Morning Post | Huawei Yu Chengdong: Do not make cars with a price of less than 200,000 / iPhone 15 early real machine photos exposed / ofo small yellow car cannot be logged in

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  • Yu Chengdong: Wenjie will not make cars below 200,000 yuan
  • ofo small yellow car has been unable to log in
  • iPhone 15 early real machine photo exposure
  • There are too many AI-generated works, and famous magazines close submissions
  • Bing increases the maximum number of questions per query
  • Tesla or enable 4D radar
  • Baidu's multiple mainstream businesses will be integrated with Wenxinyiyan
  • Weilai mobile phone starts internal testing
  •  Beware of the Psychological Trauma of Chatbots
  • Lei Jun: No plans to launch Mi 13S
  • Launch of PlayStation VR2
  • Apple Design Color Changing Apple Watch Band
  • realme's "Mini Capsule" function is benchmarked against Smart Island
  • Starbucks launches new coffee Oleato
  • SHEIN responds to listing rumors
  • Nayuki's new product "Chinese Strange Tan" is launched
  • "Super Mario Bros. The Movie" Confirmed Introduction
  • The Beatles rumored to be teaming up with the Rolling Stones
  • "The Bad Tongue Lawyer" became the first Chinese-language film in Hong Kong film history to break 100 million

Yu Chengdong: Wenjie will not make cars below 200,000 yuan

According to news on February 22, Yu Chengdong recently accepted an exclusive interview with Jiemian News and reiterated that "Huawei does not need to end up building cars by itself."

Currently, Huawei's auto business has three models: standardized parts model, HI model (Huawei Inside model) and smart car model.

Yu Chengdong introduced that the biggest difference between the latter two is that the smart car model is led by Huawei, Huawei is the most involved, and is directly responsible for the success of the product; while the HI model is led by the car factory, and Huawei provides it with a full-stack smart car solution.

In his view, car factories already have the ability to manufacture cars, and Huawei will not build factories or buy production lines. This is a waste of social resources. Huawei does not have car-making qualifications or complete car-making personnel, but it can provide software, design, experience and quality control.

Therefore, the Wenjie Ecological Alliance "is definitely not an OEM model, it is not about putting some intelligent things in and helping it market, but joint development." Yu Chengdong believes that "Huawei's model will make others look down on it, then fail to understand it, and finally make them unable to catch up."

Talking about competitors such as BYD, Tesla, and future Xiaomi, Yu Chengdong also emphasized: Huawei mainly makes mid-to-high-end products, and does not involve prices below 200,000. The best result in the future is that everyone will expand the market together.

Source: Interface News

Ofo's small yellow car cannot be logged in, and the company's unfulfilled amount exceeds 600 million

According to news on February 22, some ofo users recently discovered that the ofo yellow car client can no longer receive SMS verification codes, and users cannot log in. The ofo applet also prompts that the network is abnormal, but the official customer service phone of ofo cannot be connected.

Founded in 2014, ofo is one of the first bike-sharing companies in China. Beginning at the end of 2018, ofo fell into a financial crisis and continued to be criticized for not being able to refund the deposit. According to industry estimates, there are currently at least 16 million people whose deposits have not been refunded.

According to the company's investigation, at present, Dongxia Datong (Beijing) Management Consulting Co., Ltd., the operating body of ofo's small yellow car, has been executed for an amount of more than 28.17 million yuan, and the amount for breach of trust has reached 64.46 million yuan. In addition, the company also has a number of final case information, and the total outstanding amount exceeds 668 million yuan.

Source: Daily Economic News

Bing has increased the maximum number of single questions to 6, and will provide different "tones" in the future

February 22 news, Microsoft said last week that in order to avoid too long interactions affecting the answers of the new Bing, Bing will limit users to only 5 exchanges per conversation, and can only ask a maximum of 50 questions per day.

However, many users think that this reduces the search efficiency. Subsequently, Microsoft announced that it will increase the number of questions per round to six, and a maximum of 60 questions can be asked per day.

Microsoft also said that it will soon increase the daily limit to 100 questions in the future. At the same time, Microsoft is also testing to provide different "tones" for Bing for users to choose.

Source: foreign media

iPhone 15 early real machine photo exposure, showing the complete front design

News on February 23, tweeter @Unknownz21 revealed the front design of the iPhone 15 Standard Edition model.

Judging from the exposed real machine pictures, the appearance of the iPhone 15 basic model is basically the same as that of the iPhone 14, and the USB-C port is also used. However, this is only expected to be an early iPhone 15, and the final design may still vary.

In addition, 9to5mac also shared more renderings of the iPhone 15 series based on CAD files yesterday, showing that the iPhone 15 Pro has a more pronounced camera module bump.

Source: Macrumors & 9to5ma

AI-edited works such as ChatGPT surged, and the well-known American science fiction magazine "Clark World" stopped accepting submissions

On February 22, the well-known American science fiction magazine "Clarkesworld" recently announced that it would stop accepting submissions due to the flood of AI-generated manuscripts, which overwhelmed the editorial team.

Neil Clarke, the magazine's founder and editor-in-chief, pointed out that since ChatGPT was opened to the public late last year, the journal's rejection rate has risen rapidly. So far in February, the magazine has received more than 500 submissions written or polished by AI such as ChatGPT.

Clark noted that the deluge of such manuscripts in the industry, and the corresponding censorship, can affect non-English-speaking international writers. Because many magazines may choose manuscripts from well-known authors, or reject manuscripts from specific regions.

In addition, some ChatGPT detectors may automatically filter out some manuscripts with suspicious spelling, and this may just be a "special way of expressing English" for non-native English speakers.

Since there is "no resolution" to the issue, Clark said: "We've closed the channel for submissions, and it's not yet determined what will reopen."

Source: The Guardian & Techcrunch

Less than 2 years after abandoning millimeter-wave radar, Tesla may enable 4D radar

According to news on February 22, Tesla's new HW4.0 computer board was exposed by the pusher @Greetheonly, showing that the new Ethernet interface is expected to be connected to 4D millimeter-wave radar.

Combined with the 4D millimeter-wave radar documents previously submitted by Tesla to the FCC, the market predicts that Tesla's new Model 3 may be equipped with 4D millimeter-wave radar as standard, and uses Arbe Robotics' Phoenix radar.

Compared with 3D millimeter-wave radar, 4D millimeter-wave radar adds height ranging, which can realize the camera "imaging" function to a certain extent, detect the distance, speed and pitch angle information of the target, and further enhance the space perception ability.

Musk once said on Autonomy Day in 2019: "Those who use lidar are fools." One of the reasons behind Tesla's rapid reversal operation may be that Tesla's autopilot that canceled the radar The performance is not ideal.

Source: Wall Street News

Baidu's multiple mainstream businesses will be integrated with Wenxinyiyan, and plans to repurchase US$5 billion

On February 22, Baidu released its fourth quarter financial report. According to financial report data, for the whole year of 2022, Baidu achieved revenue of 123.675 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 1%, and net profit attributable to Baidu (non-GAAP) of 20.68 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10%.

Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, highlighted the generative AI product ERNIE Bot, which will be launched in March, and plans to integrate multiple mainstream businesses with ERNIE Bot, including search, smart cloud, Apollo autopi Xiaodu smart devices, etc.

In addition, Baidu's board of directors has authorized a $5 billion share repurchase program, valid until December 31, 2025.

Source: Wall Street News

NIO's sub-brand Alps is expected to build a new channel, and NIO's mobile phone will start internal testing

It was reported on February 22 that NIO's sub-brand Alps will be launched based on a new channel, and the number of planned models is expected to be half of that of the NIO brand.

Aiming at the mainstream market of 200,000-300,000 yuan, Alps is built on the NT3.0 platform and will be mass-produced and delivered in the second half of 2024.

In terms of other businesses, it has recently been reported that NIO’s self-developed mobile phone has begun internal testing. According to relevant sources, Weilai mobile phones have started a small-scale internal test for top-level car owners, and the innovation is not strong.

Source: Interface News

 Beware of the Psychological Trauma of Chatbots

Chatbots don't have emotions, but humans do, and we need to see the psychological trauma that chatbots can cause.

More and more people are using chatbots, but not everyone understands how it works. Some people may even simply treat it as another person, thinking that they really have feelings and thoughts.

Replika is an AI that positions itself as a partner. It can respond to users' questions at any time, and it will not make right or wrong judgments in the answers. It has helped many patients with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

This means that if something happens to these chatbots, someone could get hurt.

For example, Microsoft recently announced that in order to avoid Bing's "unscrupulous speech", Bing will take the initiative to change the topic every time users chat with Bing more than 5 times.

That’s fine for the average user, but for someone who turns to a chatbot for emotional support, being dumped by a bot might feel more upsetting than chatting with a “lunatic” bot.

Just as people become addicted to social media like Twitter, chatting with bots can become addictive. And the tech companies in charge of these chatbots are now free to exploit human trust in chatbots at will, with no consequences.

The views in this article come from

Lei Jun: No plans to launch Mi 13S

According to the news on February 22, Lei Jun said via Weibo: "Mi 13 currently has no plans to make a half-generation upgraded version", and said "you don't have to wait for Xiaomi 13S".

However, @数码问话站 also revealed a few days ago, “The Mi 13 series has not seen the case S yet, but the overseas product line has the Mi 13T series.”

At the same time, if the machine launches a National Bank version, it may be called the "Redmi K60 Extreme Edition".

Source: IT Home & Technology Aesthetics

PlayStation VR2 is launched simultaneously globally, with a suggested retail price of 4499 yuan

On February 22, PlayStation VR2 was launched globally simultaneously.

According to reports, the PSVR2 weighs about 560 grams, 50 grams lighter than the existing PSVR; the screen uses an OLED display, which can display ultra-high-definition images, and a new vibration function to improve immersion has been added.

Currently, PSVR2 can play games such as "GT7", "Resident Evil 8", "No Man's Sky", "Horizon: Call of the Mountain" and so on.

The recommended retail price of the Bank of China version is 4499 yuan, including a PSVR2 headset and two PSVR2 Sense controllers.

Source: Jiemian News & Pinwan & Game Research Institute

Apple designs color-changing Apple Watch bands, or you can scroll through text messages

According to news on February 22, Apple's latest technology patent shows that Apple is designing a color-changing strap for Apple Watch, which can automatically change color according to the wearer's clothing and environment.

According to reports, the filament in this strap has an "electrochromic function", which can "display multiple colors or color combinations" by applying different voltages.

According to the report, the strap can also independently control the color of different areas, display specific icons, shapes and/or text, or will allow users to view scrolling messages on the strap.

Source: AppleInsider

Realme UI "Mini Capsule" function exposed, benchmarking Apple iPhone 14 Pro Smart Island

On February 22, according to the news posted on Twitter by Madhav Sheth, vice president of realme and president of the international business group, realme's C-series phones will launch the Mini Capsule function.

It can be seen from the picture that the Mini Capsule will display black bars on the left and right sides of the centered hole, and display information such as charging progress, which is very similar to Apple's "Smart Island".

Source: IT House

Starbucks launches new coffee Oleato, which will be introduced to some global markets within this year

On February 22, Starbucks officially announced that it has cooperated with Partanna, a centuries-old Italian olive oil brand, to launch the Oleato series of coffee.

According to reports, this new beverage series will add a whole scoop of Partanna cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil to Starbucks Arabica coffee to create a delicate and silky taste.

The Oleato series also provides customized services, and you can choose to add a spoonful of olive oil to the coffee in the way of steaming, ice shaking or whipping.

The Oleato series will first be launched in some Starbucks stores in Italy and Milan, and later in California, Japan, the Middle East and the United Kingdom, and then gradually rolled out globally.

SHEIN responds to listing rumors: currently there is no IPO plan

According to news on February 22, a new round of financing for Chinese fashion cross-border brand SHEIN is about to be completed. This round is mainly for new stock financing, and the post-investment valuation is between 65 billion and 70 billion US dollars.

As for the rumored "planned IPO news", SHEIN replied: "There is currently no IPO plan."

According to industry insiders, in September 2022, Temu, a cross-border e-commerce platform launched by Pinduoduo, has already overwhelmed SHEIN in the North American market, and SHEIN is now in a critical period of expanding its categories and launching a platform model, and it also needs a huge amount of capital. support.

Source: 36kr

Nayuki's new product "Chinese Strange Tan" is launched: Zhuzhu Laobai Tea

According to news on February 22, Naixue co-branded China Qitan to launch a new series of drinks "Langlang Mountain Zhuzhu Old White Tea".

According to reports, the new product is selected from 5-year-old Fuding old white tea, added with freshly boiled brown sugar pearls, and has a rich taste.

In addition, the new product will simultaneously launch blind boxes, badges, puzzles, ornaments and other peripheral products.


"Super Mario Bros. The Movie" Confirmed to be Introduced to the Mainland, Schedule to Be Determined

According to news on February 22, the well-known game adaptation movie "Super Mario Bros. The Movie" has been confirmed to be introduced in mainland China, and the schedule is to be determined.

Produced by Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment, the film stars Chris Pratt as Mario, Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Pinkie, and Charlie Day as Luigi.

Directed by Aaron Horvath & Michael Jelenik ("Teen Titans") and written by Matthew Fogel ("Minions 2," "The Lego Movie 2"), the film will be released on April 7. Released in Japan and North America.

Source: Mtime

The Beatles will collaborate on a new album with The Rolling Stones, sources say

News on February 22, according to Variety, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, members of the British rock group The Beatles, will collaborate with The Rolling Stones to launch a new album.

The project is led by Andrew Watt, the 2021 Grammy Winner for Producer of the Year. Currently, Paul McCartney has completed the Bass recording part.

The Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger announced last year that he had completed several new songs for this project, and guitarist Keith Richards also posted a post last month that he would release some new songs. At the same time, the two also confirmed that drummer Charles Watts had completed the drum recording part before his death.

Source: Hypebeast & Nowre

"The Bad Tongue Lawyer" became the first Chinese-language film in Hong Kong film history to exceed 100 million yuan, ranking 11th in film history

News on February 22, starring Huang Zihua and directed by Wu Weilun, "The Bad Tongue Lawyer" recently broke through 100 million Hong Kong dollars at the box office in Hong Kong, becoming the first Chinese-language film in Hong Kong film history to surpass 100 million at the box office.

The film will be released in the Mainland on February 24, and screenings have already started in some cities.

At present, "Poison Tongue Lawyer" ranks 11th in the box office list of Hong Kong film history, and the top 10 are all produced by Hollywood, followed by: "Reunion 4", "Avatar", "Reunion 3", "Avatar 2", "Reunion 2", " Titanic, Spider-Man: No Return, Captain America 3, Top Gun 2 and Iron Man 3.

Source: Mtime


Chengdu Natural History Museum

"The window contains the snow of Xiling Qianqiu"

In this building, the design team outlined the mountains in western Sichuan. Each block cooperates with each other to form a "mountain body", showing the solidity of the earth.

The cracks between the mountains create a transparent sunny space

Inspired by the wooden plank roads built on the cliffs in the Sichuan and Shu regions, the museum also built an upwardly extending "Shu Road" between the second and third floors of the building.

"The road to Shu is difficult, but it is difficult to go to the blue sky"

The indoor wooden bridge that flies across the atrium still continues the concept of the Shu Road. The shape of the bridge bottom also refers to the cross-section of traditional Chinese boats, which looks light and simple.

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