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Apple is turning more attention to 6G technology research and development

A small to moderate geomagnetic storm may occur on December 4

JPMorgan Chase may take over Apple Card business

OpenAI applies for GPT-6 and GPT-7 trademarks in China

Google delays the release of OpenAI competitor Gemini until January next year

Tencent MOO Music announced that it will cease services on December 31

British rock musician Peter Gabriel predicts that AI will soon be able to create better songs

GPT store postponed to early 2024

Access to Grok will gradually be opened to X Premium+ subscribers

Tencent Video responded "App crashed"

Mayday concert is involved in lip-synching controversy, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism: Time is needed to investigate

KFC launches "fried chicken" perfume

"Yuanmeng Star" is scheduled to be launched on all platforms on December 15


First trailer for drama version of "Fallout" revealed

Will Smith reveals progress on "I Am Legend 2"

"Dragon" Season 2 Release Trailer


Apple is turning more attention to 6G technology research and development

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple is turning more attention to 6G while developing its own 5G modems.

Apple is increasingly hiring engineers to study 6G technology, and a very specific job recruitment information has appeared on the company's website:

As a Cellular Platform Architect, you will drive and coordinate the design and modeling of 6G reference architecture. A suitable set of prototype implementations and reference architecture models need to be developed in order to evaluate candidate technologies and use cases.

In this role, you will plan, drive and actively participate in these modeling and prototyping activities. You will work cross-functionally with R&D teams to propose, plan and implement simulations and experiments to evaluate 6G technology candidates.

However, the 6G standard isn't expected to be released until 2030 at the earliest, and it's unclear how much faster it will be than 5G.

National Space Weather Monitoring and Warning Center: Small to moderate geomagnetic storm may occur on December 4

(▲ Beijing Aurora Author: Pu Shi)

According to the official public account "Space Weather" of the National Space Weather Monitoring and Warning Center, from 17:00 on December 1 to 8:00 on December 2, Beijing time, due to the impact of the solar coronal mass ejection (CME), the Earth experienced a 3-hour Kp of 7 The geomagnetic storm is a 3-hour medium geomagnetic storm with a Kp of 6, and a 9-hour small geomagnetic storm.

Affected by geomagnetic storms, aurora activities have occurred in Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places in my country. Even Beijing has clear aurora sighting and observation records this time.

In addition to the aurora, under this influence, the space station may cause the orbital height to drop due to atmospheric drag, and the errors of satellite navigation equipment to increase. Aviation flights will face the dual risks of deterioration of the communication environment and transpolar radiation. For the public, especially Pigeon players and aurora enthusiasts should also pay attention to space weather information in the near future.

This is the seventh time this year that geomagnetic activity at the level of a geomagnetic storm has occurred, following February 27, March 23 and 24, April 23 and 24, and September 19.

According to the latest monitoring and forecasts, a small to moderate geomagnetic storm may occur on December 4 due to the combined influence of the high-speed solar wind from the solar coronal hole and the CME on December 1.

big company

JPMorgan Chase may take over Apple Card business

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said in his latest Power On newsletter that Apple and Goldman Sachs are about to part ways, and JPMorgan Chase may be Apple's ideal partner.

According to previous reports, Apple has made a request to Goldman Sachs, hoping to terminate the partnership between the two parties in the next 12 to 15 months.

Apple and Goldman Sachs are terminating their entire consumer partnership, including Apple Card and Apple Savings accounts.

JPMorgan Chase may become Apple's new partner. The bank has already established an important relationship with Apple.

JPMorgan Chase currently stores some $60 billion of Apple's cash assets. It is also one of Apple's earliest and most successful Apple Pay partners and one of the largest credit card partners for Apple retail stores, online stores and App Store transactions.

In addition, JPMorgan Chase also offers credit cards that use the MasterCard network, which is the same system as Apple Card, meaning that subsequent cooperation does not require switching to Visa or American Express card platforms.

Gurman believes Apple may also be keen to transfer its Apple Cash debit card to JPMorgan Chase. Chase already has a strong debit card network that the Apple Cash card could fit into, providing customers with conveniences like ATM access.

OpenAI applies for GPT-6 and GPT-7 trademarks in China

The Tianyancha app shows that recently, OPENAI OPCO, LLC has applied for multiple trademarks of "GPT-6" and "GPT-7", which are internationally classified as scientific instruments and website services. The current trademark status is waiting for substance. review.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman previously revealed in an interview with the Financial Times that OpenAI is actively developing the next generation AI model GPT-5.

While there's no timeline for release, he made it clear that more data will be needed to train this model, so the company is putting out a call for large-scale data sets, specifically seeking long-form writing or conversation data that isn't already publicly and easily available on the internet.

Google delays the release of OpenAI competitor Gemini until January next year

According to a new report from The Information, Google has quietly postponed the first public debut of Gemini, its conversational artificial intelligence designed to compete with OpenAI, to January next year.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently decided to cancel a series of Gemini launch events scheduled for next week in California, New York and Washington because the company found its artificial intelligence was struggling to process some non-English speakers, people familiar with the matter said. Query performance is unstable.

It is reported that Gemini can provide support for the generation of chatbots, summary texts and original texts based on user descriptions. It is also expected to help software engineers write code and generate images according to user requirements.

According to previous reports, Gemini will be postponed to the first quarter of 2024, and the cancellation of this series of events also means that other products such as Search, Bard, Google Assistant, and Google Docs will not be upgraded with new technologies until 2024. .

Tencent MOO Music announced that it will cease services on December 31

Recently, MOO Music, a subsidiary of Tencent Music Group, announced that it will officially cease services on December 31, 2023.

The announcement stated that services such as new account registration, MOO coin recharge, and paid purchases will be stopped on December 15, and account asset processing will be enabled; all content consumption services such as song listening and downloading will be stopped on December 20, and only account asset processing and migration services will be retained. ;

On December 31st, except for the processing and migration of account assets, all operations and services will be officially stopped and the server will be shut down. At that time, the app will not be able to be logged in.

MOO Music was launched in November 2018, aiming to provide the possibility of discovering more high-quality music for young users who like niche music and are willing to explore good music. MOO was once called Tencent's version of "NetEase Cloud Music", which had high expectations.

 British rock musician Peter Gabriel predicts that AI will soon be able to create better songs

British rock musician Peter Gabriel said in an interview with The Sun that AI will soon be able to create songs better than his.

The former Genesis frontman just released his 10th solo album "I/O", which is also his first new original album in 21 years.

Gabriel believes that "artificial intelligence is about to overturn our world, and it should be able to do all the work better than us," including music creation.

Humanity is facing "very real, existential problems, and realistic, energetic optimism is the only possible way to solve them," he added.

New product

GPT store postponed to early 2024

Recently, OpenAI stated in a letter to GPT developers that the release of the “GPT Store” will be postponed until early next year.

At its first developer conference in November, OpenAI launched a customized version of GPT and said it would launch the GPT store later that month.

OpenAI said in the announcement that "some unexpected things have kept us busy," which delayed the release of the GPT store.

In the past period, OpenAI has experienced many events, including the dismissal of CEO Sam Altman, public revolts by hundreds of employees, and the departure of senior managers.

Recently, "The New Yorker" also exposed more insider information about this palace fight. To put it simply, there was a conflict between Altman and former board member Helen Toner.

The reason was that Toner co-wrote a paper criticizing OpenAI for "hyping artificial intelligence." Even though Toner explained and apologized to the board of directors, Altman was still dissatisfied with her behavior and wanted to contact other board members to kick her off the board, but Toner preempted her.

Toner and other board members secretly planned to fire Altman. They believed that Altman was not "candid" enough and was good at manipulating people's hearts. He was not suitable to lead a non-profit AI safety organization.

The board of directors suddenly announced the dismissal of Altman without informing its investor Microsoft, which surprised and angered Microsoft. At the same time, the board also underestimated the reaction of employees and investors. After many efforts, Altman was finally reinstated and almost all directors who opposed him resigned.

Access to Grok will gradually be opened to X Premium+ subscribers

Musk posted on the X platform on December 3 that access to Grok will be opened to X’s Premium+ users in the next week or so, with priority depending on the time of subscription.

Musk’s artificial intelligence startup xAI launched its first AI assistant “Grok” last month. Compared with ChatGPT, Bard and Bing Chat, Musk believes that the biggest difference between Grok is its sense of humor.

He also mentioned that Grok can access information in real time through the X platform, which is a huge advantage compared to other models.

Grok will be included directly in X's Premium+ subscription service, which X users can subscribe to for $16 per month (currently approximately RMB 113) or $168 per year (currently approximately RMB 1188).

new consumption

Tencent Video responded "App crashed"

Yesterday evening, Tencent Video experienced a network failure. Some netizens reported that the homepage could not load content, and VIP users could not view member videos.

In response, Tencent Video's official Weibo posted that Tencent Video is currently experiencing temporary technical problems and is working hard to repair them, and various functions are gradually being restored.

Mayday concert is involved in lip-synching controversy, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism: Time is needed to investigate

Recently, Mayday was questioned for lip-syncing during a concert. The blogger "Wheatfield Farmer" selected 12 songs filmed by fans at the Shanghai concert, and extracted the vocals for analysis.

According to his judgment, among the 12 songs, "Cheers", "Love ING", "Contentment", "My Lover Is Missing", "Sad People Don't Listen to Slow Songs" are lip-synced, and the first few lines of "Write This Song for You" are fake Yes, the latter is true.

According to·Zongxiang Video, a reporter called 12345 as a consumer of the Mayday Shanghai concert to report that "there was suspected lip-synching at the Mayday Shanghai concert."

An hour later, staff from the Shanghai Cultural Tourism Market Quality Inspection and Service Center called back and said they would verify the issue, adding that "since the concert has ended, it will take some time to conduct an investigation."

According to public information, Mayday held multiple concerts in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shenyang and other places this year, and tickets were sold out as soon as they went on sale.

KFC launches "fried chicken" perfume

According to FBIF Food and Beverage Innovation reports, KFC Spain recently launched a limited edition unisex fragrance Eau D'uardo, whose flavor is inspired by the original recipe of KFC fried chicken.

The perfume bottle is in the shape of a classic drumstick, and the perfume contains the scent of fresh geranium, citrus, pepper, and bergamot.

This is a limited-edition perfume limited to the region, and Spanish consumers can purchase it through the KFC app or offline stores. It will go on sale on November 28, with a limited edition of 25,000 bottles and a price of 3.99 euros (about 31 yuan).

"Yuanmeng Star" is scheduled to be launched on all platforms on December 15

Tianmei officially announced that "Yuanmeng Star" will be launched on all platforms on December 15.

According to "Jinghe" reports, at the press conference on December 2, nearly 20 KOLs including Fei Qiming, Qin Xiaoxian, Tian Xiwei, Classmate He, and Lao Tomato helped out.

Product launch officer He said: "Yuanmeng Star is a family party game. Through it, I have established a deeper emotional connection with my friends."

The genuine authorization of "Humanity is Completely Defeated" that players expect was also officially announced at the press conference. Coupled with the earlier official authorization of "Jelly Bean Man", it can be said that "Yuanmeng Star" has filled the gap of "genuine family party games" in the domestic market.


First trailer for drama version of "Fallout" revealed

The first trailer for the live-action series of the well-known game "Fallout" has been released. The series is scheduled to be launched on Amazon streaming on April 12 next year.

The drama version of "Fallout" was developed by "Westworld" creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The former also directed the first episode. It is set after a world nuclear war that led to the destruction of the earth, and is full of strange stories and violent waste. In the earth world.

Will Smith reveals progress on "I Am Legend 2"

Will Smith recently confirmed at the Red Sea Film Festival that he will star in "I Am Legend 2", partnering Michael B. Jordan:

"I have to call MBJ tomorrow. The (completed) script has just been sent over…I may have revealed too much information."

He also revealed that the sequel will follow another version of the ending of "I Am Legend" (the DVD version ending, not the released version): the protagonist he played, Robert Neville, did not die.

"I Am Legend" tells the story of "one person, one dog, a city at the end of the world": a plague brought by a virus invades the world, turning living people into monsters. Many years later, a man and a dog live quietly in the ruins of New York Living a dangerous and lonely life in the city, he once thought he was the only human being alive in the world, until…

"Dragon" Season 2 Release Trailer

The second season of "Dragon" released its first trailer and announced that it will premiere in the summer of 2024.

"To the gods, no war is more hateful than a war between blood relatives, and no war is more bloody than a war between dragons."

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