Morning Post | M3 MacBook Pro is expected to be released next year/The International Olympic Committee is considering establishing an e-sports Olympics/New Model Y starts delivery


Yang Liwei revealed that astronauts are preparing for the moon landing mission

Bach: The International Olympic Committee is considering creating an Olympic eSports event

Apple plans to launch new initiative to provide software updates for unopened iPhones


TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou: There is no longer globalization in the semiconductor field

Wenjie’s new M7 has sold over 60,000 units in the first month of its launch

Half of workplace skills will be obsolete within two years, study shows

MacBook Pro/Air equipped with M3 chip is expected to be launched next year

Tesla’s new Model Y has started domestic deliveries


The first domestically produced new MINI rolls off the production line at Guanghuang Factory

This year’s Tmall Double 11 will set “the lowest price on the entire network” as the core KPI

Nike NOCTA Glide "Green Strike" on-feet photos exposed

BEAMS x Columbia PFG new joint project debuts

Official trailer for Godzilla vs. Titans series revealed

Michael Caine announces retirement

Poster released for biopic "Ferrari"


Yang Liwei revealed that astronauts are preparing for the moon landing mission

At present, the lunar landing phase of my country's manned lunar exploration project has been launched, and it is planned to achieve the first Chinese landing on the moon before 2030.

According to CCTV News, Yang Liwei, deputy chief designer of China's manned space program, said that currently astronauts are also preparing for the moon landing mission, and the moon landing astronauts will be selected from astronauts who have performed previous missions.

He also said, "Landing on the moon is not the ultimate goal. In the future, we will also go to deeper space exploration."

Bach: The International Olympic Committee is considering creating an Olympic eSports event

According to Xinhua News Agency, International Olympic Committee President Bach revealed on the evening of October 14 that the International Olympic Committee is considering creating an e-sports Olympic Games.

According to statistics, about 3 billion people around the world play video games, and more than 500 million of them are particularly interested in e-sports, including virtual sports and simulated sports. Most of them are young people under the age of 34.

Bach said that this is very important to the International Olympic Committee, so since 2018, the International Olympic Committee has been involved in the development of e-sports projects in a comprehensive manner.

big company

Apple plans to launch new initiative to provide software updates for unopened iPhones

When customers purchase a new iPhone from an Apple retail store, the device may come with outdated software. For example, the first batch of iPhone 15 shipped from the factory with iOS 17 pre-installed, but when it was released, iOS 17.0.1 was already available.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said that Apple is planning a new system for its retail stores that can update iPhone software before it is sold.

They developed a proprietary device that places an iPhone on it, wirelessly turns it on, performs software updates, and then turns it off. All this without opening the packaging.

Apple plans to roll out the system in retail stores by the end of this year.

NLRB charges Company X with illegally firing employees who publicly questioned return-to-work plan

According to CNBC, the U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) said in a complaint filed on Friday that Company X violated labor laws by firing an employee who criticized management's "return to work policy."

Musk bought the company then known as Twitter in October and threatened to fire employees who didn't return to the office.

The NLRB noted that Musk once said, "If you can show up to the office in person and don't show up, that's considered your resignation." This resulted in several employees expressing "concern and anger" over instructions to return to the office immediately.

Yao Yue subsequently posted on X and the company's internal collaboration platform Slack, encouraging other employees not to resign but to let the company fire them. She was fired after violating an unspecified company policy.

In its complaint, the NLRB accused X of preventing the company's employees from exercising their legal labor rights. Yao Yue claimed that the company fired her "in retaliation for her attempts to prevent her colleagues from resigning" so that they would have "a better legal basis" if they were fired or persuaded to quit.

TSMC founder Zhang Zhongmou: Semiconductors are no longer globalized, and competition among chip manufacturers will become more intense

According to Nikkei Asia, TSMC founder Chang Chung-mou warned that the company expects to face tougher competition as rivals such as Intel take advantage of governments around the world's desire to increase chip manufacturing capabilities to grow rapidly.

Zhang Zhongmou recently said at the TSMC Annual Sports Conference: "In the semiconductor field, there is no longer globalization and no free trade. Our competitors (such as Intel Corporation) may take advantage of this geopolitical trend and hope to defeat us." .

Looking to the future, Zhang Zhongmou believes that Intel will only have great opportunities to compete if it can provide its foundry customers with the same level of service, reliability, scale and price as TSMC.

He said that he is not too worried about this happening and that it is still possible for TSMC to overcome this challenge.

Wenjie’s new M7 has sold over 60,000 units in the first month of its launch

Wenjie AITO officially announced that the cumulative number of Wenjie's new M7 units in the first month of its launch has exceeded 60,000 units.

According to reports, in order to ensure the speed and quality of new car delivery, Yu Chengdong once again appeared at the Salis Smart Factory on the afternoon of October 13 to personally supervise the speed and quality of vehicle production.

Yu Chengdong said: "Our orders have been very good recently. The first sales volume has exceeded 60,000 units. Thank you very much for your support! We are working overtime to deliver high-quality production."

"We have now invested another 1 billion in the entire supply chain. The entire industrial chain has added 20,000 workers, and the factory has also added new production shifts, running 22 hours a day. We are going all out to get everyone to drive the new cars back as soon as possible. Home".

According to Red Star News, due to too many orders, the delivery of the new Wenjie M7 is currently expected to take 4 to 6 weeks.

 Half of workplace skills will be obsolete within two years, study shows

Recently, a survey report released by the online education platform edX shows that with the development of artificial intelligence, nearly half of existing job skills will become no longer applicable in just two years.

Executives predict that by 2025, 49% of employee skills will no longer be relevant; within the next five years, 56% of entry-level knowledge worker roles will be eliminated by artificial intelligence.

Notably, the survey also showed that even the most senior company decision-makers are concerned that their own tasks could be replaced by AI.

47% of executives believe that "most" or "all" CEO roles should be fully automated or replaced by artificial intelligence, and even 49% of CEOs themselves agree.

Still, WEKA President Jonathan Martin said: "No matter what, creative thinking and strategic thinkers will always play a role."

He emphasized that "even as generative AI applications become more advanced, someone will still need to develop prompts, organize the results, and determine how to use the output."

New product

MacBook Pro/Air equipped with M3 chip is expected to be launched next year

Yesterday, Supercharged reported that Apple plans to release new iPads, iPad Air and iPad mini on October 17.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said in his latest "Power On" newsletter that "the latest indications are that it will not be released this month."

Gurman said that new entry-level iPads, iPad Air and iPad mini are all in development and equipped with faster chips. "I don't think there are any important updates coming."

The new iPad Pro, which features a new design, an OLED display, a faster chip and a redesigned Magic Keyboard, won't be available until next year.

Regarding Mac, Mark Gurman said that the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro equipped with M3 Pro and M3 Max chips have reached the design verification test (DVT) stage.

This means they are about to enter mass production and will be released between early 2024 and spring 2024, in line with the release schedule of the previous generation.

The 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air equipped with M3 chips have just entered the engineering verification testing (EVT) stage, and they will be available as early as spring and summer next year.

Tesla’s new Model Y has started domestic deliveries

Yesterday, Tesla officially announced that delivery of the new Model Y has begun.

On October 1, Tesla announced a series of upgrades and improvements to Model Y, with the price remaining unchanged.

Model Y rear-wheel drive version starts at 263,900 yuan, Model Y long-range version starts at 299,900 yuan, and Model Y high-performance version starts at 349,900 yuan.

According to Tesla’s official introduction, in the interior, the new Model Y has added multi-color ambient lights, and selected technical textile materials for the dashboard trim; in appearance, the 19-inch Gemini wheels have received design improvements, from the original silver Change to black.

After this update, the Model Y rear-wheel drive version's acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers has been increased to 5.9 seconds, an increase of 1 second from the previous time, while the battery life is not affected.

Officials stated that the new Model Y is currently only sold in the mainland Chinese market.

The first domestically produced new MINI rolls off the production line at Guanghuang Factory

According to multiple media reports, the domestically produced new MINI pure electric model has officially rolled off the mass production line at the Beangguang Automobile Factory, a joint venture between BMW Group and Great Wall Motors. The car will be launched in 2024 and supplied to the global market.

Judging from the on-site photos, the model that rolled off the assembly line this time is the same as the previously released MINI COOPER.

According to previous reports, the Liangguang Factory will successively put into production the new MINI COOPER and MINI Aceman pure electric compact crossover models, and Liangguang Auto will become its first production place and main export base in the world.

new consumption

This year’s Tmall Double 11 will set “the lowest price on the entire network” as the core KPI

According to The Paper, Taotian Group set “the lowest price on the entire network” as its core goal at the Tmall Double 11 launch conference.

Including the three major industry development centers and horizontal departments such as users, platforms, and live broadcasts, they have all identified "the lowest price on the entire network" as the core KPI.

According to industry sources close to Taotian Group, two new categories of products have been added to Taobao during Double 11: one is "low price on the entire network", which guarantees the lowest price on all e-commerce platforms during the same period; the other is "official instant discount", where the price of a single product is directly More than 15% off, no need to pool orders across stores.

This year’s Tmall Double 11 will officially start at 8pm on October 24th.

Nike NOCTA Glide "Green Strike" on-feet photos exposed

Designed in collaboration with Drake, the Nike NOCTA Glide fluorescent green colorway releases more details. The shoe draws inspiration from Jason Kidd's iconic Zoom Flight 95 and is packed with functionality.

The upper is made of durable ballistic mesh material, with carbon fiber-style mudguards and Swooshes on the sides, and the recognizable "NIKE" logo on the eyelets.

The shoe features a rear pull tab and an updated four-compartment design, plus unique NOCTA branding on the tongue and insole, and the EYBL logo on the right insole.

The shoe is currently only available to members of the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League, with a wider public release possible in the future.

BEAMS x Columbia PFG new joint project debuts

Columbia PFG is a fishing branch of the Columbia brand. It has cooperated with BEAMS many times in the past and has been well received. Recently, the two parties announced that they will work together again to launch new fishing jackets and pants.

The design is inspired by Columbia PFG's famous "Multi-Pocket Fishing Vest", and the color scheme is divided into two styles: black and gray.

The appearance is flat and simple, and they are equipped with a seamless two-way design and multiple pockets, which can hold multiple accessories needed for fishing.

The jacket is priced at 37,400 yen (currently approximately RMB 1,826), and the fishing pants are priced at 29,000 yen (currently approximately RMB 1,416). It is expected to be on sale at BEAMS stores and official websites on October 27.


Official trailer for Godzilla vs. Titans series revealed

The first official trailer for the Godzilla vs. Titans drama "Emperor: Legacy of the Monsters" has been revealed, and will premiere on Apple TV+ on November 17.

Set in the Legendary Pictures Monster Universe, the show tells the story of a fierce battle between Godzilla and the Titans that razed San Francisco to the ground. It comes to "a shocking new world where monsters really exist" and explores a family's journey to uncover their buried secrets. and a legacy that ties them to a secret society called the Monarchs.

Michael Caine announces retirement

Legendary actor Michael Caine, 90, has announced his retirement.

Recently, Kane said on BBC Radio 4's "Today" program: "I've always said I was going to retire, and now I really have to."

I realized that I had starred in a movie and it had great reviews. The only roles I can get these days are for 90- or 85-year-old men, so I thought, might as well retire.

I got great reviews for this movie, what else could I do to top it? We had a great time at the movies, so thought, why not leave now?

Instead of a 90-year-old male lead, you have young, beautiful boys and girls.

Kane began acting in 1950 and has been in the industry for 73 years. He has appeared in 160 movies including "Batman Trilogy", "Inception" and "Dunkirk", and won two Oscars.

Poster released for biopic "Ferrari"

The poster for the biopic "Ferrari" starring Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, and Shailene Woodley has been released and will be released in North America on December 25.

It was created by "The Wire" director Michael Mann for 20 years, and the script is adapted from the autobiography "Enzo Ferrari: Fast Machine".

Focus on Ferrari's eventful life In 1957, Ferrari's company was facing bankruptcy and his marriage to his wife was on the verge of collapse. He and his team of drivers decided to make a desperate move in a race and participate in the Mille Miglia, a thousand-mile endurance race across Italy.

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