Morning Post | Haidilao responds to customer puffer fish poisoning incident / Moutai launches 39 yuan ice cream / Chengdu launches “Hot Pot Bus”

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  • Haidilao responds to customer puffer fish poisoning incident
  • Moutai teamed up with Mengniu to launch Moutai-flavored ice cream
  • Chengdu to launch "Hot Pot Bus"
  • Sony releases two noise-cancelling headphones
  • Fengchao and Tsinghua University release unmanned delivery robot
  • Uniqlo's Marni Collection Goes On Sale Today
  • Wuhan Apple Store to open on May 21
  • Xiaopeng Motors ruined more than 20 fresh school enrollments
  • It is reported that Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo will reduce the production capacity of mobile phones
  • Yili launches pet food customized brand "one on one"
  • Tea Yanyose launched a new store type "Xiao Shen Xian Tea House"
  • Ralph Lauren Chengdu Flagship Store Will Bring Asia-Pacific's First Dining Bar

Haidilao responds to customer puffer fish poisoning incident

Recently, some netizens broke the news on the social platform Xiaohongshu that they were suspected of being poisoned by eating puffer fish products in Haidilao stores in Chengdu.

The netizen and his party of 4 arrived at the Haidilao Chengdu Renhe Xincheng store on the evening of May 3 to participate in the new product tasting activity of their puffer fish pot, but they went to the doctor with symptoms such as dizziness and numbness in the limbs after eating, which was suspected to be caused by eating puffer fish poisoning. Subsequently, the netizen reported the case to the Market Supervision Administration.

In this regard, Haidilao responded that after receiving feedback from customers, the store immediately conducted an investigation. Except for this batch of customers, there was no abnormal feedback from customers in the puffer fish tasting event. The store has sealed the tasting ingredients for the day.

Haidilao explained that the product is a food-grade puffer fish with no risk of poisoning and is exclusively supplied by Zhongyang Group.

The Market Supervision Bureau inspected the store on May 6 and 19 respectively, confirmed that the relevant product qualifications and inspection reports were complete, and found no abnormality, and emphasized that consumers are encouraged to protect their rights in accordance with the law, and will fully cooperate with the investigation. (Interface News)

Moutai teamed up with Mengniu to launch Moutai-flavored ice cream

On May 19, the Moutai e-commerce app "i Moutai" was officially launched, and a total of 5 new products, including "Feitian 53% vol 100ml" priced at 399 yuan, were launched.

At the press conference, Maotai also set up the first Maotai ice cream flagship store.

The Moutai-flavored ice cream jointly created by Maotai and Mengniu is available in two flavors, original and vanilla, with a tasting price of 39 yuan per serving. In the future, Moutai ice cream stores will be opened in many places across the country.

Chengdu to launch "Hot Pot Bus"

The country's first hotpot-themed sightseeing bus will be officially launched in Chengdu tonight.

The sightseeing bus is jointly launched by Chengdu Public Transport Group and other companies in conjunction with Dalong Yi Hotpot. Tourists can eat hotpot while visiting Taikoo Li, Wangping Street, 339 TV Tower, Tianfu Square and other Chengdu night tour landmarks.

The bus will run for a limited time from May 20th to June 19th, leaving on time every night at 19:00. The ticket price is 89 yuan, each ticket supports 2-3 consumers to dine, and the whole journey takes about 90 minutes. (Chengdu Business Daily)

Sony releases two noise-cancelling headphones, LinkBuds S and WH-1000XM5

Yesterday, Sony China officially released two new noise-cancelling headphones, LinkBuds S earbuds and WH-1000XM5 headphones.

The LinkBuds S are the lightest and most compact in-ear noise-cancelling headphones in Sony's history, featuring comfortably worn in-ear noise-cancelling headphones.

LinkBuds S has a built-in new integrated processor V1 chip similar to the WF-1000XM4, with similar noise reduction capabilities. It adopts 5mm drive unit highly flexible diaphragm, supports LDAC and DSEE Extreme, and further optimizes the voice call performance. It can be used for about 6 hours at a time, and it can be used for about 20 hours with the charging case.

The WH-1000XM5 is equipped with dual chips and 8 microphones.

The 6 external microphones will first transmit the ambient noise to the high-performance integrated processor V1 for processing, and the processed data will be sent to the HD noise reduction processor QN1 to accurately generate an inverse phase curve to cancel the noise. The 2 internal feedback microphones are responsible for detecting residual noise near the ear canal, and through the integrated processor V1, noise reduction processing is performed again.

Sony has newly developed a 30mm diaphragm for the WH-1000XM5, which uses a high-rigidity, low-weight carbon fiber material to present a dynamic and powerful low-frequency and high-frequency up to 40kHz.

In terms of price, the LinkBuds S National Bank is priced at 1299 yuan; the WH-1000XM5 National Bank is priced at 2999 yuan.

Fengchao and Tsinghua University release unmanned delivery robot

On May 18, Fengchao and the Department of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University jointly released an unmanned delivery robot.

After receiving the pickup notification, the user can make an online appointment for the robot to deliver to the specified address. After the robot is instructed, it will go to the Fengchao Cabinet to pick up the corresponding courier. At present, the robot has started to operate on the campus of Tsinghua University.

"Unmanned delivery" is becoming a new field of exploration for multi-scenario delivery. Previously, Fengchao had teamed up with SF Express to deploy unmanned vehicles, which have now been applied in 4 colleges and universities. Alibaba Logistics has also deployed unmanned vehicles at Cainiao Stations in 15 colleges and universities across the country. (E-commerce News)

Uniqlo's Marni Collection Goes On Sale Today

The first joint series of Uniqlo and Marni has attracted much attention since its previous announcement.

In this collection, we can see Marni's signature free-spirited graffiti prints, brilliant tones. The series design revolves around three themes: luxurious three-dimensional tailoring, Italian gentleman suits and gorgeous art print living.

The series will go on sale at 10 o'clock today, with prices ranging from 79 yuan to 999 yuan.

Wuhan Apple Store to open on May 21

Apple announced that the first Apple Store in Wuhan will officially open on the morning of Saturday, May 21.

Wuhan Apple Store is located on the second floor of Building C, Wuhan International Plaza Shopping Center. The store uses many of Apple's latest design elements, using granite floors and wood-trimmed walls to make the store and mall lobby brighter and more airy.

At the same time, the store is also the first retail store in China to set up an exclusive Apple Pickup area, where customers can go directly to the store to pick up their products after placing an order online.

The in-store retail store team of 128 can communicate with customers in multiple languages, including Chinese sign language and English sign language. Apple introduced to Ai Faner that the Apple Wuhan retail store is the first retail store in China to have employees with three types of disabilities: hearing impairment, visual impairment and physical mobility impairment.

Xiaopeng Motors ruined more than 20 fresh school enrollments

Recently, a number of 2022 graduates said that they were unilaterally terminated after receiving the school recruitment offer from Xiaopeng Motors. When contacting one of the students, Xiaopeng Motors HR said that it was unable to provide jobs due to business adjustments, and would provide 5,000 yuan as compensation for the students who terminated their contracts.

At present, a total of more than 20 fresh graduates have expressed that their contracts have been broken, and Xiaopeng Motors has not responded.

According to Xiaopeng Motors' 21st financial report, the company's total revenue in fiscal year 2021 was 20.99 billion yuan, and the net loss was 4.8631 billion yuan.

Previously, Li Auto was also exposed in May that it had broken the contract to recruit new students, and later stated that it would provide relevant students with job transfer options and contract termination compensation plans.

It is reported that Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo will reduce the production capacity of mobile phones

According to Nikkei Asia news, Xiaomi, OPPO, and vivo have recently notified their suppliers that the number of orders after the second quarter is expected to be reduced by about 20% compared with the previous plan.

Among them, Xiaomi adjusted the original sales target of 200 million this year to 160-180 million, OPPO and vivo also reduced the order volume this quarter and next quarter by about 20%, and prioritized the digestion of the backlog of inventory in specialty stores.

On the other hand, Apple is increasing its production of iPhones.

According to Taiwan Economic Daily, the current supply of the iPhone 13 Pro series is relatively short, and Apple plans to increase production by 10 million iPhone 13 Pro units in the second quarter.

Yili launches pet food customized brand "one on one"

Dairy giant Yili is quietly entering the pet food field. Yili-related companies recently launched a customized pet food brand called "one on one".

The brand can calculate the feeding plan suitable for different pets according to the individual conditions of each pet, such as physical signs, feed intake, exercise volume, etc., so as to customize the purchase amount ranging from 7 days to 30 days. The 30-day custom-made food for small dogs is about 200 yuan.

According to Bain & Company, the size of China's pet food market will reach 150 billion yuan in 2025, making it the second largest market in the world. In the future, the overall market structure will tend to be fragmented, and consumers will also show the characteristics of "multi-brand preference". (Interface News)

Tea Yanyose launched a new store type "Xiao Shen Xian Tea House"

Recently, Chayan Yuese launched its new store type "Xiaoshenxian Teahouse". There are currently two stores, both located in Changsha.

The products of the new store are mainly three types of beverages: original leaf freshly brewed milk tea, boutique hanging ear hand-brewed coffee, and creative original leaf tea. Similar drinks are priced at the same price of 18 yuan, 16 yuan and 17 yuan respectively. At the same time, the store also provides products such as refreshment snacks and English afternoon tea candy bars.

Previously, Chayanyuese has tried various types of store scenarios, such as the "Tea Tea Shop" that sells retail products such as tea tea sets and cultural and creative products, garden parties that provide various peripheral products such as badges, "One Tea Shop". "One scene, one theme" concept store, as well as a variety of store types such as Takeaway Escort Store and Happy Palace. (Brand Planet)

Ralph Lauren Chengdu Flagship Store Will Bring Asia-Pacific's First Dining Bar

Following Beijing and Shanghai, Ralph Lauren's latest global flagship store in mainland China is about to land in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, Chengdu, and is expected to open at the end of May this year.

This will be a global concept store with Double RL & Co featuring American retro style on the first and second floors and POLO Ralph Lauren featuring American casual clothing collections.

The RALPH'S BAR restaurant and bar on the third floor is the first in the Asia-Pacific region and will serve specialty coffee, light burgers and classic American cocktails.

In recent years, Ralph Lauren has made frequent moves in cross-border catering, and its catering matrix has spread all over the world. Ralph's Coffee has been opened in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai in China. (CEO Brand Watch)

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