragment Releases Black Limited Edition Beats Flex Wireless Headphones
  • The famous Japanese design brand Balmuda launches its first smartphone
  • Xiaomi Youpin merged internally
  • More and more boys have eating problems, and doctors say social media is partly responsible
  • Qualcomm will build automotive chips for BMW
  • Adidas releases a new generation of renewable materials running shoes
  • Oral beauty care brand "Qingzhi Research" completes tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing
  • Healthy brand "Daily Bacteria" creates new probiotic chewable tablets
  • Watch a good ad on Wednesday

NetEase Cloud Music restarts IPO

On November 16, the official website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange revealed that NetEase Cloud Music uploaded a new post-hearing data set and passed the Hong Kong Stock Exchange listing hearing. The listed co-sponsors were Bank of America Securities, CICC and Credit Suisse.

In August this year, NetEase Cloud Music has passed the Hong Kong Stock Exchange hearing, but on the evening of the 9th of that month, NetEase Cloud Music suddenly announced the suspension of its IPO plan, saying that it was based on the consideration of the current overall market environment and other comprehensive factors. Good time to advance IPO-related matters as soon as possible.

The latest disclosed data shows that in the first three quarters of 2021, NetEase Cloud Music’s total revenue was 5.1 billion yuan; a year-on-year increase of 52%; gross profit margin turned positive to 0.4%; monthly active users reached 184 million; online music paid users were 27.52 million, a year-on-year increase Over 93%; online music payment rate reached 14.9%.

Gome responded to “notifying employees to go fishing at work''

According to, yesterday, a screenshot of an internal document "Notice on the Punishment of Violation of the Code of Conduct for Employees" from Gome Holding Group Co., Ltd. circulated on the Internet. The notified document stated that, in accordance with relevant regulations, Gome employees are prohibited from engaging in anything unrelated to their work in the office area.

In response, the relevant person in charge of the Public Relations Department of Gome Group confirmed that the document does exist:

From the company's point of view, we will follow the employee handbook and manage employees to a certain extent.

Previously, the other party stated that if an employee can give a reasonable explanation, such as forgetting to close the background after watching the video during lunch break, this situation can be understood by each other:

Some employees' situation makes sense and reasonable, and HR will make a correct judgment. Moreover, like the video department, it must be a long time to open Douyin, it is impossible for us to make a report.

Zhou Guanyu becomes the first official F1 driver in China

Yesterday, the Alfa Romeo F1 team announced that Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu has officially joined the team and will partner with Valtery Bottas in the 2022 season to play for the Alfa Romeo team. This makes Zhou Guanyu the first official Chinese driver in the 71 years since F1 was held.

For Zhou Guanyu, the Alpine team director once stated that "he is the only hope for China to have F1 drivers in the next 15-20 years."

In July of this year, Zhou Guanyu drove Fernando Alonso's Alpine F1 car to participate in the first practice session of the Austrian Grand Prix. He used neutral tires to make the fastest lap of 1:06.414, which was comparable to Alpine driver Ocon.

Beats × Fragment Releases Black Limited Edition Beats Flex Wireless Headphones

Beats once again joined hands with Hiroshi Fujiwara's fragment design to release the Beats Flex joint wireless headset, which is Hiroshi Fujiwara's favorite model of the Beats headset.

The headset uses a minimalist style of pure black color design, one of the earbuds is printed with the classic double lightning logo of fragment, and the other earbuds are printed with the FRGMT brand words. This cooperation is the second collaboration between the two major brands during the year after the launch of the all-black special-edition Powerbeats Pro fully wireless headset in January this year.

The Beats Flex × fragment design limited edition (retail price is RMB 449) will be available for lottery bookings on the WeChat applet of the Beats limited-time store starting at 9:00 am on November 17th; from November 18th, you can go to Direct purchase.

The famous Japanese design brand Balmuda launches its first smartphone

Japanese design company Balmuda launched its first smartphone, Balmuda Phone, which is also the first product under the company's new division, Balmuda Technologies.

Previously, Balmuda was known for home appliances that swept the major design awards.

The CEO of Balmuda believes that the current mobile phones are too big and bulky, so this time the design goal is compactness and elegance.

It is equipped with a 4.9-inch 16:9 1080P display, the thickest part of the fuselage is 13mm, and the back has a curved design.

The upper right corner of the back of the phone is a 48-megapixel lens, and the corresponding upper left corner is a fingerprint sensor.

Balmuda Phone's processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 765, RAM 6GB, storage space 128GB, battery capacity 2500 mAh, and supports wireless charging. (The Verge)

Xiaomi Youpin merged internally

According to Tech Planet report, on November 12, Xiaomi officially announced the integration of the independent e-commerce platform "Xiaomi Youpin" and Xiaomi’s retail business in China through internal mail. In the future, Xiaomi Youpin and Xiaomi Mall will end independent settlement and settlement. Different operating policies will serve the new retail goal of Xiaomi Group together.

Xiaomi subsequently confirmed the news and stated that "After being merged into China, Xiaomi Youpin and Xiaomi Mall will continue to serve different consumer groups, and their business patterns and audiences have not changed." Many insiders also said that specific front-end business adjustments Haven't seen it yet.

More and more boys have eating problems, and doctors say social media is partly responsible

In our previous article , we discussed how social media causes body anxiety for teenagers, and cited many examples of girls.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out in a recent report that more and more boys are being pushed into the predicament of eating disorders by social media.

Doctors and academics have found that many recommended fitness content on social media points to eating disorders. Boys often over-exercise and excessively narrow their diet. In extreme cases, this can lead to muscle loss and cause serious health problems related to low heart rate and blood pressure.

Some doctors said that the latest wave of eating disorders can be traced to the trend of "quarantine fit" on the Internet. In a children's hospital in Kansas City, the proportion of male patients with eating disorders before the epidemic was 1%-2%, and now it has risen to 6%.

Eating disorders in boys are often more difficult to detect, because most people feel that girls are more susceptible to body anxiety. Moreover, there are many content on social media to teach them how to hide food and hide the reality of their vomiting, so that their parents will not find out.

A boy who had experienced an eating disorder, after he was admitted to the hospital and started psychological counseling, still wanted to use Instagram to watch sports, photography, and space. It took him four full months to stop the Instagram algorithm from tweeting him on fitness and nutrition.

Qualcomm will build automotive chips for BMW

Qualcomm announced that BMW will use its chips in its next-generation driver assistance and autonomous driving systems.

BMW will use Qualcomm's specially customized computer vision processing chip to analyze the data from the front, rear and surround view cameras. BMW will also use Qualcomm's central computing chip and another group of Qualcomm's chips to realize data exchange between the car and the cloud computing center.

The new Qualcomm chips will be used in a series of electric models equipped with the "Neue Klasse" module platform, and production of these models will begin in 2025.

Qualcomm is the world's largest supplier of mobile phone chips, but the company has been trying to diversify its business. (Associated Finance Press)

Ding Lei talks about Metaverse

36kr. In the earnings call yesterday, investors asked about NetEase’s technical capabilities and layout in Metaverse. NetEase CEO Ding Lei said that Metaverse is a very popular concept, but no one has been exposed to Metaverse.

NetEase is well prepared for the related technologies and rules of Metaverse. We believe that NetEase has the ability to quickly run away on the day when Metaverse truly arrives. At present, NetEase has launched Yaotai immersive activity system, AI virtual human anchor, planetary blockchain and other meta-universal concept products, and has invested in a number of innovative companies in the virtual human field.

Singer Harry Styles launches beauty brand Pleasing

British singer Harry Styles announced the launch of Pleasing, a personal beauty brand.

The brand's first series is "Perfect Pearl", which includes a variety of nail polishes and two skin care products. The price ranges from US$20 to US$65. It has already begun to accept orders and plans to start shipping on November 29.

Adidas releases a new generation of renewable materials running shoes

On November 15, Adidas officially released a new generation of Ultraboost Made To Be Remade running shoes. 25% of the raw materials of this running shoe come from the previous product in the series. Like other running shoes in this series, this model also adopts a special design, which can be fully recycled after the end of the life cycle to make a brand new product.

This running shoe has been launched on the Adidas official app, official WeChat applet and the official mall. The suggested retail price is 1399 yuan.

After the shoes are worn out, consumers can return the product to the brand. Each pair of recycled running shoes is washed and made into TPU particles, which are used to produce different parts of the new shoes. (EnjoyZ)

Oral beauty care brand "Qingzhi Research" completes tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing

On November 15, the high-end oral beauty care brand "Qingzhi Research" completed a Pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, which was exclusively invested by Inke. This round of financing will be mainly used for product research and development, brand upgrades and channel expansion.

Qingzhi Scientific Research was established in 2020 and was incubated by Unilever Group to create high-end oral beauty products for Asian women. It has now launched three product series: bubble mouthwash pills, portable fragrance mouthwash, and portable fragrance oral spray.

The main "bubble mouthwash pill" is its exclusive design product. It is solid granular and easy to carry. Put the mouthwash pill in your mouth and chew, and spit out the bubbles after 15 seconds; both fragrance series products are available The practicality of "one thing, multiple uses" can not only solve the breath problem, but also be used as a perfume. (36Kr)

Healthy brand "Daily Bacteria" creates new probiotic chewable tablets

According to 36kr, the cutting-edge health food brand "Daily Bacteria" announced that it has completed a Pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan.

Founded in April 2021, Daily Bacteria is aimed at middle-class women, focusing on all types of "probiotics+" products, and has now launched three probiotic chewable tablets. Its products use local probiotics and claim to apply ultra-micro and nano-cold-pressing technology to keep the probiotics formed under high pressure active.

Its products were launched on July 1, with a unit price of 89 yuan per customer. The sales in the first month exceeded one million, and the repurchase rate in the most recent month was 26%.

Tokyo Electric Power: "Father and Daughter Who Don't Look Like"

Duration: 2 minutes and 23 seconds

When I was young, my father felt that his daughter was a lot like himself. As their daughters grew up, the two of them felt that each other was less and less like themselves, until they found that they had one thing in common.

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