Morning Post | iPhone 14 is expected to achieve an off-screen display / Coca-Cola launches Metaverse concept drink / Sohu responds to employee salary fraud

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  • iPhone 14 may support always-on display
  • Coca-Cola Launches "Rhythmic Cube" Metaverse Concept Drink
  • Sohu responds to employee salary fraud incident
  • Reebok launches line of handicapped sneakers
  • Stella McCartney Introduces First Mycelium Leather Bag
  • The fashion works of virtual designer "Yuan Lai" appeared at the CAFA Graduation Exhibition
  • Metaverse shopping experience may be launched during Taobao 618
  • WeChat status supports NetEase Cloud Music one-click sharing
  • Zhihu’s net loss increased by 89.2% year-on-year
  • McDonald's launches "Happy Planet" series and other new products
  • Unilever launches new skincare brand for Chinese male consumers
  • Oreo and Ritz team up to launch limited-edition "half" flavors
  • Cloud punch card on Thursday: Aduo Town Public Restroom

iPhone 14 may support always-on display

Last year's iPhone 13 Pro was Apple's first model to support a 120Hz ProMotion display. According to reports, the two iPhone 14 Pros will continue to carry this technology and may have greater refresh rate variability.

Display analyst Ross Young said he expects ProMotion for the iPhone 14 Pro series to drop to 1Hz. This technology can provide support for longer battery life or always-on display in the future.

Last year, however, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg also said that the iPhone 13 would have a similar feature, but that didn't happen.

At present, there is still no particularly credible information that the iPhone 14 Pro will bring the screen display function. (MacRumors)

Coca-Cola Launches Metaverse Concept Drink "Rhythm Cube"

Recently, Coca-Cola, inspired by the Metaverse, launched a limited flavor of "Rhythm Cube".

The new product uses a zero-degree sugar-free formula, and is currently exclusively available on, priced at 53.9 yuan per box.

At the same time, when Coca-Cola launched this new product, it also introduced the brand's "Le Creation Unbounded" platform. According to reports, the platform will attract younger groups by limiting products, experiences and ideas. And "Rhythm Cube" is also the first "metaverse concept" Coca-Cola.

Sohu responds to employee salary fraud incident

On May 25, a number of Sohu internal employees reported that they received fraudulent emails with the title of "Wage Subsidy Notice", which resulted in the balance in the salary card being debited.

Sohu CEO Zhang Chaoyang responded that the cause of the incident was that after the fraudsters stole the internal mailbox passwords of Sohu employees, they pretended to be the Sohu Finance Department and sent emails to other employees. At present, Sohu's technical department has carried out emergency treatment and reported the case.

The fraud incident involved 24 employees, with a total loss of more than 40,000 yuan. In addition, the incident does not involve the Sohu Lightning Mailbox, which Sohu provides public services to users. (The Paper)

Reebok launches line of handicapped sneakers

Sports brand Reebok recently launched a barrier-free sports shoe series "Fit to Fit" in cooperation with adaptive e-commerce platform Zappos Adaptive.

There are two styles of shoes in the series, both with side zippers for easier on and off. Design details such as removable insole, 4E wide last size also make it easy for users to use with orthoses. At the same time, consumers can also choose to buy single or in pairs.

Two sneakers are already on sale, priced at $65 and $90, respectively.

Previously, Nike also launched the Go FlyEase, a hands-free sneaker with an inclusive design, but it caused controversy due to the rush to buy. (DesignTAXI)

Stella McCartney Introduces First Mycelium Leather Bag

British fashion brand Stella McCartney has created a crescent-shaped leather bag from Mylo, a special eco-friendly fabric. This eco-friendly fabric is a plant-based leather alternative made from the roots of fungi.

The shape is inspired by McCartney's iconic Falabella tote bag, with an oversized recycled aluminium chain strap, and is currently only available in black.

The Frayme Mylo bag will be available from 1 July in a limited edition of 100 pieces, priced at £1995.

Previously, Lululemon also launched yoga mats and gym bags made of Mylo fabric, and Kering and Adidas are also supporters of this environmentally friendly fabric. (Vogue Business)

The fashion works of virtual designer "Yuan Lai" appeared at the CAFA Graduation Exhibition

The virtual human "Yuanlai" was jointly developed by the artificial intelligence company Xiaoice and the School of Design of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. As a virtual student of CAFA, her work "DERIVE" was recently presented in CAFA's online graduation exhibition.

The design model used by "Yuanlai" simulates the design process of human artists. First, the inspiration is drawn into a large number of manuscripts, and then the neural network and clothing creation design models are generated through deep images, and the manuscripts are gradually turned into works.

This year's CAFA Graduation Exhibition "CAFA Digital Twin Campus" has recently opened online. Exhibitors can observe a variety of design works from a 360° perspective.

Metaverse shopping experience may be launched during Taobao 618

Recently, it is reported that Taobao has established a Metaverse project team, and will launch the Metaverse shopping experience during the 618 period.

Users can guide virtual characters to walk in the 3D world on the screen of the mobile phone, and complete certain interactive actions to experience shopping at the virtual venue.

Previously, Alibaba applied for registration of trademarks such as "Taobao Yuan Universe", but it was not approved. Last month, the AR game "Taobao Life" in the Taobao app also enabled users to apply for the "Future World Resident Card" and stored the "certificate" on a digital chain. (Tech Planet)

WeChat status supports NetEase Cloud Music one-click sharing

Recently, the NetEase Cloud Music app has been updated to version 8.7.51, which supports one-click sharing of songs to WeChat status.

The user selects a song in the NetEase Cloud Music app, clicks "Share" in the upper right corner, selects "Sync WeChat Status" and selects the cover. After editing the WeChat status in WeChat, it can be published.

After the WeChat status setting is completed, the user can play the corresponding song as long as the user pulls down the WeChat personal homepage. It is worth noting that VIP member exclusive songs cannot be synced.

This update means that NetEase Cloud Music is further connected to the WeChat ecosystem. Previously, the WeChat status only supported the sharing function of QQ Music, and NetEase Cloud Music also issued a document accusing QQ Music of illegal piracy and follow-up plagiarism. (36kr)

Zhihu’s net loss increased by 89.2% year-on-year

Yesterday, Zhihu released its unaudited financial report for the first quarter of 2022.

The financial report shows that the total revenue in Q1 was 743.2 million yuan, an increase of 55.4% year-on-year, and 1.02 billion yuan in the previous quarter; the average monthly active users reached 101.6 million, an increase of 19.4% year-on-year, but the number of monthly active users of 103.3 million in the previous quarter fell from the previous quarter. 1.6%; the average monthly paying users was 6.9 million, a year-on-year increase of 72.8%.

The increase in revenue was accompanied by a rise in costs, and the sharp rise in costs also led to the expansion of losses and a decline in gross profit margins in the quarter

The Q1 operating loss was 648.2 million yuan, compared with 342.5 million yuan in the same period last year, an increase of 89.3%; the net loss was 614.3 million yuan, an increase of 89.2% compared with 324.7 million yuan in the same period last year. (First Finance and Economics)

McDonald's launches "Happy Planet" series and other new products

With Children's Day approaching, McDonald's has brought new meals and "toys".

Among them, the "Happy Planet" series of dishes brings a variety of products with new flavors, and some new product packaging boxes can trigger AR experience in the McDonald's app.

In addition, the "Hamburger Game Machine" jointly branded by McDonald's and Xiaobawang has also been sold online on May 25, with a limited number of 1,000 units.

Unilever launches new skincare brand for Chinese male consumers

Unilever's Chinese market has officially launched EB39, a new skin care brand for men. EB means "energybuff (energy pack)", and 39 refers to "39 days to let the skin iterate itself."

The brand is positioned as "Unilever China's first affordable luxury men's skin care brand", focusing on products with functions such as "acne removal" and "anti-aging". The brand has now launched 3 single products, priced between 300 to 500 yuan.

Riding on the east wind of Metaverse, EB39 also has "Dr. Lisa, the first virtual product manager of Unilever China", which is the "first Metaverse artist skin care brand" created by Unilever China. (Fashion Business Daily & Linkshop)

Oreo and Ritz team up to launch limited-edition "half" flavors

Oreo and Ritz, two giants in the sandwich biscuit industry, have their sweet and savory flavors on each side, and for the first time cooperate to bring a limited-edition new product that is half sweet and half salty.

The creative has four layers, featuring Oreo's classic chocolate chip cookie and cream filling, and Ritz's signature saltine and peanut butter filling.

The collaboration is limited to 1,000 sets and will be available on on May 26th at 12:00 PM ET. (hypebeast)

Aduo Town Public [email protected]·China

Although public toilets can be installed in the main buildings of Ado Town Square, they may bring bad experience to tourists because of their hidden location and poor maintenance.

In the end, the toilet gained an "independent" corner.

The architect uses a courtyard to complete the connection with the main square, so that the privacy and identification of the bathroom are balanced.

At the same time, visitors suddenly enter a pothole with a refined industrial feel from the rough natural environment, and they will instantly feel a sense of contrast and surprise.

This enclosed yard is like a deep pit on the hillside, and visitors can only see the building after entering here. There are also two square courtyards embedded between the buildings to keep users’ vision and space well-lighted and ventilated.

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