Morning Post | iQiyi responds to another VIP price increase/”Avatar 2″ box office breaks 100 million in seconds/Apple headset may be launched at WWDC

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  • iQIYI Responds to VIP Price Increase
  • "Avatar 2" broke through 100 million box office at the moment of release
  • FF91 is expected to start delivery in April next year
  • OPPO will invest 10 billion in OnePlus alone
  • Twitter bans account tracking Musk's whereabouts
  • Apple may launch AR/VR headset at WWDC
  • lululemon officially enters Dongguan
  • 2023 Shanghai "Michelin Guide" released
  • "Death Stranding" live-action movie project approved

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  • Fun: Chasing the Horizon Turbo
  • Good-looking: 4K remake of "The Spring of the Cattle Herding Class"
  • Good shopping: preview of the first inD Art Book Fair

 Fresh Express

iQIYI responds to another VIP price increase: Let excellent content creators be rewarded

On the 16th, iQiyi announced yesterday that it will update the subscription price of iQiyi Gold VIP Members and Star Diamond VIP Members. Among them, the continuous monthly subscription of Gold VIP Members will increase to 25 yuan.

In response, iQIYI responded: "We will continue to increase investment in excellent works, so that excellent content creators will be rewarded, and the industry ecology will be healthier. To provide members and friends with more content like "The World" and "Canglia" Good works such as Jue", "Punishment", "Daily Life of Qingqing" and "Wind Blowing Pinellia"."

Membership price increases have become a common option for domestic video sites. On April 20 this year, Tencent also adjusted the prices of Tencent Video VIP and Super Video VIP members, and the price increase ranged from 5 yuan to 20 yuan.

Along with the price increase of membership services, there are also restrictions on the use of member accounts by the platform. For example, the iQiyi membership service agreement shows that the same account can log in to a maximum of 5 terminals.

Source: China Business News

"Avatar 2" was officially released, and the box office exceeded 100 million in seconds

On the 16th, "Avatar: The Way of Water" was officially released in theaters in mainland China. According to Maoyan Professional Edition data, the movie's total box office in the mainland broke 100 million on the first day of its release.

The production cost of "Avatar 2" is between 350-400 million US dollars, or about 2.8 billion yuan. According to director James Cameron, the box office of "Avatar 2" needs to reach the third or fourth place in the box office of a single film in film history, which is about US$800 million in North America and about US$2 billion globally, in order to pay back.

"The Hollywood Reporter" believes that "Avatar 2" has obvious shortcomings and strengths: "This $350 million sequel has the same flaws as its predecessor in terms of narrative complexity; A breathtaking visual spectacle."

Source: & Global Times

Faraday Future announced that FF91 is expected to start delivery in April next year

On the 16th, Faraday Future announced the FF 91 Futurist delivery plan.

It is said that FF 91 Futurist will start production at FF's manufacturing plant "FF ieFactory California" at the end of March 2023, and roll off the production line in early April, and delivery to users is expected to begin in April 2023, provided that additional Financing and shareholder approval.

Currently, the company is in discussions with potential new investors and existing FF investors to secure the additional capital required to produce the FF 91 Futurist, approximately $150-$170 million.

Source: Interface News

OPPO will invest 10 billion in OnePlus alone in the next three years

On the 16th, according to an exclusive report by Jiemian News, OPPO decided within the company to invest 10 billion in its sub-brand OnePlus alone.

According to reports, a person familiar with the matter revealed: "Most of the 10 billion funds will be used for OnePlus' product development. In addition, all of OPPO's next resources will be greatly tilted towards OnePlus, including OPPO's Basic research and development, supply chain, channels, leading technologies of research institutes and R&D departments, etc.”

OnePlus is a brand founded by Liu Zuohu, vice president of OPPO, in 2013. It mainly occupies part of the high-end foreign market through online channels. In 2021, OnePlus will officially return to OPPO and become a sub-brand of OPPO. After the integration of OnePlus and OPPO, they are changing the previous mode of fighting independently, sharing technical architecture and R&D resources.

Source: Interface News

Twitter bans account tracking Musk's private jet

On the 16th, according to The Verge, Twitter banned several reporters who had previously tracked and reported the whereabouts of Musk’s private jet.

Ella Irwin, Twitter's head of trust and safety, pointed out that this is because these reporters violated the privacy policy "prohibiting the sharing of real-time location information."

Musk also said: "They released my exact real-time location, which can be said to be the coordinates of the assassination, (this is obviously) a direct violation of Twitter's terms of service."

In addition to banning multiple accounts tracking the whereabouts of private jets of celebrities such as Musk, Twitter also temporarily banned the account of competitor Mastodon and prohibited Twitter users from jumping to Mastodon servers through links.

This may be because, before being banned, Mastodon posted a link on its own server to an account that tracked private jets.


Apple to unveil AR/VR headset at WWDC 2023, sources say

The tweeter @LeaksApplePro recently posted on Howtoisolve that Apple may launch an AR/VR headset at the WWDC conference in June 2023.

Although the WWDC conference is an important time node, it also means that the AR/VR headset will not be the sole protagonist of the conference.

The device is said to cost around $2,000 and will be in limited stock at that time. According to previous analysis by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will only produce about 500,000 headsets next year.

However, the headset won't hit store shelves immediately after launch. Apple will first provide developers with toolkits to make their applications suitable for new devices.

Source: Cnbeta

lululemon officially enters Dongguan

On the 15th, the sports lifestyle brand lululemon officially entered Dongguan.

The first store of lululemon Dongguan is located on the first floor of Minying International Trade City. The facade of the store is inspired by the smooth texture and rhythmic lines of lululemon's classic innovative fabrics, with transparent glass doors and windows and eye-catching red brand logos, presenting a unique visual experience. The design concept of the brand "Tactile Science".

In the future, lululemon Minying·Guomao City store will continue to bring a wealth of community activities, and consumers can log in to the "Rehan Life WeChat Mini Program" to learn more.

2023 Shanghai "Michelin Guide" released: 138 restaurants on the list and 4 special awards announced

On the 15th, the 2023 Shanghai "Michelin Guide" was released at Qiantan Shangri-La, Shanghai. This is the 7th edition of the "Michelin Guide" in Shanghai.

A total of 50 star restaurants were selected this time, 3 more than last year's 47 restaurants. Among them, there are 2 three-star restaurants, 9 two-star restaurants and 39 one-star restaurants.

The three-star restaurants this time are still held by "Tai'anmen" and "ULTRAVIOLET by Paul Pairet", and the new two-star restaurant is the Cantonese restaurant "102 Restaurant".

In addition, there are 24 "Bib Gourmand Recommended" restaurants and 64 "Michelin Guide Selected Restaurants" in this guide. It is said that this selection covered more than 30 cuisines.

Source: Ideal Life Lab

"Death Stranding" live-action movie project, Kojima Studio participated in the development

According to Deadline, the game "Death Stranding" will soon be adapted into a live-action movie, which will be jointly launched by the original Kojima Studio and Hammerstone Studio.

According to reports, this is also the first film produced by Kojima, which is expected to introduce new elements and characters in the Death Stranding universe.

"Death Stranding" is the first game work released by the famous game producer Hideo Kojima since Konami's independence. The game is based on the theme of "Link". Players need to reconnect all parts of the United States by transporting various important goods on the already deserted continental United States, and create a new United States.

In addition, Hideo Kojima also stated in a video that he will bring a new work next year: "In addition to "Death Stranding 2", we are still preparing a completely new work and some visual projects. I hope to show you next year Bring more news of all the above."

Source: IT House & 3DM

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The "Three-Body" animation was scolded by fans of the original book, but don't give up filming

People on earth, please pay attention, the animation of "Three-Body Problem" at Station B has started in 2D!

It was jointly produced by bilibili, Three-Body Universe and Yihua Kaitian. The first two episodes were broadcast 140 million times, followed by more than 6.2 million series, nearly 2.6 million likes, nearly 1.5 million coins, and about 30,000 people on Douban scored 7.1, three People who have watched it have to be convinced, it is better for you people on earth to engage in film and television art.

If anime can also measure body temperature, then the "Three-Body" animation at station B must be as high as 40 degrees.

For the first time in human history! The "artificial sun" has achieved a major breakthrough, and petroleum solar energy may be completely eliminated

After decades, the milestone of controlled nuclear fusion has finally arrived. For the first time in history, humans have achieved controllable nuclear fusion in which the output energy is greater than the input energy.

This process is called "ignition".

The first significant energy progress in human history was the control and utilization of fire. Now we hold up the torch again, so that the artificial sun is no longer a fantasy.

How did IKEA's most "outdated" products become fashion items sought after by Generation Z?

As a furniture brand with a history of more than 70 years, people always joke that the end of furniture is "IKEA style", so what will the design style of IKEA be like in the past?

Its ancient furniture culture and history hide more interesting ideas and charming taste.

✨ holiday relaxation

Fun | Epic Hi Plus One 2/15: "Chasing the Horizon Turbo"

With the arrival of the Christmas holiday, Epic has launched a 15 consecutive days of mysterious game plus one activity yesterday. Today is the "Horizon Chase Turbo" with an original price of 69 yuan, and the collection time ends at 24:00 tonight.

Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game inspired by popular racing games of the 80s and 90s: Out Run, Top Gear (SNES), Rush and many more, recreating classic arcade games.

The cover image of tomorrow's free game has also been released, and the hint pattern is "bat".

Good-looking | "The Spring of the Cow Herding Class" 4K remake

If you want to find a third option besides "Avatar 2" and "One Piece: The Red-haired Diva" that are being watched all over the world, adding a movie ticket to "The Spring of the Cow Herding Class" may be the one that will make you feel better. Your reason to walk into the cinema.

This classic work, which has been on the screen for 18 years, tells the story of an underappreciated music teacher recreating music works in his own way, organizing a choir, and using music to approach a group of troubled teenagers.

Good shopping | The first inD Art Book Fair will start as scheduled on Christmas, the exhibitor LS announced

The first inD Guangzhou Art Book Fair, co-hosted by Design 360° and Ai Faner, will be held at Guangzhou Future Club from December 22nd to December 25th.

This year's inD Art Book Fair invited 110+ exhibitors from home and abroad to gather in Guangzhou, in addition to 12 publishers/creators, 12+ specially planned exhibitions, and interactive installation units.

The first inD Art Book Fair takes "Boundary of Art Books" as the theme, focusing on the discussion of "Boundary". It is hoped that through different planning units, it will explore the "Boundary" between art books and content expression, and let more audiences and participants together Feel the multi-level and rich imagination of the cutting-edge creation.

The 36 exhibitors include:

Lanbiyuan & Paper Site | Blue Art Museum | Old Dog | LEONI CONCEPT | LOWLOWLAND | LPS Local Park Local Landscape Public Space | Lucis | Mut QQ | nichinichi | nieniethecat | one one studio | ou4646 | sneezestore | CheapBall | Apple Department Store | Apple Department Store | | Shangwentang bookstores | Random event studio Unlimited Lab. | Suiyuan girl SUIYUAN

Tickets are on sale now, come to the book fair to meet these talented and artistic young people from all over the country, and spend Christmas with us!

#Welcome to pay attention to Aifaner's official WeChat public account: Aifaner (WeChat ID: ifanr), more exciting content will be presented to you as soon as possible.

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