Morning Post | Musk: Tesla is far more complicated than Twitter/Weibo plans to acquire Book Fair for 1.5 billion

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  • Redmi K60 will be released on December 27
  • Meizu 20 series will be mass-produced soon
  • The first 5G Hongmeng mobile phone is here
  • Weibo plans to acquire for 1.5 billion
  • Musk: Twitter is only about 10% as complex as Tesla
  • ChatGPT is hot, Google sounded the "red alert"
  • Twitter starts showing tweet views
  • Tesla launches "AirPower"
  • The Steam Winter Sale is on

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  • "Hiroshi Fujiwara's New Works Debut in China"
  • "This domestic brand is comparable to the valuation of SpaceX"
  • "iPhone 15's camera upgrade is not far away"

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  • Good shopping: The last art book fair of 2022
  • Fun: Sci-fi tactical RPG "Encased"
  • Good-looking: "Good Night, Opportunity"

 Fresh Express

Redmi K60 Universe is scheduled to be released on December 27

According to news on the 23rd, Redmi officially announced that the Redmi K60 universe will be released at 7 pm on December 27th, positioning it as a "performance universe".

According to the official announcement, Redmi K60 Pro will be equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8, which has both flagship configuration and e-sports performance; Redmi K60 will be equipped with Snapdragon 8+; Redmi K60E will be equipped with the new Dimensity 8200.

At present, the Redmi K60 series has been launched on the e-commerce platform and opened for appointment.

Source: @Redmi 红米手机

Meiyou Conference 2022: Meizu 20 series will be mass-produced soon, Meizu M3 Pro full-scene Hi-Fi player unveiled

On the 23rd, at the Meiyou Conference 2022 yesterday, Meizu brought a number of new news.

Meizu 19 canceled, Meizu 20 series will be mass-produced soon

Meizu said that it has canceled "Meizu 19" and will release a new generation of "Meizu 20 series" in the spring of 2023. The new phone is currently in the testing stage before mass production.

In addition, Meizu also showed to Meiyou the co-creation model plan with high attention and unique design in the manager plan, and made it into a physical mobile phone for display.

·Meizu M3 Pro Hi-Fi player unveiled

In terms of configuration, the new product is equipped with the H1 Hi-Fi decoder chip custom-developed by Meizu, and is equipped with an independent over-sampling chip, which can up-convert music to a sampling rate of 11.2Mhz.

In terms of appearance, the fuselage has no breakpoints and exposed screws as a whole, which reproduces the classic design of Music Card, and also brings back the mBack touch return on Meizu mobile phones.

· Meizu store plan

In the next three years, Meizu will aim to build 1,000 full-scene stores in the future, so that more users can experience Meizu products and services offline.

Source: IT Home & Technology Aesthetics

The first 5G Hongmeng mobile phone is here, and it will be officially released next week

On the 23rd, the French technology brand WIKO announced that it will release its first new phone "WIKO 5G" in China on December 27. The new phone will be a 5G phone that supports the Hongmeng ecosystem.

According to China Telecom's terminal product library information, the machine will use a 6.78-inch 120Hz screen, equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G processor, a built-in 4000 mAh battery, and a rear camera including a 100-megapixel main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, a 2-megapixel micro 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens, and 16-megapixel front camera.

It is expected that this new phone will be sold through Huawei’s smart selection channel. However, it should be noted that supporting the Hongmeng ecology does not mean a new opportunity to use Hongmeng OS, it may only have a built-in HMS service framework and some software.

Source: IT House & Fast Technology & @WIKO Mobile

Weibo plans to acquire the entire equity of for 1.5 billion yuan

On the 23rd, Weibo announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that its wholly-owned subsidiary Weibo Hong Kong Limited agreed to purchase the entire equity of Sina Technology (China) Co., Ltd., with a total consideration of approximately 1.5 billion yuan.

In 2021, Sina announced the completion of privatization. After delisting from NASDAQ in the United States, Sina changed its name to "Sina Group Holdings Co., Ltd." and became a private company jointly controlled by Sina Chairman Cao Guowei and Sina's management.

Source: Pinwan

Musk: Twitter is only about 10% as complex as Tesla

On the 23rd, on December 22 local time, Musk held a voice conference on Twitter.

In the meeting, for investors, Musk promised not to sell Tesla shares until 2025. He added that the reason for reducing Tesla was to prepare for the worst possible situation of Twitter.

Regarding his simultaneous employment at multiple companies, Musk said that his focus is still mainly on Tesla, and pointed out that Tesla is far more complicated than Twitter: "Twitter is only about 10% as complex as Tesla. .”

Musk also revealed that Tesla is about to select a site for the next super factory and will invest as much as possible in Tesla without "wasting".

In addition, Musk also believes that the U.S. economy will fall into a "severe recession" in 2023, and demand will decline, and he firmly believes that his political remarks will have "little impact" on Tesla's sales.

Source: IT House & Wall Street News

ChatGPT is hot, Google sounded the "red alert"

On the 22nd, according to foreign media reports, Google has released "code red (code red)" to deal with the threat posed by the artificial intelligence robot ChatGPT.

According to reports, CEO Sundar Pichai has readjusted Google's AI strategy, and research, trust and security departments have been asked to assist in the development and release of AI prototypes and products. Among them, some employees have been tasked with developing DALL-E-like AI art generators.

Previously, Google executives had stated that due to concerns about "reputation risk", they did not want to disclose the existing artificial intelligence chat robot LaMDA to the public, but used it more to improve the search engine experience.

Source: Insider et al.

Twitter starts showing tweet views

On the 23rd, @TwitterSupport announced that Twitter users will be able to see the views of public Twitter posts.

Musk said that this new feature is to show the "vitality" of Twitter, because "more than 90% of Twitter users just read, and do not retweet, reply or like".

However, on the contrary, since last year, both Instagram and Facebook have begun to allow users to hide the number of likes on posts, and YouTube has also begun to hide "dislike" data, and only the creators themselves can see the exact number of times.

Source: The Verge

Tesla unveils wireless charging pad similar to Apple's AirPower

On the 22nd, Tesla launched a charging board similar to Apple's AirPower, which can provide up to three Qi-enabled devices with up to 15W of charging power at the same time.

In terms of appearance design, this "Tesla AirPower" adopts the same metal style as Cybertruck.

In terms of internal design, a video on Tesla's website shows that there are 30 coils arranged inside the wireless charging pad, which is very similar to Apple's design for AirPower.

This wireless charging board is currently on Tesla's overseas official website and will go on sale in February next year, priced at $300.

Source: 9to5mac

Steam's Winter Sale kicks off with discounts on thousands of games

According to news on the 23rd, the Steam Winter Sale officially opened yesterday and will last until January 6th. Players can now enjoy special deals on thousands of games, or gift specific games to friends.

In addition, the 2022 Steam Awards nominees are now fully announced, voting will close at 1:00 am on January 4th, and the final results will be announced at 2:00 am on January 4th.

Steam has decided to replace the Chinese New Year sale with the spring sale, so this winter sale will be Steam's biggest promotion in the near future.

Source: IT House

 good text gold

A large number of Hiroshi Fujiwara's new works debut in China: Nearly 20,000 one-night hotels, grabbing is earning?

"Trend Godfather" Hiroshi Fujiwara's "Double Lightning" is one of the most well-known symbols in the trend circle.

It can appear almost anywhere, including but not limited to sneakers, luxury goods, notebooks, and luxury cars. It has established Hiroshi Fujiwara's joint empire and also endowed Hiroshi Fujiwara with the title of "stamp madman".

Recently, Hiroshi Fujiwara made a big move: launching a new lifestyle concept project "PEACE PIECE".

This is the first time Hiroshi Fujiwara launched his project in China. Not only did he launch dozens of products with lightning marks at one time, but he also packed them into a hotel at 18,888 yuan a night, and the Christmas surprise price was as high as 22,999 yuan. .

This mysterious domestic brand with a valuation comparable to SpaceX is the future of fast fashion

SHEIN has a style of "making a fortune in silence" and rarely speaks out publicly. It is known as "the most mysterious unicorn company in China."

But it has firmly occupied the wardrobe and attention of overseas Generation Z, with a valuation of up to 100 billion U.S. dollars, and the speed of new releases is beyond the reach of traditional fast fashion.

In the past 12 months, SHEIN surpassed fast fashion head Zara, defeated sportswear giants Adidas and Nike, and became the fashion brand with the most Google searches in the world.

How did the "mysterious power" from the East conquer overseas?

Cook went to the Sony factory, the iPhone 15 camera upgrade may not be far away

For the iPhone, Apple seldom mentions the specific model of its hardware, and more expresses the specifications.

More than that, in the follow-up details of the official website, the specific supplier status is also chosen to keep a low profile, and it is rare to take the initiative to indicate which brand the key components such as the screen and camera are from.

During his visit to Sony's Kumamoto factory, Tim Cook publicly stated on Twitter that Apple and Sony have worked together for more than a decade to create the world's leading camera sensor for the iPhone.

This is also the first time since the iPhone was released more than a decade ago that it has publicly acknowledged the use of a Sony image sensor. Previously, Apple only listed pixels, aperture and focal length on the official website, and focused on the introduction of camera functions.

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Good shopping: the last art book fair in 2022, a little surprise to regain life

The long-awaited "inD Guangzhou Art Book Fair" has finally opened at Tianhebei Future Club in Guangzhou!

In addition to 110+ exhibitors , there are also 13 specially planned exhibitions, 10 special lectures , and there are also "magazine field", "morning tea and dining car" sections and brand pop-up stores gathered on the scene.

If you are looking for a good place for Christmas on weekends, I believe this place will surprise you. Looking forward to seeing you all under the warm winter sun in Future Club!

 ‍♀️ Scan the code to enter the group, let's go to the exhibition together  ‍♀️

Fun | Epic Xijia 9/15: Sci-fi tactical RPG "Encased"

On the 24th, the Epic Game Store opened a 15-day free game giveaway during the year-end promotion, and today is the ninth day.

The free game that can be claimed today is the dystopian sci-fi RPG "Encased".

Encased is a sci-fi tactical RPG set in an alternate world of the 1970s. Humans discovered an unprecedentedly large "dome" in an uninhabited desert. Players need to fight against enemies in the world and explore strange wastelands.

The cover image of tomorrow's free game has also been released, and the hint pattern is "subway".

Good-looking: "Good Night, Opportunity"

"My battery is really low, so this may be the last photo I can send. But don't worry about me: the time I spend here is both productive and peaceful."

NASA's InSight rover sent back its farewell letter a few days ago. Four years after it landed on Mars, it is preparing to end its Mars exploration mission after dust accumulation caused poor power to its solar panels.

What will InSight see on Mars? If you are also curious, you may wish to read the adventure story of its predecessor "Opportunity" on Mars in the documentary "Good Night, Opportunity".

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