Morning Post | Microsoft will fully access GPT-4 to Office / “Hearthstone” is removed from the Asian Games / “Titanic” will be re-screened

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  • Microsoft integrates GPT-4 into Office suite
  • "Hearthstone" has been removed from the Asian Games e-sports program
  • Google Glass, goodbye this time
  • "Oriental Selection" responds to fake live broadcast
  • Baidu Wenxin Yiyan is officially launched
  • Hema is about to expand the scope of delivery
  • Foxconn wins first AirPods order
  • Surfing the Internet Requires 'Critical Ignorance'
  • OPPO Find X6 series officially announced
  • Tesla Model S / X official round steering wheel goes on sale
  • Siri on Apple TV gets natural language update
  • Nayuki's tea joint name "Wulin Biography"
  • On On Pao Signs Chinese Marathon Runner Ati
  • New model for Marc Jacobs branch line is 'Meghan'
  • Marvel is suing Google and Reddit
  • Titanic is back
  • The movie "Umbilical Cord" opens today

Microsoft integrates GPT-4 into Office suite

Last night, Microsoft announced the integration of OpenAI's GPT-4 into the Office office suite, and launched a new AI function Copilot.

In Word, Copilot can edit, summarize and create together with us;

In PowerPoint, it can turn a one-sentence idea into a presentation;

In Excel, it can analyze trends and visualize data.

Microsoft Vice President Jared Spataro said at the start of the conference:

A hundred years from now, we'll look back at this moment and say, "That was the beginning of the true digital age."

 Click here to learn more about this new product that could change everything.

"Hearthstone" has been removed from the Asian Games e-sports program

The "Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games" official Weibo announced that after deliberation at the Fifth Coordination Committee Meeting of the Olympic Council of Asia, it was decided to cancel the setting of the "Hearthstone" project, and the Hangzhou Asian Games e-sports will set up 7 competition events.

"Hearthstone" is an e-sports project produced by Blizzard Entertainment of the United States and operated by China NetEase in China. Due to the expiration of the business cooperation between the two parties, no agreement was reached on the renewal of the contract, resulting in the termination of the project operation team and server status, and no longer meet the prerequisites for inclusion in the e-sports events of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Google Glass, goodbye this time

In 2015, Google's AR glasses, Google Glass, basically stopped selling to C-end users and turned to target enterprise users.

But now, the enterprise version of Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, which serves medical, agricultural and factory scenarios, will also stop selling.

Google said it will stop supporting this product on September 15 this year. While the product will still work after September, Google won't be rolling out software updates for it.

Google emphasized that the company will continue to develop AR, but also find ways to creatively integrate AR into the company's products.

"Oriental Selection" responds to fake live broadcast

In June last year, Mr. Wang, a consumer, reported that the so-called wild Ecuadorian white shrimp purchased in the "Oriental Selection" live broadcast room was farmed, and questioned the false propaganda in the live broadcast room.

Due to the fruitless communication with the after-sales service, Mr. Wang chose to sue Dongfang Selection Live Studio and its suppliers. After the prosecution, the team members of Dongfang Selection Live Studio took the initiative to find Mr. Wang and admitted that the company was deceived by the supplier.

At present, the two parties have not yet reconciled, and the Beijing Market Supervision Bureau has stepped in to deal with it.

Later, the CEO of Dongfang Selection said through the live broadcast, "The company is responsible for the problem, please don't attack individual anchors."

Baidu Wenxin Yiyan is officially launched

Yesterday, Baidu announced the official launch of the language model generative AI product "Wen Xin Yi Yan", which will be benchmarked against ChatGPT.

During the demonstration, Li Yanhong demonstrated the application of Wenxin Yiyan in five scenarios: literary creation, commercial copywriting creation, mathematical calculation, Chinese comprehension and multimodal generation.

Can Wenxin Yiyan really benchmark against ChatGPT? Let's compare their performance.

 Click here to see how Wenxinyiyan, ChatGPT and Bing Chat performed.

At the same time, C-end users can already start queuing up to experience Wenxin Yiyan, here

Hema is about to expand the scope of delivery

According to the news, Hema will soon expand its delivery coverage across the country, launching a one-hour free delivery service within 3-5 kilometers online, and restarting the expansion of Hema MINI stores in community supermarkets.

The change is expected to bring more new orders in second- and third-tier cities with fewer stores, but it will also increase costs.

At present, there are only more than 20 Hema MINI stores in the country. The goal of this restart is to fill the areas that Hema Xiansheng stores have not yet covered.

Source: "LatePost"

Foxconn wins first AirPods order

Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Foxconn won the order to make AirPods for Apple for the first time, and plans to invest 200 million US dollars to build a factory in India for production.

According to sources, Foxconn has been discussing whether to make AirPods for several months, because the profits of AirPods are relatively small. However, in the end Foxconn decided to do it in order to "strengthen the cooperation (with Apple)".

Analysts believe that this also reflects the trend of Apple's major suppliers further moving production from China to other regions.

NetEase LOFTER apologizes

Yesterday, @网易LOFTER issued an apology letter saying that the new function was launched recently and did not take into account the feelings of the creators. The user's work data is used for AI training.

Previously, NetEase LOFTER had responded to the controversy caused by the newly launched "Laofuge Painting Machine" function twice on March 6 and March 7.

At that time, they explained that this function was actually an avatar generator, and the original intention was to facilitate the creation of favorite avatars for users who do not have the ability to draw. However, some creators in this community believe that this function may use the paintings of original authors, which is suspected of copyright infringement.

Surfing the Internet now, we need to know "critical ignore"

An abundance of information creates a poverty of attention and the need to allocate it efficiently.

A new paper proposes that "critical thinking" is not enough in today's information-inflated world, and we need a new ability-"critical ignorance".

"Critical ignore" does not mean "do nothing", but to actively judge what should be ignored. The paper proposes three methods: self-nudging; lateral reading; and do-not-feed-the-trolls.

"Self-guidance" is to actively limit disturbing content such as pushes and notifications during a specific period of time, leaving time for yourself to focus.

"Horizontal reading" proposes that before intensively reading the content, we first search to confirm whether the subject publishing the content is credible.

Don't care about "trolls" means that we must hold back not to be irritated by "fishing" "trolls" or induce participation in the "false controversy" created purely to increase user activity.

Psychologist William James said it well: "The art of the wise is knowing what to ignore."

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OPPO Find X6 series officially announced

Yesterday, OPPO announced that it will release the new video flagship OPPO Find X6 series on March 21.

The periscope telephoto of the OPPO Find X6 series is the first telephoto camera in the industry to support low-light telephoto shooting. The official claims that in low-light environments, the Find X6 series can still shoot video works with clear details, natural colors, and natural light and shadow.

Tesla Model S / X official round steering wheel goes on sale

Tesla has launched a circular steering wheel for Model S and Model X overseas, and the retrofit kit is priced at $700, including installation costs.

This kit is for Model S and Model X models equipped with the Yoke "square" steering wheel.

In China, when users buy Model S or Model X on Tesla's official website, they can directly choose a round steering wheel or a Yoke steering wheel.

Source: IT Home

Siri on Apple TV gets natural language update

According to beta versions of tvOS 16.4 and macOS Ventura 13.3, 9to5Mac discovered that Apple is adding some kind of natural language update to Siri on Apple TV.

According to the system, Apple has developed a "Siri‌ Natural Language Generation" framework to make Siri tell jokes. However, the feature already exists on iPhones and other devices, so it's unclear what's actually changed.

At the same time, reports say Apple is also experimenting with how speech generation can be applied to timers.

Nayuki's tea joint name "Wulin Biography"

Today, Naixue’s tea will launch a series of aggressive durian tea drinks co-branded with "Wulin Biography", accompanied by chocolates in the shape of the plaque of Tongfu Inn.

In addition, Nayuki's Tea will also launch a series of "Wulin Biography" themed products: joint doll peripherals, four character cup sets, a set of 7-person acrylic stand, 1 handbag, and 1 sticker.

On On Pao Signs Chinese Marathon Runner Ati

The Swiss sports brand "On Ang Pao" announced that it has signed a contract with Chinese marathon runner Ati. This is the second Chinese athlete signed by Ang Pao, the first being triathlete Miao Hao.

Angpao said that from the mountain to the international professional competition, the experience of the runner Ati fully demonstrated the strong belief grown under the pure will, and stimulated greater spiritual power through physical exercise. This is exactly the movement advocated by Angpao spiritual core.

New model for Marc Jacobs branch line is 'Meghan'

The latest promotional video of Marc Jacobs branch brand Heaven has found the AI ​​doll "M3GAN Megan" from the horror movie "Megan" as the protagonist.

This time, Megan got rid of the bow + striped top in the movie, and put on a cool hoodie and denim skirt to create a dark punk style.

Today, "Megan" is also officially released in mainland China.

Source: Hypebeast

Marvel is suing Google and Reddit

Marvel is suing Google and Reddit over the leaked script of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Fever, according to court documents.

In January of this year, before the film was released, at least one Reddit user posted the film's complete script, Marvel said. Reddit is said to have removed at least one thread about it, but some fans were still informed of the plot development.

As for how to connect to Google, Marvel said that the script was saved using Google Docs.

Marvel's request is that the above two companies hand over relevant user information by next week, including user names, addresses and phone numbers.

A Reddit spokesperson said the company has a rigorous process for evaluating whether legal requests are justified. Google and Marvel did not respond to requests for comment.

Source: WSJ

Titanic is back

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the film's release, the film "Titanic" will be re-released nationwide on April 3. It is reported that this time is a new 3D remake upgrade.

Previously, this film, which premiered in 1998, was re-screened in China in 2012.

The movie "Umbilical Cord" opens today

Today, the movie "Umbilical Cord", produced by Cao Yu and Yao Chen, written and directed by young director Qiao Sixue, starring Golden Rooster Award Best Actress Badma and nomadic electronic musician Idel, was released nationwide.

( Tencent Video )

The film tells the story of the musician Arus, who brings his mother Naren Zuoge, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, back to her hometown on the grassland, and helps her find the "Yin-Yang Tree" in her memory.

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