Morning Post | Musk asks employees to end telecommuting / Tencent’s promotion will no longer immediately raise salary / Xiaomi responds to the incident of TV screen falling off

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  • Musk asks employees to end telecommuting
  • Tencent's promotion no longer immediately raises salary
  • Xiaomi responds to the incident of TV screen falling off again
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 Officially Released
  • #FR2 Launches "Mona Lisa Smashed Cake" Pattern T-Shirt
  • Sony releases three APS-C ultra-wide-angle lenses
  • Li Ning launches 001 Unblock Dragon Boat limited edition sneakers
  • OPPO, vivo, and Little Genius co-organize the school
  • Apple may use digital car keys on Hyundai and BYD cars
  • Weibo's first-quarter net revenue of $484.6 million
  • Extreme Krypton 001 single-month delivery hit a record high
  • HEYTEA teamed up with pidan to launch a joint charity merchandise for stray cats
  • Prada launches NFT series
  • MetaGrave closes multi-million dollar financing

Musk asks employees to end telecommuting

According to Electrek and Bloomberg, Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent executives an email titled "Remote work is no longer acceptable."

Musk said in an email that employees must stay in the office for at least 40 hours a week or “leave Tesla.” Moreover, the office here refers to the "main Tesla office", not the "remote branch office."
In another email, he also said that of course there are other companies that don't require employees to return to the office, "but when was the last time these companies released a great new product?"
Earlier, Musk tweeted: "All the pandemic stay-at-home stuff makes people think you don't really need to work hard."

Tencent's promotion no longer immediately raises salary

Recently, Tencent released an internal email to all employees, announcing the start of a new round of salary reform.

The email stated that Tencent will no longer implement immediate salary adjustments for rank promotions alone, and the salary adjustments for rank promotions will be integrated into the incentive resource package of the annual salary review.

At the same time, the annual salary review will be changed from June to July, which will be comprehensively evaluated in combination with factors such as performance contribution, ability improvement, and salary competitiveness.

In 2020, Tencent set the "salary review" as an annual salary evaluation mechanism, breaking the principle that employees must get a salary increase every April in the past.

Since the beginning of this year, Tencent has continued to increase its efforts to "reduce costs and increase efficiency". Previously, Tencent was exposed to layoffs in many departments. This reform is also Tencent's first large-scale salary adjustment this year. (The Paper)

Xiaomi responds to the incident of TV screen falling off again

On May 31, a surveillance video of a TV screen suddenly falling went viral on the Internet.

Mr. Zhao, the party involved, said that the TV was a Xiaomi TV purchased on the Jingdong platform a month ago, and the screen had already fallen off two days before the incident.

Mr. Zhao said that at that time, customer service said that this was caused by the use of too long, and it could be exchanged for users. According to reports, three days ago, netizens reported similar experiences.

In response, Xiaomi responded that it has confirmed that due to the production of Xiaomi TV EA70, a very small number of devices may have problems with screen opening, and the affected devices are locked in two batches of products with a production date from February 14th to March 20th.

Xiaomi will provide free on-site maintenance services for these two batches of EA70 TVs, and provide an additional two-year extended warranty service. (The Paper)

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 Officially Released

On June 1, Microsoft officially released the Surface Laptop Go 2.

Microsoft says the Surface Laptop Go 2 supports easy opening of the computer's lid, with Instant On and Windows Hello fingerprint recognition power buttons for quick access.

In terms of configuration, the Surface Laptop Go 2 has a 12.4-inch PixelSense touch display, is powered by an 11th-generation Intel Core i5 quad-core processor, and is available in Ice Crystal Blue, Sandstone Gold, Bright Platinum, and Fairy Tea Green.

The new product will start pre-sale and pre-order online and offline channels from now on. The pre-sale price of 8GB + 128GB is 5,188 yuan, and the pre-sale price of 8GB + 256GB is 5,888 yuan. (IT House)

#FR2 Launches "Mona Lisa Smashed Cake" Pattern T-Shirt

On May 29, local time, a cake was thrown at Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting "Mona Lisa" in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Japanese street creative brand #FR2 took this as inspiration and launched the "Mona Lisa" pattern T-Shirt.

In addition to the picture on the back of the T-Shirt, which recorded the moment of the incident, the phrase "A Piece of Cake" was left on the chest pocket, and the iconic rabbit logo was modified to look like holding a cake.

This new product is currently open for pre-order on the #FR2 website, priced at 7700 yen. (Hypebeast)

Sony releases three APS-C ultra-wide-angle lenses

On June 1, Sony released three APS-C format ultra-wide-angle lenses.

The E PZ 10-20mm F4 G is currently Sony's smallest and lightest constant F4 aperture APS-C frame ultra-wide-angle zoom lens.

E 15mm F1.4 G Lightweight and compact, it features a large aperture of F1.4.

E 11mm F1.8 is a combination of ultra-wide angle and large aperture, suitable for Vlog video shooting.

So far, Sony E-mount APS-C lenses have reached 23. The three lenses will go on sale in early June 2022. The E PZ 10-20mm F4 G is priced at 4,699 yuan, the E 15mm F1.4 G is priced at 4,699 yuan, and the E 11mm F1.8 is priced at 3,399 yuan.

Li Ning Launches 001 Unblock Dragon Boat Limited Edition Blind Box Sneakers

On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, Li Ning continued the Dragon Boat Festival limited editions in 2020 and 2021 and released the "001 Unblock Dragon Boat Festival Limited Edition" shoes.

The shoes are modeled on 001 Unblock and inspired by zongzi, incorporating elements such as zongzi leaves, glutinous rice, colorful ropes, and the culture of salty and sweet zongzi in the north and south into the shoe expression. The printing on the tongue randomly presents four different patterns representing the culture of eating rice dumplings in the north and the south, as an easter egg design to bring consumers a blind box experience.

The shoes will be listed on Li Ning official mall, Li Ning official flagship store and offline stores on June 3, 2022.

OPPO, vivo, and Little Genius co-organize the school

It was reported on June 1 that OPPO, vivo and Xiaocai from Guangdong BBK companies will jointly organize the "BBK Experimental School" in Dongguan, Guangdong.

The school will officially enroll students in September 2023. It integrates kindergarten, primary school, and junior high school. The campus covers an area of ​​230 acres and a building area of ​​200,000 square meters.

Meanwhile, the school started teacher recruitment in June this year and plans to provide 99 positions. Among them, the starting salary of the main class teacher in kindergarten is 160,000 yuan, and the starting salary of the primary and secondary school teachers is 300,000-600,000 yuan. (IT House)

Apple may use digital car keys on Hyundai and BYD cars

Apple is currently planning to add Hyundai and BYD digital car keys to its wallet app. The feature allows users to lock, unlock and start their vehicle using a digital key stored in their iPhone or Apple Watch wallet.

Additionally, Ultra Wideband technology support in iOS 15 can even automatically lock and unlock supported cars when the user approaches, without waking the device.

Apple first introduced the digital car key feature at Apple's developer conference in 2020, and BMW became the first automaker to add a digital car key to the wallet. (World Wide Web)

Weibo's first-quarter net revenue of $484.6 million

On June 1, Weibo released its results for the first quarter of fiscal 2022. Weibo’s net revenue in the first quarter was US$484.6 million, exceeding market expectations.

According to the financial report data, the monthly active users of Weibo reached 582 million, and the proportion of monthly active users in the first quarter from the mobile terminal reached 95%.

On the expense side, Weibo’s costs and expenses in the first quarter amounted to US$381.8 million, an increase of 9% over the same period last year. The company stated that the relevant growth was mainly affected by the increase in personnel-related costs and the cost of content related to the Winter Olympics. The company's sales and marketing expenses declined due to channel investment optimization and a reduction in offline activity.

Regarding the performance of this quarter's revenue, Weibo said it was mainly affected by the uncertainty of macro factors, the re-emergence of the new crown epidemic and the control measures in key domestic areas since mid-March. The decrease in value-added service revenue was mainly due to the decline in membership service revenue and live broadcast revenue. (Wall Street News)

Extreme Krypton 001 single-month delivery hit a record high

On June 1, Jikr Intelligent Technology announced the latest delivery of its luxury hunting coupe Jikr 001: In May, Jikr 001 delivered 4,330 units, doubling the month-on-month delivery, an increase of 102.6%, and the monthly delivery reached a record high.

By May this year, Jikr had delivered a total of 20,715 units, with an average order value of more than 335,000 yuan.

With the commissioning of the production line dedicated to Weibak, it is expected that the arrival of the goods can meet the production and manufacturing of all the pending parts orders before January 2022, but there is still great uncertainty in the specific production and delivery situation.

HEYTEA teamed up with pidan to launch a joint charity merchandise for stray cats

Recently, HEYTEA teamed up with pidan and its fund to jointly launch the "June 1st Special Project", launching a public welfare outdoor supply station designed for stray cats and co-branded peripheral products.

The outdoor supply station adopts a semi-enclosed socket design with built-in grab plates, detachable wrists and insect-proof grooves, and has an openable and closable window for easy assembly.

The joint merchandise includes lottery cup sets and cat foot cup sets, which can be redeemed for any purchase in the store from June 1 to 5 with an additional 6.1 yuan.

At the same time, HEYTEA also launched a limited-time pop-up event at the first pet-friendly store "Shenzhen Xihui City Store", where participants can exchange for related accessories. (SocialBeta)

Prada launches NFT series

On June 2, Prada will release a new Timecapsule series designed in collaboration with artist Cassius Hirst to the world. Buyers can receive NFT products independently developed by Prada for a limited time within 24 hours.

Timecapsule is a limited series launched by Prada in 2019. Consumers who buy the new Timecapsule this time will be the first to own Prada NFT, while previous consumers will get it in the second phase.

At the same time, Prada will also open to the public Prada Crypted, a metaverse community created on Discord, to provide users with a communication platform for fashion, art, technology, etc. (Fashion Business Daily)

MetaGrave closes multi-million dollar financing

MetaGrave, the world's first cemetery metacosmization project, recently announced that it has received a $1 million angel round of investment from KCC Capital.

MetaGrave was established in Los Angeles, USA in 2021, and was designed and developed by Chinese-American Willow. Users can use NFT tombstones as keys to a private memorial, where they store and display their loved one's memories, such as text, images, videos, sounds, and more. MetaGrave's first whitelist pre-sale event is about to start.

This round of financing will be used to improve the level of technology research and development, ecological construction, brand building, etc. (IT oranges)

Rotterdam City Roof Walk @Rotterdam Holland

On May 26, 2022, the Rotterdam Roof Walk will officially open to visitors. Above a height of 30 meters, visitors can walk on rooftops in the city.

This rooftop walkway crosses the bridge on Coolsingel Street, an important street in Rotterdam, and visitors can climb the stairs to the top of the Bijenkorf department store and walk to the top of the base of the World Trade Center.

The bright orange roof walks total 600 meters, providing the public with an excellent view of the city. There will also be exhibitions on the trail to make users more aware of the potential and possibilities of rooftop spaces to contribute to sustainable, healthy and liveable cities.

The trail will be open from May 26 to June 24, daily from 10:00 to 20:00.

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