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Apple Vision Pro faces challenges

The father of ChatGPT plans to raise huge sums of money to build AI chips

It is reported that xAI has received an investment commitment of US$500 million, Musk refutes the rumor

Lei Jun responded to the late build of the car

Tencent and Douyin increase cooperation

Wenjie’s new M7 model has already exceeded 130,000 4 months after its release

Yann LeCun: It’s still too early to impose strict legislation on AI

The new iPad Pro may be released in March or April this year

Runway launches multi-motion brushes

OtterBox Lumen Year of the Dragon phone case launched on Apple’s official website

Dongpeng Beverage starts making wine

Bawang Chaji’s world’s first “silent store” officially opens

Kim Kardashian launches Skkn by Kim Makeup

Harry Potter TV series recruiting screenwriters

"Emily in Paris" Season 4 Filming Begins


Apple Vision Pro faces challenges

According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset Vision Pro is facing severe challenges: it lacks support for some key applications and developer enthusiasm is far lower than expected.

Previously, well-known streaming media giants such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify said they would not launch software for VisionOS and would not allow their iPad apps to run on Vision Pro.

Gurman believes that although Apple claims that Vision Pro will have more than 1 million applications available when it is released, most of them are likely to be direct transplants of the iPad version. Even basic native applications such as podcasts and calendars are also in the form of iPad versions. Presented without redesign.

In addition, in Gurman's view, developers are lukewarm about Vision Pro. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • R&D costs are high and require positive feedback from the market. Some developers are staying on the sidelines, planning to consider whether to develop new applications when the market situation for Vision Pro becomes clearer.
  • Some developers are not satisfied with Apple's App Store policies, high fees and strict review system. Mixed reality environments pose new challenges for application compatibility, especially those that rely on eye tracking and gesture control interfaces, which may be incompatible with the design of certain games and software.
  • In addition, Apple's TV, Watch and iMessage app stores launched in the past have not achieved the expected success. This situation has made some developers cautious about the market prospects of Vision Pro.

Despite the challenges, there are positive developments. Slack decided to return to the Apple ecosystem and launch an app for Vision Pro. At the same time, Microsoft's Office 365 and applications from well-known companies such as Zoom and Box will also become Vision Pro's first applications.

The father of ChatGPT plans to raise huge sums of money to build AI chips

According to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is planning to raise billions of dollars to establish a chip joint venture to achieve independent manufacturing of AI chips to better meet the growing demand for chips and reduce the need for chips. Dependence on NVIDIA.

Altman has been in talks with several large potential investors, including Abu Dhabi-based G42 and SoftBank Group Corp, people familiar with the matter said.

People familiar with the matter also revealed that the project will join forces with some top chip manufacturers. Intel, TSMC and Samsung Electronics are all potential partners of OpenAI.

It is reported that Altman had been working on the AI ​​chip project before the "Palace Fighting Farce" in November last year. After returning, he restarted the plan and tested Microsoft's thoughts on the plan, and Microsoft also had intentions.

big company

It is reported that xAI has received an investment commitment of US$500 million, Musk refutes the rumor

Recently, according to Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, Musk's AI startup xAI has received US$500 million in investment to achieve its US$1 billion financing goal.

The company is discussing a valuation of $15 billion to $20 billion, but terms could still change in the coming weeks, people familiar with the matter said. However, Musk quickly refuted the rumor on social platform X, saying it was fake news spread by Bloomberg.

xAI Company is an AI start-up founded by Musk in July last year. It was established to gain a deeper understanding of the true nature of the universe. In November last year, xAI launched Grok, a chatbot based on LLM technology that can answer users' questions in real time and respond using data from the X platform.

Lei Jun responded to the late build of the car

According to CCTV Finance, in response to the problem that "Xiaomi is late in building cars", Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi Group, recently responded: "Being late has the advantage of being late, and it has the advantage of being a latecomer. Xiaomi has grown from a small 'volume' to a large one. I believe it can Win in the "extremely competitive" automotive field."

In Lei Jun's view, the next ten years will be a decade led by hard-core technology, and Xiaomi will take 10 years to become the world's next-generation hard-core technology leader.

In addition, Lei Jun also responded to the price of Xiaomi's new car. He said: "Xiaomi Motors is now in small-scale mass production and is expected to be launched in the first half of 2024. Xiaomi Motors is equivalent to the performance of a two- to three-million-dollar luxury car of a traditional fuel vehicle, with very powerful configurations and very high costs.

Everyone shouting 99,000, 149,000 or even 199,000, I think they are all joking. The pricing may indeed be a bit expensive, we will announce it at Xiaomi Auto’s official product launch. "

Regarding Xiaomi's ambition to become one of the top five automakers in the world, Lei Jun explained: "Smart electric vehicles are just like the software industry, winner takes all. We feel that if we don't reach the top five in terms of global sales, we may not be able to survive."

Tencent and Douyin increase cooperation

Recently, Peace Elite E-sports issued an official announcement that the Peace Elite E-sports event will be officially launched on Douyin.

The first PEL series event, the PEL Resort Island Cup, will start on January 25. PEL's leading teams and influential anchors will compete on the same stage.

In addition, starting from January 21, following a four-day technical test period, the Douyin live broadcast of "Honor of Kings" was officially fully opened, nearly five years after it was completely banned from Douyin.

In January 2019, the Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court ruled that Xigua Video and its related parties Toutiao and Beijing ByteDance Technology Company should immediately stop live broadcasting the "Honor of Kings" game content, becoming the first "behavior preservation ban" in the domestic game live broadcast industry.

Wenjie’s new M7 model has exceeded 130,000 units 4 months after its release

Yu Chengdong, Managing Director of Huawei, CEO of Terminal BG, and Chairman of Smart Car Solutions BU, recently reposted on Sina Auto Weibo and announced in the following text:

"Win with wisdom, win with quality. Safety is the greatest luxury! Four months after its release, the number of new M7 vehicles has exceeded 130,000. Thank you to consumers and the media for their recognition!"

It is worth mentioning that the Weibo post forwarded by Yu Chengdong is about the Wenjie New M7 winning the Weibo Car of the Year Award. Sina Auto's official Weibo wrote: "Since its launch in September last year, Wenjie's new M7 has maintained high popularity and sales, and even helped the Wenjie brand achieve sales overtake for the first time in January this year, becoming China's new force in sales. one."

Yann LeCun: It’s still too early to impose strict legislation on AI

At the recent Davos forum, the huge potential of generative AI and its accompanying risks were at the center of the discussion. Meta's head of global affairs Nick Clegg and chief AI scientist Yann LeCun discussed this issue in depth at a media conference.

Yann LeCun said: "Contrary to what you may have heard from some people, we have not designed intelligent systems that can achieve human intelligence."

As for AI regulation, he sees the need for regulation out of fear of superhuman intelligence as being the same as the need for regulation of transatlantic flights at near-sonic speeds in 1925.

He explained: "Human-level AI is not imminent. It will take a long time. And it will require new scientific breakthroughs that we don't know about yet." Therefore, in his view, it is too early to legislate AI morning.

Nick Clegg called on legislators around the world to regulate the product level rather than the research and development level. Only those who imagine that AI systems will dominate the world will feel the need to regulate research and development.

New product

The new iPad Pro may be released in March or April this year

According to Macrumors citing Bloomberg reporter Gurman, Apple plans to launch a new generation of iPad Air, iPad Pro and MacBook Air this spring. The new products are expected to be released between March and April. After the release, Apple will turn its focus to the WWDC conference in June.

Macrumors has compiled some breaking information about the new products:

The new generation iPad Air may offer 10.9-inch and 12.9-inch screen options and may be equipped with an M2 chip to improve performance. The new phone may also support Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3, and the rear camera design will also be updated, but the overall appearance design will not change much.

The new generation iPad Pro is expected to be the first iPad to use an OLED display, providing higher brightness, contrast and energy efficiency. The new machine may be equipped with an M3 chip, support MagSafe wireless charging, and may launch a new Magic Keyboard with a larger touchpad and aluminum top case.

Apple also plans to launch a new MacBook Air equipped with M3 chips, which may include 13-inch and 15-inch sizes. The M3 chip will bring hardware-accelerated ray tracing and mesh shading functions to improve game graphics rendering effects. The new MacBook Air may support Wi-Fi 6E, but the design will not change much.

Runway launches multi-motion brushes

In November last year, Runway announced that its video generation model Gen-2 would launch the "Motion Brush" function. By lightly painting a specific area of ​​any photo, an otherwise still area can become animated.

Recently, on the basis of this function, Runway announced the launch of a multi-motion brush function, which supports the generation of dynamic effects in multiple areas. The finished product is quite amazing.

Experience address entrance:

OtterBox Lumen Year of the Dragon phone case launched on Apple’s official website

Apple China’s official website recently launched the OtterBox Lumen Year of the Dragon mobile phone case, which is suitable for the entire iPhone 15 series and is priced at 498 yuan.

It is understood that in order to welcome the arrival of the Year of the Dragon, this protective case was carefully drawn by the well-known illustrator Yulong Lli. It uses gorgeous peony fireworks patterns, curly flowing lines and bright colors to vividly show the brave spirit of the dragon, implying happiness and auspiciousness.

Lumen series cases are well designed, comfortable to hold and slim and portable. Plus, it's built to withstand high impact and has built-in MagSafe magnets that stick to compatible accessories.

new consumption

Dongpeng Beverage starts making wine

Recently, Dongpeng Beverage launched a new product called "VIVI Cocktail" with a suggested retail price of 9 yuan per can. It comes in three flavors: green grape, white peach, and citrus. It is currently in the trial marketing stage. According to China Times, it is expected to be Officially launched in March.

Dongpeng focuses on developing multiple categories. In recent years, it has successively launched a variety of products such as electrolyte water "Dongpeng Replenishing Water", bottled coffee "Dongpeng Big Coffee Raw Coconut Latte", sugar-free tea "Oolong Shangcha", etc. Going forward, it has also launched products such as tangerine juice and the female functional drink "She Can".

According to Food Internal Reference, citing industry insiders, the wine category is quite special. Beverage companies have few successful examples of making wine. Domestic pre-mixed cocktails are basically occupied by RIO. However, the price of Dongpeng's new products is not bad and has always been high. The price-performance ratio can compete with RIO.

Bawang Chaji’s world’s first “silent store” officially opens

Recently, Bawang Tea Ji’s first “silent store” was unveiled in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Compared with regular stores, "silent stores" provide a series of convenient facilities and supporting services for the hearing-impaired.

It is understood that in order to achieve barrier-free communication between partners and customers, the "Silent Store" is also equipped with a variety of ordering methods. Consumers can use three ordering methods: mini program, handwriting pad, and sign language menu.

In addition to completing customized self-service orders directly on the Bawang Tea Ji applet, users can also write down their ordering requirements on the handwriting board or refer to the sign language menu in the tea ordering area, and communicate through instructions or sign language without any barriers. order. It is understood that "Silent Stores" will meet consumers in more cities in the future.

Kim Kardashian launches Skkn by Kim Makeup

Kim Kardashian recently announced that she will launch a new cosmetics series "Skkn by Kim Makeup", which is described as "the perfect combination of skin-friendly formulas and high-performance charm."

New products will include the Soft Matte Lip Color collection of 10 full-coverage velvet matte lipsticks, 15 long-lasting matte lip liners and a classic matte eyeshadow palette of 12 silky matte warm and cool nude eyeshadows.

Kardashian previously closed her cosmetics line KKW Beauty in August 2021, and the launch of new products marks her return to the beauty field. The series is expected to be launched on the SKKNBYKIM official website at 9 am local time on January 26.


Harry Potter TV series recruiting screenwriters

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. and Max have recently met with a number of screenwriters, including Martha Hillier ("A Little Country"), Kathleen Jordan ("The Bounty") and Tom Moran ("The Devil's Hour"), etc. Listen to Their thoughts on the Harry Potter TV series.

The first round of meetings was held in Los Angeles last week, and the second round of meetings will be held in the UK. J.K. Rowling, the original author of "Harry Potter", will serve as executive producer and is expected to participate in the decision-making of the show.

It is reported that the show is still in the "embryonic" stage and may recruit more than one screenwriter. Max Company is also looking for more "Harry Potter" spin-off projects. Neither Max nor Warner Bros. Television have commented on the report.

"Emily in Paris" Season 4 Filming Begins

The fourth season of "Emily in Paris" has begun filming and will be filmed in Paris and Italy for five months.

Actress Lily Collins recently posted a selfie with the script on Instagram, and seemed to have exposed the new look of "Emily" season 4.

"Deadpool 3" reveals new set photos

"Deadpool 3" reveals new set photos, the long-haired version of Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds appears together with the Deadpool dog.

The story revolves around a time travel machine that can modify history. Deadpool is behind bars because he is hunted by the Time Administration (TVA), which is gathering the strongest multiverse versions of heroes from all walks of life to create a super army.

Although Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, was recruited, his attitude seemed ambiguous. Wade plans to convince Wolverine to escape from the Agency's control. "Deadpool 3" will be released nationwide on July 26 this year.

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