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Meng Wanzhou: Huawei is committed to building China's computing power base to support large-scale models of "letting a hundred flowers bloom"

OpenAI releases DALL-E 3

Apple French stores to go on strike on new phone launch day

Musk's brain-computer interface company will conduct first human trial

OpenAI invites experts from various fields to participate in the “Red Team Network”

Amazon to hire 250,000 people for holiday season


TikTok issues new rules requiring creators to label AI-generated content

iPhone 15 can set the charging limit to 80%

Global shipments of Huawei tablets exceed 100 million units

Huawei releases new Ascend AI computing cluster

WPS AI is integrated into Kingsoft Office’s full line of products

Miaoya Camera launches free version, 8 photos can be used to generate formal photos

The founder of Huaxizi gives away 10,000 copies of eyebrow pencil

KFC x Honkai Impact launches joint set meal

Vans and Randomevent launch joint series

Keanu Reeves asks to die in John Wick 4

"Rick and Morty" season 7 trailer released

Zhang Yi and Pan Binlong’s movie “Priceless Treasure” is scheduled to be released


Meng Wanzhou: Huawei is committed to building China's computing power base to support large-scale models of "letting a hundred flowers bloom"

At the Huawei Full Connect Conference, Huawei Vice Chairman, Rotating Chairman, and CFO Meng Wanzhou delivered a keynote speech, introducing Huawei's comprehensive intelligent strategy and stating that it will accelerate the intelligent transformation of the industry.

It is understood that Huawei’s comprehensive intelligence goals are divided into three parts, including making “all objects connectable”, “making all applications modelable”, and “making all decisions computable”.

Meng Wanzhou said, "Under the guidance of a comprehensive intelligence strategy, Huawei will continue to build a solid computing power base to enable a variety of modes and empower thousands of industries."

"We will continue to improve the integration capabilities of "soft, hard, core, edge, and cloud", enrich the "black land", and meet the diverse AI computing power needs of various industries."

According to Meng Wanzhou, in the development process of AI technology, Huawei will support the development of domestic large-scale models through the opening of computing power base, AI platform, and development tools.

"We support each organization to use its own data to train its own large model, allowing each industry to use its own professional knowledge to develop its own large industry model." Meng Wanzhou said.

OpenAI releases DALL-E 3: users can create prompts using ChatGPT

OpenAI has announced an upgraded version of its Vincent graph tool DALL-E, which now allows users to create prompts using ChatGPT and includes more security options.

A new feature of DALL-E 3 is integration with ChatGPT. By using ChatGPT, users do not have to come up with detailed prompts to guide DALL-E 3 on their own;

Users simply ask ChatGPT for a prompt, and the chatbot writes a paragraph for DALL-E 3 to follow.

OpenAI says DALL-E 3 also produces higher-quality images that more accurately reflect cues, especially when processing longer cues.

DALL-E 3 will be released first to ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise users in October, followed by research labs and their API services in the fall.

OpenAI claims that it put a lot of work into DALL-E 3 to develop strong security measures to prevent the creation of obscene or potentially offensive images.

big company

Apple French stores to go on strike on new phone launch day

According to Bloomberg, the union representing employees at Apple's French retail stores has called for a nationwide strike on Friday and Saturday, which coincides with the launch of the new iPhone 15 series.

As part of annual pay negotiations, union groups including CGT, Unsa, CFDT and CFTC want a 7% pay increase for all staff to offset inflation.

They said in a joint statement that this was a "legitimate demand that has not been met."

According to reports, 20 Apple retail stores in France will take different forms of strike action, with some employees stopping work for only one hour. The union said it expected a demonstration in front of the Paris Opera on Friday.

Musk's brain-computer interface company will conduct first human trial

Musk's brain-computer interface company Neuralink said on Tuesday it had received approval from an independent review board to conduct the first human trial of implanting the device in the brains of paralyzed patients.

Neuralink stated that this experiment was to test the safety and effectiveness of Neuralink’s wireless fully implantable brain-computer interface, allowing paralyzed patients to control external devices with their brains.

Neuralink has officially opened recruitment for clinical trial patients. Patients paralyzed due to cervical spinal cord injury or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) may be eligible to participate in this trial.

The human trial is expected to take six years to complete, and it's unclear how many people will participate.

Participants will first take part in an 18-month study, after which they will spend at least two hours a week attending BCI workshops, followed by 20 additional visits over the next five years.

OpenAI invites experts from various fields to participate in the "Red Team Network" to improve the security of its AI models

OpenAI recently announced the launch of the “Red Teaming Network” and invited experts from various fields to join to improve the security of its AI models.

With the development of AI technology, especially generative technology, "red teaming" has increasingly become a critical step in the AI ​​model development process.

It plays a crucial role in identifying biases in AI systems and evaluating security filters.

OpenAI is calling for experts from a wider range of fields to get involved, including those with backgrounds in linguistics, biometrics, finance and healthcare.

They do not need experience with AI systems or language models to qualify.

Amazon to hire 250,000 people for holiday season

Amazon said on Tuesday it plans to hire 250,000 workers during the holiday shopping season, 67% more than it hired in the past two years, to expand its "next-day delivery" service, Reuters reported.

Amazon said the hiring will include full-time, part-time and seasonal positions, with hourly wages ranging from $17 to $28 an hour, depending on location.

At some locations, new employees hired to pick, sort, pack and ship will receive bonuses ranging from $1,000 to $3,000, the report said.

The Seattle-based electronics retailer said it will invest $1.3 billion this year to raise wages for distribution and transportation workers.

TikTok issues new rules requiring creators to label AI-generated content

TikTok has officially announced a new feature for tagging AI-generated content, which was first spotted by users last month.

The new feature will prompt creators to turn on tagging to let viewers know videos and photos were created using AI software.

The AI ​​label appears in the corner of the video below the username, and the prompt also includes a reminder that content may be removed if the involvement of AI tools is not disclosed.

The company also said it will begin testing a method this week to automatically mark content as AI-generated; it will also rename its AI filters and effects to include "AI" in the name and require effect creators to do the same.

New product

iPhone 15 can set the charging limit to 80%

Apple has introduced a new battery health device in iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models, with built-in related settings options that allow the daily charging limit to be set to 80%.

On the four iPhone 15 models, there are options under "Settings" – "Battery" – "Battery Health and Charging" – "Charging Optimization": optimize battery charging, 80% limit, and no optimization.

iPhones with iOS 13 and above support "Optimized Battery Charging", which will learn your daily charging habits and in some cases, the iPhone will suspend charging above 80%.

Selecting "80% limit" limits charging to 80% in all situations.

Global shipments of Huawei tablets exceed 100 million units

Yesterday, Huawei officially announced that on the 10th anniversary of Huawei tablets, global shipments exceeded 100 million units and that it will release a new flagship Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2-inch on September 25.

Judging from the previously released posters, the new product has a very thin and light body, and the screen adopts an ultra-narrow bezel design. With a larger screen, the screen-to-body ratio may set a new record for the same category.

Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2-inch tablet will be equipped with StarLight (NearLink) connection technology.

Yu Chengdong previously said that compared with traditional wireless connections, Star Flash’s power consumption is reduced to 60%, the data transmission rate is 6 times, the delay is reduced to 1/30, and the number of connections is 10 times.

According to previous reports, the new M-Pencil 3 stylus will also support StarLight connection.

Huawei releases new Ascend AI computing cluster

Yesterday, at the Huawei Full Connection Conference, Huawei announced the launch of the Ascend AI computing cluster Atlas 900 SuperCluster with a new architecture, which can support large model training with over one trillion parameters.

It is reported that the new cluster uses the new Huawei Galaxy AI intelligent computing switch. With its high-density port capabilities, the two-layer switching network can realize an ultra-large-scale non-convergence cluster network of 2,250 nodes (equivalent to 18,000 cards).

The new cluster also uses an innovative super-node architecture, which greatly improves large model training capabilities.

At the conference, Wang Tao, Huawei’s Managing Director, Director of the ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee, and President of Enterprise BG, said:

Huawei is breaking through the bottleneck of large computing power, building AI clusters with system architecture innovation, and realizing integrated design of computing power, transportation capacity, and storage capacity.

WPS AI is integrated into Kingsoft Office’s full line of products

Kingsoft Office officially announced that WPS AI, an intelligent office assistant based on large language models, has been integrated into Kingsoft Office’s full line of products, and users are invited to experience the full-component AI functionality.

At the same time, the latest progress of Kingsoft Office’s self-developed model was demonstrated for the first time. The model is based on an open source base and through training and tuning, helps WPS AI become the first AI office application to be implemented in China.

Kingsoft Office CEO Zhang Qingyuan said on the spot that AI and collaboration are important strategies for Kingsoft Office at this stage.

Kingsoft Office will use large models to reconstruct office software and provide each user with a brand-new product experience in three aspects: AIGC (content creation), Copilot (intelligent assistant) and Insight (knowledge insight).

And it will open up AI technology to enterprise customers and help each customer create their own one-stop collaborative office platform.

Miaoya Camera launches free version, 8 photos can be used to generate formal photos

Miaoya Camera announced the launch of a free version. Users can generate a personal digital avatar by uploading 8 photos and receive a set of "urban formal wear" photo templates.

Previously, users had to upload 20 photos and pay 9.9 yuan to create a digital avatar. The staff said that the free version works very well and is worth trying.

For this update, the person in charge of Miaoya Camera said that the primary purpose is to lower the threshold for using the software and make AI products more usable and inclusive.

At the same time, by adjusting the charging model, Miaoya Camera will gradually expand the user circle from photo enthusiasts to ordinary users, providing AI services to more people.

new consumption

The founder of Huaxizi gives away 10,000 copies of eyebrow pencil

Last night, the founder of Huaxizi's "Huamantian" WeChat Moments posted that the Huaxizi eyebrow pencil in the live broadcast room that night was only for free and not for sale.

In the article, Huamantian emphasized the product development capabilities of Huaxizi products and expressed the hope that more suggestions could be collected by giving away 10,000 copies of eyebrow pencils.

A former staff member of Huaxizi said that the WeChat Moments was indeed posted by Huamantian. Not only Huamantian, but also some employees of Huaxizi posted this WeChat Moments.

Previously, according to China-Singapore Jingwei, Hua Xizi’s open letter released on the 19th sparked heated discussions. People familiar with the matter said that the open letter was not written by the company's public relations department, and that some employees in the public relations department have resigned.

It is also understood that there are still several employees in the Huaxizi Public Relations Department, but they are also inclined to leave or have decided to leave.

KFC x Honkai Impact launches joint set meal

Recently, KFC × Honkai Impact launched a joint set meal. It is reported that from September 22, linkage packages, joint theme stores, etc. will be launched one after another.

Purchase "Star Dome Railway Pam's Tasty Bucket" and you will get 1 set of linkage commemorative peripherals and 1 linkage game gift pack redemption code (including Pam·Gourmet avatar, train conductor's special mobile phone wallpaper and other customized props).

Reservations will be open from 0:00 on September 27th. If you purchase "Star Dome Railway Pam's Select Bucket" at designated theme stores, you will get 1 linked straw, a total of 2 randomly distributed and 1 linked game gift pack redemption code.

Vans and Randomevent launch joint series

The Randomevent x Vans 2023 autumn and winter joint series uses horses as design elements and includes three shoe styles: Sk8-Mid, Authentic and Slip-On. It will be officially released on September 28.

In this joint series, dark brown imitation horse fur and suede splicing materials express the hair texture of a "horse". The burgundy leather insole and fluorescent green waffle outsole blend into the exotic western style;

The design of the "Randomevent" brand LOGO horseshoe buckle at the end of the shoe further highlights the concept of cooperation and also conveys the blessing of "lucky".


Keanu Reeves asks to die in John Wick 4

"John Wick" series producer Basil Iwanyk revealed that star Keanu Reeves repeatedly requested that his character die in "John Wick 4".

The filming of the "John Wick" series made Keanu Reeves physically and mentally exhausted, and that's why he made this initiative to "die". However, the end of the movie still leaves some possibilities open.

"Rick and Morty" season 7 trailer released

The seventh season of "Rick and Morty" has released its opening credits, and it's a crazy scene…it will premiere on October 15th.​​​

The show has stopped cooperating with former creator and voice of Rick and Morty Justin Roiland, and the voice actor for the new season has not yet been announced.

Zhang Yi and Pan Binlong’s movie “Priceless Treasure” is scheduled to be released

The movie "Priceless" has been officially announced to be released nationwide on November 10.

The story revolves around a pair of good buddies who make a living by running a hardware store. The unlucky two are involved in a series of debts, and by chance, they form a "family of three" with a little girl Qianqian who are not related by blood.

The film is directed by Zhang Dapeng, produced by Han Sanping, starring Zhang Yi, Pan Binlong, Zhou Yiran, Cheng Xi, Yuan Xiaoxu, Huang Jingyi, Hao Lei special appearance, Zhang Guoqiang and Fang Qingzhuo guest starring.

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