Morning Post | Health and Medical Commission responds to whether China has opened up too quickly and underestimated the number of deaths from the new crown/Ball King Bailey passed away/Apple’s finale new product was launched

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  • The efficacy of domestic new crown oral drugs is not inferior to that of Pfizer Paxlovid
  • The Health and Medical Commission responds to whether the epidemic prevention and control has been released too quickly
  • Brazilian football star Pele dies of illness
  • Apple finale new product launch
  • Alibaba’s Organizational Structure Adjustment
  • More than 20% of new cars may be equipped with Huawei technology
  • TSMC officially mass-produces 3nm chips
  • Musk: Tesla will be the most valuable company
  •  Paul Krugman: Tesla is like Bitcoin
  • iQOO Neo7 racing version released
  • OnePlus 11 first bionic vibration motor
  • Samsung uses inkjet printing to seal the opening of Smart Island
  • Suntory's world's first flagship store lands in Shanghai
  • The smart home brand "EZVIZ" landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board
  • Secondary trading of digital collections "National Team" enters the market
  • "Father of Marvel" documentary release trailer
  • "Lion Boy" released in Japan
  • Kojima Hideo: After death, I hope to become an AI and continue to create
  • Netflix rounds up 2022's top movies and TV shows

The National Health and Medical Commission responds to whether China underestimated the number of deaths from the new crown and whether the prevention and control of the epidemic has been released too quickly

On the 29th, the National Health Commission of China responded to multiple concerns yesterday.

· Whether China is currently underestimating the number of deaths from the new crown

​Liang Wannian, head of the expert group of the New Crown Epidemic Response Leading Group, said in an interview with the media that it is difficult to accurately judge the case fatality rate and death rate during the epidemic and rapid transmission period. From the perspective of public health, only after the epidemic cycle has passed can the true case fatality rate and mortality rate be judged more accurately.

"Prevention of severe illness and death should be given priority at this stage. This is also a manifestation of the key adjustment of prevention and control strategies, and the prevention of death should be given a very high priority."

· Aiming at whether the new crown death case judgment standard will be adjusted

Jiao Yahui, director of the Department of Medical Affairs of the National Health and Medical Commission, said that the current global standards for judging the death of new crowns are mainly divided into two categories: one is that the nucleic acid is positive after infection with the new crown virus, and the respiratory failure caused by the new crown virus directly leads to death, which is determined to be a new crown. Second, the full-caliber death within 28 days after infection is included in the new crown death.

Since 2020, China has been adopting the first category of death determination standards.

· Whether the prevention and control of the epidemic in China is released too quickly

Liang Wannian said that the adjustment of China's epidemic prevention and control policy is based on the understanding of pathogens and diseases, the level of population immunity and the resistance of the health system, and social public health interventions.

This kind of adjustment is not a complete laissez-faire, but a more scientific and precise allocation of resources to the most important prevention and control tasks and rescue tasks.

Source: China News Network & The Paper

Authoritative journal: The efficacy of the domestic new crown oral drug is not inferior to Pfizer Paxlovid, Junshi Biosciences responds

On the 29th, the "New England Journal of Medicine" published an article that Junshi Bio's oral nucleoside anti-new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) drug VV116 (JT001) has a phase III clinical study data, and its efficacy is not inferior to that of Pfizer. new drug.

In this regard, a relevant person from Junshi Biology said that the VV116 drug has not yet submitted a marketing application, and has maintained continuous communication with the drug regulatory department: "The current Phase III trial results, the regulatory department believes that more data support is needed, so it does not support it yet. We use this Phase III clinical study to submit a marketing application."

At present, there are still many enterprises in our country deploying oral drugs for the new crown, and they are accelerating their progress.

According to the public account "Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Supervision", Simcere Pharmaceuticals is co-developing the 3CL target new crown treatment oral drug "Xiannuoxin" with the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Wuhan Institute of Virology. It is expected to be launched in February 2023 at the earliest , and the progress ranks first in domestic 3CL target drugs.

Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical (002317) also announced this month that the oral anti-new coronavirus 3CL protease inhibitor RAY1216 is currently in phase III clinical research.

Source: 21 Finance & Daily Economic News & Forbes China

Brazil football star Pele dies at 82

On December 29, local time, the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil announced that the well-known Brazilian athlete and "Ball King" Pele died at 15:27 of the same day due to multiple organ failure caused by colon cancer. He was 82 years old. age.

Pele's official account also updated the tweet: "Pelé, the football king, passed away peacefully today. His life journey is remembered with inspiration and love."

Bailey has been in the hospital since late November this year when he was admitted to the hospital because the cancer had deteriorated and needed to reassess the effect of chemotherapy.

Pele was once hailed as the "king of the ball" by FIFA. On behalf of the Brazilian team, he scored 77 goals in 92 games and won three World Cup championships in 1958, 1962, and 1970. He permanently retained the Rimit Cup for Brazil and became the only player who won three World Cup championships as a player.

Source: Sina Sports

Apple's finale new products are online: AirPods Pro special edition for the Year of the Rabbit, red iPhone 14

According to news on the 30th, the Apple Store has completed an update and brought a special version of the AirPods Pro for the Year of the Rabbit.

The configuration of the AirPods Pro Rabbit Year Special Edition is consistent with that of the second generation of AirPods Pro, but the "rabbit" logo will be engraved on the earphone case, which will also appear on the mobile phone pop-up interface when the user connects the earphones.

It is worth mentioning that Apple’s official New Year’s Eve benefits are also officially launched today. The product range covers mobile phones, tablets, computers, earphones and watches, and the price reduction ranges from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan.

Source: CNMO

Alibaba's organizational structure has been greatly adjusted, and Zhang Yong is concurrently the president of Alibaba Cloud

On the 29th, Alibaba Group announced a new round of organizational restructuring. The main changes in this adjustment occurred in the B department, involving Alibaba Cloud and Bodhidharma Academy:

  • Zhang Jianfeng no longer serves as the president of Alibaba Cloud, and is now in charge of Dharma Academy;
  • Group CEO Zhang Yong will serve as the president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. The original Alibaba CTO Cheng Li resigned, and Wu Zeming will succeed Cheng Li as Alibaba CTO;
  • Zhang Jianfeng no longer serves as the president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, and continues to serve as the dean of Dharma Academy, focusing on cutting-edge technology exploration;
  • Tong Wenhong no longer serves as CPO, and Jiang Fang succeeds Tong Wenhong as Alibaba CPO.

It is Alibaba's consistent practice to make a big tune every year. However, on December 18, Alibaba Cloud's computer room in Hong Kong was down for more than 12 hours. In an internal email to all Alibaba employees, Zhang Yong announced that Zhang Jianfeng would no longer be the president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, and also mentioned that "safety is the most basic responsibility to customers."

Source: 36kr

Huawei has authorized patents to Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other auto companies, and more than 20% of new cars in the future may be equipped with Huawei technology

On the 27th, Fan Zhiyong, the global head of Huawei's intellectual property department, said that Huawei has reached cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche and other car companies.

It is reported that the agreement signed by Huawei includes more than 20 new or extended patent licenses, covering multiple fields such as smartphones, connected cars, networks and Internet of Things technologies. Among them, nearly 15 automakers have reached an agreement with Huawei to use wireless technology.

It is expected that related technologies will be unveiled on 15 million new cars every year, which also means that more than 20% of the 70 million passenger cars produced each year in the future will use Huawei technology.

Source: Jiemian News & Financial Associated Press

TSMC officially mass-produces 3nm chips and announces that 2nm factories will land in Hsinchu and Taichung

According to news on the 29th, TSMC held a 3nm mass production expansion ceremony in the Tainan Science Park on the morning of the 29th, officially announcing that 3nm chips will start mass production today.

Chairman Liu Deyin predicts that 3nm technology will help create end products with a market value of $1.5 trillion within five years.

According to DigiTimes' previous report, Apple's self-developed chip M2 Pro will be the first product of the 3nm process technology, which is expected to be carried by the subsequent MacBook Pro and Mac mini.

At the same time, Liu Deyin also revealed that TSMC's Hsinchu R&D Center will be opened in the second quarter of next year, and the 2nm fab currently under preparation will also be located in Hsinchu and Taichung Science Park.

Source: Titanium Media & IT House & Foreign Media

Musk: Tesla will be the most valuable company on earth

On the 29th, after Tesla’s stock price fell by nearly 70% this year, Musk told employees in an email sent to employees on Wednesday that they should not be “troubled by the stock market”:

"By the way, don't pay too much attention to the madness of the stock market. The market will recognize it when we show consistent outperformance", "In the long run, I strongly believe that Tesla will become the most valuable company on earth !"

Some institutions pointed out that there are three main reasons for Tesla's sharp decline, concerns about production reduction at the Shanghai factory, intensified competition for electric vehicles, and economic recession that may lead to a decline in demand in 2023.

In addition, after Tesla launched several rounds of price cuts globally this year, Wall Street has lowered its expectations for Tesla's fourth-quarter performance, and its expectations for next year have also declined.

Source: Securities Times & Foreign Media

 Paul Krugman: Tesla is like Bitcoin

Paul Krugman, a Nobel laureate in economics, said bluntly in his column recently that Tesla’s stock is very similar to Bitcoin, relying on “hype” and “believers” to support it.

Paul Krugman pointed out that compared with Apple and Microsoft, Tesla lacks strong "network externalities" (network externalities), and it is impossible for most people to switch to Tesla because other people are driving Tesla. product.

Take Microsoft as an example. Although Word and Excel are not perfect, Microsoft still has a strong market power because every company is used to using them.

The same is true of Apple's influence among individual users. Once users enter the iPhone/iPad/MacBook ecosystem, it is difficult to re-adapt to other ecosystems.

If Tesla wants to have this kind of influence, it needs to let Tesla have the only widely used charging station in the world, or become the only electric car repairer in the world.

But Tesla has gradually lost that uniqueness as more and more automakers have entered the EV race.

So, why can Tesla get such a high valuation? The answer, according to Paul Krugman, is that "investors fell in love with this brilliant, cool entrepreneur." But in fact, there is no evidence that Tesla can become "a long-lived money-making machine."

The same goes for Bitcoin: “Despite years of hard work, no one has yet been able to find any significant use for cryptocurrencies other than money laundering.”

The views in this article come from

iQOO Neo7 racing version released: full blood version Snapdragon 8+, 120W flash charge

On the 29th, the iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition was officially released.

The new machine is equipped with a "hard-core dual-core" composed of the full-blooded version of the first-generation Snapdragon 8+ and an independent display chip Pro+. The AnTuTu running score reached 1,135,786 points; it is equipped with iQOO 120W flash charging, and is equipped with an equivalent 5000mAh battery.

In addition, the new machine is also equipped with a Samsung E5 flexible material 2D straight screen, with a 120Hz refresh rate, supports screen fingerprints, has a dual-control pressure sensor under the screen, and a symmetrical dual X-axis linear motor with 4D vibration.

There are 4 versions of iQOO Neo7 Racing Edition to choose from, with a starting price of 2,799 yuan, and it is currently available for pre-sale through all channels.

OnePlus 11 joins hands with AAC Technologies to launch the world's exclusive bionic vibration sensor motor

According to news on the 29th, the bionic vibration motor developed by OnePlus and AAC Technologies was unveiled at the AAC Technologies Perceptual Experience Innovation Summit, claiming to be "probably the strongest Android."

The motor is currently the largest X-axis linear vibration motor for Android, and it is equipped with a number of world-first black technologies such as condensed full-phase magnetic circuit technology, wave mixing algorithm, and low-frequency enhancement algorithm.

It is reported that OnePlus 11 will be equipped with the second-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, using a 6.7-inch 3216×1440 resolution AMOLED screen, supporting fingerprint recognition under the screen, a front-facing 16-megapixel camera, and a rear-mounted 50MP+48MP+32MP triple camera.

Source: IT House & Technotech

To prevent water from entering the smart island, Apple requires Samsung to use inkjet printing to seal the opening of the smart island

On the 29th, according to The Elec, at the request of Apple, Samsung used ink jet printing to seal the OLED screen openings around the Smart Island.

Samsung is said to have originally planned to use laser cutting for the cutouts, but that meant the screens around the island could be easily damaged in wet environments.

As a result, Apple insisted that inkjet printing be used to seal the edges of the Smart Island and create a "isolation zone" that separates the Smart Island from the rest of the OLED screen, while eliminating the edge-to-edge cutouts that pierced the uninterrupted panel. Inevitable height drop.

The process of inkjet printing is: dissolve the OLED material in a solvent, and then use a nozzle to accurately print ink droplets one by one onto the pixel electrodes. After drying, the film layer of the device can be formed. This process theoretically achieves 100% material utilization and is not limited by size.

Source: Macrumors & IT House

Japanese century-old whiskey brand SUNTORY lands in Shanghai

On the 28th, the world's first flagship store "SUNTORY JAPANESE CUISINE & WHISKEY" opened by Japan's Suntory Group officially opened.

The SUNTORY flagship store integrates a high-end Japanese restaurant, a whiskey bar, and a terrace lounge in one store. The concept of combining dining and wine has created a complex space that integrates catering, drinking, and socializing.

The world's first store is located in Shanghai CITIC Plaza and opened on December 26.

Source: Shoudian Zaozhi

"EZVIZ" landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, smart home cameras accounted for 70% of total revenue

According to news on the 28th, Hikvision's smart home brand "EZVIZ" successfully landed on the Sci-Tech Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

"EZVIZ" was established in 2013, and its predecessor was the Internet C-end business of the security technology company "Hikvision".

According to its prospectus, 87.2% of EZVIZ’s revenue comes from smart home products (70.0% of which are smart home cameras), and 12.8% of its revenue comes from cloud platform services.

Source: Brand Planet

The "National Team" officially entered the stadium, and secondary trading of digital collections became possible

On the 28th, according to "China Daily", the country's first national-level compliant digital asset secondary trading platform "China Digital Asset Trading Platform" is scheduled to launch on January 1, 2023.

It is reported that the "China Digital Assets Trading Platform" is jointly established by China Technology Exchange, China Cultural Relics Exchange Center, and Huaban Digital Copyright Service Center Co., Ltd., using "China Cultural Heritage Chain" as the only credible deposit service for tradable digital assets The platform provides institutions and individual users with digital asset registration, confirmation of rights, certificate storage, rights protection monitoring, and copyright protection services.

The types of transactions on the platform include intellectual property rights, digital copyrights, digital collections, etc. For the field of digital collections, the launch of the "China Digital Asset Trading Platform" means that a national-level compliant secondary trading platform is finally ushered in.

Source: Interface News

"Father of Marvel" Stan Lee documentary release trailer

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

On the 28th, it was Stan Lee's 100th birthday, and Marvel released the trailer for the documentary "Stan Lee", reviewing Stan Lee's guest shots in many Marvel movies.

Known as the "Father of Marvel Heroes", Stan Lee collaborated with artists such as Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko to create famous comic characters such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Avengers, Iron Man, and Hulk , laid the foundation for the entire Marvel universe.

The documentary will be available on streaming Disney+ next year, but the exact date has not yet been announced.

Source: Beijing News

"Lion Boy" released the Japanese version of the trailer, and it will land in Japanese theaters next year

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According to news on the 29th, the domestic animation "Lion Boy" released a Japanese version trailer, which is scheduled to be released in Japan in 2023, and a Japanese dubbed version will be produced.

The film tells the growth story of Ajuan, a left-behind teenager who has a lion dance dream, and her friends form a lion dance team, and finally create a miracle.

The film was released domestically on December 17, 2021, with a cumulative box office of over 249 million.

Source: 1905 Film Network

Hideo Kojima: I hope to become an AI after death and continue to create

According to news on the 29th, Kojima Productions founder Hideo Kojima recently accepted an interview with IGN and talked about the adaptation of "Death Stranding" and the latest sequel.

Among them, when asked "What life philosophy and feelings do you hope to leave for Kojima Productions in the next 50 or 100 years?", Hideo Kojima expressed his hope that he could become an AI after death and continue to create:

"Maybe I can survive as an AI. If you want to keep creating new things, you have to experience external stimuli in many different ways, so I think even if I become an AI, I will continue to work with Others cooperate and accept new things.”

Source: Hypebeast

Netflix Releases Videos of 2022's Top Shows and Movies

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According to news on the 29th, Netflix summarized the popular drama series and movie videos of 2022.

Among them, popular film and television dramas such as "Miss a Heartbeat", "Wednesday", "Twenty-five, Twenty-one", "Sandman" and "Stranger Things" have been included.

Which one is your NO.1 choice this year? Feel free to share it in the comments section.

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