Morning Post | Microsoft’s market value once surpassed Apple/SpaceX’s third test flight of Starship will be carried out as soon as next month/Honor responds to the plagiarism controversy of Hammer


 The third Starship flight test could start as soon as February

 Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple Vision Pro will sell out soon after release

 Tesla plans to launch fitness hammer

 Byte responds that Chedi will become an independent company

 Honor responds to controversy over plagiarism from Hammer

 Zhou Hongyi responded to Cheng Qian’s apology

 AI scientist Andrew Ng: This year the AI ​​field will see a transition from LLM to LVM

 Sphere, the world’s largest spherical building, makes an appearance again

✨ The 2024 Lili L series models will be released and delivered in March

 Honda’s new logo officially unveiled

 Honor Magic6 series flagship mobile phones officially released

 L'Oréal launches professional-grade hair dryer

 IKEA’s limited-edition home sports collection is now available

 "Naruto" x ASICS GEL-NYC latest joint shoe released

 DiCaprio stars in Paul Thomas Anderson's new film

 Star Trek new movie in development

 "White Snake: The Floating Life" scheduled for Chinese Valentine's Day


The third Starship flight test could start as soon as February

According to Space news, at a media briefing on Tuesday local time, Jessica Jensen, SpaceX’s vice president of customer operations and integration, said that the company is already applying for approval for the third flight of the Starship system.

Jessica Jensen said: "From a hardware readiness perspective, our goal is to be ready in January of this year. From an FAA approval perspective, we are applying for a license for the third flight."

Jessica Jensen added that SpaceX is currently completing the corrective measures required after the second flight test of Starship one by one, and the company expects the FAA to approve the third flight test in February this year.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple Vision Pro will sell out soon after release

Early this morning, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple plans to produce 60,000 to 80,000 units of the Vision Pro, which will be released on February 2. Due to small initial shipments, he predicts that the Vision Pro will "sell out soon after release."

Kuo Ming-chi believes that although Apple has not yet clearly defined the product positioning and key applications of Vision Pro, and the price is not cheap, with "breakthrough technological innovation" and Apple's "core fans and heavy user base", Vision Pro will soon be available. Sold out.

Previously, Apple announced that pre-orders for the Vision Pro will begin on Friday, January 19, local time, and will be available in the United States on February 2.

It is worth mentioning that due to the violent fluctuations in stock prices yesterday, Microsoft's market value once surpassed Apple's and became the company with the highest market value in the world. However, Microsoft's market value was overtaken by Apple soon after.

big company

Tesla plans to launch fitness hammer

According to foreign media Electrek, Tesla recently submitted a trademark application for a fitness hammer called "Cyberhammer", suggesting that the next new product inspired by the Cybertruck is expected to be released.

It is understood that the application belongs to the category of fitness equipment, namely a fitness hammer, which is suitable for whole-body training. By swinging the hammer, the stability of the user's muscles and ligaments can be enhanced.

At present, the appearance design of the fitness hammer has not yet been determined. Given the pricing of peripheral products such as the Gigabeer and Cyber ​​whistle previously released by Tesla, the Cyberhammer fitness hammer may also be expensive.

Byte responds that Chedi will become an independent company

Recently, according to "LatePost" news, ByteDance is integrating the related businesses of its automotive platform Dianchedi into a newly established wholly-owned subsidiary.

The legal representative of the subsidiary will be the former head of strategy of Dongche Di. A small number of employees who originally belonged to ByteDance plan to complete the transfer of labor relations to the new company around the end of January. In the future, Mr. Chedi will also have his own independent office space.

In this regard, according to Sina Technology's verification, ByteDance confirmed the matter and responded that the registration and establishment of an independent company was based on the needs of normal business development.

Honor responds to controversy over plagiarism from Hammer

At the Honor conference held recently, Honor officially launched the MagicOS8.0 operating system, and a feature called "Any Door" caused controversy.

Smartisan founder Luo Yonghao publicly shouted out to Honor CEO Zhao Ming on Weibo: "This is a blatant plagiarism of Smartphone One Step. Was Mr. Zhao deceived by the kid who made the product? I believe your company is not so shameless. You guys It’s not an apple.”

In this regard, Honor R&D head Deng Bin said in an interview that "Any Gate" is an interaction logic based on intent recognition independently developed by Honor, which was completely unavailable in that era.

Previously, according to Honor official introduction, the "any door" function is a brand-new human-computer interaction experience. Driven by platform-level AI, it intelligently predicts the user's interaction intentions and realizes direct access to drag-and-drop services, which greatly simplifies the traditional interaction mode. Steps.

Zhou Hongyi responded to Cheng Qian’s apology

Recently, in a roundtable forum, Cheng Qian, the host of the Internet celebrity "Cheng Qian Moments", served as the moderator.

There was an exchange of words during the conversation with Zhou Hongyi, the founder of 360 Group.

Subsequently, Cheng Qian posted a video apology for his performance on the forum. Cheng Qian said that as a junior, making such a fuss on such an occasion made everyone laugh, which caused an extremely bad impact and violated his own obligations. The original intention of the matter went against the original intention of starting a business.

In response to this, Zhou Hongyi said: "It is normal for young people to make mistakes. Who doesn't make mistakes? I still often feel that I am stupid. Being able to realize this means that I have made progress. In a word. It's not a big deal, in fact it's nothing. You need to apologize. As long as you sincerely review your mistakes and let yourself grow and change, you can turn bad things into good things."

"I believe that the future definitely belongs to young people who keep making progress and reflecting, especially young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. But I found that some people are not very good at giving speeches on the spot. When I was young, I also had the sadness of being kicked off the stage if I could not speak well. Story, Jack Ma and Zhang Chaoyang both taught me presentation skills, and successful entrepreneurs are almost all excellent speakers."

AI scientist Andrew Ng: This year the AI ​​field will see a transition from LLM to LVM

At the 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show, Andrew Ng, founder of Google Brain and associate professor at Stanford University, attended a panel discussion in the "Great Ideas, Bold Vision" session.

When asked what major breakthroughs may occur in the field of artificial intelligence in 2024, Ng said: "First of all, I see a shift from large language models to large visual models. A lot of progress is not just in generating images, but also in The image is analyzed so that the computer can better see the meaning of the image, which has an important impact on fields such as autonomous driving."

Ng Enda is very optimistic about the development of autonomous agents (Auto Agents). In his view, autonomous agents can autonomously plan and execute a series of actions according to the instructions given, such as market research, competitive analysis, etc., and then return the results. This type of agent has great application potential.

He believes that the ability to run language models locally on personal terminals is now relatively strong, and the ability in this area is actually much better than most people think.

New product

Sphere, the world’s largest spherical building, makes an appearance again

The 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show opened in Las Vegas, USA, on the 9th local time, and Sphere, also located in Las Vegas, also made an appearance again.

The Sphere has a construction cost of US$2.3 billion (approximately 16.5 billion yuan) and covers an area of ​​approximately 81,000 square meters. It is the largest spherical building in the world. Its building exterior covers an area of ​​approximately 54,000 square meters and is composed of 1.2 million programmable LED panels.

The wrap-around 16K large screen covers an area of ​​nearly 15,000 square meters and is the world's largest high-definition LED screen. The Sphere's audio system is completely hidden behind the LED screen and contains 167,000 speakers, developed by the Berlin audio company Holoplot.

The clever thing is that based on 3D audio beamforming and wavefield synthesis technology, the quality of the audio will not be impaired due to distance. The design team likened it to "bathing in sound", which is rich and inclusive.

The 2024 Lili L series models will be released and delivered in March

Yesterday, according to the official blog of Li Auto, the cumulative sales of Li Auto's L series models exceeded 420,000 units since their successful launch in 2022, making them the first choice for home users.

In 2024, Li Auto will update the configuration of the Li Auto L series models, and the 2024 models will be released and delivered in March. In addition, according to blogger Blood Jingqi:

The 2024 facelift of the Ideal L series may be released together with MEGA in March, and then deliveries will begin immediately, directly boosting sales

Model 24 is a small generation model, not a mid-term facelift, nor a product replacement.

All the discounts on 23 models will be withdrawn on 24 models. The logic is – "increased allocation to offset discounts"

Known upgrade points: 8295 cockpit chip, Max model’s 50-degree battery pack, etc. The Pro version is also said to have enhancements

There is no difference in styling, only the tailgate styling of L7 has been adjusted.

Honda’s new logo officially unveiled

Recently, Honda launched the "Honda 0 Series" at CES 2024, a new EV series that Honda will launch globally in two years. It also debuted two concept models, Saloon and Space-Hub, at the show.

At the same time, Honda also debuted a new "H" logo dedicated to Honda's next-generation electric models for the world's premiere. The newly designed "H" logo removes the outer rounded border, and the inner "H" angle becomes wider, resembling a pair of black pliers.

According to reports, the new logo expresses Honda's corporate attitude of transcending its roots and constantly pursuing new challenges and progress. The shape of the "H" is like two outstretched hands, reflecting the possibility of enhancing mobility and actively serving users.

Honor Magic6 series flagship mobile phones officially released

On January 11, 2024, Honor officially released a new generation of flagship smartphones, the Honor Magic6 series, including Honor Magic6 and Honor Magic6 Pro. The entire new product series is available in five color options: Qilian Snow, Haihu Green, Liuyun Purple, Wheat Wave Green, and Velvet Black.

The entire Honor Magic6 series is equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip and is equipped with the new Honor MagicOS 8.0, which enables the first human-computer interaction experience based on intent recognition.

In terms of screen, Honor Magic6 Pro uses a 6.8-inch 2800×1280 OLED suspended streamlined four-curved screen with a 120Hz refresh rate (1-120Hz 8T LTPO). This is the first time a domestic screen supports global low-power LTPO display technology and supports all-weather full screen Screen off display.

In terms of imaging, the Honor Magic6 series brings the SLR-level Honor Eagle Eye camera, which fully adopts a customized 50-megapixel ultra-dynamic Eagle Eye main camera. Among them, the Honor Magic6 Pro uses an F1.4 ultra-large variable aperture and supports F1.4-F2. 0 intelligent variable aperture; it is also equipped with an industry-leading 1/1.49-inch outsole telephoto sensor and a 180-megapixel periscope telephoto sensor.

In terms of battery life, Honor Magic6 and Magic6 Pro support 66W and 80W wired super fast charging, as well as 50W and 66W wireless super fast charging respectively.

The Honor Magic6 series will be available for pre-sale on January 11, 2024, and will be officially launched on January 18. Among them, the price of Honor Magic6 starts at 4,399 yuan, and the price of Honor Magic6 Pro starts at 5,699 yuan.

In addition, at this press conference, Honor also jointly released the world's first Porsche design folding screen mobile phone Honor Magic V2 RSR Porsche Design with Porsche Design. It is priced at 15,999 yuan and will be officially launched on January 12, 2024.

new consumption

L'Oréal launches professional-grade hair dryer

According to 36 Krypton news, cosmetics giant L'Oreal Group recently released a new generation of hair dryer AirLight Pro at the International Consumer Electronics Show, and announced that the product will be the first to be sold in the European and American markets.

It is reported that AirLight Pro was jointly developed by L'Oreal Group and Zuvi, a start-up hardware company. L'Oreal Group also made a strategic investment in Zuvi through its strategic innovation venture capital fund BOLD.

Citing agency statistics, officials said that compared with ordinary hair dryers, AirLight Pro can not only significantly shorten hair drying time, but also increase hair moisture by 33% and smoothness by 59%, while reducing energy consumption by 31% during use. Consumption.

IKEA’s limited-edition home sports collection is now available

IKEA recently released the new "DAJLIEN" home sports equipment series, which was put on sale in IKEA Japanese stores and official website on January 11, local time.

It is understood that as a limited edition smart home training equipment launched by IKEA, "DAJLIEN" aims to change consumer groups who are hesitant about exercise due to high prices or lack of sports venues, making it easier for them to accept the concept of exercising at home.

This series of products includes yoga mats that can be shared by two people, round training equipment weighing 3 kg, strollers with casters, storage boxes, and lifestyle accessories such as folding bath towels, highly breathable sports bags, waist bags and towels.

"Naruto" x ASICS GEL-NYC latest joint shoe released

Recently, the new "Naruto" x ASICS GEL-NYC co-branded shoes designed by designer Sebastien Abdelhamid were officially released.

Inspired by the "Sage Mode" of the anime protagonist Uzumaki Naruto, the new product is made of black tear-resistant fabric as the base, with leather and suede overlays. The color scheme of the shoe body refers to the classic image of Uzumaki Naruto.

The joint shoes will be released on January 11 through ASICS official channels and designated retail stores, priced at US$190.


DiCaprio stars in Paul Thomas Anderson's new film

According to foreign media Deadline, "There Will Be Blood" director Paul Thomas Anderson will collaborate with "Leonardo DiCaprio" on an untitled new film.

The film is said to be Anderson's most commercial film to date, with an estimated budget of $100 million. The story of the film is set in the present day, and the plot and other contents are still under confidentiality. Filming will begin on the 21st of this month in California.

Star Trek new movie in development

Paramount is developing a new Star Trek film from director Toby Haynes (Black Mirror) and a screenplay by Seth Grahame-Smith (The Lego Batman Movie).

The specific plot of the film has not yet been disclosed. It tells an origin story decades before the events of "Star Trek 1". It is Paramount's expanded universe work.

In addition, "Star Trek 4" is still under active development. The producers have not given up on the project and are considering Star Trek 4 as the finale of the series.

"White Snake: The Floating Life" scheduled for Chinese Valentine's Day

The third work of the light-chasing animation "White Snake Series" "White Snake: The Floating Life" has been announced to be released on Chinese Valentine's Day.

Following the end of "White Snake: Origin", the story tells that during the Southern Song Dynasty, Xiaobai found the reincarnation of Axuan – Xu Xian, and started a marriage in this life.

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