Morning Post | Jay Chou concert will be re-screened on WeChat video account / Huawei’s exclusive “5G plug-in mobile phone case” unveiled / Microsoft announces salary increase

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  • Tencent will premiere Jay Chou's "The Strongest Demon on Earth" concert
  • Microsoft announces salary hikes to fight inflation
  • Laundry liquid milk tea has been removed from the shelves
  • Digital Source Technology Releases 5G Communication Shell
  • OnePlus Ace Racing Edition released
  • Coca-Cola joins forces with Bubble Mart
  • The new pink "Bing Dun Dun" is officially launched
  • IKEA Launches "KÅSEBERGA" Surf Collection
  • SpaceX may become America's most valuable startup
  • Netflix announces 150 layoffs
  • "I Do" teamed up with "King of Glory" to launch "520" custom ring
  • "Colorist" teamed up with Meituan to launch home-made beauty services
  • Fitness technology company "Letu Technology" received tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing

Tencent TME live will premiere Jay Chou's "The Strongest Demon on Earth" concert

Recently, Tencent TME live officially announced the "miracle live re-screening plan", stating that it will broadcast Jay Chou's "Miracle Live Replay Plan" on the night of May 20 and 21 through QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, National K Song and WeChat video account. The Strongest Demon on Earth" concert.

TME live is a panorama music live performance brand under Tencent Music. The financial report shows that Tencent Music’s net profit in the first quarter dropped by 34%. In the future, it will strengthen its exploration in more social entertainment vertical fields such as audio live broadcast, business overseas and virtual interactive content. Tencent Music's creator-oriented music production service platform "Daystar Music Assistant" is preparing to launch.

Microsoft announces salary hikes to fight inflation

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told employees on Monday that the company had decided to give employees a pay rise due to a tightening labor market and high inflation.

Nadella told employees that as the company nearly doubled its global performance budget, Microsoft would allocate more money to early- and mid-career employees, focusing on specific regions.

The US inflation rate reached 8.3% in April, the highest level in nearly 40 years. Tech companies have been forced to fight inflation with pay increases.

Google parent Alphabet has tweaked its performance system so employees can be paid more, and Amazon has pledged to double its top base salary. (Sina Technology)

Laundry liquid milk tea has been removed from the shelves

According to CCTV, the laundry detergent milk tea that has caused heated discussions has been removed from the shelves of Nanjing Nanyeli restaurant.

In addition, the product did not appear on any major takeaway platforms. A staff member of a Nanyeli store said that the head office requested that the packaged products be completely removed from the shelves, and "will not sell them in the future."

This milk tea is sold in the general packaging of laundry detergent, which has attracted controversy.

Some industry experts emphasized that the innovative design of this laundry detergent milk tea is not worth advocating. This kind of outer packaging is conventionally used to contain laundry detergent, etc. If this kind of creativity is applied on a large scale, it is likely to cause some vicious incidents.

Digital Source Technology Releases 5G Communication Shell

Soyealink has developed and produced a "5G communication shell".

According to reports, this product designed as a mobile phone has a built-in eSIM chip, 5G communication module and radio frequency antenna, supports 5G-Sub 6, NSA & SA, and claims to allow 4G mobile phones to use 5G networks.

The weight and thickness of this phone case are similar to ordinary phone cases. When setting up and using, the user needs to activate the operator's eSIM service for a main card in the mobile phone, and then bind it with the mobile phone case, and the mobile phone case can obtain the ability of 5G networking. Then follow the prompts in the mobile phone system, and the eSIM signal can be displayed in the mobile phone system synchronously.

There is a USB-C interface inside the mobile phone case to connect to the mobile phone, and a USB-C interface is also provided outside the mobile phone case, so that the mobile phone with the case can also realize super fast charging, data transmission and other operations.

At present, this mobile phone case is only suitable for Huawei P50 Pro mobile phone, the price is 799 yuan, and it is expected to be launched in June.

OnePlus Ace Racing Edition released

Yesterday, OnePlus released the Ace racing version, which starts at 1899 yuan.

In terms of core configuration, the MediaTek 8100-Max processor is used, and the configuration of up to 12+256GB is optional. The built-in 5000mAh battery supports 67W fast charging, which can be charged to 80% in 29 minutes. It also provides a large-volume X-axis motor and O-Haptic game vibration.

The front is equipped with a 6.59-inch LCD high-brush screen that provides six-speed adaptive refresh.

"Coca-Cola" and "Bubble Mart" release new limited fashion play

Coca-Cola released a limited space-inspired flavor "Coca-Cola Starlight" in April this year.

Continuing the theme of cosmic roaming, Bubble Mart teamed up with Coca-Cola to launch the "Mega Space Molly" series of new products.

The new Molly is based on a gradient purple star color and is available in "400%" and "1000%" versions.

The "400%" version is priced at 1,299 yuan/body, and the "1000%" limited edition is paired with an aerospace stroller, priced at 5,999 yuan/body.

The new pink "Bing Dun Dun" is officially launched

Recently, the official flagship store of Tmall Olympic has launched a new series of special edition "Bing Dun Dun".

Among them, the pink "Bing Dun Dun" changed the original blue and transparent ice crystal shell shape to pink, hoping to express the theme of "transmitting love".

The 20cm size pink "Bing Dun Dun" is priced at 218 yuan, and reservations are currently required. According to the authorization rules of the intellectual property rights of the Winter Olympics, the "Bing Dun Dun" produced by the end of June this year will be the last batch, and the retail deadline will be the end of September this year.

IKEA Launches "KÅSEBERGA" Surf Collection

IKEA and the World Surfing Federation launched the "KÅSEBERGA" series, covering 26 practical outdoor products such as surfer boards, beach chairs, and portable barbecue grills.

According to the needs of surfers, this series strengthens the functions of product organization, storage, portability and moisture resistance.

At the same time, most products use recycled polyester fibers or renewable materials such as bamboo and cork, aiming to promote a recycling lifestyle.

SpaceX may become America's most valuable startup

People familiar with the matter told the media that Musk’s SpaceX company has been valued at $125 billion in a stock sale on the secondary market, surpassing the $115 billion valuation of financial technology company Stripe, and will become the most valuable startup in the United States.

Last October, SpaceX had a 10-for-1 stock split to sell at $56 a share, valuing the rocket company at $100 billion at the time. At around $72, the company's valuation has also jumped from last October. (Sina)

Netflix announces 150 layoffs

According to The Verge, Netflix announced that it will lay off about 150 employees, as well as some agency contractors, due to slowing revenue growth.

Netflix said that the main reason for layoffs is due to financial problems, and they will work to help laid off employees through the transition period.

According to Netflix's first-quarter financial report released at the end of April, its first-quarter net profit was $1.597 billion, down 6% year-on-year, and new paying users decreased by 200,000. (product play)

"I Do" teamed up with "King of Glory" to launch "520" custom ring

On May 16, jewelry brand "I DO" announced the launch of a joint couple ring with the Honor of Kings.

The product is inspired by the new skins of the two heroes "Da Qiao" and "Sun Ce" in the Honor of Kings game that will be launched on May 20.

At the same time, "I DO" also combines the heroic features of "Diaochan", "Sun Shangxiang" and "Yao" to launch "Star Eye Butterfly Feather", "Midsummer Rose" and "Senlu Shimmer". Three customized diamond rings support customization in stores nationwide.

"Colorist" teamed up with Meituan to launch home-made beauty services

Recently, "THE COLORIST", a beauty collection store brand under KK Group, joined three local life service platforms, "", "Meituan" and "JD Daojia", to hold the "IP Lianmeng" event.

Makeup brands such as "Zise", "Colorkey" and "Kiko" will be launched in colorist stores on various platforms, and consumers can experience the delivery service of colorist stores' beauty products to their homes through the delivery service of each platform.

Previously, the Korean beauty brand Innisfree also landed on, and Watsons and Sephora also launched delivery services. (Yibang)

Fitness technology company "Letu Technology" received tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing

Lotto (Guangzhou) Fitness Technology Co., Ltd. recently completed an angel round of financing of 18 million yuan.

Founded in 2021, Lotto Technology is positioned as a comprehensive service platform focusing on the digital fitness personal education consumer market.

The AI ​​intelligent physical measurement tool independently developed by Lotto can provide users with personalized fitness service guidance such as diet plan and exercise evaluation. Relying on this artificial intelligence personal training assistant, Lotto is expanding its business of self-operated gyms, research and development and sales of smart fitness hardware equipment.

At present, Lotto has more than 600 fitness venues, 70,000 registered fitness coaches and 1 million fitness members. The financing funds are planned to be used for store expansion, AI research and development, etc. (36kr)

Free and unrestrained on the farm

Duration: 30 seconds

"It's better to be free, we've tried it" – who would have thought that it was actually about the life of a pig.

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