Morning Post | iPhone SE 4 specifications revealed: equipped with A16 Bionic/OnePlus and OPPO will introduce Gemini model/Wenjie M5 real car exposed

  • AI scholar Andrew Ng joins Amazon's board of directors
  • Apple repair will support second-hand genuine parts
  • OnePlus and OPPO will introduce Google Gemini model
  • Realme Vice President: Supply chain prices have increased significantly this year
  •  Apple executive: 8GB memory has suitable user scenarios
  • iPhone SE 4 specifications revealed, A16 Bionic, AI camera
  • Android 15 first beta version released
  • OpenAI opens new GPT-4 Turbo to ChatGPT paid users
  • Wenjie M5 real car exposed
  • OPPO A3 Pro officially released
  • NIO's NOMI GPT large model is officially launched, and spy photos of the sub-brand Ledo L60 are exposed
  • Trumpchi New Energy E9 electric welfare version officially rolled off the production line
  • AI Pin is officially on sale, foreign media comments: It’s a bit far off
  • The number of reservations for the Chinese server of "World of Warcraft" reaches 2 million

 News worth watching over the weekend

AI scholar Andrew Ng joins Amazon's board of directors

Yesterday, Amazon officially announced that Andrew Ng has joined Amazon’s board of directors, and his appointment will be effective from April 9.

According to Amazon, Dr. Ng is a global leader in AI and education. His work developing machine learning and deep algorithms in the academic and private sectors, as well as supporting the company's development and adoption of AI applications, will help Amazon's board of directors understand the benefits that AI brings. opportunities and challenges, as well as its transformative social and business potential.

Ng was the founding director of the Google Brain deep learning project, chief scientist and vice president of Baidu, and an adjunct professor at Stanford University.

Apple repair will support second-hand genuine parts

Apple announced that starting this fall, some iPhone models will allow customers and independent repairers to use second-hand Apple parts for repair.

Apple said that these second-hand original accessories will enjoy all the functions and safety provided by the original factory calibration like new original accessories, providing consumers with more choices and reducing the impact of repairs on the environment.

Apple says that genuine parts, whether new or used, are calibrated on the device after the part is installed. To simplify the repair process, users and service providers will no longer be required to provide the device's serial number when ordering parts at self-service repair stores for repairs that do not involve replacing the logic board.

Apple has also extended the activation lock function to iPhone parts to prevent stolen iPhones from being dismantled into parts. If the device being repaired detects that the supported part comes from another device with activation lock or lost mode enabled, then the part The calibration function will be limited.

It is reported that the new policy will initially apply to parts of iPhone 15 and newer models, including screens, batteries and cameras.

OnePlus and OPPO will introduce Google Gemini model

Google confirmed at the Google Next conference that OnePlus and OPPO will introduce the AI ​​​​large model Gemini into their devices in 2024.

It is reported that OnePlus and OPPO will rely on Gemini to launch audio and news summaries, "AI toolbox" and other functions, but there is still relatively little information.

In terms of timetable, the only information currently available is that the introduction of Gemini will be implemented "later this year."

Zhang Jun, OnePlus and OPPO AI product manager, said that Google Cloud’s open platform capabilities have far-reaching significance for the progress of OPPO AI mobile phones.

Realme Vice President: Supply chain prices have increased significantly this year

Realme Global Vice President Xu Qi talked about supply chain-related content in an interview with a Securities Times reporter.

Xu Qi said that the increase in supply chain prices this year is particularly obvious and even a bit "unexpected." Among them, the price of memory has increased significantly, and the prices of other components have also increased.

Xu Qi said that manufacturers are currently looking for solutions, such as directly letting the R&D team negotiate with the supply chain, cooperating with more domestic manufacturers, and jointly developing new screens or technologies to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

 Apple executive: 8GB memory has suitable user scenarios

Kate Bergeron, Apple's vice president of hardware engineering, and Evan Buyze of the Mac product marketing team recently accepted an exclusive interview with IT House and talked about MacBook Air and Mac product planning.

When it comes to the MacBook Air's starting memory and storage combination of 8GB + 256 GB, Buyze said that 8 GB has many suitable tasks, such as browsing the web, doing some streaming, or sending messages, photos, and videos. For heavy editing, including some casual and entertainment games, running productivity-related apps, etc., 8GB is a memory choice that is very suitable for these user scenarios.

Buyze also said that games are currently the focus of Apple, and there will be more releases for games.

When it comes to AI, the two said that Apple's layout on AI actually started very early. With the support of M series chips, Mac will also become a very suitable platform for processing AI work, which lays the foundation for Apple's future direction of AI. A good foundation.

Yesterday, Bloomberg broke the news that Apple’s M4 chip will focus on AI performance and may launch related new Mac products by the end of the year.

iPhone SE 4 specifications revealed, A16 Bionic, AI camera

@Nguyen Phi Hung, a whistleblower on the X platform, shared the detailed parameters of iPhone SE 4.

iPhone SE 4 measures 148.5 x 71.2 x 7.8mm and weighs 166g. The front looks like an iPhone 13, and the back looks like an iPhone Xr. It has only one rear camera equipped with an IMX503 sensor and supports AI photography and portrait mode.

The screen is a 6.1-inch LTPS OLED 60Hz screen, equipped with A16 Bionic on the chip, equipped with 6GB LPDDR5 memory, and will be available in 128 GB and 512 GB storage versions.

Android 15 first beta version released

Yesterday, the first beta version of Android 15, Beta 1, was released.

It is reported that Android 15 Beta 1 brings cellular network security, a new Wi-Fi "Privacy" settings page and its "Send Device Name" switch, "Pixel Weather" widget, "Default Wallet Application" settings, and support for Android 15 Full support for applications and other new features.

This Beta version also has problems such as "Google Play services keep stopping", and the picture-in-picture function does not fully function properly.

Devices that can be updated to Android 15 Beta 1 include Pixel phones from the Pixel 6 to Pixel 8 series, as well as the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet.

OpenAI opens new GPT-4 Turbo to ChatGPT paid users

OpenAI announced yesterday that it has opened the new GPT-4 Turbo to ChatGPT, which improves the robot's writing, mathematics, logical reasoning and coding capabilities.

OpenAI says that when writing in ChatGPT, responses will now be more direct, concise, and use more conversational language.

OpenAI says it will continue to make the model better, and GPT-4 Turbo is now available in ChatGPT Plus, Team, Enterprise, and API.

Wenjie M5 real car exposed

Yesterday, blogger @ Future Study Notes exposed two pictures of the real car of the Wenjie M5.

According to the blogger, the actual car revealed is in "Xuefeng Gray" color scheme. In terms of design, the AITO front LOGO and wheels are designed in black. You can also see the lidar roof bulge and a closed front face design. The air inlet remains below.

The new generation Wenjie M5 model will be officially unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show on April 23.

OPPO A3 Pro officially released

OPPO officially released the OPPO A3 Pro yesterday, known as the "durable god of war", focusing on the two major scenarios of "anti-fall" and "waterproof".

In terms of waterproofing, OPPO A3 Pro is the first mobile phone product in the industry to pass IP69, IP68, and IP66 dustproof and waterproof tests, which can effectively prevent high-temperature and high-pressure sprays, continuous water immersion, strong water sprays and other water-related scenarios.

In terms of anti-fall, the front of the phone is equipped with the same Corning Gorilla Glass Victus as the flagship, and the back cover of the azure color version is equipped with OPPO Crystal Shield glass. The entire phone is designed with an anti-fall diamond structure, and the four corners and middle frame of the phone adopt a stronger diamond four-corner and anti-collision beam design, making it the first mobile phone in its class to pass the national military standard impact test.

Other configurations of OPPO A3 Pro are as follows:;

  • The processor uses Dimensity 7050 chip;
  • Equipped with 5000mAh battery and supports 67W block charging;
  • The screen size is 6.7 inches and equipped with five bright eye eye protection technologies;
  • The rear is equipped with a 64-megapixel main camera + 2-megapixel dual-camera combination.

OPPO A3 Pro is available in three colors: Azure, Yunjin Pink, and Yuanshan Blue. The 8+256GB version is priced at 1,999 yuan, the 12+256GB version is priced at 2,199 yuan, and the 12+512GB version is priced at 2,499 yuan. It will be fully launched on April 19. for sale.

NIO's NOMI GPT large model is officially launched, and spy photos of the sub-brand Ledo L60 are exposed

Yesterday, NIO’s NOMI GPT large model was officially launched and will be pushed to models equipped with Banyan NIO’s intelligent system.

It is reported that NOMI GPT is a large device-cloud multi-modal model built for NIO's NOMI voice assistant, including self-developed multi-modal perception, self-developed cognitive center, emotion engine, multi-expert Agent, and has image, audio, body and other sensors. , can more comprehensively and multi-dimensionally perceive people and things inside and outside the cockpit.

NOMI now connects products, services, and communities, and also has built-in encyclopedias to answer knowledge in various fields and provide more warm and continuous conversations.

Yesterday afternoon, blogger @电 Planet Xiaoxin also released the latest undisguised spy photo of the NIO sub-brand Ledo L60.

Trumpchi New Energy E9 electric welfare version officially rolled off the production line

Yesterday, GAC Technology held a "Technology Vision" themed event, at which the Shangqi New Energy E9 electric welfare version officially rolled off the production line, priced at 409,800 yuan.

This car is specially built for people with special needs. It is equipped with the world's first detachable electric welfare seat, providing unprecedented travel convenience for people with limited mobility. Whether the elderly are traveling to seek medical treatment, dining with their families, or the postpartum care center providing hospital round-trip services for pregnant women, or expanding the travel radius for the disabled, you can directly ride on the electric welfare seat.

AI Pin is officially on sale, foreign media comments: It’s a bit far off

Humane's smart device AI Pin is officially launched, priced at US$699. It is a device without a screen, based on voice, gesture operation, camera and AI.

However, many foreign media have given relatively negative comments after using this device.

The Verge says the device doesn’t work half the time, is slow, has terrible battery life, and is totally not worth buying.

Wired gave it a rating of 4 out of 10, saying that the AI ​​Pin still lacks many features, the heating problem is serious, and the interaction with laser projection is also annoying.

Engadget said that AI Pin is very slow, cumbersome to use, and not smart. The interaction with laser projection is difficult to use, and it generates serious heat.

Foreign media also affirmed some of the advantages of AI Pin: excellent real-time translation, good workmanship and design, and the ability to make hands-free calls is also worth mentioning.

The number of reservations for the Chinese server of "World of Warcraft" reaches 2 million

Blizzard Games officially announced the return of the national server on Wednesday this week and launched a reservation activity on the official website. As of now, the number of reservations for the return of the national server of "World of Warcraft" has exceeded 2 million.

World of Warcraft’s official Weibo stated that everyone’s enthusiasm can be felt from the number of reservations, messages and resumes applied for.

The official also provides a guide for account retrieval and repair. You can use NetEase experts to retrieve Blizzard game accounts.

"Under the Day" is officially released

The Hong Kong movie "Under the Sun" was officially released in mainland China yesterday. The movie is directed by Jian Junjin and stars David Jiang, Yu Xiangning and Lin Baoyi.

"Under the Sun" received a total of 16 nominations at the 42nd Academy Awards. The story is adapted from real events and reveals the little-known truth about disabled homes hidden behind the news. The news agency received a tip-off about the abuse of residents at the "Cai Qiao Home", a nursing home for the disabled. In order to expose the supervision issues of the nursing home for the disabled, the investigation team sneaked into the hospital and exposed the inhumanity inside. Life, looking for the cruel truth under the sun.

✨ It's the weekend!

One Fun Thing | "Maze Rice" Inspired Mandrake Cola

The animated version of the Japanese comic "Maze Rice" has recently become popular, showing a story of adventure and food in another world.

"MotoCola", a handmade cola shop in Japan, launched handmade cola inspired by the "mandrake soup" in the work.

It is reported that this Coke contains the magical power of 1,000 lemons. In addition to lemon juice and peel, it is also mixed with various spices. Under the black appearance is a refreshing taste.

MotoCola said that in addition to drinking it directly, it can also be mixed with carbonated water, hot water, milk or yogurt to enjoy. The official also released a "passionate" Coke picture…

The price of Coke is not cheap either: 2980 yen, equivalent to RMB 140.

What to watch on the weekend | "Old Friends in Mountains and Rivers"

"Old Friends in Mountains and Rivers" is directed by Jia Zhangke and stars Zhao Tao, Zhang Yi and Liang Jingdong. It was nominated for the 68th Palme d'Or and the 52nd Golden Horse Awards for Best Feature Film.

The film tells the story of love and separation between two men and one woman in three decades: 1999, 2014, and 2025. It is a personal emotional epic against the background of great changes in the times, recording the changes in society and the times.

Guide to buying books without reading|"Saga's Super Grandma"

The author of "Saga's Super Grandma" is Japanese comedy master Yoshichi Shimada. The story is adapted from Shimada Yoshichi's childhood story about how he and his grandmother depended on each other.

Because she was unable to raise him, her mother had to foster the eight-year-old Akihiro to her grandmother's house in the countryside of Saga. In extremely difficult days, the optimistic grandma always has a magical way to fill her life with warmth, strength and hope, and her family will always be filled with laughter…

This book was also adapted into a movie, which was released in Japan in 2006.

Game recommendation | "Star Pioneer"

"Other Wilds" is an open-world adventure game in which players will play as members of the space program "Outer Wilds Ventures" and search for answers in a strange and ever-evolving solar system.

Players can drive a spaceship to fly between planets and explore the secrets of the solar system. There are multiple scenes and levels in the game for players to explore, and each planet has secret locations and challenges that change over time.

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