Morning Post | Luo Yonghao announced to quit the Internet and start his own business / CNKI opens personal check / ​Xinyuan cat food may have caused the death of 317 cats

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  • Luo Yonghao announced to quit the network and bury his head in entrepreneurship
  • HowNet Opens Personal Duplication Check Service
  • Xinyuan cat food may have killed 317 cats
  • The Swedish House Mafia x IKEA Collection debuts
  • Umbrella with built-in LED light for easy rainy night walks
  • LEGO releases ring roller coaster model
  • Tesla cancels online recruitment campaign in China
  • Google settles gender discrimination lawsuit with 15,000 female employees
  • Apple establishes specialized financial subsidiary for "buy now, pay later" service
  • Forever 21 officially returns to the Chinese market
  • Sandunban launches "Super Instant 6.0" series
  • Shanghai Fashion Week 2022 will be held digitally

Luo Yonghao officially announced his withdrawal from social networks

Luo Yonghao recently officially announced his departure from the management of "Make a Friend", and at the same time withdrew from social platforms such as Weibo, "to start a business again".

According to a friend, Luo Yonghao will no longer accept media interviews in principle in the next few years, hoping to eliminate outside interference through this move and "engage in the research and development of next-generation smart platform products."

At the same time, Luo Yonghao personally opened a new Weibo account of "Product Manager Luo Yonghao", saying that the account is limited to business-related exchanges and rumors.

It is reported that Luo Yonghao's entrepreneurial direction is expected to belong to the AR field. Previously, Luo Yonghao called AR the next-generation computing platform, and wanted to be the first to make something like the iPhone + iOS in 2007 in the AR era, and become the next company similar to Apple on the platform. (Sina Technology)

HowNet Opens Personal Duplication Check Service

On June 12, CNKI announced that it will provide duplicate checking services directly to individual users.

Among them, the fee for individual duplication checking is 1.5 yuan/thousand words. Meanwhile, the number of free duplication checking for postgraduate dissertations has increased from 1.5 per capita to 3 per capita.

In addition, CNKI also stated: "HowNet only provided duplicate checking services for institutions in the past, ignoring the actual needs of individual users such as self-inspection and novelty checking of academic standards, which objectively caused problems of black market and high prices. " A brand-new personal check service plan has been developed. (Guangming Daily)

Xinyuan cat food may have killed 317 cats

As of June 10, there were 391 victimized consumers claiming to be the "Xinyuan Development Treasure Cat Food Incident", of which 317 cats died due to ineffective rescue.

Previously, a number of victim pet owners submitted a variety of cat foods for inspection at their own expense, and found that Xinyuan Development Baotaotie Meat Banquet became a cat food, Xinyuan Bellefu became a cat food (offline), and Xinyuan Developmentbao co-branded customized frozen. The bacterial endotoxin content of dry Shuangpin cat food was 526 times, 774 times, and 1150 times that of another cat food submitted for inspection.

Subsequently, Xinyuan responded to this on June 6, saying that bacterial endotoxins are ubiquitous in nature, and the cause of the disease in the victim cat mainly comes from blood input rather than ingestion in the digestive tract.

At present, only the most basic items of nutrients such as fat, protein, and water-soluble chloride are subject to compulsory inspection of pet food, and there are no restrictions on the content of bacterial endotoxin. (Times Finance)

The Swedish House Mafia x IKEA Collection debuts

After the Swedish electronic music group Swedish House Mafia and IKEA teamed up to create the FRAKTA bag a while ago, they will release a total of 20 products in the "OBEGRÄNSAD" series in the fall.

The first wave of the "OBEGRÄNSAD" collection includes vinyl record players, lounge chairs and desks designed for music studios, all finished in Swedish House Mafia's signature ultra-black.

The collection will be available at IKEA this fall. (Hypebeast)

Umbrella with built-in LED light for easy rainy night walks

Japanese company Mabu recently introduced umbrellas with LED lights. This umbrella can be used as an ordinary sunny umbrella during the day, and when it is raining at night or in a parking lot and other situations where a light source is required, the LED light can be turned on with the push of a button.

The umbrella is available in four colors: "Carmine Red", "Water", "Light Grey" and "Midnight Blue". At the same time, the LED light is powered by 3 AAA batteries and weighs about 460 grams, making it easy for users to carry around.

Currently, this umbrella is available on Mabu's official website, priced at 3,300 yen. (designboom)

LEGO releases ring roller coaster model

LEGO recently released the newest member of the Fairground series, the "Loop Coaster" building block set, numbered #10303.

The set has 3756 parts and includes a roller coaster and a ride station with an openable ticket gate and roller coaster control panel. Accessories include 1 park bench with map, balloon cart, hot dog stand and more.

Once assembled, players can depress the guard bars to secure passengers in the car and activate the lift to drive the roller coaster.

The building block set will be the first to open VIP pre-order on July 1, priced at $ 399.99. (Hypebeast)

Tesla cancels online recruitment campaign in China

Tesla cancels three live-streamed recruitment events in China scheduled for June, WSJ reports

Previously, Tesla had advertised online recruitment events on June 16, 26 and 30 for positions in the supply chain including sales and delivery, research and development, and procurement. However, on the evening of June 9, the “Tesla Recruitment” WeChat public account canceled the original recruitment live broadcast.

Currently, Tesla's job page is still open, with more than 120 open positions available to apply.

Google settles gender discrimination lawsuit with 15,000 female employees

Google has agreed to pay $118 million (about 800 million yuan) to settle gender discrimination lawsuits with about 15,500 female employees, the law firm that is suing Google on behalf of female employees said in a statement on June 11.

In the case, Google is accused of paying female employees inappropriately for their seniority, refusing to promote female employees, and not paying male and female employees for equal work. Google pays female employees about $16,794 less a year than men in similar positions, a court filing said, citing an analysis by the University of California.

In addition to the damages, the court ordered Google to hire a third-party expert to analyze Google's hiring practices and a labor economist to review its pay equity over the next three years. (Phoenix Technology & AM 730)

Apple establishes specialized financial subsidiary for "buy now, pay later" service

Apple announced a new financial service "Apple Pay Later" during WWDC22, which allows users to shop in four interest-free installments within six weeks.
The biggest difference between this "buy now, pay later" service and bank credit card installment payment is that no bank will check the consumer's credit status. The functions of credit checking, borrowing and user approval will be transferred to a new subsidiary called "Apple Financing".
In addition, the report also said that Apple is developing a payment processing engine called "Breakout", which may have functions such as fraud analysis and interest calculation. (Bloomberg)

Forever 21 officially returns to the Chinese market

Recently, Forever 21's official WeChat reply to netizens said that the first offline store will open in June in Jingjiang Influence City, Jiangsu.

Currently, Forever 21's China business is managed by Xusheng Clothing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., which is currently sold in Vipshop, Tmall and WeChat Mini Program stores.

Forever 21 is a fast-fashion retailer headquartered in Los Angeles, USA. It tried to enter the Chinese market in 2008, but failed and did not re-enter until 2011. At the end of September 2019, the company declared official bankruptcy and was later acquired by a consortium. (CBNData)

Sandunban launches "Super Instant 6.0" series

Recently, Sandunban has launched a new super instant coffee series "Super Instant 6.0".

The new product uses the REPUS super extraction system, which improves the flavor reduction rate and reduces industrial miscellaneous flavors.

Themes 1-6 of the 6.0 series correspond to: sun treatment, rainforest growth, water wash treatment, micro batch, natural sweetness and volcanic soil.

In addition, Sandunban also cooperates with apps such as Tide, Reading Room, and Small Universe to provide content such as ambient music, reading books, and audio to shape sensory details related to taste.

This series of experience packs has been officially launched on June 15, with limited sales during the period.

Shanghai Fashion Week 2022 will be held digitally

With the progress of Shanghai's resumption of work and production, Shanghai Fashion Week will hold its first digital fashion week from June 17 to June 19, and cooperate with Douyin to create a daily digital fashion show in digital formats such as "New Concept Show" and "Video Fashion Theater". 6 hours of "show simulcast".

At the same time, Shanghai Fashion Week launched a series of columns such as "Behind the Scenes", "Creating the Future Together", and "Editor-in-Chief Show Review", which were distributed on the whole network through the official cooperative media of Shanghai Fashion Week and the self-media matrix.

2022 coincides with the 20th anniversary of Shanghai Fashion Week. In the future, Shanghai Fashion Week will further consolidate the multi-modal model of online and offline integration and development, and create a never-missing fashion feast for fashion lovers. (Fashion Business Daily & Sina Fashion)

Title: "Open a Heart"

Author: [English] Stephen Westaby

Pages: 344

Published: April 2022

"Opening the heart" is an introductory skill and standard action for cardiac surgeons, and it is also a highly difficult and high-risk occupational operation.

In this book, the author recorded the special cases he encountered in the cardiac surgery and thoracic surgery for more than 50 years, and also explained his own mental journey.

From the United Kingdom to South Africa, to Saudi Arabia and Australia, the heart is cut, the lungs are lifted, the trachea is cut open, and electrical appliances are implanted, just to save a life. It is unimaginable that the human heart can be so fragile and tough.

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