Morning Post | iPhone 16 Pro Max image upgrade exposed/Ant Group establishes AI innovation department/The second season of “Squid Game” will be broadcast this year


Tesla's fourth-quarter results fall short of expectations’s intranet post once again refutes acquisition rumors

Press and Publication Administration deletes draft "Online Games Management Measures"

Ant Group shareholder structure adjustment completed

Musk xAI will launch Grok version 1.5 next month

Ant Group establishes AI innovation department NextEvo

NVIDIA scientist: The next frontier of AI is “basic intelligence”

News says iPhone 16 Pro Max images have been upgraded

Nubia Z60 Ultra Year of the Dragon limited edition goes on sale

Google releases latest AI video generator Lumiere

Apple China launches Apple Music classical music

Xianyu responds to opening offline stores: still in trial operation stage

Goldwin releases 2024 spring and summer series lookbook

Season 2 of "Squidward Game" will be aired this year

First trailer for drama version of "Ripley" revealed

The movie "The Killing" is scheduled to be released


Tesla's fourth-quarter results fall short of expectations

In the early hours of this morning, Tesla's fourth quarter and full-year financial reports released after the market closed on Wednesday showed that the company suffered its first annual profit decline last year since 2017, with profits in the fourth quarter falling sharply by 40%, and operating Neither revenue nor earnings per share met market expectations.

The financial report shows that Tesla’s earnings per share in 2023 will be US$3.12, a 23% decrease from the historical high of US$4.07 in 2022; the company’s adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization were US$16.6 billion.

Despite poor earnings performance, Tesla's revenue in 2023 reached a record high of $96.8 billion, a year-on-year increase of 19%.

In addition, Tesla's delivery volume in 2023 will be 1.8 million, of which the fourth quarter set a delivery record of 484,500, which means that the annualized delivery growth over the past five years has reached 127%.

However, some investment institutions have warned that Tesla's production, delivery and shipment growth will slow down this year, and the financial report did not announce this year's delivery target.

After the financial report was released, Tesla's stock price fell by 5%, and then the decline narrowed, finally reporting at $297.83, which has fallen by 16% this year.

Before the earnings report was released, Reuters quoted sources as saying that Tesla plans to start production of a new mass-market electric car code-named "Redwood" in mid-2025. Two of the people familiar with the matter described the model as a compact crossover. boundary car.

Two sources said that Tesla issued an inquiry letter, or invitation to bid, for the "Redwood" model to its suppliers last year, and that they planned to produce 10,000 of the model per week, which may make Tesla Able to compete with cheaper gasoline cars and a growing number of low-cost electric vehicles.

big company’s intranet post once again refutes acquisition rumors

According to "LatePost", in response to rumors in the market that Douyin is acquiring, yesterday Yu Yongfu, chairman of Alibaba Local Life Group and CEO of, clearly refuted the rumors to all employees on the company's intranet and denied the rumors of being acquired. .

According to people familiar with the matter, at the end of December last year and January this year, Yu Yongfu made it clear to the core management team that would not be sold. has also made several attempts to refute the rumors, but acquisition rumors continue to appear.

In response to this situation, Yu Yongfu said in the "Three Questions from the Class Committee" post on's intranet: "I don't know if there are not many things that people can care about in the Internet industry, but what is fake can only be fake after all. Yes. I have said it before within the class committee. You may feel that hearing it from me is the most authoritative, so I will respond to you directly again."

Press and Publication Administration deletes draft "Online Games Management Measures"

On December 22 last year, the National Press and Publication Administration website released the "Online Game Management Measures (Draft for Comments)" to solicit public opinions.

Recently, some netizens discovered that the opinion draft was deleted after the deadline for feedback. As of press time, accessing the original link still displays "Sorry, the page you visited does not exist or has been deleted."

Previously, the relevant person in charge of the National Press and Publication Administration stated that the draft for comments is based on ensuring and promoting the prosperity and healthy development of the online game industry. It clearly addresses issues such as the access of online game business units and establishes a special chapter on "Guarantees and Rewards." Propose a series of incentives.

At the same time, provisions are made to protect the rights and interests of minors and consumers. During the drafting process of the draft, opinions from relevant departments, industry associations, enterprises and other parties were widely listened to through various methods.

The person in charge said that the public solicitation of opinions on departmental regulations is a process to listen to more opinions and improve the regulations and provisions. The State Press and Publication Administration will carefully study the concerns and opinions raised by all parties on Articles 17, 18 and other contents of the draft, and will continue to listen to the opinions of relevant departments, enterprises, users and other parties. Based on further modifications and improvements.

Ant Group shareholder structure adjustment completed

The Tianyancha app shows that recently, Hangzhou Junhan Equity Investment Partnership (limited partnership), the largest shareholder of Ant Technology Group Co., Ltd., has undergone industrial and commercial changes. Hangzhou Yunbo Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. has withdrawn its partners and executive affairs partners, and added new ones. Hangzhou Xingtao Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is a partner and executive partner.

Currently, the partnership is jointly funded by Hangzhou Junjie Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), Hangzhou Xingtao Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., Ma Yun, and Xie Shihuang, of which Ma Yun, Huang Chenli, Han Xinyi, Zhang Yu, and Zhou Yun each hold 20 shares %.

Previously, Ant Technology Group Co., Ltd. issued an announcement stating that in order to further adapt to the requirements of the modern corporate governance system and promote the matching of shareholder voting rights with their economic interests, the major shareholders and relevant beneficiaries of Ant Group plan to adjust the upper-level structure of Ant Group shareholders.

After the adjustment, the major shareholders of Ant Group exercise their voting rights independently of each other and have no relationship of concerted action. There is no longer any situation where direct or indirect shareholders single or jointly control Ant Group.

In addition, the South China Morning Post recently quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Jack Ma, who stepped down as executive chairman of Alibaba in 2019, purchased approximately US$50 million in shares in the fourth quarter, raising his shareholding ratio to exceed the 4.3% reported at the end of 2021. Become the largest single shareholder.

People familiar with the matter said that SoftBank Group has gradually reduced its stake in Alibaba since Alibaba's initial public offering in 2014, and the total shareholdings of Tsai Chongxin and Jack Ma have exceeded SoftBank Group.

Musk xAI will launch Grok version 1.5 next month

Recently, netizen @jordanbpeterson posted on social media

He shared his experience using Grok: "I often use Grok as a research aid. For every citation it provides, I read it carefully and only cite it after confirming its accuracy and value. However, I found that at least 20% of citations look reasonable but are actually wrong."

Musk responded that the xAI team plans to launch a fully upgraded Grok 1.5 version next month. It is understood that Grok was released in November last year. It can obtain information on the X platform in real time and has been integrated into the advanced paid subscription service of the X platform.

Ant Group establishes AI innovation department NextEvo

According to 36 Krypton news, Ant Group has established an internal AI innovation R&D and application department NextEvo, headed by Xu Peng, vice president of Ant Group with rich experience. Xu Peng worked at Google for 11 years, during which he was responsible for and led the core technology research and development of Google Translate, and participated in the algorithm research and development of Google's display advertising system.

It is understood that NextEvo, as the elite AI department within Ant, is responsible for all core technology research and development of Ant AI, including all research and development of the Ant Bailing large model. In 2023, the department published more than 30 papers in important international journals and conferences in the field of AI.

NextEvo's open source intelligent large-scale distributed deep learning system DLRover, and the GPU memory + transmission optimization open source project GLake, have filled the gap in open source technology in the domestic AI vertical field.

NVIDIA scientist: The next frontier of AI is “basic intelligence”

The video of NVIDIA senior Jim Fan's speech at last year's TED AI event was recently released online. In his speech, he proposed the next important development direction of AI technology: Foundation Agent.

Jim Fan believes that such intelligent agents will profoundly affect our lives in many fields, from games and metaverses to drones and humanoid robots. He emphasized that the basic agent needs to be expanded in three dimensions:

Skill: the number of tasks solved

Embodiment: the variety of body forms that can be controlled

Reality: the range of virtual or physical space that can be grasped

In his view, AI capabilities will be significantly improved by evolving from expert models to general models and then to specialized general models.

New product

News says iPhone 16 Pro Max images have been upgraded

On January 24, blogger @digitalchatstation broke the news that the iPhone 16 Pro Max performs well in imaging technology. It is equipped with a 48-megapixel Sony customized IMX903 main camera and has powerful hardware performance.

The camera uses a large sensor size of 1/1.14 inches and introduces double-layer transistor technology to support 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) and dynamic gain control (DCG).

Additionally, it comes with a periscope telephoto lens. In terms of screen design, it is similar to a constant-depth slightly curved screen. The edge of the iPhone 16 Pro Max screen has a larger curvature.

Nubia Z60 Ultra Year of the Dragon limited edition goes on sale

Yesterday morning, the Nubia Z60 Ultra Year of the Dragon limited edition package was officially launched, with the 24GB+1TB combination priced at 6,299 yuan.

The limited edition set includes the Nubia Z60 Ultra Year of the Dragon limited edition mobile phone, "Kowloon Playing with Pearls" gift box, "Good luck is in hand" magnetic phone case, "Coiled Dragon Red Rope" charging cable, "Dragon Ring Transfer" card extraction pin, " "Magnetic to run" magnetic holder, "Longyun Dangtou" fast charging head.

In terms of appearance, the new product adopts a gilt Tang dragon pattern design with a customized light luxury gold ring, with a black base and gilt gold elements. In addition, the machine is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, uses a 120Hz 6.8-inch full screen, has a built-in 6000mAh battery, and supports 80W fast charging.

Google releases latest AI video generator Lumiere

Recently, Google released a video generation diffusion model called Lumiere (meaning "enlightener"), which integrates common AI video generation and editing functions currently on the market.

In the demonstration video, Lumiere demonstrated the ability to generate high-quality videos based on users' text descriptions, with videos up to 5 seconds long. In addition, similar to Runaway's dynamic brush function, users only need to select a certain area in the image, and Lumiere can make it "move".

Lumiere also has a video repair function. Users can select any part of the video and replace the content with simple text prompts, such as replacing objects with Lego bricks.

According to the paper, Lumiere uses a technology called "spatial-temporal U-Net architecture" that can process the entire length of the video at once, effectively solving the temporal consistency problem that exists in traditional video processing.

It should be noted that Lumiere is still in the research and development stage, and no actual product has yet been launched. Its final effect needs to undergo subsequent testing and verification.

new consumption

Apple China launches Apple Music classical music

On January 24, Apple officially announced the launch of Apple Music Classical Music in mainland China, an independent app designed specifically for classical music.

Apple Music subscribers can now download and enjoy the Apple Music Classics app as part of their existing subscription at no additional cost.

Apple CEO Cook posted on Weibo to celebrate: "We are pleased to launch Apple Music classical music in China. Now, you can enjoy the top classical music streaming service and put the ultimate concert hall-like experience in your pocket anytime, anywhere."

According to the official introduction, the Apple Music classical music app has the largest classical music catalog in the world. Through curated playlists and composer biographies, users can fully learn about composers, periods, instruments, and more.

Xianyu responds to opening offline stores: still in trial operation stage

According to Xianyu’s official WeChat message, the first Xianyu circulation store will officially open in Hangzhou on January 28, providing a full range of idle consignment services.

This is the first full-category second-hand physical store of the same name launched offline by the Xianyu app. Currently, it is mainly in the form of community stores, serving consumers within two kilometers of the community and even in the same city.

It is understood that if you go to the store to scan the QR code to make an appointment for consignment, and after confirming the valuation, the store will help the seller put it on the shelf for consignment. After a successful sale, the money will be automatically transferred to the seller's Alipay account.

In response to this matter, Xianyu responded that the Xianyu offline circulation store is still in the trial operation stage, mainly serving users around the community and even in the same city in the form of community stores. This model is still being explored, and any subsequent progress will be reported as soon as possible. Notify synchronously.

Goldwin releases 2024 spring and summer series lookbook

Committed to blending urban and wilderness life, with products with comfort, functionality and minimalist design as the core, Goldwin has launched a new catalog for the 2024 spring and summer series.

Led by photographer Ike Mitsuru and assisted by stylist Tomo Inagaki, this season’s visual work aims to accurately convey a pure aesthetic closely connected with nature.

The visual background was chosen to be the beautiful natural scenery of Izu Oshima, Japan, which vividly shows the harmonious coexistence between early humans and nature and the relationship between clothing and the natural environment. Starting this season, Goldwin also offers more size options for female consumers.


Season 2 of "Squidward Game" will be aired this year

On January 24, Netflix executives told shareholders during the financial report meeting that the second season of the popular Korean drama "Squidward Game" will be officially aired before the end of this year.

Lee Jung-jae, Lee Byung-hun, Wei Ha-joon, and Gong Yoo return, and Im Si-wan, Kang Ha-neul, Park Sung-hyun, Yang Dong-geun, Park Gyu-young, Jo Yoo-ri, Kang Ae-shin, Lee David, Lee Jin-wook, Choi Seung-hyun, Noh Jae-won, and Won Ji-an are newly added. Squid Game".

Directed and written by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the first season of "Squid Game" is a Netflix Korean original drama released globally on September 17, 2021. It is reported that just one month later, the show's viewership on Netflix exceeded 117 million.

First trailer for drama version of "Ripley" revealed

The drama version of "Ripley" starring Andrew Scott recently released a trailer and is scheduled to be released on April 4 this year.

Written and directed by Steven Zaillian, the series follows Ripley as he evolves from a con man to a serial killer.

The story is set in New York in the 1960s. The protagonist Tom Ripley is entrusted by a wealthy man to go to Italy to persuade his prodigal son Dicky Greenleaf to return home. Ripley accepted this task and embarked on a life journey full of lies, deception and killing.

The movie "The Killing" is scheduled to be released

The suspenseful comedy movie "The Killing" has released a preview trailer and it is officially announced to be released on March 2.

The film is written and directed by Niu Chaoyang, and stars Jia Bing, Yu Entai, Jiang Mengjie, Liu Hua, Yu Yang, Li Qian, Niu Xinxin, Feng Xinyao and others.

In the trailer, private detective Man Tianfei (played by Jia Bing) and eight suspects are trapped in a theater. The mysterious man wearing a mask asks everyone to find out the real culprit of the celebrity shooting case within four hours.

"Everyone has a secret, and everyone is acting. There is a mystery hidden in the mystery, and the twists and turns are reversed again, and the laughter leads to horror…"

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