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Apple Savings Account is officially launched, with an annual interest rate of up to 4.5%
Huawei nova 11 series released, decentralized two-way Beidou satellite communication OnePlus Ace 2 Yuanshen customized version released
OPPO Super Image Contest opens. Huawei releases the smart driving version of the M5, which claims to be infinitely close to the L3 level
 Society Needs to Adapt to AI, But AI False Content Explains Regulatory Necessity
WPS officially announces new membership system It is said that the average monthly salary of ordinary workers in Tesla’s Shanghai factory is 10,000 yuan Kunlun Wanwei releases the "Tiangong" large-scale model Lego launches Peugeot 9X8 supercar building block model Pepsi launches sugar-free raw Coke Amazon announces the restart of "Robocop" and more Classic IP
The "New Batman" spin-off series will start broadcasting next year, and the "John Wick" spin-off series will start broadcasting in September

Starship temporarily cancels launch

Last week, Musk announced that the SpaceX Starship heavy-duty launch vehicle will be launched this week, and said that there is a 50% chance of a successful launch. He thought he was modest, but he gave us a shot of vaccination.

Last night, the starship announced the postponement of the launch 40 seconds before the test flight. The reason for the cancellation was that there was a problem with the pressurization system of the super-heavy booster. Specifically, the pressure valve was frozen, so the launch plan was temporarily canceled.

The next launch will have to wait at least 48 hours. SpaceX announced this morning that it will conduct a flight test two days later, on the morning of April 20, Eastern Time.

According to the original plan, the starship will separate from the booster rocket 3 minutes after it lifts off, fly about 150 kilometers above the surface, and finally splash down near Hawaii.

SpaceX is so cautious, because before the starship, SN8 crashed in a hard landing during the test, and the original design intention of the starship is to achieve multiple recovery, which will greatly reduce the cost of rocket launches, so before the successful launch of the starship, All caution is worth it.

Angry Birds developer acquired by Sega

Japanese gaming giant Sega announced the acquisition of Finnish game company Rovio Entertainment, developer of the well-known Angry Birds game, for approximately 5.344 billion yuan (706 million euros).

The acquisition is expected to close in September 2023. Sega's acquisition of Rovio is aimed at strengthening its mobile gaming business, leveraging Rovio's expertise in bringing existing and new titles to global markets.

Rovio is one of the most successful game developers in the early days of the mobile Internet. It owns a number of self-developed games, such as "Angry Birds" and "Little Thief". Among them, "Angry Birds" has been downloaded more than 1 billion times. Become the first mobile game certified by Guinness Book of Records.

Apple Savings Account is officially launched, with an annual interest rate of up to 4.5%

Last night, Apple announced the launch of the Apple Card Savings Account, a feature that enables Apple Card users to open a Goldman Sachs savings account in the iPhone Wallet app and earn interest on Daily Cash balances at an annual rate of 4.15%.

This feature requires an iPhone with iOS 16.4 or later to work.

WPS Officially Announces New Membership System

WPS Office Assistant launched a new version of the WPS membership system. The original three categories of "WPS members", "rice husk members" and "super members" were cancelled, and unified into "WPS super members".

The new version of super membership is divided into basic package and Pro package, which are suitable for personal daily use and users with professional office needs.

The basic package is 148 yuan per year, and the Pro package is 248 yuan per year.

It is rumored that ordinary workers in Tesla's Shanghai factory earn 10,000 yuan a month

According to the Shanghai Lingang Recruitment Release, the Tesla Energy Storage Gigafactory, which has just signed a contract to settle in Shanghai Lingang, has recently started recruiting. In 2019, when the Tesla Shanghai factory was completed and recruited, there was a surge in recruitment.

The treatment at Tesla's Shanghai factory has a good reputation. Tesla staff revealed that a front-line ordinary worker earns a monthly basic salary of 5K+, and other income includes bonuses, allowances, overtime pay, etc., with a salary of 17 per year, and the average monthly income is close to 10,000 yuan. In addition, there are 7% of the five social insurances and one housing fund, 5% of the housing provident fund, free work meals, free shuttle bus, free commercial insurance for the whole family, etc.

But late last week, some people tweeted to the accounts of Elon Musk, his mother Mayer Musk, and Tesla on Musk's Twitter, mentioning "Please pay attention to the Tesla Shanghai factory. The performance (bonus) of front-line workers is arbitrarily deducted.”

Two workers said their supervisors informed them over the weekend that their quarterly bonuses had been cut. When asked why, the Tesla executive referred to a "safety incident" that happened in February. The accident is said to have resulted in the death of a worker.

Kunlun Wanwei released the "Tiangong" large model

Kunlun Wanwei and Singulato jointly released the 100-billion-level large-scale language model "Tiangong", which can meet diversified needs, such as copywriting, knowledge quizzes, code programming, etc.

The generation ability of "Tiangong" covers science, technology, culture, art and other fields, and invitation testing has been launched.

"Tiangong" supports up to 10,000 words of text dialogue and more than 20 rounds of user interaction, and its computing power is based on one of the largest GPU clusters in China.

official entrance  Now only for internal test users to log in

OPPO Super Video Contest Opens

The OPPO 2023 Super Image Contest is officially launched, with the theme "Beyond Image, Achieve Imagination".

A total of 6 awards have been set up in the competition, including the annual super image master, the annual super image masterpiece, etc., up to 160,000 yuan in rewards and other prizes, and all winners will receive award certificates, official promotion, professional reviews, etc.

The OPPO 2023 Super Image Contest is officially launched, and photography enthusiasts are invited to participate to showcase their personal photography skills and creativity. The submission period is from April 17th to July 25th, and the winning entries will be announced in mid-to-late August.

Interested partners can view it on the official website

Society needs to adapt to AI, but AI false content shows the need for regulation

Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed concern about the rapid development of artificial intelligence and its potential threat to society on CBS' "60 Minutes."

"I've always thought that AI (artificial intelligence) is the deepest technology humanity is working on, deeper than fire or electricity or anything we've done in the past"

Pichai believes that society needs to adapt to new technologies, and all walks of life may be affected. Artificial intelligence may disrupt the work of "knowledge workers". He highlighted the risks of generative AI, such as deepfake videos, calling for regulation, noting that those who create them must face consequences.

New technologies will affect every product in every company. Take radiologists as an example. In the next five to ten years, artificial intelligence may become their assistant and assist with priority tasks.

He emphasized the need for regulation, saying that anyone who has worked with artificial intelligence will realize that this is something so different and profound that we need social regulations to think about how to adapt.

He also mentioned that Google's AI technology being used in harmful ways is one thing that keeps him up at night.

full interview

Huawei nova 11 series release, decentralized two-way Beidou satellite communication

Huawei's nova 11 series of new phones has been officially released, including three new models of Huawei nova 11, nova 11 Pro and nova 11 Ultra, with starting prices of 2,499 yuan, 3,499 yuan, and 4,499 yuan, respectively.

It is worth mentioning that among them, Huawei nova 11 Ultra is equipped with two-way Beidou satellite information, but the whole series is equipped with 778G 4G processor.

Huawei releases the high-end smart driving version of the Wenjie M5, which claims to be infinitely close to the L3 level

The Wenjie M5 Smart Driving Edition released today is equipped with version 2.0 of Huawei's high-end self-driving system HUAWEI ADS for the first time, and is the first to realize high-end smart driving functions that do not rely on high-precision maps.

In Yu Chengdong's words, this should be "L2.99… high-end intelligent driving infinitely close to L3".

Wenjie M5 Smart Driving Edition is equipped with 1 overhead lidar, 3 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, and a total of 11 forward-facing, side-facing, surround-view and rear-facing high-definition cameras, of which the forward-facing camera has also been upgraded to 800 CMOS.

For irregular obstacles that are not marked on the road, the GOD (General Obstacle Detection) network on the Wenjie M5 Smart Driving Edition can quickly identify and automatically avoid them.

In terms of smart cockpit, Wenjie M5 smart driving version has also made great progress, with new configurations such as spatial audio and MagLink interface, and the cockpit experience has been further improved.

In terms of price, the hybrid rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models are priced at 279,800 yuan and 299,800 yuan, respectively; the pure electric rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models are priced at 289,800 yuan and 309,800 yuan.

At the end of the press conference, it also announced the new model M9 of Wenjie, which claims to redefine the tens of millions of luxury cars. Wenjie M9 will meet us in the fourth quarter of this year.

OnePlus Ace 2 Yuanshin customized version released

Last night, OnePlus released the OnePlus Ace 2 Yuanshin customized gift box, which contains the OnePlus Ace 2 "Lava Red" mobile phone, and is equipped with Yuanshen Xiangling customized software theme.

The gift box adopts a Chinese-style "food box" design, which is closely related to the story of Yuanshen Xiangling's character. The full-textured red color is matched with bronzing patterns, and the texture is quite high. The built-in customized theme of the mobile phone provides a wealth of customized elements, such as static wallpapers, dynamic wallpapers, and screen displays, etc., and the "Xiangling Rice Crust" element can be seen everywhere.

Lego launches Peugeot 9X8 supercar building block model

Lego, who is keen on co-branding, recently launched this Peugeot 9X8 1:10 building block model. The length and height are 50cm and 13cm respectively. Racing elements such as the factory logo and reflective grille details are also presented.

This building block model is expected to be officially released on May 1st, priced at $200.

PepsiCo launches sugar-free raw Coke

Pepsi launched the first "Pepsi No Sugar Raw Coke" in the Chinese market. This product has a stronger bubble experience, continues the sugar-free 0-calorie formula, and brings a more exciting and refreshing "killing taste".

The so-called raw cola has the same concept as the "raw" in draft beer and raw chocolate, which means freshness.

Amazon announced the restart of "RoboCop" and other classic IP

After Amazon acquired MGM Pictures for US$8.5 billion last year, it has plans to adapt and restart many of its classic films. The latest reports point out that films including "Robocop", "Stargate" and "Pink Panther" are expected to be released. reboot.

At this stage, Amazon has contacted many people with plans to make "Robocop", "Legal Blonde" and "Stargate" into movies and TV at the same time.

'New Batman' spin-off to air next year

DC's "New Batman" derivative series "Penguin" has released a trailer. The show is currently filming and plans to launch on the streaming platform Max next year.

"John Wick" spin-off series to start airing in September

The trailer for John Wick's spin-off drama "Intercontinental Hotel" has been released, with various violent scenes of fighting, going deep into the mysterious hotel…

The episode focuses on the origin story and inner workings of the Intercontinental Hotel where the killer took refuge in the world view of the movie, based on Ian McShane's character Winston Scott, and unfolded from the perspective of Scott when he was young . The drama has a total of 3 episodes and is planned to be launched on the Peacock streaming media platform in September.

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