Morning Post | Musk said that China’s electric vehicles lead the world / 92 gasoline entered the 9 yuan era / “Mona Lisa” was thrown cake

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  • Musk says China's electric cars lead the world
  • No. 92 gasoline enters the era of 9 yuan
  • The world famous painting "Mona Lisa" was thrown into the cake
  • Honor 70 series released
  • Nike Craft Launches Special Shoe
  • Sony co-branded Ultraman with limited-edition Wena 3 smartwatch
  • Byredo Melted Wax Mood Lights Officially Launched
  • Huawei sues online store for unauthorized use of "Huawei earphone" trademark and gets 1 million compensation
  • Moutai ice cream launched: sold out within an hour, first sale over 40,000
  • Apple Wallet adds Super Gorilla Card for contactless entry
  • Alipay will subsidize over 10 billion public domain traffic for merchants
  • "Algebraist" Coffee Launches "Perfume Pineapple Buffalo Latte"
  • Victoria's Secret Launches New Digital Platform "VS&Co-Lab"
  • Pet insurance company Lassie completes tens of millions of euros in financing

Musk says China's electric cars lead the world

On May 30, a Twitter user released a "Top 15 Global Wind Power Installed Capacity List". The list shows that China tops the list with 328,973 megawatts, while the United States ranks second with 132,738 megawatts. , less than half that of China.

Musk said on Twitter and Weibo: "It seems that few people realize that China is the world leader in renewable energy generation and electric vehicles. No matter how you look at China, this is true."

Earlier this month, Musk also praised the diligence of Chinese workers: "There are a lot of very talented, hard-working people in China, not just staying up until midnight, they can stay up until three o'clock in the morning. The American workers are trying their best to Don't go to work."

It is worth mentioning that it was previously reported that Tesla will expand its super factory in Shanghai, but there are no plans to launch any new factories in China for the time being. Musk said: "China is obviously a very important market. In the long run, it may account for 25% to 30% of our market." (Daily Economic News & Tech Planet)

No. 92 gasoline enters the era of 9 yuan

According to the notice from the National Development and Reform Commission, starting from 24:00 on May 30, the price of gasoline will be increased by 400 yuan per ton, and the price of diesel will be increased by 390 yuan per ton. According to the agency's calculations, the equivalent of No. 92 gasoline will increase by 0.31 yuan per liter, 95 gasoline will increase by 0.33 yuan per liter, and No. 0 diesel will be increased by 0.33 yuan per liter.

This is the ninth increase in domestic refined oil prices this year. After this round of price adjustments, No. 92 gasoline in some regions will break the 9 yuan per liter mark for the first time, setting a record high since the implementation of the new pricing mechanism.

Analysts predict that based on the current international crude oil price level, the next round of refined oil price adjustment will show an upward trend at the beginning. From the perspective of domestic market demand, with the increase of high temperature weather, the use of air-conditioning oil for vehicles has been started one after another, which has boosted the demand for gasoline to a certain extent. (Zhongxin Finance)

The world famous painting "Mona Lisa" was thrown into the cake

Spanish Marca newspaper reported that on May 30, local time, among the crowd visiting the “Mona Lisa”, the treasure of the Louvre Museum in France, a person in a wheelchair suddenly stood up and smeared the cake on the painting. .

The man who attempted to destroy the painting was a man in female clothes and a wig in cross-dressing. When taken away by security, the vandal suddenly shouted: "Think about the earth, artists think about the earth, all artists think about the earth, that's why I do it!"

Fortunately, because of the protection of safety glass, the painting was not damaged.

Honor 70 series released

On the evening of May 30, Honor held a press conference to launch the Honor 70 series.

Among them, Honor 70 Pro is equipped with a 6.78-inch OLED screen, supports 120Hz refresh rate, has 10bit color depth, and is equipped with 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming.

In terms of core performance, the Honor 70 Pro is equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 8000 flagship processor, using TSMC's 5nm process technology, the CPU uses the A78 super core, and the highest frequency is 2.75GHz.

In terms of imaging, the Honor 70 Pro debuted the flagship IMX800 image sensor, with a 54-megapixel main video camera, a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle macro camera, and an 8-megapixel telephoto lens, equipped with the Honor Image Engine computing imaging platform.

For the battery life, the Honor 70 Pro supports 100W fast charging, which can be fully charged in 30 minutes.

The Honor 70 starts at 2,699 yuan, the Honor 70 Pro starts at 3,699 yuan, and the Honor 70 Pro+ starts at 4,299 yuan. It will be on sale from June 7th. (Fast Technology & Sina Technology)

Nike Craft Launches Special Shoe

Nike has teamed up with American artist Tom Sachs to create the "General Purpose Shoe", a pair of sneakers designed to "fit for every category."

The upper material of the shoe uses an ultra-breathable woven process, and the first color matching provides a white upper and blue laces. The three-piece cup sole consists of a rubber outsole, a rubber midsole and an EVA foam core.

The shoe will be available through NikeCraft on June 10th for $110.

Sony co-branded Ultraman with limited-edition Wena 3 smartwatch

Recently, the Ultraman movie "New Ultraman" was released overseas. Sony and Ultraman launched a limited customized Wena 3 smartwatch.

The dial of the watch highlights the silver-gray metallic texture, and the design of the hands echoes the images of characters such as Ultraman and the Defense Force in the movie. It is worth noting that the Wena3's display is in the buckle position. At the same time, the smart watch has a full battery life of only about 24 hours.

The watch has now begun to accept pre-orders on the official website, priced at 68,200 yen, and limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide. (Jiguo Network)

Byredo Melted Wax Mood Lights Officially Launched

Swedish fragrance brand Byredo and French lighting artist Benoit Lalloz jointly created the wax-melting lamp "Infra Luna" recently officially launched.

Featuring a minimal industrial style with a metallic futuristic texture, this wax melting lamp offers blue and red lighting for ambience. At present, the lamp has been launched on the official website, priced at $ 2590, limited sale.

Previously, Byredo also launched a diffuser designed to help meditation practice Olfactive Stéréophonique, equipped with ten Byredo perfume capsules, which can release fragrance according to the rhythm of music in the environment, priced at 950 euros. (Design Milk)

Huawei sues online store for unauthorized use of "Huawei earphone" trademark and gets 1 million compensation

Recently, the People's Court of Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province announced a case of infringement of Huawei's trademark rights and unfair competition disputes.

The civil judgment document shows that the defendant Shenzhen Jinyun Video Equipment Co., Ltd. used words such as "FreePod3 Flagship Quality", "Nine Guarantees of Official Genuine" and "Official Sound Effects for Huawei" in its Taobao online store to promote its own brand. As of July 20, 2021, the total sales of this item reached 81,575 units.

The court ruled that the defendant's actions constituted unfair competition infringing Huawei's trademark exclusive rights and false publicity, and Huawei should be compensated 1 million yuan. (IT House)

Moutai ice cream launched: sold out within an hour, first sale over 40,000

Recently, the "i Moutai" app opened an online sales channel for Moutai ice cream. But at present, the scope of mailing is limited to some areas in Guiyang City, and the delivery fee for the "3-hour instant delivery" service is 45 yuan. Even so, Moutai ice cream sold out 51 minutes after it went online, with more than 40,000 pieces sold and a sales amount of more than 2.5 million.

At the same time, the second offline Moutai ice cream store opened in Guiyang recently. On the same day, three new ice creams (pre-packaged), classic original flavor, green plum boiled wine flavor, and vanilla flavor were launched. Moutai officials said that Moutai ice cream contains a certain alcohol concentration, and minors, pregnant women, and those with alcohol allergies should not eat it, and drivers should be careful to consume it.

In addition, Moutai officials said that partners in seven cities including Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou can currently obtain cooperation qualifications through competition. (Late Finance & 36kr)

Apple Wallet adds Super Gorilla Card for contactless entry

On May 30, Super Monkey announced the launch of a contactless membership card "Super Monkey Pass" that can be added to Apple Wallet, becoming the first fitness organization in Asia to support the Apple Vas communication protocol for contactless check-in and admission.

Based on the iPhone's "Wallet" application and NFC function, members can directly swipe their card to unlock the entrance without unlocking the iPhone, and automatically complete the check-in.

In addition, based on geo-fencing technology, when members arrive within 100 meters of the store, the super orangutan can automatically turn on the "welcome mode" on the iPhone and automatically match the course reservation information.

In addition, the NFC membership card is also supported to be added to the Apple Watch. At present, Apple Watch supports the records of more than 100 super gorilla courses. After the course, you can see the exercise data on the watch and add it to the fitness ring data.

Alipay will subsidize over 10 billion public domain traffic for merchants

Alipay recently announced that it will launch the "Fanxing Project 2.0", which will subsidize more than 10 billion public domain traffic for merchants in the next six months, and open up traffic generation operation capabilities to service providers to fully support merchants' private domain digital operations.

From now on, merchants guide users to access the applet by scanning the applet code, searching for the applet, membership card package, business news, etc., and they can obtain incentive points in increments every month. Merchants can use incentive points to exchange for exposure of core public domain traffic for free, and they can choose the delivery time and crowd.

In addition, Alipay also launched the "Merchant Transaction Complaint Service System" not long ago. Merchants can log in to the Alipay Merchant Center to view and handle user transaction complaints and service inquiries in one stop. (E-commerce News)

"Algebraist" launches "Perfume Pineapple Buffalo Latte"

Recently, the coffee brand "Algebraist Coffee" released new products such as "Perfume Pineapple Buffalo Latte".

This latte uses Guangxi raw buffalo milk and perfumed pineapple with classic espresso.

At present, the new product has been launched, priced at 29 yuan / cup, and the "raw buffalo milk latte" launched in the same period is priced at 27 yuan / cup.

Victoria's Secret Launches New Digital Platform "VS&Co-Lab"

Victoria's Secret recently launched a new digital platform "VS&Co-Lab" on its official website, aiming to connect consumers and third-party brands that are in line with the brand's innovative and inclusive concepts.

The platform launched 19 brands other than Victoria's Secret for the first time, most of which were founded or led by women, including American women's fashion brand For Love & Lemons and Internet swimwear brand Frankies Bikinis. Victoria's Secret previously acquired a small number of these two brands. Equity.

Victoria's Secret said that the launch of VS&Co-Lab marks a shift in its business model to building business partnerships, creating new growth drivers for the brand. (Luxe.Co & Fashion Business Daily)

Pet insurance company Lassie raises 10 million euros

Lassie, the pet insurance company owned by Danish insurance company ETU Forsikring, recently completed a €11 million Series A financing.

Founded in Sweden in 2020, Lassie aims to provide preventative pet insurance for pet families and reduce pet medical costs.

At the same time, Lassie has also launched an online course on pet health, and users who complete the course can get premium discounts, making insurance services more interactive.

Currently, the insurance company has more than 10,000 customers and has built a large database on pet health. Funds from the financing will be used to expand operations outside Sweden and strengthen product research and development. (accesspath)

Wearing art on the body is so happy

Brooklyn-based blogger Ariel Adkins likes to combine classic art pieces with fashion, then wear them and happily take photos with the originals and share them on her Instagram account Artfully Awear.

While the designs are bright and cheerful, Adkins actually started doing it because her mother had passed away and she needed to find a way to soothe herself.

▲ Wear it to like-minded friends

Her mother was also an artist and her artistic inspiration. By incorporating classic art into clothing, Adkins is also practicing the way her mother taught her to express herself through art.

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