Morning Post | Microsoft releases AI version of Bing, Baidu version of ChatGPT3 month public beta/Cook hints that iPhone will continue to increase in price

Ai Faner's early report reading

  • Baidu version of ChatGPT will be released in March
  • Microsoft officially released the ChatGPT version of the search engine
  • WeChat Mini Program Adds "Mini Functions"
  • Cook hints that iPhone prices will continue to rise
  • Apple to hold internal AI summit next week
  • Douyin pilots food delivery service
  •  How should we talk to ChatGPT?
  • Mi 13 Ultra may debut in April
  • OnePlus Ace 2 officially released
  • Meizu will launch unbounded mobile phone and unbounded car
  • Burberry unveils new look
  • Japan's largest conveyor belt sushi chain changed to ordering mode
  • Banouchi Valentine's Day new "week" series gift box
  • Three-Body Universe will be "decoupled" from Youzu Network
  • "Imitator" Releases Leading Trailer
  • A24 will remake the well-known urban legend "The Back Room"

Baidu's version of ChatGPT is named "Wen Xin Yi Yan" and is expected to open in March

On February 7th, Baidu confirmed that its ChatGPT-like project was named "Wen Xin Yi Yan (ERNIE Bot)". It is expected to complete the internal test in March and open to the public.

At present, Baidu has a full-stack layout in the four-layer artificial intelligence architecture, including the underlying chip, deep learning framework, large model, and top-level application. Wenxinyiyan is located in the model layer.

Yesterday, when 3600 answered investors’ questions on the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s e-interaction platform, it also stated that it was planning to launch a demo version of the ChatGPT-like technology.

According to 360, 360 Search is currently the top 2 search engine in China, with a market share of 35%. Its Artificial Intelligence Research Institute has been continuously investing in AIGC technology since 2020, but the current investment scale and technical level are still far behind the current ChatGPT 3.

Source: Wall Street News & TechWeb

Microsoft officially released the ChatGPT version of the search engine

On February 8th, Microsoft officially announced a new version of Bing that integrates GPT-4, providing a ChatGPT-like experience in the search engine.

Compared with ChatGPT, ChatGPT received data training only covering 2021, but the new Bing can handle searches related to recent events. At the same time, the new Bing will also indicate its source of information and a link to the original website in the "Learn More" part of the answer.

For now, though, users who want to try it will need to join a waitlist and wait for a response.

In addition, Microsoft also launched a new Edge browser at the conference, and the new AI function will be built into the sidebar.

Source: TechCrunch

WeChat Mac has updated the image text extraction function, and the applet has also added a "small function" section

On February 7th, WeChat released 3.7.0 for Mac, mainly updating the functions of extracting text content in pictures and translating web pages.

Previously, the function of extracting text from pictures has been launched in the Windows version of WeChat. After the update, WeChat users can directly copy and translate the text content in the picture, which is convenient for editing and communication.

In addition, the WeChat applet search page has also added a "small function" section. Users can add small programs that have been used and can be added to the search page. The page design is similar to the widgets of the mobile phone system, which is convenient for quickly browsing information.

Source: Technology & Technology Quick View

Cook: There is no problem with price increases, users are willing to pay more for a better experience

On February 7th, Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at the earnings conference call that Apple will continue to increase the price of high-end iPhones in the future.

In response to a question about iPhone pricing, Cook said that "there is no problem with price increases":

"The iPhone has become an integral part of people's lives," "I think people are willing to really work hard to get the best of what they can afford."

Technology reporter Mark Gurman speculates that Apple is expected to launch a higher-end "Ultra" model next year, which is expected to be released in 2024, and the new machine may use a no-interface design.

Source: 9to5mac & IT House

Apple to hold internal AI summit next week, sources say

February 7 news, according to technology reporter Mark Gurman, Apple will hold its annual internal AI summit next week, similar to AI WWDC, limited to Apple employees.

Considering that the event is only aimed at Apple's internal employees, its content may not be announced publicly. However, it is expected that the results of the meeting will be seen at WWDC 2023, and many media predict that Apple will release the latest software products at that time.

Source: 9to5mac

Douyin will launch food delivery service, which is still in pilot

On February 7, it was reported that Douyin will launch a national takeaway service on March 1.

In this regard, Douyin insiders revealed that there is no plan to “launch the nationwide food delivery service on March 1st”, and the food delivery business in cooperation with is currently only carried out in some pilot cities.

The food delivery business and group-buying delivery are both Douyin’s local life services. The relevant person in charge said that the “group-buying delivery” project is still being piloted in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu, and merchants in these three cities have recently opened self-service settlement. In the future, depending on the pilot situation, consideration will be given to gradually expanding the pilot cities, but there is currently no specific timetable.

Source: China Business News

 How should we talk to ChatGPT?

When chatting with someone, if the other person can't understand what you are saying, the best way is to make the question more detailed and straightforward, and the same is true for chatting with ChatGPT.

For example, if you directly ask ChatGPT: "What is Marxism?" Then you may only get content similar to Baidu Encyclopedia.

But if you ask a little more detail: "What are the important developments in French Marxism in the second half of the 19th century?" ChatGPT will do a better job – because it is better at comparisons.

Another way is to ask it to answer questions with a specific third-party perspective. For example, if you ask directly, "What are the consequences of inflation?" you're likely to get a nondescript, textbook answer.

So you can try to ask: "What are the consequences of inflation? Please use Milton Friedman's thinking to answer."

In short, when using ChatGPT, you may wish to use the thinking of an animal trainer: guide, prompt, let it know what you want.

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Mi 13 Ultra revealed to debut in April, supports 120x zoom

On February 7th, blogger @i 冰宇宙 hinted that Mi 13 Ultra is expected to be released in April.

According to previous news, Mi 13 Ultra has added a periscope telephoto lens, which may support 120x zoom.

In addition, there is news that Mi 13 Ultra will use Samsung's 2K E6 curved screen, equipped with Qualcomm's second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, and the rear main camera is Sony IMX989 1-inch super outsole.

Source: Fast Technology

OnePlus Ace 2 officially released: equipped with a full blood version of Snapdragon 8+, starting with 12GB of memory

On February 7th, OnePlus Ace 2 mobile phone was officially released.

In terms of performance, OnePlus Ace 2 is equipped with a full-blooded version of the Snapdragon 8+ processor (3.2GHz), which claims to have the highest running score among all Snapdragon 8+ phones, and is equipped with LPDDR5X memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory. At the same time, the new machine is also equipped with the game frame stabilization engine 2.0, known as the only dual-top mobile game competition machine.

In terms of screen, the new phone’s screen debuts with a 6.74-inch 2772×1240 flexible OLED screen, which supports a 120Hz refresh rate and is equipped with self-developed Lingxi touch technology.

In terms of imaging, OnePlus Ace 2 has a rear 50MP (Sony IMX890, OIS) main camera + 8MP ultra-wide-angle + 2MP macro triple camera, and a front 16MP centered hole-digging lens.

OnePlus Ace 2 starts with 12GB of memory, and the price starts at 2,799 yuan. It is currently on pre-sale and will officially go on sale at 10:00 on February 13.

Source: IT Home

Meizu's internal PPT leak: Enable new LOGO, unbounded mobile phone and unbounded car will be unveiled

On February 7th, according to the internal PPT of Meizu circulated on the Internet, Meizu may launch a new logo, launch unbounded mobile phones and unbounded cars, and lay out unbounded product ecology.

Previously, Meizu had applied for the trademarks of Unbounded Mobile Phone and Unbounded Car, and the logo of "Mobius Strip" also appeared in the trademark. Regarding the move to register a car trademark, Meizu once responded, "Meizu will continue to make efforts in the field of smart cars, providing consumers with smart cars, mobile phones, AIoT, lifestyles and other multi-terminal, full-scenario, immersive fusion experiences."

It is expected that the Meizu 20 series will be released this spring, and Unbounded mobile phones and Unbounded cars are also expected to be unveiled at this conference.

Source: IT Home

Burberry Changes Brand Logo, War Horse Returns

On February 7th, after suddenly deleting all posts on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, Burberry released a new image and the first wave of materials led by the new creative director Daniel Lee yesterday.

Daniel Lee replaced the logo originally replaced by Riccardo Tisci with slender and curved letters, and re-enabled Burberry's classic knight warhorse logo "Equestrian Knight". In addition, Daniel Lee also launched a vibrant blue tone.

The design of the new logo and war horse mark releases two signals, one is to return to the brand tradition, and the other is to keep an appropriate distance from the industry's homogenization trend.

Source: Ideal Life Lab

Encountered a spoof incident, Japan's largest conveyor belt sushi chain changed to ordering mode

According to news on February 7, after a spoof incident in which a teenager deliberately licked a public soy sauce bottle, Japan's largest conveyor belt sushi chain "Sushiro" announced that it would stop the traditional conveyor belt model and place an order instead.

According to reports, the restaurant no longer puts the prepared sushi on the conveyor belt for circular transmission, but requires customers to order first, and then deliver the ordered food to the customer at a faster transmission speed than before. In addition, customers will also have the option to have the waiter deliver new cutlery.

"Sushi Lang" has about 650 stores across Japan. As the leader in the revolving sushi industry, "Sushi Lang"'s change to the order mode may trigger other restaurants to follow suit.

Source: Xinhua Net

Banouchi Valentine's Day new "week" series gift box

According to the news on February 7, Jiao Nei launched a "Love Every Week" themed gift box.

The "Week" series gift box contains week pants, week socks and weekend bra, including 7 colors, and designed an exclusive emoji, intended to convey love in everyday life.

Among them, the panties and socks of the "Week Series" are made of banana silver skin 5A antibacterial technology, which can achieve active antibacterial effect. "Week Series" socks are made of 100% Xinjiang long-staple cotton, and the anti-pilling standard exceeds the national standard.

The controlling shareholder of Three Body Universe will change and "decouple" from Youzu Network

On February 7th, according to The Paper, the content development and commercial derivative of "Three-Body" exclusive copyright party Three-Body Universe (Shanghai) Culture Development Co., Ltd. will have a major equity change, and a new company has been established to acquire the equity of Three-Body Universe. The goal is to attract more high-quality investors to jointly build Santi IP.

According to a person close to Three Body Universe, Chengdu Siyuan Enterprise Management Company has been established in 2022. It will acquire the existing shares of Three Body Universe and become the company's major shareholder. It is expected that the shareholding ratio will reach 70%. The internal management and corporate structure of Trisolaris will not change accordingly.

In 2018, Lynch, the founder of YOOZOO Networks, led the acquisition of the copyright of "Three-Body Problem", becoming the sole copyright owner of "Three-Body Problem", and specially established Three-Body Universe to carry out the promotion and implementation of IP projects. After Chengdu Siyuan’s acquisition of Three Body Universe is completed, there will be no Youzu affiliated companies among the shareholders of Three Body Universe.

Source: The Paper

Neflix's new Chinese drama series "The Imitator" releases the leading trailer

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News on February 7th, Netflix's new Chinese drama series "The Imitation Criminal" released the leading trailer.

The play is a remake of the best-selling novel of the same name by Japanese reasoning writer Miyuki Miyabe. In the 1990s in Taiwan, prosecutor Guo Xiaoqi was determined to find evidence of the crime in order to investigate a serial murder case.

The new drama, starring Wu Kangren and Ke Jiayan, will also feature Ruby Lin and others, and will start airing on March 31.

Source: Douban Films

A24 will remake the well-known urban legend "The Back Room"

According to news on February 7, the well-known urban legend "The Backrooms" has recently been confirmed as the latest creative theme of the independent film label A24, and is directed by Kane Pixels, the creator of the horror film of the same name.

"The Backrooms" refers to a maze of randomly generated office rooms that originated from a 4chan user sharing a picture of a yellow sloping hallway, which has since become the source of many urban legends.

The film will be co-produced by A24, Atomic Monster, Chernin Entertainment and 21 Laps, and the script will be written by Roberto Patino. The plot information has not yet been announced.

Source: Hypebeast


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The three "Breaking Bad" stars reunited recently for a snack ad.

Aaron Paul also hinted that this could be the last time he and Brian appear as the Breaking Bad characters.

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