Morning Post | Huawei Mate 70 will be equipped with “pure-blooded Hongmeng” for the first time/Musk comments on Xpeng Motors: Chinese car companies are the most competitive/Manner Coffee responds to recent disputes between store employees and customers


Huawei Developer Conference 2024 will be held, Mate 70 will be equipped with "pure-blood Hongmeng" for the first time

Li Auto’s cumulative deliveries exceed 800,000

Byte Office platform was accused of monitoring screenshots, relevant people: The company has turned on data leakage prevention

Former Avita Automotive CMO: The automotive industry is becoming more and more crazy

Lenovo Group and director Lu Chuan release the first work of AI Imaging Laboratory

DingTalk officially announces its official overseas launch

Overseas Apple official website gradually launches education discounts

Musk praises Xpeng Motors: currently the most competitive Chinese car company

OpenAI CTO: “PhD-level” AI will appear within a few years

Final Cut Camera is now available on the App Store

OnePlus officially announced that it will hold a new product launch conference on June 27, and OnePlus Ace 3 Pro will be available in the store.

Tencent Yuanbao AI’s analytical power has been upgraded to support ultra-long text processing of tens of millions of words

Alibaba Cloud launches first "AI programmer"


Manner Coffee responds to 2 disputes between store staff and customers in 1 day

Horror movie 'Megan' to get spin-off

 News worth watching over the weekend

Huawei Developer Conference 2024 will be held, Mate 70 will be equipped with "pure-blood Hongmeng" for the first time

Yesterday, Huawei held the HDC Developer Conference 2024. At the conference, HarmonyOS NEXT, known as "pure-blooded Hongmeng", was unveiled and launched beta testing for developers. It is expected to open public testing in August this year and officially launch on mobile phones and mobile phones in the fourth quarter. Launched on the tablet.

At the conference, Huawei also introduced the new Harmony Intelligence, which integrates AI capabilities into HarmonyOS NEXT, bringing AIGC image and text generation functions, as well as AI sound restoration and "Xiaoyi Sees the World" to interpret the outside world.

HarmonyOS NEXT also brings a new "Xiaoyi Intelligent" assistant, which can directly search for content through Xiaoyi, and can also realize cross-application operations of Xiaoyi's calling applications after third-party application adaptation.

In terms of Hongmeng ecology, Huawei said that more than 5,000 applications have started the development of Hongmeng native applications, and more than 1,500 applications have been launched.

Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s Managing Director and Chairman of Terminal BG, also revealed at the conference that the Huawei Mate 70 mobile phone will be released in the fourth quarter of this year and will be equipped with the official version of HarmonyOS NEXT for the first time.

At the press conference, Huawei also announced that the number of Hongmeng ecological devices has exceeded 900 million, and the number of developers has reached 2.54 million.

Yesterday, China Business News also reported that a number of products, including WeChat, are undergoing development, adaptation and technical communication work on the Hongmeng system.

Li Auto’s cumulative deliveries exceed 800,000

Li Auto announced this morning that it took 54 months for Li Auto to deliver more than 800,000 vehicles, making it the first new Chinese brand to achieve this milestone. Previously, Li Auto announced on March 19 this year that its cumulative delivery volume exceeded 700,000 vehicles.

In December 2019, Li Auto's first model, the Li ONE, started delivery; the L9 and L8 will start delivery in August 2022 and November of the same year respectively, and the L7 will start delivery in March 2023. This year, in March and April, the delivery of Ideal MEGA and L6 also started.

Byte Office platform was accused of monitoring screenshots, relevant people: The company has turned on data leakage prevention

Recently, some netizens said that after installing "FeiLian", an office platform developed by ByteDance, they accidentally discovered that FeiLian was executing screenshots in the background. The user said that he would like to remind everyone not to use this software on computers with such software installed. Do things you shouldn't do.

A person related to Byte responded to Sina Technology saying that Feilian provides data security protection functions for corporate customers. Enterprises can set the functional configuration of automated audit policies based on their own business needs and data sensitivity. The situation described in the forum post is that the enterprise administrator has enabled the DLP (data leakage prevention) function on the device that stores sensitive data.

It is reported that Feilian will cycle through screenshots at certain intervals for sensitive devices with the DLP function turned on. When the screenshot content hits sensitive data, the screenshot will be transmitted to the enterprise server for security audit by the enterprise. If the screenshot does not hit the target, it will be retained locally and will be overwritten by the new screenshot.

Former Avita Automotive CMO: The automotive industry is becoming more and more crazy

Li Pengcheng, the former Avita Automotive CMO (chief marketing officer), posted a message in WeChat Moments, saying that the automobile industry is increasingly "going crazy."

He also pointed out several phenomena in the automobile industry: "stabbing in the back" abounds, and every company hates it and is involved in it, and every company is trying to prove its innocence.

Li Pengcheng said that as long as there is competition, there will be means of competition. As competition intensifies, many means will turn from benign to malignant. This is an inevitable law of nature. He called on relevant departments and industry associations to come up with a holistic approach.

Lenovo Group and director Lu Chuan release the first work of AI Imaging Laboratory

Yesterday, the documentary "Western Wild" shot by Lenovo Group co-director Lu Chuan premiered and released during the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival, and a seminar on AI PC empowering the creator economy was held.

This work is the first work jointly launched by director Lu Chuan and Lenovo Group after they announced the establishment of Lenovo Yuanchuang AI Imaging Laboratory at the Lenovo Innovation and Technology Conference on April 18.

▲ He Zongcheng (first from right), chief content officer of Aifaner, participated in the premiere of "Western Wild"

At the seminar, Hu Yanping, chief expert of Future Labs, and director Lu Chuan, founder of Unfinished Research Zhou Jiangong, He Chuan, general manager of consumer business product planning of Lenovo Intelligent Device Group, and He Zongcheng, chief content officer of Aifaner, had a heated discussion on technology and The combination of biodiversity protection and the more possibilities that creators can achieve using AI PC.

DingTalk officially announces its official overseas launch

DingTalk released an official announcement on its official account, announcing that DingTalk has officially launched overseas.

DingTalk said that the purpose of this overseas expansion is to better meet the collaborative management needs of Chinese enterprises overseas and to effectively solve the three major problems of communication and collaboration, business operations, and data compliance that enterprises encounter when going overseas.

Previously, 36 Krypton reported that DingTalk had already tested the overseas market on a small scale before, serving hundreds of Chinese-funded companies with overseas business, including JinkoSolar, Trina Solar, and Sungrow. Now the overseas direction has been officially determined as a strategic project.

Overseas Apple official website gradually launches education discounts

According to Apple’s official website, many overseas countries have started back-to-school activities for the new semester.

According to the information displayed on the official website, when purchasing a designated Mac, qualified student life educators in Singapore and Thailand can not only enjoy educational discounts, but also receive a set of AirPods 3, or they can choose to pay the price difference. How to upgrade your headphones to AirPods Pro 2nd generation. When you purchase a designated iPad, you will receive a free Apple Pencil Pro.

When purchasing a Mac or iPad in North America, qualified users can receive an Apple gift card worth up to 200 Canadian dollars or 150 US dollars.

The back-to-school activity in China is not yet online. In previous years, the activity was launched in mid-to-early July.

Musk praises Xpeng Motors: Chinese car companies are currently the most competitive

He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xpeng Motors, posted on social media that he was testing Tesla FSD in the United States. Some foreign media reported on this matter on the X platform. Musk expressed praise under the relevant news, saying that "Chinese automakers are by far the most competitive."

The official account of Xpeng Motors also appeared in the comment area, expressing gratitude to Musk and asking "if there is an opportunity to borrow a Tesla equipped with FSD V12.4.1." At the same time, Xpeng Motors also welcomes Musk to come to China to experience the XNGP assisted driving function.

 OpenAI CTO: “PhD-level” AI will appear within a few years

In a recent interview, OpenAI CTO Mira Murati predicted the future development speed of artificial intelligence.

Talking about the progress of ChatGPT, Murati said that these AI systems have reached human level in specific tasks, but they have not reached the level in many tasks.

She compared GPT's performance to various stages of human intelligence: GPT-3 is a toddler, GPT-4 is a smart high school student.

She revealed that over the next few years, OpenAI will be looking at PhD-level intelligence for specific tasks, so things are changing and improving rapidly.

Final Cut Camera is now available on the App Store

Today, Final Cut Camera is officially launched on the App Store. In addition, Apple has also updated the Mac and iPad versions of Final Cut Pro simultaneously. Final Cut Camera allows users to shoot professional footage through manual control to meet the shooting needs of more creators.

In addition, users can wirelessly connect a device with Final Cut Camera downloaded to Final Cut Pro for iPad to quickly start a live multi-camera session. With Final Cut Pro for iPad, users can preview, record and sync in real time across up to four devices.

OnePlus officially announced that it will hold a new product launch conference on June 27, and OnePlus Ace 3 Pro will be available in the store.

OnePlus announced today that it will hold a summer performance ecological new product launch conference in Beijing at 19:00 on June 27.

At present, the official website of OnePlus Mall has launched many new products such as OnePlus Ace 3 Pro, OnePlus Tablet Pro, OnePlus Watch 2, OnePlus 100W Super Flash Charging Power Bank, etc. The prices of these new products have not yet been announced.

According to the official preview released by OnePlus, the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro will be equipped with OnePlus' new Glacier battery for the first time, with a capacity of 6100mAh, and will also be equipped with Qualcomm's third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform. The appearance of this phone has also been announced, and the back design is slightly different from the OnePlus Ace 3 phone.

Tencent Yuanbao AI’s analytical power has been upgraded to support ultra-long text processing of tens of millions of words

Tencent's AI large model application "Tencent Yuanbao" has further upgraded its AI search and analysis capabilities and will support the processing of ultra-long texts with a maximum length of 10 million words in a single document.

The latest version of Tencent Yuanbao can also parse up to 50 files with a single size of no more than 100MB at one time, and supports uploading and parsing a variety of file formats including pdf, doc, txt, xlsx, and pptx. Based on the analyzed content, various data charts such as bar charts, line charts, and pie charts can also be generated with one click.

In addition to these file formats, Tencent Yuanbao has also added recognition and analysis of various image formats such as png, jpg, jpeg, webp, bmp and heic.

Files opened in WeChat can also be quickly parsed through Tencent Yuanbao mini programs and apps.

Tencent Yuanbao has also been enhanced through AI search and is connected to search engines such as WeChat search and Sogou search. It not only covers Tencent ecological content such as WeChat official accounts, but also includes other authoritative information sources on the Internet.

Alibaba Cloud launches first "AI programmer"

At the Alibaba Cloud Shanghai AI Summit, Alibaba Cloud launched its first "AI Programmer", who has the skills of an architect, development engineer, test engineer and other positions, and can complete the entire task decomposition, code writing, testing, problem repair, and code submission. The process is claimed to be the fastest to complete application development in "minutes".

After receiving user requirements, this "AI programmer" can implement the entire software development process of understanding requirements – splitting tasks – writing code = identifying and solving errors – submitting code.

According to reports, this "AI programmer" is a multi-agent built based on Alibaba's Tongyi large model, including different sections such as task decomposition, coding, and testing, which is different from "Tongyi Lingma".

Manner Coffee responds to 2 disputes between store staff and customers in 1 day

Recently, multiple online videos showed that on June 17, clerks at two Manner coffee stores in Shanghai had disputes with customers on the same day. A male clerk in one store had a physical conflict with a customer, and a female clerk in another store took the coffee. Throwing powder at customers.

Manner Coffee’s official Weibo responded yesterday, stating that it will strengthen training and education for all employees of the company. Next, it will optimize store operation arrangements, reduce customer waiting time, strengthen care for baristas, and improve the work of barista partners. Comfort.

Horror movie 'Megan' to get spin-off

The popular horror film "Megan" (M3GAN) announced the launch of a spin-off film "SOULM8TE", which is scheduled to be released in North America on January 2, 2026.

This film will continue the thriller style of "Meghan", and James Wan and Jason Blum will continue to produce. It tells the story of a man who, after his wife dies, purchases an artificially intelligent robot with the goal of creating a truly conscious companion, but inadvertently turns a harmless companion robot into a deadly soul mate.

"Megan," launching in 2022, tells the story of a deadly artificial intelligence doll's friendship with a little human girl. The second "Meghan 2.0" is scheduled to be released in North America on June 27 next year.

✨ It's the weekend!

One Fun Thing | Station B’s 20 billionth comment: Hahahahaha

This week, Bilibili officially announced the birth of the 20 billionth barrage on the site – "Hahahahaha". The barrage comes from the video of UP host @梦万清Classmate "I only see talent and hard work from him!" 》.

Station B officially stated that the "Hahaha" barrage at Station B is also associated with the [Happy Scholarship] public welfare project, that is, according to the number of "Hahaha" barrages from owners who receive the Community Happiness Award UP every year, the [Happy Scholarship] will be donated in equal amounts to Support the development of rural education.

In the comment section of the relevant Weibo, some netizens also expressed their nostalgia for the classic barrage "233" that was also used by fewer people and expressed laughter.

What to watch on the weekend | "Return"

"Return" is directed by Spanish director Pedro Almodovar and stars Penélope Cruz, Carmen Maura and other actors. The film was shortlisted for the main competition of the 59th Cannes Film Festival. The leading actress Penelope Cruz was nominated for the Golden Globe Award and the Oscar for Best Actress for this film.

Plot summary: Raimondi lives with her alcoholic husband and young daughter, but her life is not as peaceful as others. Raimondi has a sister, Saul, who lived in poverty with her parents when they were young. After their parents died in a fire, the two sisters moved to Madrid and have gradually grown apart in order to live their own lives. However, an accident and a ghost broke the peaceful life of the two sisters.

A guide to buying books without reading|"Broken Pens in the Sickness"

The long philosophical and lyrical prose "Broken Pen during the Sickness" is one of Shi Tiesheng's most classic works. It is also a life note of his perseverance in writing during dialysis treatment after suffering from uremia. It is an arduous, yet brilliant and magnificent questioning and vision of divinity and the ultimate meaning of life in a profound dilemma.

He uses vivid and beautiful language to explore propositions about life: destiny, love, money, human nature, faith, healthy mentality, upward spirit… It is divided into six parts, 243 words, each word is pearl, full of wisdom and serenity.

Game recommendation | "Fading and Appearing"

"Pentiment" is an adventure role-playing game set in the Upper Bavaria town of Tachen in the late Middle Ages. Players will play the role of Andreas Merrell, a master of manuscript illustrators, and experience the town. The interpersonal relationships, rural customs and murderous conspiracy hidden under the peaceful life.

Players will follow the protagonist's perspective, gradually discover the past history of Taxing, and explore terrible secrets; they will be trapped in complex moral dilemmas, collect clues, and solve a murder case in which the real murderer may not be found; witness the development of history and various various… Such a heartbreaking personal tragedy.

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