Morning Post | Jay Chou explained the name of the new album MV / Zhong Xuegao responded that the ice cream did not melt / vivo responded to the surprise investigation by the Indian Law Enforcement Agency

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  • Jay Chou explains the naming of the new album MV
  • Zhong Xuegao responded that the ice cream could not be burned
  • vivo responds to raid by Indian law enforcement agency
  • Pinduoduo's "slashing a knife" was convicted of infringement
  • iPhone 14 Pro series may have exclusive A16 processor
  • iQOO 10 series will be released on July 19
  • Red Devils will push a 27-inch 4K 160Hz refresh rate monitor
  • UK and South Korea to share internet data
  • NIO releases 2025 high-speed battery swap network construction plan
  • Over 9 billion Pokémon cards were produced last year
  • QQ Music launches Dolby Atmos music function
  • RICHARD MILLE and Ferrari release a joint watch
  • Dingdong Maicai launches its own craft beer brand "1972 Farm"
  • Coffee brand "A Piece of Universe" received tens of millions of yuan in financing

Jay Chou explains the naming of the new album MV

Yesterday, the first MV of Jay Chou's new album "The Greatest Work" was officially launched. This MV tells the story of Jay Chou's journey through the 1920s and encounters with great artists such as Magritte, Dali, and Van Gogh, and integrates painting, literature, music, video and other forms of expression.

Jay Chou talked about his views on the new song, "Anyway, this work has such powerful musicians as Lang Lang and Ray, and these great artists mentioned in the lyrics, for me, it is the greatest work! "

The pianist Lang Lang, who participated in this MV, believes that this is a landmark MV work. Jay Chou hopes that art can be liked by more people and make everyone feel that art is everywhere.

The lyricist Huang Junlang said that most of the words in the song correspond to a painting, a prose, a poem, or an allusion. The title of the song "The Greatest Work" has many meanings.

After the MV was launched, #JayChouFirst Song# quickly became the number one trending topic, with more than 840 million views. As of press time, the MV has been played over 10 million times on QQ Music, 100 million on Kuaishou, 110 million on official Weibo, and 12 million on Station B.

The full album of "The Great Works" will be officially released on July 15, with a total of 12 tracks and 6 new songs. This is Jay Chou's first release of a new album after a lapse of six years, and it is also his fifteenth album.

We also sorted out more easter eggs of this MV for the first time. Click this article to show you the full interpretation of Jay Chou's new song "Jay Chou's Greatest Work, He is Still the King of Music ".

Zhong Xuegao responded that the ice cream could not be burned

On the morning of July 6, Zhong Xuegao issued a statement in response to recent hot events such as ice cream burning, saying that all its ice cream products are legally produced in accordance with national standards.

In addition, Zhong Xuegao also emphasized that it is not scientific to judge the quality of ice cream by baking, drying or heating ice cream.

vivo responds to raid by Indian law enforcement agency

On July 5, local time, Indian media reported that the Indian Law Enforcement Agency raided vivo and other related companies in 44 locations across the country, claiming to investigate whether they were engaged in so-called money laundering activities.

In response, vivo responded: "vivo is cooperating with relevant Indian authorities to provide them with all the information they need. As a responsible company, we strictly abide by all local laws and regulations in India."

At present, three Chinese manufacturers, Huawei, Xiaomi and vivo, have been raided in India.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian previously stated at a regular press conference held on May 31:

"The Chinese government is paying close attention to this matter. The Chinese government has always required Chinese companies to operate legally and compliantly overseas. At the same time, we firmly support Chinese companies to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. The Indian side should act in compliance with laws and regulations and provide fairness for Chinese companies to invest and operate in India. , a fair and non-discriminatory business environment.” (Interface News)

Pinduoduo's "slashing a knife" was convicted of infringement

Recently, Shanghai lawyer Liu Yuhang sued Pinduoduo for infringing consumers’ right to know the first instance judgment. Pinduoduo’s “Hold for Free” campaign was found to constitute infringement, and the plaintiff was required to compensate the plaintiff 400 yuan.

Previously, as a new way for Pinduoduo to attract traffic, “getting it for free” has been accused of complex algorithm rules and opacity of key data to users.

Pinduoduo has responded to this in court, saying that this is because the software "displays a limited number of percentages on the page", so "the percentage with at least 6 digits after the decimal point is omitted and displayed as 0.9%."

According to a report by LatePost, Pinduoduo’s “Hold for Free” project has been rated as the lowest “1” in the internal performance scoring in the first half of 2021. This means that Pinduoduo also believes that "slashing a knife" to promote new products is not so effective. (Interface News & LatePost later)

iPhone 14 Pro series may have exclusive A16 processor

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said that in the iPhone 14 series expected to be launched in September, only the iPhone 14 Pro series models may be equipped with the latest A16 chip, while the iPhone 14 models will continue to use the A15 chip.

At the same time, it may become the norm for the latest processor chips to be exclusive to high-end iPhone models in the future.

Kuo pointed out that the huge difference between the mid-range iPhone 14 and the high-end iPhone 14 Pro is expected to make the expensive model more popular. (9to5mac)

iQOO 10 series will be released on July 19

On July 6th, iQOO Mobile announced that the iQOO10 series will be officially released at 19:30 pm on July 19th.

It is reported that the iQOO10 Pro will be the world's first commercial 200W flash charge, equipped with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, a 6.78-inch 2K resolution 120Hz high-brush AMOLED screen, and support wide-area ultrasonic fingerprints under the screen.

At present, the iQOO10 series has opened new product appointments in all channels. (IT House)

Red Devils will push a 27-inch 4K 160Hz refresh rate monitor

On July 6, the Red Magic gaming phone announced that it will launch the world's first 27-inch 4K 160Hz refresh rate Mini LED display.

The new monitor comes with a millimeter-wave wireless projection screen , supports 1152 independent partitions, HDR 1000, and can achieve an immersive gaming experience.

It is reported that the launch of the Red Magic 7S series and new game equipment will be held at 15:00 on July 11, when the Red Magic 7S series, the new Mini LED display and other new products will be officially launched. (IT House)

UK and South Korea to share internet data

On July 5, the U.K. and South Korea announced a sharing agreement that would allow companies from both countries to share data with fewer restrictions and no contractual guarantees.

The agreement will allow data generated locally by companies in the two countries to be used in the other country from sources including GPS, smart devices, online banking, research, internet services and more.

The British government said the agreement would boost digital trade worth more than £1.3 billion (about 10.452 billion yuan) between the UK and South Korea. (Reuters & Techweb)

NIO releases 2025 high-speed battery swap network construction plan

On July 6, Weilai announced at NIO Power Day 2022 that it will build a high-speed power exchange network in 2025 that will fully cover the "nine vertical, nine horizontal and nineteen major urban agglomerations".

In addition to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Greater Bay Area, its nineteen major urban agglomerations also include urban agglomerations such as Central Guizhou, Hubao, Eyu, Tianshan North Slope, Ningxia Yanhuang, and Lanzhou Xining.

As of July 5, NIO's power swap stations have covered all provincial-level administrative regions in mainland China. In addition, NIO also revealed that it will release liquid-cooled super fast charging piles at the end of this year, and announced the opening of 800V high-voltage platform battery packs and supporting power exchange systems to the entire industry.

Over 9 billion Pokémon cards were produced last year

On the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon series, Pokémon cards became a hot topic again, and there was a shortage of Pokémon cards in the card trading market.

According to reports, a rare fire-breathing dragon card was auctioned for $183,000, and players even paid $375,000 to buy a box of counterfeit cards.

To that end, the Pokémon Company produced more than 9 billion cards in the past year, more than double the number the year before. In total, the company has produced over 43.2 billion cards. (polygon)

QQ Music launches Dolby Atmos music function

On July 6, QQ Music announced the launch of the Dolby Atmos music function, becoming the first domestic music platform to support Dolby Atmos.

QQ Music super member users can now enter the special area by searching for "Dolby Atmos", and use OPPO, Xiaomi, Samsung and other mobile phones that support Dolby Atmos to get Dolby Atmos music experience.

This area contains popular songs from musicians such as Zhou Shen, Mayday, Coldplay, Sia, etc., covering pop, classical, rock, electronic, rap and other music genres.

RICHARD MILLE and Ferrari release a joint watch

RICHARD MILLE and Ferrari have jointly launched the first joint watch "RM UP-01 Ferrari".

The watch features a one-piece movement and case with a thickness of only 1.75 mm. The case is made of grade 5 titanium, with 1800 Vickers hardness sapphire crystal on the hour hand and balance wheel, with anti-glare treatment on both sides.

The hand-wound movement of the watch features hours, minutes and a function selector, a power reserve of up to 45 hours and an acceleration shock of up to 5000g.

The RM UP-01 Ferrari watch is limited to 150 pieces and is currently available on the official website of the RICHARD MILLE brand. (Hypebeast)

Dingdong Maicai launches its own craft beer brand "1972 Farm"

Dingdong Maicai launched its first self-owned craft beer brand "1972 Farm", with a single-day sales of 16,000 cans.

Its first product "1972 Farm Craft Beer" mainly uses Qiandao Lake water, imported barley malt from Europe and the United States, and "Simcoe" and "Citra" special hops for craft beer.

In addition, Dingdong Maicai Beer relies on the "last mile" advantage of the front warehouse system, and is directly delivered by the brewery's cold chain, and it is only sold on the shelf for 24 hours. (Foodtalks)

Coffee brand "A Piece of Universe" received tens of millions of yuan in financing

The coffee and food technology company "One Piece of Universe" recently announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan in angel rounds and angel + rounds of financing. This round of funds will be used to accelerate the R&D innovation and supply chain construction of coffee blocks.

Currently, portable coffees on the market are mostly powder and liquid, while “One Piece of Cosmos” focuses on block coffee, realizing the technical system of “stereo freeze-drying + shaping + instant + flavor locking”.

At present, a small universe product has been fully launched on Tmall, Douyin, Xiaohongshu and other platforms, and also settled in offline platforms such as Ole' and 711, and opened its first concept store in Beijing.

In the next step, a small universe plans to launch new products such as red yeast rice coffee, guarana coffee and other plant-based functional coffees. (Bright Company)


"Diamond" Greenhouse @West Sussex UK

Inspired by Victorian ornamental terrariums, Heatherwick Studio has placed a "diamond"-like greenhouse in the Woolbeding Gardens.

Rare specimens of Aralia Vietnamensis (Vietnamese dragon tooth tree) are housed in the greenhouse

When the weather is warm, it can open the top and turn into a "flower", which provides ventilation and light for the subtropical plants in the greenhouse.

It takes four minutes to fully open

Visitors can start from the greenhouse and enter the garden via a path.

The landscape on both sides of the path extends from Mediterranean evergreens to Gallic roses, reproducing the scenery along the Silk Road leading to England.

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