Morning Post | iPhone was detained in Brazil without sending a charger/Tesla China recalled more than 80,000 cars/C Ronaldo star card sold 7.77 million

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  • Hundreds of iPhones seized in Brazil without chargers
  • Tesla China recalls over 80,000 vehicles
  • Two-in-one watch and earphone, Huawei WATCH Buds exposed
  • Blind date function launched in Kuaishou live broadcast room
  • AutoNavi Maps Launches Barrier-Free "Wheelchair Navigation" Function
  • "World of Warcraft" opens the mainland to directly connect to global servers
  • NIO Launches Hanging Ear Coffee
  • Cristiano Ronaldo star card sold 7.77 million
  • 'Knives Out 2' defuses the 'bad guys don't use iPhones' meme
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  • "The most expensive World Cup in history, the "Chinese team" is also here"
  • "Musk and Twitter employees love and hate"
  • "A 2 million mattress, who else is sleeping besides Wang Xiaofei?" "
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  • Funny: Star Wars: Squadrons
  • Easy to use: Posture Pal
  • Good to see: FIFA Demystified: Football, Money and Power

 Fresh Express

Apple Seized Hundreds of iPhones in Brazil for Not Giving Chargers

Brazilian regulators have seized "hundreds of iPhones" at Apple's retail store in Brasilia recently, according to Tecnoblog, due to Brazil's ban on the sale of phones without chargers.

Subsequently, Apple filed an enforcement order, hoping to continue selling iPhones. At present, Apple said that all major retail stores in Brazil have resumed sales.

However, it is worth mentioning that the recently released new Apple TV does not come with a charging cable in most regions, but in Brazil, Apple still includes a USB-C data cable for it.

Source: 9to5mac

Tesla China recalls more than 80,000 vehicles, including more than 10,000 domestic Model 3s

On the 25th, Tesla filed a recall plan with the State Administration for Market Regulation, requiring the recall of some imported Model S, Model X and some imported and domestic Model 3 electric vehicles, totaling 80,561 vehicles.

The reason for the recall of some cars is that a software error may cause the battery management system to misjudge, causing the vehicle to gradually stop power output. The other part is a vehicle that has removed the middle seat belt of the second row of seats, and there may be problems with the fixing parts of the seat belt and buckle device.

For some imported Model S and Model X within the scope of the recall, Tesla will upgrade the software for the vehicle free of charge through the vehicle remote upgrade (OTA) technology. For vehicles that cannot be upgraded through OTA, Tesla will contact relevant users through the Tesla Service Center to upgrade the software for the vehicle free of charge.

Source: Shanghai Securities News

Two-in-one watch and earphone, Huawei WATCH Buds cross-border product exposure

The blogger @通人路 recently released a picture of the suspected Huawei WATCH Buds packaging box.

The picture shows that the watch is equipped with a detachable movement similar to Huawei Watch GT Cyber, while a pair of wireless earphones are hidden at the bottom of the movement, running Hongmeng HarmonyOS.

Previously, Huawei applied for a similar patent that would allow earphones to be removed from either side of the watch. In March of this year, Huawei also applied to the European Union for the "Huawei Watch Buds" trademark, which is expected to be this product.

Source: IT Home

Taking a fancy to the "off-order" economy, Kuaishou live broadcast room launched a blind date function

Recently, the Kuaishou live broadcast room has added a "blind date corner" function, which can be used by the anchor to create a blind date function.

In addition, Kuaishou also launched the "Wedding Celebration" channel in "Hot Events", which mainly displays short video content such as "wedding scene" and "wedding photos". According to the Qichacha app, the business scope of Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd. has recently added a "marriage introduction service".

In 2021, China's Internet dating market will reach 7.20 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 11.6%. It is expected that the market size will reach 8.05 billion yuan in 2022.

Source: Tech Planet

AutoNavi Maps launched the barrier-free "wheelchair navigation" function, the first batch of pilot cities in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou

Yesterday, AutoNavi Maps officially launched the barrier-free "wheelchair navigation" function.

According to reports, this function can provide barrier-free route planning for the special travel needs of the disabled and vulnerable groups.

In addition to the disabled, elderly people with limited mobility, parents pushing baby strollers, temporary wheelchair travel due to accidental injuries, and people traveling with heavy objects can also refer to "wheelchair navigation" in different scenarios.

At the same time, "Wheelchair Navigation" also opens the "Love Feedback" entrance, and every AutoNavi map user can give feedback on the barrier-free facilities around them, helping to improve the barrier-free environment in society.

Source: IT Home

On the eve of Blizzard and NetEase's "breakup", "World of Warcraft" opened a "global" server with low-latency direct connection in the Mainland

Recently, some netizens reported that a "global" server appeared in the Asian server of "World of Warcraft". .

According to the blogger @老刀99, analysts say that this "global" server is specially prepared by Blizzard for players in mainland China.

At present, players in mainland China can directly connect to this server with low latency, but the data of players in the national server cannot be transferred there for the time being.

Source: IT Home

NIO Launches Hanging Ear Coffee and Launches NIO Life

In October of this year, Weilai applied for a number of trademarks related to "Nio Coffee", planning to enter the coffee industry.

According to analysis, NIO currently has two actions on the layout of coffee. On the one hand, NIO can provide users with special drinks, coffee and other drinks in NIO centers all over the country; on the other hand, it sells coffee products in NIO Life. Currently, its categories include hanging ear coffee and accompanying coffee follicular bag.

Source: Tech Planet

Cristiano Ronaldo's star card sold 7.77 million, players "removed the card" ten bets and nine losses

Recently, on the domestic trading platform Katao app, a Cristiano Ronaldo star card was auctioned for a sky-high price of 7.77 million. Another 2022 Ronaldo signature card released by Panini, the auction price was 3 million yuan.

In the domestic collection circle, star card players often join groups to buy blind box cards, hoping to have the opportunity to obtain high-value star cards at a lower price, but they often "gamble nine times out of ten".

Some players said that if they want to win a value-preserving card worth more than 10,000 yuan (that is, the player is famous, the card is limited to the world or has his own signature), it will probably take more than a dozen boxes and invest more than 100,000 yuan to get it.

Source: Technology

"Bad guys don't use iPhones" is out of order, and almost all members of "Knives Out 2: Cocooning" have switched to Samsung phones

Previously, Ryan Johnson, the director of the "Knives Out" series, said: "Apple allows you to use the iPhone in the movie, but requires that the bad guys in the film cannot use the iPhone. If you are watching a suspense movie, this will be the key clue."

As a result, viewers can see villains prominently using Android phones in Knives Out 1, along with Chrome and Proton Mail, while everyone else is using iPhones.

But in the new film "Knives Out 2: Peeling the Cocoon", many viewers who participated in the pilot show said that many protagonists have switched to Samsung foldable phones from the Android camp.

For example, Dave Bautista's character in the film uses a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, and Kathryn Hahn's character uses a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Source: IT Home

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1574.7 billion yuan! The most expensive World Cup in history, the "Chinese team" is also here

In order to organize the World Cup, Qatar has invested a budget of about 220 billion US dollars (about 1,574.738 billion yuan), striving to present a wonderful audio-visual feast.

This is also the most expensive World Cup in history. The sum of the World Cup costs in the past 50 years is not as high as it!

On December 18, the World Cup final will be held at the Lusail Stadium. Although there will be no national football team, the stadium built by the "national team" will be rounded off and it will be China's first appearance in the World Cup final.

He and Musk worked overtime until the early hours of the morning and were laid off. Twitter employees ridiculed wildly. The richest man in the world is "softened"

The love-hate relationship between Musk and Twitter employees is today's traffic password.

So some people want to pretend that Twitter is laying off employees; some people want to cut their seats with Twitter 2.0 led by Musk; story.

2 million mattresses, who else is sleeping besides Wang Xiaofei?

The World Cup is a carnival for the whole people. Only gossip can draw people's attention away from the green field. After all, a ball game lasts 90 minutes, but gossip only takes 9 seconds to refresh you and call your friends to "eat melons" together.

The gossip between Wang Xiaofei and Big S is like this. It is unclear who is right and who is wrong between divorced couples, but the spat and disputes between the two people can let the onlookers see a little bit of the real life of the rich.

It's just that in this kind of gossip after dinner, the most eye-catching thing has become a mattress.

From ancient times to the present, cities are endowed with ideals | WeCityX

A city is the light of human civilization, and places people's expectations for a better life.

The urban imagination and setting from ancient times to the present contain the needs and desires of people in all ages.

To describe the direction of the future city, the first task is to look back at the original intention, which desires exist in the hearts of human beings for a long time, what kind of appearance has been seen in the city and extended to the present, and what changes will occur in the future.

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Funny: Star Wars: Squadrons

Epic has now opened a new week of "Xijiayi" game, giving away "Star Wars: Fighter Squadron" for free, the original price is 198 yuan, supports Chinese, and ends on December 2.

From the perspective of a pilot, players will experience a realistic flight experience and master the art of starfighter combat, experiencing a single-player story after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Next week, Epic will be giving away medieval fantasy turn-based strategy game Fort Triumph and creative 3D pixel block role-playing game RPG in a Box.

Easy to use: Posture Pal

As long as you put on the earphones, this giraffe can monitor the status of your neck, shoulders and back in real time. Once you hunch your back, it will remind you to sit upright in the earphones.

However, it should be noted that Posture Pal currently only supports headphones such as AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, AirPods Max and Beat Fit Pro that can transmit motion data to the iPhone.

Good to see: FIFA Demystified: Football, Money and Power

Netflix launched this feature documentary "in time" before the World Cup, introducing a FIFA that is facing negative news such as telecom fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion.

In the first episode, this documentary introduced the inside story of the previous arrest of 14 FIFA executives suspected of corruption, and the third episode focused on the process of Qatar winning the right to host this year's World Cup.

The whole world is boiling for the World Cup. If you don't intend to watch the game, you can also come here to watch some gossip behind the scenes of the game.

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