Morning Post | iPhone 14 may push bronze color matching / Weilai responds to the test car crash / Backstreet Boys and West City Boys perform together

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  • iPhone 14 or push bronze color matching
  • Weilai responds to the crash of the test car
  • "Backstreet Boys" and "West Side Boys" will perform together
  • Sony Unveils New BRAVIA XR Series
  • Huawei and Devialet jointly launch FreeBuds Pro 2 headphones
  • MediaTek Releases Dimensity 9000+ Mobile Platform
  • Tencent video "Meng Hualu" ending package is accused of disguised advance on-demand
  • LeTV released an announcement that members will not increase prices
  • IKEA launches virtual design AI tool IKEA Kreativ
  • Uniqlo Launches "PEACE FOR ALL" UT Collection
  • Blue Bottle Coffee is the first in China to launch the "Rare and Single Origin" series of coffees
  • Tom Sachs' latest solo exhibition in Seoul

iPhone 14 or will push bronze color matching

Youtuber @Max Tech recently said that Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max will likely launch a bronze color scheme.

In addition to bronze, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will likely be available in black, white, blue, red and purple, and the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in graphite, silver and purple.

In addition, the iPhone 14 series is expected to bring many improvements, such as a front camera that supports autofocus, a rear camera that supports 8K video recording, A16 chip and AOD screen display, etc. (IT House)

Weilai responds to the crash of the test car

At about 17:22 on June 22, a NIO test vehicle fell from the third floor of the Shanghai Innovation Port parking lot, killing two digital cockpit testers. One of them is a Weilai company employee, and the other is a Weilai partner employee.

On the evening of June 23, Weilai issued a statement saying that this "was an accident and has nothing to do with the vehicle itself."

At the same time, Weilai also expressed its deep condolences to the deceased colleagues and partner employees, and a special team has been set up to help the families deal with the aftermath. (Interface News)

"Backstreet Boys" and "West Side Boys" will perform together

Recently, the "Backstreet Boys" band announced that they will hold an online global concert at 20:00 on June 24, which will be broadcast live exclusively on the WeChat video account.

Later, Sony Music announced that the "West City Boys" band will perform on the same stage as the surprise heavyweight guests with the Backstreet Boys. This will be the first time the two have performed together.

WeChat users can now make an appointment for the live broadcast at 20:00 tonight on the "Backstreet Boys BSB" video account, and can also submit works on the video account to participate in the "#Togetherrocksummer" topic activity initiated by Backstreet Boys. (Sony Music International)

Sony Unveils New BRAVIA XR Series

On the evening of June 23, Sony announced the new BRAVIA XR series at its online conference.

The new BRAVIA XR series is equipped with a further upgraded XR cognitive chip, combined with a number of Sony audio and video control technologies such as the XR Dynamic Backlight System Master Edition, XR Terri MAX technology, and multi-channel screen sound field technology, which can accurately control different Display panel.

At the same time, the BRAVIA camera can adjust the Pro function through AI environment sensing to create an ideal audio-visual position for the audience, providing a variety of interaction methods and usage scenarios for the new product.

In addition, the lineup of the National Bank also includes functions such as AI voice control, intelligent interconnection, and WeChat large-screen calls.

Among the new products, the flagship 8K Mini LED TV Z9K is priced at 44,999 yuan for 75 inches and 79,999 yuan for 85 inches. The QD-OLED model A95K 65-inch is priced at 27,999 yuan.

Huawei and Devialet jointly launch FreeBuds Pro 2 headphones

On June 23, Huawei launched the FreeBuds Pro 2 earphones designed in cooperation with French audio manufacturer Devialet in the European market.

In terms of acoustics, Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 is equipped with an 11mm unit with a frequency response range of 14 Hz to 40 kHz, supports Bluetooth 5.2 and LDAC, AAC and SBC decoding, and is equipped with three microphones.

In terms of noise reduction, it supports a noise reduction depth of up to 47dB, and has an Awareness mode that supports outdoor.

In terms of battery life, it has 4 hours of noise-cancelling playback time and 6.5 hours of non-noise-cancelling playback time.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 is currently available in silver, ceramic white and new silver blue, priced at 199 euros. (IT House)

MediaTek Releases Dimensity 9000+ Mobile Platform

Recently, MediaTek released the Dimensity 9000+ flagship 5G mobile platform.

The CPU architecture of the Dimensity 9000+ and the Arm Mali-G710 flagship ten-core GPU are 5% higher than the previous generation CPU performance, and the GPU performance is 10% higher.

According to Kuai Technology, the GeekBench 5 of the Dimensity 9000+ has a single-core score of 1322 and a multi-core score of 4331.

Smartphones powered by MediaTek's Dimensity 9000+ flagship 5G mobile platform are expected to be available in the third quarter of 2022.

Tencent video "Menghualu" ending package is accused of disguised advanced on-demand

On June 23, Tencent Video released the ending package of two recent popular TV series "Meng Hualu" on the platform. Buyers can watch the ending one week in advance.

The first gift package is exclusive to members, priced at 18 yuan. The second gift package is open to all users and is priced at 40 yuan. Compared with the former, the content of the gift package increases the monthly membership rights of Tencent Video.

Some viewers questioned that the move was a disguised "advance on demand", and there was a risk that the leakage of film and television resources would affect the rhythm of ordinary audiences watching the show.

In August last year, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee criticized Tencent Video for bundling sales through the advanced on-demand service of the film and television drama "Sweeping the Black Storm". Since October, iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku platforms have successively announced the cancellation of advanced on-demand services for episodes. (Blue Whale TMT)

LeTV announces no price increase

On June 23, LeTV Video officially issued a notice of no price increase, saying that "LeTV Video members do not increase the price, nor are they eligible to increase the price."

LeTV said that the launch of new high-quality film and television content is the premise for members to increase the price, and it is also the premise that users are willing to pay. However, in recent years, LeTV Video has not been able to bring influential film and television works to users and the industry. Finally, LeTV Video thanks users for their 18 years of support.

Previously, the three major video platforms of Aiyouteng announced the news of member price increases. And LeTV Video changed the app icon on June 17, saying that in the past six years, it "has not forgotten the song "Wild Son", nor the glory of that time."

IKEA launches virtual design AI tool IKEA Kreativ

IKEA recently launched an AI tool "IKEA Kreativ" that can help consumers buy furniture and optimize interior design.

After users scan a room with this software, they can delete existing furniture in the virtual scene and relocate virtual IKEA furniture, so as to view the design effect more intuitively, or share design inspiration with others.

IKEA Kreativ is currently available in the US for iOS and PC users, with an Android version planned for this summer, and may expand to other countries and regions in September this year. (engadget)

Uniqlo Launches "PEACE FOR ALL" UT Collection

UNIQLO recently launched the new UT series "PEACE FOR ALL".

With the theme of "Appeal for Peace", the series UT invited 15 people from different fields, including Tadao Ando, ​​Haruki Murakami, and Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine, Shinya Yamanaka, as designers.

At present, the official flagship store of Uniqlo Tmall has put on the shelves 3 UTs designed by Tadao Ando, ​​Kashi Sato and Inès de La Fressange, priced at 99 yuan.

In China, 20% of the income from this series will be donated to the Cao Peng Charity Foundation, which was launched to care for children with autism. (Ideal Living Lab)

Blue Bottle Coffee is the first in China to launch the "Rare and Single Origin" series of coffees

Blue Bottle Coffee will launch the first "Rare and Single Origin" series of coffee in mainland China, which is "Avatara-Jiayo Estate COE#7" from Aceh Province, Sumatra, Indonesia.

This coffee bean ranked 7th in the first COE (Cup of Excellence) in Indonesia in 2021. The roasting degree is light, and the flavors are tamarind, hibiscus and lychee.

From June 24th, this series of coffee will be sold in limited quantities in the official mini program store and Shanghai Yutong store simultaneously.

Tom Sachs' latest solo exhibition in Seoul

From June 24th to August 20th, American artist Tom Sachs will open his solo exhibition "Rocket Factory Paintings" in Seoul.

The exhibition will feature 15 works from the "Rocket Factory" NFT series about different pop culture brands, and some physical rocket works will be launched on June 25.

The "Rocket Factory" project supports NFT buyers to "assemble" their own NFT rockets using different components, which are then handcrafted and launched by Tom Sachs studio.

Finally, the studio will hand over the repaired physical rocket and the video of launching the rocket to the NFT buyer, thereby realizing the cross-dimensional value of the NFT. (Hypebeast & nftevening & Thaddaeus Ropac)

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