Morning Post | Many mobile phone manufacturers have canceled 5G switches / Byte’s PICO announced layoffs / Lei Jun confirmed that Xiaomi 14 sales have exceeded one million units


Many mobile phone manufacturers cancel 5G switch

The new M3 Mac is officially on sale

SpaceX expected to achieve $15 billion in revenue next year

Tesla Model 3/Model Y long-range version will increase in price

ByteDance’s PICO announces layoffs

Li Auto’s 2024 sales forecast exceeds 800,000 units

Humans are at the heart of generative AI

Apple releases iOS 17.1.1, which fixes the problem of NFC damage in wireless charging of iPhone 15 models

Lei Jun confirms Xiaomi Mi 14 sales exceed 1 million units

Microsoft Office 2024 preview leaked in advance

Meituan’s first AI interactive product “Wow” unveiled

Wuliangye denies internal discussions on price increase rumors

"Rhythm Master" is back online on all platforms

McDonald's x Crocs joint series will be released soon

"Captain Marvel 2" releases final trailer

"Bear's Diner" renewed for third season

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes: New World" releases Chinese poster


Many mobile phone manufacturers cancel 5G switch

According to Sina Technology, many users reported that after updating the system of their mobile phones, the 4G and 5G switch in the system settings was canceled and they could only use the 5G network by default.

It is reported that this may be a unified requirement of operators in order to increase users’ 5G usage. Some people in the mobile phone industry said that future mobile phones will not be equipped with a switch to turn off 5G.

But this has caused many users to question, believing that 5G network coverage is not perfect and is relatively power-consuming. If the 5G network cannot be turned on, the choice should be given to users instead of being forced to turn it on by default.

The new M3 Mac is officially on sale, and some MacBook Pros come pre-installed with macOS Ventura

The new M3 MacBook Pro and iMac were officially launched yesterday, and the first batch of orders have begun to arrive to customers.

The 14-inch MacBook Pro equipped with the M3 chip starts at 12,999 yuan, and the 14- and 16-inch models equipped with the M3 Pro and M3 Max chips offer a new deep space black appearance.

According to MacRumors, some users who received the goods found that the new laptops were pre-installed with macOS Ventura system, and currently cannot be updated to macOS Sonoma through OTA upgrade.

X user "aaronp613" said that at least some 14-inch MacBook Pro models equipped with M3 chips come with macOS Ventura 13.5 version pre-installed.

When users try to update to macOS Sonoma through System Settings, macOS Ventura 13.5 is listed as the latest version available, instead of macOS Sonoma 14.1.

Given that macOS Ventura 13.5 was released in July, it seems that Apple started stocking up on the 14-inch MacBook Pro equipped with the M3 chip a few months ago.

According to the report, it is unclear when Apple will solve this problem. Software researcher Nicolás Álvarez said that affected users can download the installation assistant for the macOS Sonoma 14.1 system for the M3 chip and manually install the update.

big company

SpaceX expected to achieve $15 billion in revenue next year

According to Bloomberg, people familiar with the matter revealed that Musk’s SpaceX company is expected to achieve approximately US$9 billion in revenue from its rocket launch and Starlink business this year, and sales are expected to increase to approximately US$15 billion in 2024.

People familiar with the matter said that as Starlink enters more regions around the world, the sales of this business are expected to exceed the rocket launch business next year, and the Starlink project will account for the majority of SpaceX’s revenue by then.

Some people familiar with the matter said that after excluding some projects, SpaceX is expected to achieve profits of more than $3 billion this year.

Earlier this year, SpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shotwell said the company had achieved positive quarterly cash flow and would be profitable this year. Last week, Musk announced on the X platform that Starlink has achieved cash flow breakeven.

Tesla Model 3/Model Y long-range version will increase in price

According to Autohome, Tesla officials learned that the prices of Model 3 and Model Y long-range versions will be raised on November 9th this Thursday, and the prices of standard renewals may also be raised in the future.

Currently, Tesla Model 3 has two configurations: standard endurance version and long endurance version, priced at 259,900 yuan/295900 yuan respectively; Model Y has 3 models on sale, namely standard endurance version/long endurance version/high-performance version. The price is 26.39/29.99/363,900 yuan.

Tesla said that Model Y has completed the evolutionary upgrade of all models on October 1. Multi-color ambient lights have been added to the interior, and updated technical fabric materials have been selected for the dashboard trim and front door trim. The appearance has been updated with a 19-inch Gemini wheel design.

The new Tesla Model 3 has officially started pre-sales on September 1, and the exhibition cars have already arrived at major showrooms. As a mid-term facelift, the new car has been adjusted in appearance, interior, power, and battery life.

ByteDance’s PICO announces layoffs

ByteDance officially announced the organizational structure adjustment of PICO.

According to Tencent Technology reports, ByteDance VR business PICO has begun to enter the layoff talk stage this week. HR has begun communicating with laid-off employees about compensation issues, and the official employee compensation is N+1.

The layoffs are widespread and are expected to affect thousands of employees.

PICO CEO Zhou Hongwei said at the all-member meeting that although PICO has made some adjustments this year, it seems that it is not timely and effective enough now. In the past, they were relatively optimistic about the development of the industry and market, but in fact it was not as fast as expected.

In terms of personnel adjustments, the marketing and sales services, studios, video, and platform business teams will be significantly reduced.

Zhou Hongwei said that the company is "patient and long-term" about the XR business. Next, PICO will retain the core team and maintain normal operations. In the future, it will focus on long-term exploration and breakthroughs in hardware and core technologies.

Li Auto’s 2024 sales forecast exceeds 800,000 units

According to 36 Krypton, as they sprint towards sales in the last quarter, the sales forecasts of domestic new car companies for 2024 have been passed on to the supply side.

Li Auto's sales volume in 2024 is forecast to exceed 800,000 vehicles. Based on the expected sales volume of 380,000 vehicles this year, Li Auto's sales growth next year will exceed 100%.

It is understood that the sales of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi in the Chinese market in 2022 will be 792,000, 752,000 and 643,000 respectively, and they will decline year-on-year. If the forecast is accurate, Ideal’s market performance next year is expected to surpass traditional luxury brands.

At the same time, NIO has given a sales forecast of more than 230,000 vehicles in 2024, while Xpeng Motors' sales forecast is more than 280,000 vehicles.

It is worth noting that the above data does not include NIO and Xpeng Motors’ sub-brands, Alpine and MONA.

As of October, Xpeng has sold a total of 101,000 vehicles. If it continues to deliver 20,000 vehicles in October, Xpeng is expected to reach 140,000 vehicles for the whole year. In other words, according to next year's forecast, Xpeng will almost reach 100% growth.

 Humans are at the heart of generative AI

According to MIT Technology Review insights, generative AI is gradually becoming a key component of enterprise business operations and customer service interactions.

According to research from Salesforce, approximately 61% of employees currently use or plan to use generative AI technology in their roles.

Among them, 68% believe that technology that can generate text, video, image and audio content almost instantly will enable them to provide richer experiences to customers.

However, this technology is not a perfect solution, nor is it meant to completely replace human workers. 60% of employees surveyed believe that human oversight is critical to ensuring that generative AI technology operates effectively and is trustworthy.

Generative AI has huge potential to revolutionize the way business is run, but how companies decide to use it will have a big impact.

Only when generative AI technology is combined with human empathy and intelligence can its full value be realized in the business world.

New product

Apple releases iOS 17.1.1, which fixes the problem of NFC damage in wireless charging of iPhone 15 models

Apple today released iOS 17.1.1 and iPadOS 17.1.1, which are minor updates to the iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 operating systems first released in September.

The iOS 17.1.1 update fixes an issue where BMW wireless charging could damage the iPhone 15 NFC chip, as well as a bug in the weather lock screen widget.

This update provides fixes for iPhone issues, including:

·In rare cases, Apple Pay and other NFC features may not be available on iPhone 15 models after wireless charging in certain cars

·The "Weather" lock screen widget may not display snow correctly

This update also introduces new AirDrop and Apple Music features. Apple is already testing the new Journal app for iOS 17.2 and iPhone, which is expected to be released in December.

Lei Jun confirms Xiaomi Mi 14 sales exceed 1 million units

Yesterday, Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said during an interaction with netizens on Weibo that the Xiaomi Mi 14 series has sold more than 1 million units. The current shortage is still serious and orders are being urged.

The Xiaomi Mi 14 series was first sold on October 31. Within 5 minutes of going on sale, the sales volume was already 6 times that of the previous generation Xiaomi Mi 13 series.

Within 4 hours of the first sale, it broke the "full-day first sale sales and sales" record of domestic mobile phones on the four major e-commerce platforms in the past year.

Xiaomi Mi 14 series mobile phones are priced from 3,999 yuan, with standard and Pro versions available. Xiaomi 14 Pro titanium special edition mobile phone has also been released, priced at 6,499 yuan.

Lei Jun also mentioned the shortage problem of Xiaomi Mi 14 series before, especially the titanium special edition, saying that "the cost is high and processing is difficult."

Microsoft Office 2024 preview leaked in advance

Recently, X user techosaurusrex exposed information about the preview version of Microsoft Office 2024.

Judging from the screenshots he posted, the interface of the new version of Office has been adjusted, but the difference is not significant. The main updates may focus on functionality, such as the addition of AI.

Judging from the screenshots, Microsoft is preparing to launch Microsoft Office LTSC Professional Plus 2024 Preview, Microsoft Project Professional 2024 Preview, Microsoft Visio LTSC Professional 2024 Preview, etc. next year, and it is expected to see other supporting products by then.

techosaurusrex also mentioned the "new Windows client" in the post, and Windows Insider officially responded in the comment area: "The future is indeed bright."

This also seems to confirm that Windows 12 (or Win11 24H2 version) will be released next year.

Meituan’s first AI interactive product “Wow” unveiled

According to "Tech Planet", Meituan has recently launched an independent app called "Wow" and has completed product registration. This is Meituan's first AI interactive product.

The “Wow” app was developed by Shanghai Sankuai Xingou Technology Co., Ltd., which is 100% controlled by Shanghai Hantao Information Consulting Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Meituan.

According to the official introduction, Wow is an AI friend community for young people. Users can talk to 29 AI characters with different personalities and communicate through voice or text, such as Socrates, Daji, psychological counselors, etc.

People familiar with the matter said that Wow is an AI product still in the trial stage. The product is based on multiple basic large-scale models that have been registered in China, and is still undergoing technical and functional iterations.

new consumption

Wuliangye denies internal discussions on price increase rumors

According to Red Star News, regarding market price increase rumors, Wuliangye responded: "Internal discussions on price increases" and "price increase timing to be determined" are both false news.

A major distributor of Wuliangye in Central China told reporters that there will be news in about three days (November 10).

He believes that the trend should be upward. Currently, dealers are waiting and watching, but it is hard to say whether it will rise or how much it will rise.

"Rhythm Master" is back online on all platforms

On November 7, Tencent’s music game “Rhythm Master” officially returned to all platforms.

The official said that this return has optimized the underlying structure of the game, improved the overall resolution, supported adaptive size, redrawn the UI materials of each interface to high-definition, replaced the audio engine, and supported ultra-high refresh rates on some devices, etc., so that the game can function normally and operate for a long time.

After the game is launched, original players can download and log in to the game to receive the currency, some props, characters and character levels in the original account.

The game announced its temporary suspension of operations on February 5, 2021. It announced its upcoming return through its official Weibo at the end of 2022, and it officially returned online yesterday.

McDonald's x Crocs joint series will be released soon

McDonald's announced this season that it has launched a cooperation with Crocs, launching its first joint series in mainland China, bringing a series of creative items including themed shoes, socks and smart stars.

This joint series is based on the silhouettes of Crocs warm plush slippers and classic Clog shoes, and selects McDonald's classic brand characters – Milkshake Brother, Big Bird Sister and Burger Thief as creative inspirations to create four shoes with both brand logos. .

It is reported that the new McDonald's x Crocs joint series will be launched on the Crocs official mall at 10:00 on November 8, and will be launched simultaneously in designated offline stores, with prices ranging from 88 to 669 yuan.


"Captain Marvel 2" releases final trailer

Marvel's new film "Captain Marvel 2" released the ultimate trailer, "Looking back at the great battles of the past, new powerful threats are coming." The superheroes team up to attack again.

The film will be released in mainland China, North America and other places on November 10.​​​

"Bear's Diner" renewed for third season

FX's hit comedy series "The Bears" has been renewed for a third season and will return in 2024, Deadline reports.

The first season of the show, which premieres in June 2022, has been nominated for 13 Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series, which is scheduled to be awarded in January next year. It tells the story of Cami, a young chef from the food world.

"Rise of the Planet of the Apes: New World" releases Chinese poster

The new sequel to the "Planet of the Apes" and "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" series "Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Kingdom" released a Chinese poster, in which Caesar's son Cornelius embarks on his own adventure.

The film's mainland translation title is "Rise of the Planet of the Apes: A New World" and will be released in North America on May 24 next year.​​​

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