Morning Post | MINISO will go public in the U.S. / Tesla encounters serious network problems / Many Marvel movies postpone schedule

MINISO officially submitted the prospectus and plans to be listed on the NYSE

According to the interface news, MINISO officially submitted the IPO prospectus to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange under the code MNSO. The underwriters of this IPO are Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Securities.

The funds raised from MINISO’s listing in the United States will be mainly used to expand global stores and retail networks, upgrade warehousing and logistics networks, and further enhance digital operating systems.

News reported that Tesla was experiencing serious network problems, and internal systems and connectivity were interrupted

According to Tencent Technology, yesterday morning, Tesla’s network appeared to be malfunctioning, causing many car owners to be unable to connect to their cars with the company’s mobile apps.

Electrek Electrek first reported the issue , and its editor claimed that he could not open his Tesla car. "Bloomberg" later also stated that at least one Tesla owner said he could not use the app to open the car. Subsequently, more feedback on similar situations appeared on the Internet.

During the breakdown, although the car owner cannot use the application to control the car, the car key still works normally. So far, it is not clear whether Tesla’s autopilot and other driving assistance functions are affected by the malfunction.

"Black Widow" and many other Marvel movies have been postponed

According to The Verge, Disney announced that the release schedule of "Black Widow" will be postponed to May 7, 2021; "Shang Qi" will be postponed to July 9, 2021; "Eternal Clan" will be postponed to November 5, 2021.

In addition, Steven Spielberg's "West Side Story" has also been postponed from this year's Christmas file to December 10 next year.

Latest epidemic figures

Some domestic (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) data have been released : on September 23, there were no new cases in Beijing; 3 new cases of asymptomatic infections in Qingdao; 2 new cases of asymptomatic infections imported from abroad; new imported cases from Guangdong There were 4 cases of asymptomatic infection.

Hong Kong : On September 22, there were 3 new confirmed cases, including 2 local cases and 1 imported case. A total of 5,049 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia have been reported in Hong Kong.

Overseas : As of 7:00 on September 24, there were a total of 31,872,860 confirmed cases overseas, a total of 974,023 deaths, and a total of 23,503,715 cured cases.

Nokia mobile phone becomes the official mobile phone of "007: No Time to Die"

HMD Global, the home of Nokia mobile phones, will launch a global marketing campaign in conjunction with the Bond film "007: No Time to Die". A series of Nokia phones will appear in the movie, including Nokia 8.3 5G, which supports 13 global 5G frequency bands, and has 64-megapixel Zeiss optical lenses and pan-tilt-level anti-shake Zeiss cinema lenses. In addition, the beloved iconic mobile phone Nokia 3310 will also appear in the movie.

Bose released two smart audio glasses, priced at 1999 yuan

According to news from Dynamic Point, Bose released two new smart audio glasses in China, priced at 1999 yuan. Both products use dynamic sound quality equalization technology, the bass details will not be damaged by lowering the volume; when the sound is surging, there is no need to worry about the distortion of the concert.

Among them, the "sports model" is made of durable and lightweight plastic titanium (TR90) material, and the temples on both sides are embedded with 22 mm full-range sounding units to achieve the same auditory experience even when riding at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. Excellent".

The "cat eye" is more suitable for daily wear. It has characteristics such as drop resistance and scratch resistance. The official said its bass shows a "more exciting and shocking effect."

In addition, Bose also introduced noise-cancelling earplugs & wireless earplugs, the first noise-cancelling gaming headset and a new generation of sleep earplugs.

Among them, the noise canceling earplugs have 11 controllable noise canceling levels, excellent sound quality across the range, new shark fin comfortable earmuffs, IPX4 waterproof level, 18 hours of battery life, priced at 2,299 yuan, and the new generation of Bose wireless earplugs are priced at 1,399 yuan. Both will be pre-sold on September 23 and will go on sale on October 15.

Amazon launches "climate friendly" label to help users choose sustainable products

According to The Verge, Amazon announced the launch of the "Climate Pledge Friendly" project.

Amazon has set up 19 sustainability standards. When a product meets one of these standards, you can get the relevant label, making it easier for users to discover and select products that meet sustainable development. Currently, 25,000 products have received this label.

Watermelon Video Co-produced "Miss Holmes", synchronized with Netflix's world premiere

36kr news, at 3 pm on September 23, Watermelon Video exclusively launched the suspenseful adventure movie "Miss Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Marquis", which opened the world premiere simultaneously with Netflix.

This film is jointly produced by Watermelon Video and Legendary Pictures of the United States. It is the first international film produced by Watermelon Video. At that time, members of Watermelon Video Film and Television can watch it for free.

Adobe launches "fluid mode", which uses AI to automatically rebuild PDF files for mobile devices

According to cnBeta news, Adobe launched the "Liquid Mode" in the Acrobat Reader app for iOS and Android. This mode uses Adobe's AI engine Sensei to analyze the PDF and automatically rebuild it for mobile devices.

If the PDF file on hand is suitable, the user can adjust the font size and line spacing in the PDF by turning on the fluid mode. AI will also detect the text structure and automatically build a jumpable directory. This mode will not affect the original file. After exiting this mode, the file will be restored to its original state.

Xiaomi launches overtime compensation service

According to Pinwan News, yesterday, Xiaomi’s overtime compensation service was launched: door-to-door service responded in 2 hours, and repair service was completed in 12 hours.

Specifically, a 2-hour on-site appointment means that the on-site service starts from the time when the customer service creates an order, and the engineer contacts the user to make an appointment within 2 hours. The 12-hour post-repair completion means that the post-repair service starts from the time the system is signed, and the repair is completed and the statement is made to the user within 12 hours.

For overtime orders, Xiaomi will compensate the user 20 yuan per order. Xiaomi Mall has no threshold red envelopes. This red envelope is used to deduct any products purchased at Xiaomi Mall and cannot be withdrawn.

IDC: E-sports game books will dominate the game books market

The IDC report pointed out that with the continued popularity of the e-sports industry, e-sports games will gradually become the mainstream of the gaming market, and the overall average unit price of notebooks will also rise due to the rise of e-sports games.

The design of this type of game book will pay more attention to meeting the high visual experience requirements of e-sports players, with a larger display screen and a higher screen-to-body ratio; the screen will gradually increase the color gamut; more use of "light chasing graphics cards".

New crown testing has a new trick, this time I invite dogs to help

According to "Fastcompany" news, Helsinki Airport in Finland will start hiring trained working dogs to assist in testing passengers for new coronary pneumonia.

The Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Helsinki has been researching and training dogs to detect COVID-19 since the beginning of 2020. In May of this year, the research team successfully trained dogs to make judgments based on human urine. Now that dogs can be judged by the sweat on the surface of human skin, the team will also start testing at Helsinki Airport.

It is reported that dogs only need 10 relevant molecules to identify new coronary pneumonia, while ordinary detection tools now require 18 million molecules to detect relevant information.

From an operational point of view, the normal body temperature detection of a dog is different. For safety and privacy considerations, this method requires travelers to wipe the skin with a wet wipe, which will then be placed in a cup and taken to a separate room for dogs to recognize.

Nike teamed up with Wang Ruohan to launch a new Flyleather artist series

Nike and Chinese illustrator Ruohan Wang have joined forces to launch a new Flyleather artist series based on Air Force 1, Blazer Mid '77 and Air Max 90.

The theme of the series is "Natural Recycling", and the upper uses Flyleather material, which is made of at least 50% recycled natural leather fiber.

Kreafunk launched the "CARE" environmental protection series

Hypebeast news, Danish audio brand Kreafunk has launched the "KREAFUNK CARE" environmentally friendly series, which is now on sale on the official website.

This series replaces 35% of plastic with environmentally friendly wheat straw fiber, and replaces metal grid with recycled polyester fiber made from 98% recycled plastic bottles.

The owners of the residential complex in Dalian have moved into rough houses for 8 years

Recently, the owners of Junlin Tianxia in Dalian Development Zone in Liaoning reported that the residential area had not been handed over for eight years. Many owners have moved into rough houses due to the pressure of life.

The community involves a total of 6 buildings and about 800 residents. At present, more than 20 households have moved in. The developer involved has gone bankrupt. The relevant government department replied that the legal process is in progress. The owner, Ms. Jia, said that at present, she only hopes to provide electricity and water to meet the basic needs. At present, the relevant departments have not responded to this.

Netizen: "The Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development asked the Management Committee, and the Management Committee kicked it to the Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development, which made people speechless." "It really hurts them a little bit. They were bought for a lifetime of hard work, and they encountered this kind of thing. I can’t imagine that one day I will meet, I should collapse.”

Church of Beatified Restituta @ Brno Czech Republic

Regarding the design of this church, the architect Marek Jan Štěpán has been brewing since 1968. This year, the church dedicated to the commemoration of the nun Marie Restituta was finally completed.

Among them, part of the main building is a circular church. On the top of the church, the architect created a circle of stained glass windows.

When daylight passes through the stained glass, it can bring indirect light sources into the church without casting obvious shadows. It should be round and gentle with the church as a whole.

In addition, the circular design of the church itself also symbolizes "heaven and eternity"; the square building next to it symbolizes "world and eternity."

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