Morning Post | Gome suspends employee wages / iPhone 14 may welcome rare price reductions / WeChat PC version supports image text extraction

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  • Gome suspends employee salaries
  • Apple "abnormally increased" iPhone 14 / Plus production orders
  • WeChat PC version supports extracting text from pictures
  • Office Paperclip Assistant is coming back
  • Tiffany to raise prices across the board on Friday
  • Instagram creators can sell NFTs directly
  • Google launches 'Thousand Languages ​​Project'
  •  Can Meituan's takeaway be delivered to Hong Kong?
  • iPhone 14 pro cannot be turned on when fully charged
  • Early renderings of the first Android phone released
  • Fuji X-T5 camera launched
  • HEYTEA confirms that it is open to join
  • Tesla unveils Christmas sweater
  • Pokémon x Puma Launch Collaborative Shoe
  • Director Wong Kar-wai's "Flowers" releases trailer
  • The second season of "Celebrating More Than Years" opens for reservations
  • "The Last Survivor" drama version finalized

Gome stops paying employees' wages: only social security will be paid to employees before the end of December

According to "Prism", Huang Xiuhong, chairman of Gome, said at the Gome general meeting recently: "The company will only provide social security to its employees before the end of December, and will no longer pay wages."

Huang Xiuhong also added that "in the medium and long term in the future, there will also be uncertainty in the payment of wages", and employees will be required to sign a letter of commitment.

Some employees said they would refuse to sign, believing that Gome’s move was equivalent to forcing people to leave in disguise, and questioned its legitimacy. But at the same time, he also expressed his concern that after voluntarily resigning, it would be difficult to obtain the tens of thousands of yuan in wages that have been owed.

According to reports, Gome has launched a “salary reduction plan” since June to reduce expenses, and the salary payment of employees has been generally delayed.

In September, Gome responded to issues such as arrears of wages and cash flow crisis, saying that Gome has indeed encountered unprecedented difficulties and severe challenges, and its cash flow is under obvious pressure. Therefore, some temporary and emergency adjustments have been made to salary distribution. " .

Source: Tencent News Prism

Apple "abnormally increased" iPhone 14 / Plus production orders, or will cut prices

According to investment bank Nomura Securities, Apple is “abnormally increasing” production orders for regular iPhone 14 models.

The analysis report pointed out that Apple’s move may be due to digesting the components and production capacity released after the iPhone 14 Plus production cut, or preparing for special promotions.

Nomura Securities predicts that Apple may be preparing for an "unprecedented" price cut at the end of this quarter or the first half of next year to stimulate demand and destock.

Source: IT House

WeChat PC version update supports extracting text in pictures

WeChat recently released the Windows 3.8.0 update, adding a number of features.

Among them, the function of "extracting and translating picture text" allows users to directly copy the text content in the picture in WeChat, which is more convenient for the editing process in text communication.

The functions of "sharing chat records when inviting friends into the group" and "group owner or group administrator pinning the message in the group" can help the group friends who have just joined the group to understand the historical messages in the group, and avoid repeated announcements and other types of information. .

In addition, the WeChat team also responded to the recent issue of multiple users reporting that their personal WeChat accounts were "logged in by unknown devices":

"Due to manufacturer settings and other reasons, the same device may show a different name in the WeChat login record." Therefore, the unknown device in the WeChat login history "is likely to be your own device."

At the same time, in order to stay online, WeChat will automatically log in to renew.

Source: Caijing Network & @Tencent WeChat Team

The Office Assistant "Big Eye Clip" is about to return, and the WeChat applet will be launched

Microsoft once built a paperclip-shaped assistant, Clippy, into Office 97 to help new users familiarize themselves with Office. However, in 2001, the big eye clip was completely cut off in the 2007 version of Office.

But the Microsoft document announced yesterday that the big eye clip will officially return on November 10, with a functional positioning similar to the AI ​​chat assistant.

It is reported that the big eye clip will be launched on the WeChat applet of "All Things Mobilization" of "Mind Cosmos". In the future, the new big eye clip will also become part of the Microsoft OfficePLUS PPT plug-in and appear in the "AI Lab".

Source: Microsoft Documentation

Tiffany is about to raise prices across the board, with an increase of up to 59%

Tiffany & Co., an American high-end jewelry brand, announced that it will adjust the prices of its entire line of products on Friday. The range of this round of products in the Chinese market ranges from 20% to 59%.

This price adjustment is a global price increase. A salesperson said that the increase of different product lines of the brand is different, and the largest increase of 59% is expected to be aimed at "yellow diamond" products.

Tiffany's price increase this time far exceeds the previous range of about 13%. In addition to objective factors such as rising costs and exchange rate changes, the business strategy of luxury companies to move closer to high-net-worth customers from the dimensions of pricing and service is also one of the important factors.

Source: Interface News

Instagram creators can sell NFTs directly

According to Decrypt, Meta announced that its Instagram will allow users to design and mint NFTs and sell them directly to other users through Instagram.

It is reported that Instagram will first support Polygon's NFT, and will first open the NFT function to designated creators.

Meta also said it will not charge fees to create or sell NFTs until 2024, and will also pay gas fees for buyers. However, in-app transactions are still subject to app store fees.

Source: Sina Finance

Google launches 'Thousand Languages ​​Project'

On the 2nd, Google held its annual AI event, which focused on the achievements of Google AI so far.

At the event, Google announced the "Thousand Languages ​​Initiative," which promises to build an AI model that supports 1,000 of the most commonly used languages, bringing greater inclusion to billions of people in marginalized communities.

At present, Google has developed a Universal Speech Model (USM) that supports more than 400 languages, which is said to be the largest speech model to date.

 Can Meituan's takeaway be delivered to Hong Kong?

Meituan, which is preparing to enter the Hong Kong market, must realize that grabbing market share from rivals with a first-mover advantage is tantamount to grabbing food from a tiger’s mouth.

Foodpanda, whose business is distributed in more than 500 cities around the world, has already landed in the Hong Kong market in 2014.

During this period, Foodpanda not only quickly acquired local experience, but also excelled in international operations. It has experience in high labor costs, strict protection of labor rights, and transaction compliance risk management in various regions and countries.

What's more, in fact, the food delivery industry in Hong Kong is still in a stage of low demand and slow development. Due to the high delivery fee of 30 yuan caused by high labor costs, and the premium of take-out meals, many restaurants start at nearly 90 yuan for delivery, making the price the "biggest reason for persuasion."

However, mistakes by competitors could also be an opportunity for Meituan.

Recently, some Foodpanda employees went on strike due to issues such as reduced delivery fees due to Foodpanda's new map system.

An accurate and transparent salary calculation system, stable map system and accurate distance calculation are still the demands of delivery personnel. And the data processing advantages that Meituan has accumulated over the years can play a role here.

In addition to the "burning money" subsidy as always, how much trial and error cost does Meituan have the patience to pay for this? How much experience can be accumulated globally available? This may be the issue that deserves more long-term attention in the sound of Meituan's "entry to Hong Kong".

To learn more, you can check it out in "Leopard Change" .

iPhone 14 pro cannot be turned on when fully charged

According to a complaint from Black Cat, after a user charged the iPhone 14 pro overnight, the phone could not be turned on the next day.

After communicating with Apple's official technical support, the user successfully booted the phone according to the instructions and found that the battery was fully charged, but the reason for the inability to boot has not yet been confirmed.

Many users have also reported encountering similar situations, and it is expected that the problem may be related to the iOS system.

According to previous reports from Tencent News, the iPhone 14 Pro has also experienced problems such as positioning failure and data transmission stuck after upgrading the beta version of iOS16.1.

Source: 36kr

Early renderings of the first Android phone released

The world's first Android commercial phone HTC Dream (G1) (also known as T-Mobile G1) was released in September 2008, fourteen years ago.

Recently, Android co-founder Rich Miner shared a rendering of the phone before its launch on Twitter.

The phone looks a bit similar to the HTC Dream, with a horizontal slider design and a full-size physical keyboard in an all-neon color.

The phone in the renders also has a jog wheel for page navigation, but HTC Dream ended up using a trackball instead.


Fujifilm's new X-T5 camera hits shelves

The X-T5 is the fifth-generation device of the XT series, using a back-illuminated 40.2-megapixel sensor "X-Trans CMOS 5 HR" and a high-speed image processing engine "X-Processor 5".

Fuji said the performance of the X-T5 has been generally improved, including higher image quality, ISO125 standard sensitivity, shutter speeds of up to 1/180,000th of a second, and the versatile photography styles brought by pixel-shift multiple shooting.

The new phone will go on sale on the evening of November 10. The price of a single body is 11,990 yuan, and the price of 16-80 sets is 15,690 yuan. The battery will be sent for the first time.

Source: IT House

HEYTEA confirms the opening of franchise: it will launch business partnership business in non-first-tier cities

In response to the recent rumors that HEYTEA will be open to franchise, HEYTEA confirms: "HeyTea is indeed preparing to develop business partnership business with suitable store types in non-first-tier cities."

HEYTEA has always been based on the direct sales model, and currently operates more than 800 stores in more than 70 cities across the country.

In early February this year, HEYTEA announced that it had completed a comprehensive price adjustment. By June, products below 19 yuan on the HEYTEA menu had accounted for 80%.

Source: Sino-Singapore Jingwei

Tesla launches Christmas sweater, sold out in 1 minute

As Christmas is approaching, Tesla recently launched new products in its official online store. Among them, the Model X-mas sweater was sold out within 1 minute of being put on the shelves.

According to Tesla, the sweater is "themed around the S3XY model lineup, supercharger station, lightning silhouette and Tesla lettering" and is "made from 100% hypoallergenic acrylic for extra softness and comfort." $65.

Another blanket, "Tesla…& Chill Blanket," measuring 72 by 50 inches, is said to be "made from ultra-fine 100% recycled polyester chenille," priced at $150.

Source: Sina Technology

Pokémon x Puma Launch Collaborative Shoe


There are 5 pairs of shoes in this cooperation, namely "Pikachu" Rider FV, RS-X shoes, "Jenny Turtle" Suede shoes, "Little Fire Dragon" Slipstream Lo, and "Frog Seeds" Rider FV shoes.

Each pair of shoes adopts the corresponding color matching of the theme character, and is uniformly attached with the character portrait nameplate pendant, and the tongue is replaced with the elf portrait plate.


The shoe series includes "family portrait sizes" such as adult sizes, women's sizes, and baby sizes. It will be available on Puma's official website on November 12.

Source: Nowre

Trailer for Wong Kar-wai's drama "Blossoms"

Click on the picture to jump to the video

Yesterday, Wong Kar Wai's drama "Blossoms" revealed the "Blossoms" version of the trailer.

The play is directed and produced by Wong Kar-wai, starring Hu Ge, Ma Yili, Tang Yan and Xin Zhilei. Preparations began in 2014.

Based on Jin Yucheng's novel of the same name, the story will revolve around the experience of the protagonist "A Bao" played by Hu Ge in Shanghai.

Source: NetEase Entertainment

The second season of "Celebrating More Than Years" opens for reservations

@青玉年官微 posted on Weibo yesterday, announcing that the second season of "Qing Yu Nian" is about to start, and Zhang Ruoyun, the star of the first part, has confirmed his return.

The first season of "Celebrating More Than Years" premiered in 2019, starring Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Chen Daoming, and Xiao Zhan. The story is adapted from Mao greasy's novel of the same name, telling the story of Fan Xian, a young man with a mysterious background, who has gone through various tests in his family, rivers and lakes, and temples.

At present, users can already search for "Qing Yu Nian Second Season" on Tencent Video and click to make an appointment.

The drama version of "The Last Survivor" is set to start broadcasting in January next year

The HBO live-action series "The Last Survivor" adapted from the game released an official poster and is scheduled to officially start broadcasting on January 15 next year, with a total of 9 episodes.

The game "The Last of Us" is set after the apocalypse, and the protagonist Joel needs to escort the girl Ellie out of the city. Facing the threat of a virus-infected mutant human and other survivor groups, the two embark on a profound life-changing journey.

The show stars Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsay, Craig Mazin (Chernobyl), Caroline Strauss (Game of Thrones) and the game director Created by Neil Druckmann.

Source: Mtime

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