Morning Post | Meta regards Apple head-mounted display as 2007 iPhone/Huawei mobile phone microscope patent exposed/Microsoft may launch Win12 system next year


Meta sees Apple Vision Pro as the 2007 iPhone

iPhone 15 Pro models break out

X Untagged ads appear on mobile

Honor of Kings still tops Chinese mobile game revenue list

Xiaomi partner Zhang Feng will resign

NIO executives say charging of extended-range vehicles is twice as slow as pure electric vehicles

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son: Artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence within ten years


iPhone 15 series mobile phone delivery time shortened

Huawei mobile phone microscope patent exposed

Intel hints that Microsoft will launch Win12 system next year

vivo X90 ranks first in sales share in the 3.5K – 5K price range

Google Pixel phone shipments approach 40 million units

Haidilao pilot campus hotpot

Crocs launches "Cowboy Boot" shoes

PRADA will design space suits for NASA

"Suits" breaks Nielsen weekly chart record

Zhu Yilong's new film "The Mistake by the River" is scheduled to be released on October 21

Ma Li Huiying Hong's first collaboration in a new film


Meta sees Apple Vision Pro as the 2007 iPhone

Although Apple's Vision Pro and Meta's Quest 3 haven't been released yet, the two companies are already deep in research on follow-up products.

According to the latest issue of "Power On" by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, one of Apple's development focuses is to make its devices more comfortable to wear through a smaller and lighter design.

Testing showed that the first Vision Pro felt too heavy for some users, even for short periods of time.

Apple is considering solving this problem with the first model with a headband, but making the hardware lighter is a better long-term solution.

Meta, meanwhile, is looking to lower prices on future products. Although the upcoming Quest 3 will cost a fraction of the Vision Pro's price, it's still $200 more expensive than Meta's previous model.

Meta hopes to bring the price down to its previous level of $300, which will help expand VR to a wider market.

Work is quietly underway to solve both problems, even as companies scramble to roll out existing products. The Quest 3 will be available this month, while Apple's Vision Pro is set to arrive early next year.

As the showdown approaches, one Meta insider says: We are in a "fear of Apple" phase, similar to what the mobile phone industry felt before the iPhone was released in 2007.

iPhone 15 Pro models break out

On September 22, the day the iPhone 15 series was launched, the standard version and 15 Plus were released. In the two weeks since their release, the prices of many models of the iPhone 15 series have been falling through third-party channels.

Yesterday, a Huaqiangbei channel dealer said that the prices of iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models are already lower than those on the official website.

According to third-party quotations, the lowest price of the blue titanium version of the 15 Pro 1TB is nearly 1,500 yuan cheaper than the official website.

However, according to The Paper, the prices of the iPhone 15 Pro series offered by many digital dealer stores on Taobao are still much higher than those on Apple’s official website.

One dealer even increased the price of the blue iPhone 15 Pro 1TB version by 1,500 yuan, and the reason given by customer service was "that's the price."

big company

X Untagged ads appear on mobile and users cannot block or report them

According to Mashable, X mobile users discovered some unmarked ads while browsing messages. When users click on them, they are redirected to other sites and there is no way to block or report them.

Unlike regular ads with the "advertisement" label, these new ads have no account associated with them and consist only of written text, images and avatars, and look like normal tweets.

Users said that clicking anywhere in the advertisement will jump to a third-party website.

According to reports, this format is not available in X's campaign manager, and "it appears that these ads are actually served by third-party advertisers."

X has been trying to attract advertisers to the platform since Musk acquired the company. Shortly after Musk took over, half of X's largest advertisers stopped running ads.

Additionally, returning advertisers are spending 90% less on X than before Musk acquired the company, according to a new report from Media Matters For America.

Another recent report from Reuters also found that X has faced declining revenue every month since Musk became the company's owner.

Honor of Kings still tops Chinese mobile game revenue list

Sensor Tower released the global revenue rankings of Chinese mobile game publishers in September 2023.

A total of 39 Chinese manufacturers were shortlisted for the top 100 global mobile game publisher revenue list, with a total revenue of US$1.96 billion (currently approximately 14.328 billion yuan).

The Sensor Tower store intelligence platform shows that MiHoYo's "Genshin Impact" celebrated its 3rd anniversary at the end of September, with revenue increasing by 31% month-on-month, returning to the 7th place in the global mobile game revenue list and the 4th place in the domestic iOS mobile game revenue list. , surpassing this year's new work "Honkai: Star Rail".

Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” still tops the domestic App Store mobile game revenue list.

Xiaomi partner Zhang Feng will resign, and Xiaomi’s home appliance business will be reorganized

According to Sina Technology, Xiaomi announced the latest structural adjustment internally. Zhang Feng, partner, senior vice president of Xiaomi Group and president of the major appliances department, will resign.

In an internal email, Xiaomi stated that Zhang Feng will leave the company after completing the work handover in December this year due to personal reasons. With Zhang Feng's changes, the major appliance department he was responsible for also ushered in a reorganization.

It is reported that the TV Department of the former Xiaomi Home Appliances Department will be merged into the Mobile Phone Department, and Pan Jun will be appointed to continue as the General Manager of the TV Department, reporting to Zeng Xuezhong, President of the Mobile Phone Department;

At the same time, a new major appliance department was established, with business including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Shan Lianyu was appointed as general manager of the major appliance department, reporting to group president Lu Weibing.

Information shows that Zhang Feng joined Xiaomi in 2016 and has been responsible for the mobile phone supply chain, staff department, procurement committee and smart hardware business.

When Zhang Feng joined Xiaomi in 2016, Xiaomi mobile phones were in a supply chain crisis. He was assigned to manage the supply chain and became the main force in solving Xiaomi supplier components and mobile phone supply problems.

NIO executives say charging of extended-range vehicles is twice as slow as pure electric vehicles

Shen Fei, senior vice president of NIO Energy, recently talked about the energy replenishment solution of battery swapping and charging on Weibo. He also posted data saying that the charging time of extended-range vehicles is twice that of pure electric vehicles.

Shen Fei said that battery swapping is an invincible and far-leading energy replenishment solution for long-distance travel of electric vehicles. Compared with charging, it saves a lot of time.

The pictures he posted show that during the long holidays when long-distance travel and the number of battery swaps increased significantly, the average battery swap time for NIO users was almost the same as usual, around 9 to 10 minutes;

The volume of high-speed battery swaps is about 4 times that of usual times, but the entire battery swap process is still within 12 minutes.

 SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son: Artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence within ten years

SoftBank Group CEO Masayoshi Son recently stated that he believes artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence within ten years and urged Japanese companies to adopt artificial intelligence, otherwise they will be left behind.

Masayoshi Son delivered a speech at the SoftBank World Business Conference and said: "General artificial intelligence (AGI) will exceed human total intelligence 10 times within 10 years."

He believes that general artificial intelligence will affect various industries from transportation and pharmaceuticals to finance, manufacturing, logistics, etc., and companies and individuals working on artificial intelligence will become leaders in the next 10 to 20 years.

"Standing on the backward side will make people feel sad, just like an old, closed commercial street." Therefore, Masayoshi Son called on Japanese companies to "wake up" in time to the vision of artificial intelligence leading the future.

But he also noted the need to address issues such as disinformation and privacy and copyright risks, but not be hesitant to worry about data breaches and other possible risks.

New product

iPhone 15 series mobile phone delivery time shortened

Shipping times for the iPhone 15 series fell for a second consecutive week, according to JPMorgan's product inventory tracker, which could indicate weaker demand for the new models.

Currently, the global average shipping time for iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus is 15 days each, which is shorter than the 17 days in the third week.

The iPhone 15 Pro remains unchanged at 29 days, while the Pro Max drops from 46 days to 35 days.

In comparison, the shipping times for each model of the 2022 iPhone 14 series are 2 days, 6 days, 33 days, and 40 days respectively.

The report states that the average shipping time for non-Pro models in 2023 is higher than that of 2022 models, while the average shipping time for Pro models is lower, which may not be a good sign, especially after two consecutive weeks of shortening Down.

Huawei mobile phone microscope patent exposed

According to a technology patent recently announced by the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office, Huawei has obtained a mobile phone microscope technology patent. The distance between the lens and the subject being photographed is about 5 mm, and it can magnify 20-400 times.

The formula document shows that Huawei submitted this patent application in 2021, when it was still during the epidemic. The patent description specifically introduced the identification of the number of bacteria on the subject, providing hygiene advice, etc.

At the heart of the patent is an electronic device equipped with two basic components: an ordinary camera and a miniature camera equipped with a plan achromatic micro-objective ensuring an optical resolution of 2.Math.m.

Huawei also outlined some application scenarios in the patent, including food safety assurance, kitchen utensil maintenance, personal hygiene assessment, table cleanliness, children's toy inspection, and pet hygiene monitoring.

Intel hints that Microsoft will launch Win12 system next year

According to The Verge, Intel has predicted that there will be "Windows updates" in 2024 to stimulate demand for PC replacements, hoping to increase its revenue.

At last month's Citi analyst conference, Intel CFO David Zinsner talked about next year's Windows updates.

It is suggested that consumers may upgrade their computers due to new versions of Windows, and the "Windows Update" he refers to may be Windows 12.

It is reported that content related to Windows 12 in Intel’s internal documents was leaked a few months ago.

Intel is reportedly preparing its Meteor Lake desktop platform for the next generation of Windows, which may be called Windows 12.

vivo X90 ranks first in sales share in the 3.5K – 5K price range

Wall Street Insights exclusively obtained a statistical report from an authoritative market research agency from the supply chain:

Since the vivo X90 series was launched in November 2022, as of September 30 this year, in the 3.5k – 5k price range, the X90 series (including X90 and No. 1 in the mobile phone market.

It is also confirmed that vivo’s new generation annual flagship vivo X100 series will be released in November.

Google Pixel phone shipments approach 40 million units

According to 9to5Google, with the launch of the Pixel 8 series, the latest data shows that sales of Google Pixel phones have reached approximately 40 million units, a significant leap in sales last year.

Francisco Jeronimo, vice president of IDC, said that between 2016 and 2023, Google Pixel mobile phone shipments reached 37.9 million units.

In comparison, iPhone shipments are probably more than 224 million units per year. Pixel shipments are not large, but they are growing steadily.

Jeronimo pointed out that Google doubled Pixel sales in the first year of launching the series, to a total of nearly 4 million units. By 2019, Google had picked up steam, selling 7.2 million units in a year.

In July this year, it was revealed that Japan is now the largest market for Google Pixel phones. Google is also the only smartphone brand to not see a year-on-year decline in shipments in North America.

new consumption

Haidilao pilot campus hotpot

Recently, some netizens posted that they saw a Haidilao store in Xi'an University of Arts and Sciences.

Haidilao said that campus hot pot has launched campus special menus and exclusive prices in response to the dining needs of college students, including hot pot set meals, Bobo chicken set meals, snacks and other categories.

According to Dumiao Finance, after asking Haidilao’s official customer service, the other party said that there is indeed a separate sales window in the school, and it is expected to be trial-opened on October 9th, which is a pilot.

As for whether the price will be cheaper, customer service said "it is not available at the moment", but there will be discounts.

Crocs launches "Cowboy Boot" shoes

Crocs uses cowboy boots as the theme to create a new shoe style, Classic Cowboy Boot.

The entire shoe design uses a unique Crocskin textured upper, while the brand's most iconic ventilation holes are still retained.

The heel is equipped with spur gears, and upwards is the high-top shoe body with embroidered patterns, and two Jibbitz charms are provided to add detail and interest.

The Crocs Classic Cowboy Boot will be exclusively available on the official website on October 23, priced at $120.

PRADA will design space suits for NASA

PRADA has announced that it will collaborate with commercial aerospace company AXIOM SPACE to develop and design next-generation spacesuits for NASA's Artemis 3 mission.

The mission, scheduled for 2025, will be the first lunar landing mission since the Apollo program, and NASA aims to put "the first woman and first person of color" on the lunar surface.

PRADA's team of designers and engineers will work with the AXIOM SPACE team throughout the design process to provide solutions in new materials and features to withstand the unique challenges of space and lunar environments.


"Suits" breaks Nielsen weekly chart record

"Suits", which has been completed for four years, was released on streaming services Netflix and Peacock in June this year and achieved excellent viewing results, becoming a hot topic in Hollywood this summer. The latest one has set a record –

According to single-week data released this week by Nielsen, the authoritative U.S. ratings data researcher, the total viewing time of "Suits" from September 4 to 10 (the Nielsen streaming list is delayed) was 2.36 billion minutes.

For the 12th consecutive week, it has topped the Nielsen Drama Streaming Popularity Chart, becoming the longest-running weekly drama since Nielsen began counting streaming viewing rankings three years ago.

Zhu Yilong's new film "The Mistake by the River" is scheduled to be released on October 21

The suspense drama "The Mistake by the River" directed by Wei Shujun and starring Zhu Yilong is scheduled to be released in China on October 21.

"The Mistake by the River" is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Yu Hua in 1992: A horrific murder occurred in a small town surrounded by rivers. Police officer Ma Zhe was ordered to investigate. Unexpectedly, the case fell into trouble and the whole town was panicked. shrouded in an atmosphere…

At present, the film has been shortlisted and screened in 22 international film festivals including the Cannes International Film Festival, Pingyao International Film Festival, and Busan Film Festival.

Ma Li Huiying Hong's first collaboration in a new film

The movie "Dumpling Queen" officially started shooting recently. The film is adapted from the true story of Zang Jianwo, the founder of Wan Chai Pier. It tells the legendary struggle history of a mainland woman who rose from scratch to become the "Dumpling Queen" during Hong Kong's golden age.

The film is directed by Liu Weiqiang, starring Ma Li, with special appearances by Hui Yinghong, Zhu Yawen, Wang Zulan, Sit Kai-chi, Jiang Meiyi, Feng Wenjuan, Ya Mei, and Zhang Daming, Taibao and others.

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