Morning Post | iPhone 15 or all series support Smart Island/Blizzard: Try to bring the game back/Musk issued a “summoning order”

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  • iPhone 15 or all series will support Smart Island
  • Warcraft China: We are working hard to bring the game back to everyone
  • Musk called all Twitter engineers to start intensive work
  • my country already has the conditions to carry out the manned lunar exploration project
  • Bilibili: I will not try pre-roll ads lightly
  • Disney CEO denies Apple takeover rumors
  • Meta faces $12 billion fine
  •  NFTs are plummeting, but art museums are embracing them
  • All Mi 13 series are equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8
  • Huawei nova 10 SE official announcement
  • Apple Announces App Store 2022 Featured List
  • Making a friend will start overseas e-commerce training
  • Microsoft Xbox launched a special sweater for the controller
  • Lele Tea denies opening franchise
  • "Blinking Universe" Wins Gotham Awards "Best Picture"
  • "Slam Dunk" movie version launched official peripherals
  • "Miss Holmes 2" launched today

iPhone 15 or all series will support Smart Island

According to the summary of iPhone 15 revelations collected by 91mobiles, there is new news that all models of the iPhone 15 series will support Smart Island.

On the iPhone 14 series, Smart Island is an exclusive feature of high-end models. If Smart Island can be released to the standard model in the iPhone 15 series, this may be the biggest change in the entry-level iPhone in recent years.

Changes such as the titanium body, high-speed USB-C, and periscope telephoto lens that have been reported before are expected to be exclusive features of future high-end models.

Source: 91mobiles

Musk sent another internal letter: Calling all Twitter engineers to gather at headquarters to start high-intensity work

On Tuesday local time in the United States, Twitter's new boss Musk suddenly issued a "summoning order", requiring all the company's designers and engineers to gather at the San Francisco headquarters to start high-intensity work.

In an email to employees, Musk wrote: "Anyone working on software development or design (in the Bay Area) has to rush to the 10th floor of corporate headquarters to participate in intensive and intense work. Thank you, Elon."

Although the brief email didn't explicitly mention it, it was supposed to refer to Twitter's San Francisco offices, according to a person familiar with the matter. Musk is working on the 10th floor right now and is asking all the other designers, engineers at Twitter who are working on software development or related projects to start working on the 10th floor as well.

Two weeks ago, there was a mass wave of resignations at Twitter because Musk issued an "ultimatum" to employees: Either accept "high-intensity, long hours" work to help build "Twitter 2.0", or receive three months' salary Leave as severance pay.

Many engineers still working at Twitter have moved their desks to the 10th floor in recent days, another person familiar with the matter said. Musk is said to be walking around regularly now, inspecting employees at work and occasionally asking them what they're doing.

Source: IT Home

Blizzard Warcraft official to Chinese players: will make every effort to bring the game back

Yesterday afternoon, Blizzard China officially released "a speech recorded by John Hight of the Blizzard Warcraft production team to players of the Warcraft national server".

John Hight, general manager of Blizzard Warcraft production group, said in the video that he and all Warcraft team colleagues are extremely disappointed with Blizzard's suspension of operating services in China:

"At the moment we are doing everything we can to find a way to bring the game back to everyone."

At the same time, John Hight also mentioned that the new expansion pack of "Dragon Age" has been released on the 29th.

For who will take over Blizzard from NetEase, there is no clear news yet. At present, MiHoYo has denied it, and there are other sources that Ninetowns and Tencent are in contact with Blizzard.

Source: @风雪中国& Comprehensive previous reports

my country has the conditions for manned lunar exploration

China's manned space program spokesman Ji Qiming said at a press conference on the 28th that we have already met the conditions for the implementation of the manned lunar exploration project, and the dream of the Chinese people to reach the moon in nine days will become a reality in the not-too-distant future.

Ji Qiming said that through the previous stage of work, my country has made breakthroughs in key technologies such as a new generation of manned spacecraft, a new generation of manned launch vehicles, lunar landers, and lunar landing suits.

The moon is an ideal base and outpost for human beings to expand, develop and utilize extraterrestrial space, and lunar exploration has always been the focus and focus of manned spaceflight development in the world today.

The moon is also rich in solar energy and mineral deposits. Among them, the lunar soil contains a large amount of helium-3, which is rare on the earth, and helium-3 can be used as a raw material for a clean, efficient and safe new nuclear fusion fuel, and has broad development prospects.

Source: Xinhua News Agency & Science and Technology Daily

Bilibili released its third-quarter financial report: R&D and marketing expenses will drop next year, and will not easily try patch ads

On the evening of the 29th, Bilibili released its financial report for the third quarter of 2022.

According to the financial report, Bilibili’s total net revenue in the third quarter was 5.8 billion yuan, an increase of 11% year-on-year. The net loss was 1.7 billion yuan, narrowing by 36% year-on-year, and the adjusted net loss was 1.8 billion yuan, compared with the adjusted net loss of 1.6 billion yuan in the same period last year.

In the earnings conference call, when talking about costs and expenses, Bilibili CFO Fan Xin said:

"The company's R&D expenses will peak in the fourth quarter of this year (2022), and will decline next year. As for 2023 and beyond, our overall operating expenses will decline year by year, and losses will further narrow until we achieve breakeven. "

When talking about advertising revenue, Li Ni, chief operating officer of Bilibili, said:

"Most of the content on station B is still concentrated in 2-5 minutes. If all the content is in the form of pre-roll (advertising), the income is actually relatively small, and it will greatly damage the user experience. Therefore, this traditional advertising form is not worth the candle. It is not easy to try it with the mode B station.”

Source: Sina Technology

Disney CEO: Rumors of merger with Apple are pure speculation

According to foreign media reports, the re-appointed CEO of Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger, denied the previous rumors of "Apple buying Disney" at the company's general meeting, calling it "pure speculation."

In addition, he also said that he would "study" some controversial measures of former CEO Bob Chapek, such as requiring tourists to attend theme parks to book in advance. At the same time, it also requires that the focus of Disney's streaming media business turn to profitability, rather than just adding subscribers.

Iger also told employees that, although not mandated, they are expected to return to the office.

Source: Interface News

UK bans children from social media, Meta faces $12bn fine

Social media companies must ban children under 13 from creating accounts or face fines of millions of pounds, according to a new law in the UK to protect children from online harm.

Companies that fail to comply face fines of up to 10% of global turnover. And for Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, that would be as much as $12 billion.

According to Ofcom, one-third of children aged 5-7 and 60% of children aged 8-11 in the UK have their own social media. This means that as many as 1.8 million British children under the age of 13 have their own social media accounts.

Source: Interface News

 NFTs are plummeting, but art museums are embracing them

Although the NFT market is plummeting, more and more famous art museums are embracing NFT and entering the craze of digital art.

Through NFT, museums can not only connect with young audiences, but also get close to some rich people in the cryptocurrency industry and encourage them to donate their digital artworks.

The curator of the Museum of Modern Art invited the artist Refik Anadol to "feed" more than 138,000 paintings in the museum's collection to AI, create a series of NFTs, and then exhibit and sell them.

For the artist, one of Anadol’s works sold for $200,000; Uploading ownership records to the blockchain could also help art historical research go a step further, he said.

In the past, old-school museums were always out of step with the art. But now "it has reached a tipping point", museums need to master the latest technological resources in order to maintain a close relationship with art and artists.

However, since NFT has begun to be associated with words such as "speculation" and "fraud", museums tend to avoid the name "NFT" and instead call it "digital artwork of artists working on blockchain technology."

At the same time, Christiane Paul, curator of digital art at the Whitney Museum, also pointed out "one of the most annoying problems" of digital art such as NFT:

“People always equate digital art with JPEGs and spinning little GIFs. But digital art has actually been around for 60 years and includes everything from algorithmic drawing to internet art.”

To learn more, you can check it out here:

Lei Jun preheats Mi 13: The whole series is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 processor

Lei Jun announced the warm-up of the Mi 13 series yesterday, calling Mi 13 the "new generation performance king".

According to reports, the Mi 13 series is equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 processor, LPDDR5X 8533Mbps memory and UFS 4.0 flash memory. The temperature and frame rate of the whole machine under game load are significantly ahead of the iPhone.

In terms of battery life, according to the Xiaomi DOU battery life test model, the battery life of Mi 13 is as high as 1.37 days, which is the king of the battery life of Xiaomi's flagship machine.

In terms of MIUI, Lei Jun also said that the system firmware will be reduced by 23% compared to the previous generation, and the number of non-unloadable applications will be reduced to a minimum, and he is committed to "creating the lightest and smoothest system."

Source: @雷军

Huawei nova 10 SE official announcement: straight screen, 100-megapixel main camera

Huawei officially announced that it will release Huawei nova 10 SE on December 2, featuring "100-megapixel intelligent portrait".

According to the promotional poster, the rear of the new phone uses a double ring camera module. Previously, the two secondary cameras of Huawei nova 10 were an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens and a 2-megapixel depth-of-field lens.

Huawei nova 10 SE has been released overseas before. It is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 680G 4G chip, uses a 6.67-inch OLED screen, is equipped with a 4500mAh battery, supports 66W fast charging, and uses fingerprint recognition on the side of the power button.

In terms of price, as a reference, the starting price of the previous generation of nova 9 SE is within 2,000 yuan, and the starting price of nova 10 SE is expected to be controlled within 2,000 yuan.

Source: ZEALER

Apple Announces App Store 2022 Featured List, Adding New Cultural Influence Award-Winning Works

Yesterday, Apple announced the App Store's 2022 annual selection of games and applications. In addition to the annual app and annual game, this year also joined the "Cultural Impact Award-Winning Works":

· App of the Year

iPhone App of the Year: BeReal

iPad App of the Year: GoodNotes 5

Mac App of the Year: MacFamilyTree 10

Apple TV App of the Year: ViX

Apple Watch App of the Year: Gentler Streak

· Game of the Year

iPhone Game of the Year: Apex Legends Mobile

iPad Game of the Year: Inside the Cage

Mac Game of the Year: Inscryption

Apple TV Game of the Year: El Hijo

Apple Arcade Game of the Year: Wylde Flowers

National Game of the Year: League of Legends Esports Manager

· Cultural influence award-winning works

How We Feel

Dot's Home

Locket Widget

Alpaca drinking water


 : The star is the app that can be experienced in the App Store in mainland China

If you want to view the complete introduction, you may wish to click to view: Apple's 2022 Best App of the Year is released! Attached package download link

Luo Yonghao joined TikTok, and the news said that making friends will start overseas e-commerce training

The Make a Friend company co-founded by Luo Yonghao is deploying overseas e-commerce training business, which is mainly undertaken by the "Make a Friend Overseas Business Department" and the "Make a Friend Overseas E-commerce Academy" based on the TikTok ecosystem.

It is said that the overseas e-commerce training business of making a friend covers from market analysis, industry consulting to marketing planning, Internet celebrity resource matching and agent operation. Among them, the e-commerce live broadcast training on Tik Tok is the focus.

At present, many core famous teachers who make friends have begun to speak for the overseas e-commerce training courses. The executive who made a friend also revealed that the company does have an overseas e-commerce training business and positions it as one of the company's key projects in the future.

Source: 36kr

Winter is coming, the Microsoft Xbox store launches a dedicated sweater for the controller

The Microsoft Xbox store has recently launched a mini sweater specially designed for handles, which supports Xbox Series X|S, so that your game handles can also feel warm enough in winter.

Like a regular hoodie, the Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie also has a zipper and a hood, made of 100% polyester.

The product is available in two colors, black and white, and the price is 183 yuan. Currently, the black version is temporarily sold out.

Source: IT Home

Are Tiger Head Bureau and Lele Tea open to join? Lele tea: not considered for the time being

After HEYTEA announced the opening of franchising, it was reported yesterday that Standard Chartered Bakery of Hutou Bureau and Lele Tea will also open franchising soon.

In this regard, Lele Tea responded: "Lele Tea Company responded that it has not considered opening franchising for the time being." Tiger Head Bureau did not respond yet.

According to 36kr analysis, under the background of lack of financing and financial difficulties, new consumer brands such as HEYTEA, which were popular last year, began to embrace the franchise model. The disadvantage of the franchise model is that it is difficult for the brand to control the overall situation. "Especially for catering companies with low thresholds, it is easy to face food safety problems and affect the overall brand performance."

Source: New Consumer Daily of Financial Associated Press

"The Universe" won the "Best Picture" at the Gotham Awards, and Kwan Kai-wai won the Best Supporting Actor Award

The results of the Gotham Independent Film Awards, an outpost of the Oscars season, were announced yesterday.

This year, "The Universe" won the best picture, and actor Kwan Ji-wei won the best supporting actor in the film category with this, laying a good foundation for the awards season.

In addition, Danielle Daywyler won the "Best Leading Role" in the film category for "Teel", and "Best Breakthrough Performance in a New Series" for "Best Breakthrough Performance in a New Series" for "Inevitable Pain" star Ben Whishaw.

Film and television works such as "Tal", "It's Happening", "Living Together" and "Pinball Game" have also made gains.

Source: Mtiime

The movie version of "Slam Dunk" launched the official peripherals, as well as Xiangbei's appearance uniform

The movie version of "Slam Dunk" will be released in Japan on December 3, and the official has also brought the first wave of peripherals recently.

The peripherals launched this time include figures, key chains, wristbands, hats, scoreboard calendars, etc., as well as a set of Xiangbei appearance uniforms. The product prices range from 440 yen to 16,500 yen.

The peripherals will be launched simultaneously in some theaters in Japan on the day of the release, and Toei Animation's official website will be on sale from December 12.

Source: Ideal Life Lab

"Miss Holmes 2" is online today, watch directly on domestic video platforms

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

The suspenseful adventure comedy "Miss Holmes: Doom in London" was launched on the mainland video platform today.

The film stars "Little 11" Millie Bobby Brown as Miss Holmes, and Henry Cavill as "Brother" Charlotte. It tells the story of Miss Holmes who was inadvertently involved in a conspiracy when she was entrusted to find the lost sister for the girl.

Previously, the film has been screened in mainland theaters, with a Douban score of 6.6 and an IMDb score of 6.8.

Source: Mtime

Ronaldinho Ronaldo and Ronaldo in the same frame, Ronaldinho VS Mbappe duel, and three generations of Ronaldo competed in the same field at their peak. Nike's World Cup advertisement can be described as an epic of nostalgia. (advertising door)

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