Morning Post | Musk defaulted on rent, Twitter furniture was auctioned / the fourth needle plan was announced / NIO’s million-level new car benchmarked against Maybach

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  • "Fourth shot" vaccination plan announced
  • Apple may open sideloading next year
  • Musk defaults on rent at Twitter headquarters
  • The use of Beidou has surpassed that of GPS
  • Simmons plans to file for bankruptcy
  • Weilai may launch a million-level luxury car
  • Steam officially launched Tesla
  •  When Apple wakes up from the dream of building a car
  • Meizu announces its return today
  • Millet mini host (barebone) starts crowdfunding
  • OPPO released its second self-developed chip
  • The first inD Guangzhou Art Book Fair kicks off
  • Tims Coffee changed its name to Tims Good Coffee
  • Lele Tea x Crayon Shinchan launched a new joint product
  • Nuclear waste will drive spacecraft to explore deep space
  • "Spider-Man: Into the Into the Spider-Verse 2" teaser
  • "The Wandering Earth 2" released a new trailer
  • "Dragon Ball Super" new theatrical version finalized in mainland China

The "fourth shot" is here, and the specific vaccination plan is announced

On the 14th, the official website of the National Health and Medical Commission released the "Implementation Plan for the Second Dose of New Coronavirus Vaccine Booster Immunization", officially opening the fourth dose.

According to the vaccination plan, the target groups for the second dose of booster immunization at this stage are: people at high risk of infection, people over 60 years old, people with serious underlying diseases and people with low immunity. At the same time, the time interval between the second dose of booster immunization and the first dose of booster immunization is more than 6 months.

A retrospective study showed that among people over the age of 60 who had received at least three doses of the vaccine, an additional fourth dose reduced the risk of developing COVID-19 by 55%, compared with three doses, and the risk of severe COVID-19. A 62% reduction and a 74% reduction in COVID-19-related mortality.

For the specific vaccination combination, you can click to view

Source: Lilac Garden

Faced with EU pressure, Apple may open up sideloading

According to technology reporter Mark Gurman, based on the European Union's "Digital Market Law" that came into effect on November 1, Apple, as a "gatekeeper", may allow users to use third-party app stores on the iPhone and iPad, otherwise it may face up to 80 billion dollar fine.

This means that users do not have to download apps through the App Store afterwards, thus avoiding paying "intermediary fees" of up to 30%. However, the report also pointed out that after the opening of sideloading, the verification steps used to detect sideloading risks may still be charged.

Currently, the App Store team is working hard to open up "key elements of the Apple platform," and the change is expected to be officially launched in iOS 17 in 2023.

In addition to the European Union, the United States is currently considering legislation requiring Apple to open sideloading.

Source: Macrumors

Musk defaults on Twitter HQ rent; Twitter furniture up for auction

According to foreign media, three people familiar with the matter said that after taking over Twitter, Musk has not paid the rent of the Twitter headquarters building for several weeks, so he has been complained by the real estate management company.

Twitter’s leadership also considered refusing to pay severance packages to the thousands of laid-off employees, according to two other people familiar with the matter. Twitter also asked employees not to pay suppliers, according to seven people familiar with the matter.

In addition, according to Curbed, auction company Heritage Global Partners is preparing to auction hundreds of pieces of Twitter's kitchen and dining room furniture. That could mean Twitter's catering company is also getting ready to leave.

According to reports, this may be because Musk's team hopes to renegotiate Twitter's lease contract. It's also unclear whether Musk plans to relocate Twitter's headquarters.

Source: CNBC & Curbed & foreign media

The use of Beidou has surpassed that of GPS, dominating the domestic navigation and positioning market

On the 14th, Gaode Map announced that the daily positioning volume of Beidou satellites called has exceeded 210 billion times, which is 30% more than that of the second-ranked GPS.

In addition, the Beidou system has surpassed the GPS system in multiple dimensions such as the average number of satellites called for a single positioning and the accuracy of civilian positioning, officially realizing the overall dominance of domestic navigation application positioning.

Data show that among the smartphones that applied for network access in my country in the first half of this year, 128 models supported Beidou positioning, and their shipments accounted for more than 98% of the total shipments in the first half of the year.

Simmons plans to file for bankruptcy, and more than ten branches in China have been cancelled.

On the 14th, Serta Simmons, a large US mattress manufacturer, said it plans to file for bankruptcy in January 2023 at the earliest.

According to public information, about 13 of the branches of the American Simmons exclusive authorized company in China have been cancelled.

After the Simmons brand mattress entered the Chinese market, it once led to a bedding revolution, making spring mattresses gradually replace the traditional wooden boards, and "Simmons" has thus become synonymous with mattresses.

Source: China Business News & Wanwan Finance

Weilai may launch a million-level luxury car, benchmarking Maybach S-Class

On the 14th, according to Auto Market Story, NIO insiders revealed that NIO plans to launch a million-level ultra-luxury car:

"This million-dollar car is still operating under the banner of Weilai. It has entered the design stage and is benchmarked against the Maybach S-class. If it goes well, the model will be launched in 2024 at the earliest and sold globally."

In the past two months, three million-level luxury car brands have been released in China, namely BYD's new brand Yangwang, BeyonCa of Beijing Binli Information Technology Company, and Hyper Haobo launched by GAC Aian.

Source: Auto Market Story

Cars turned into game consoles, Steam officially launched on Tesla

On the 14th, according to The Verge, Tesla recently launched a "holiday update" that officially brought Steam and Apple Music.

In the promotional video, Tesla can run "Cyberpunk 2077" smoothly. At the same time, Tesla also supports handles, keyboards and mice, and has launched a 1TB solid-state drive to facilitate users to download more games.

However, currently only the new Model S and Model X with 16GB of DDR memory can use Steam.

Earlier, Sony also announced a partnership with Honda to build an entertainment car around its PS5 game console.

Source: The Verge & IT Home & Wanwan Finance

 When Apple wakes up from the dream of building a car

Apple founder Steve Jobs famously said, “Apple is more concerned with being the best in a particular category than it is with being the first.”

However, Apple's perfectionism may be the cause of the current embarrassment of the Apple Car.

From the very beginning, Apple did not want to benchmark against any existing company or any model in the industry, but was eager to create a product that had never been launched, could fully realize fully automatic driving, and might not even have a steering wheel.

However, due to the high technical barriers, no large enterprise has set the development goal as L5, and Apple is the only one.

Secondly, the L4 level of automatic driving already means that it can enter fully automatic driving. In the event of a traffic accident, the L4 automatic driving company is completely responsible for the accident.

Furthermore, the process and upstream and downstream enterprises involved in car manufacturing are much more complicated than mobile phones. In building the iPhone, Apple adheres to the concept of "necessary and necessary", and there are still companies that can satisfy it. In terms of automobile manufacturing, it is undoubtedly a fantasy to start mass production with a goal that no one in the industry has achieved.

So, after years of planning to build a car, Apple itself abandoned its high standards and only planned to release a mass-market product. However, if the car products that Apple has been working hard for twelve years are not subversive, then what is the point of Apple making cars?

After waking up from the dream of perfectionism, Apple needs to accept a reality: In the field of cars, it may be a mediocre latecomer.

The point of view in this article comes from "Most Talking FunTalk":

Meizu announced today's comeback: Welcome Meizu back home

On the 14th, Meizu officially issued an article, saying that "Meizu's 19 years of persistent love are also 19 years of unbounded co-creation by users. Welcome Mei friends home, see you tomorrow", or hinting that Meizu may announce a new flagship new machine today. The release time of Meizu 20".

"Meizu 20" will be the return of the Meizu 18 series launched by Meizu in 2021, and it will also be the first product launched in cooperation with Xingji Times.

According to previous revelations, the Meizu 20 series will have two models, the Meizu 20 and the Meizu 20 Pro. The Pro model is equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chip, 12GB LPDDR5x memory, UFS 4.0 storage, and supports up to 80W fast charging.

Source: IT Home

Xiaomi Mini Host (Barebones) Starts Crowdfunding: Equipped with Intel Core i5-1240P, 2799 Yuan

Last Sunday, Xiaomi officially released Xiaomi's first desktop computer "Mi Mini Host", and launched a barebone version of this model.

In terms of configuration, this barebones version is equipped with the same 12th-generation Intel Core processor i5-1240P as the Mi Mini host, with a 12-core 16-thread design, a maximum turbo frequency of 4.4GHz, and a performance release of 40W. It is equipped with an AX211 wireless network card , supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3.

The difference is that the barebones version removes 16GB DDR4 memory, 512GB PCIe 4.0 SSD and Win11 system.

However, the price is also 900 yuan lower than the initial price of 3699 yuan for the standard model, and the price is 2799 yuan, which was officially launched for crowdfunding yesterday.

Source: IT Home

OPPO released the second self-developed chip "Mariana Y"

On the 14th, OPPO released its second self-developed chip "Mariana Y".

This is a flagship Bluetooth audio SoC chip, which supports 12Mbps high-speed Bluetooth rate, which is 4 times that of ordinary Bluetooth, and realizes the wirelessization of 192kHz / 24bit lossless music for the first time.

In addition, OPPO also released the OHealth H1 home smart health monitor. This is OPPO's first smart health concept product for home users, which integrates six functions of body temperature, ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen, heart and lung sound auscultation and sleep monitoring.

Source: ZEALER & Pinwan

Old models are also updated, Apple pushes iOS 15.7.2 to iPhone 6s/7

While Apple pushed the official version of iOS 16.2, the old models that missed iOS 16 also got the official version of iOS 15.7.2.

However, the update is expected to include only bug fixes and necessary security patches. Specifically, the devices supported this time include:

iPhone 7 | iPhone 7 Plus | iPhone SE | iPhone 6s | iPhone 6s Plus | iPod touch 7 | iPad mini 4 | iPad Air 2

Source: Fast Technology

The first inD Guangzhou Art Book Fair kicks off, 100+ stall owners invite you to see you at Christmas in Guangzhou

The first inD Guangzhou Art Book Fair, co-hosted by Design360° and Ai Faner, will be held at Future Society from December 22nd to December 25th.

The first inD Art Book Fair takes "Boundary of Art Book" as the theme, focusing on the discussion of "Boundary", hoping to explore the "Boundary" between art book and content expression through different planning units

This year's inD Art Book Fair invited 110+ exhibitors from home and abroad to gather in Guangzhou. In addition, there are 12 publishers/creatives, 12+ special curated exhibitions, and interactive installation units.

We look forward to having a fruitful and merry Christmas with you all!

Tims Coffee speeds up localization and changes its name to Tims Tianhao Coffee

On the 12th, the official account "Tims Coffee" changed its name to "Tims Tianhao Coffee". This is the first time that Tims Coffee has used a Chinese name since it entered China.

Tims Coffee said that the introduction of the Chinese name is for better localization, deepening the Chinese market, and it will also help enter the sinking market in the future.

Tim Hortons is Canada's national coffee brand. It entered the Chinese market in 2019 and opened its first store in Shanghai.

Source: CCTV

Lele Tea x Crayon Shin-Chan Joint Name: Strawberry Mochi Raw Coconut, Coconut Coconut Butt Toast

On the 14th, Lele Tea and the classic animation "Crayon Shin-chan" launched a joint limited product.

According to reports, the new product Strawberry Mochi Raw Coconut is made with fresh and sweet raw coconut milk and Jasmine Cuifeng as the tea base, adding seasonal fresh strawberries and handmade rice mochi, and the price starts at 24 yuan; Coconut Butt Toast contains Shredded coconut, priced from 25 yuan.

The new co-branded product is now available on the Mini Program. This cooperation also launched a series of peripherals such as co-branded handbags, drink cups, straw sleeves, and soft PVC rings.

Source: FoodTalks & Lele Tea

Rich sources and low cost, nuclear waste batteries will drive spacecraft to explore deep space

On the 14th, "Nature" pointed out in a report that European scientists are developing a battery powered by nuclear waste "americium-241".

Americium, a byproduct of the decay of plutonium and one of the more intractable components of nuclear waste, has never been used as fuel before. Compared with the current plutonium, the biggest advantage of americium is that it is cheaper, more plentiful, and has a longer life, which can reuse otherwise useless waste.

The European Space Agency, ESA, hopes that by the end of the century, these devices will be able to provide long-term power to spacecraft without relying on solar panels, helping the agency explore the moon and the far reaches of the solar system.

For example, exploration missions can be carried out on the moon for 14 Earth days at night, and it can be applied to solar system exploration missions beyond Jupiter.

Source: Science and Technology Daily

"Spider-Man: Into the Into the Parallel Universe 2" has been revealed, and it will be released on June 2 next year

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

On the 14th, "Spider-Man: Into the Parallel Universe 2" first revealed the trailer. With the gentle encouragement of his mother, "Little Black Spider" Miles joins hands with Spider Gwen to embark on a grander adventure in the parallel universe.

"Spider-Man: Into the Parallel Universe" won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film in 2019. Its pioneering picture style has influenced "League of Legends: Battle of Two Cities", "League of Bad Guys" and the upcoming "Wearing" which will be released in China next week. Puss in Boots 2, etc.

For this popular IP, Sony Animation has developed two sequels in one go. "Spider-Man: Parallel Universe 2" will be released on June 2 next summer, and "Spider-Man: Beyond the Universe" will be released on March 29, 2024. release.

Source: Mtime

"The Wandering Earth 2" releases the "Before Set Sail" trailer, revealing the digital life plan for the first time

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

On the 14th, "The Wandering Earth 2" officially released the "Before Sailing" trailer and the "Stardust" character poster.

The story of the film took place before the earth began to wander: under the doomsday crisis, the "Digital Life Project" was officially born. Human beings tried to upload their memories and part of their consciousness to the world of digital life, so as to achieve "immortality".

The new film will be released on January 22, 2023, which is the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Source: Mtime

The new theatrical version of "Dragon Ball Super" will be released in the mainland next month

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

On the 14th, the new theatrical version of "Dragon Ball Super" "Dragon Ball Super: Super Cyborg" released a trailer and poster.

The original author Toriyama Akira participated in the character design and screenwriting, and Kodama Toruro directed it. It tells the story of the Red Ribbon Legion, which was once defeated by Monkey King, making a comeback and creating the self-proclaimed superhero. "Gamma 2" meets the superheroes Gohan and Piccolo and starts a fierce battle.

The film "Dragon Ball Super: Super Cyborg" is the 21st theatrical version of the "Dragon Ball" series. Rotten Tomatoes has a freshness rate of 93%. It will be released in mainland China on January 6.

Source: Mtime & Sohu Movies


Sea Life on a Houseboat@Berlin

The boat is 5 years old. After Marianene bought it, she transformed it into a rejuvenating retreat and gave it a Chinese name: " fàngsōng " .

The total length is about 15 meters and the maximum width reaches 4 meters

Relying on solar panels that cover the entire roof and an extra panel on each side, the " water caravan " can be self-sufficient, and a large built-in battery can also power the engine when needed.

highly intensive space

Wood pellets stored in the storage space in the bottom of the barn do a good job of keeping the boat house warm. In the future, through the water purification system, the houseboat can also filter the water in the river into drinking water, and then the biological sewage treatment device will convert it into drinking water.

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