Morning Post | FF Announces Mass Production Funding/Google Requires All Employees to Test ChatGPT Competing Products/9-Price HPV Vaccine Bundled Sales

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  • Nine-valent HPV vaccine is now sold in bundles
  • Faraday Future announces it has raised enough funds for mass production
  • Google CEO Shouts Battle Cry Against ChatGPT
  • Colombian Judge Uses ChatGPT to Make Sentences
  • Secoo Introduces ChatGPT to Luxury Business
  • Dell to cut about 6,650 jobs
  • ARK Invest: Bitcoin will hit $1 million in 10 years
  •  ChatGPT must be more regulated
  • Mi 13 series will be upgraded with Wi-Fi 7
  • Apple rumored to be still working on iPhone reverse wireless charging
  • OnePlus Ace 2 starts with 12GB RAM
  • Nothing Phone (2) configuration exposure
  • Rivian is working on an electric bike
  • MSCHF launches Astro Boy rain boots
  • Ruixing Coffee x "Line Puppy" is new
  • "She Who Disappeared" is scheduled for June 22
  • The 65th Annual Grammy Awards Announced
  • Blizzard exec hints at Diablo 4 open beta

Nine-valent HPV vaccine is now sold in bundles

According to news on February 6, there have been media reports recently that there is a problem with bundled sales of medical examination packages for the nine-valent HPV vaccination service provided by some private hospitals.

According to China Business News, in the nine-valent HPV vaccination service of a private hospital in Shanghai, some HPV vaccine products are sold in the form of "packages". In addition to providing three-needle nine-valent vaccination services, it also includes (gift) TCT, HPV, leucorrhea routine + BV inspection items, and the highest price reaches 7,000 yuan.

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, in public medical institutions, the price of the nine-valent HPV vaccine is 1,318 yuan per bottle, and a total of 3,954 yuan is required for three doses.

Currently, the nine-valent HPV vaccine marketed in China is mainly produced by Merck. Regarding the reason for the insufficient supply of imported nine-valent HPV vaccines, Merck has stated that this is related to factors such as the complexity of production and the four-year production cycle.

At the same time, many local companies in China, such as Beijing Kangleguard, Wantai Biology, and Shanghai Zerun, are developing nine-valent HPV vaccines. Some industry insiders predict that a domestic nine-valent HPV vaccine may be applied for marketing before 2025.

Source: China Business News & Beijing Youth Daily

Faraday Future Receives Another $135 Million in Financing, Jia Yueting: Meets Mass Production Funding Needs

On February 6th, Faraday Future (Faraday Future) announced that it has obtained financing of 135 million US dollars (currently about 917 million yuan), raising all the necessary funds for the mass production of FF 91 Futurist.

For this new development, Jia Yueting expressed his gratitude to FF shareholders and investors for their trust and support on Weibo.

Faraday Future previously stated that it expects to start mass production of the marketable FF 91 Futurist electric vehicle by the end of March 2023, and it is expected to roll off the production line in early April and deliver it before the end of April.

Source: Pinwan

Google CEO shouted out the battle cry to deal with ChatGPT: All employees must come up with hacker spirit to test the company's new products

News on February 7, Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees in an internal memo on Monday that the company will need everyone to test its LaMDA-based Apprentice Bard.

"Next week, we're enlisting every Googler to help shape Bard and contribute through a special company-wide 'dog food'." "Dog food" is Google's internal term for Trials before releasing a product.

“We look forward to all your feedback in the spirit of an internal hackathon, more details will be announced soon.”

It was previously reported that Google founder Sergey Brin had personally participated in modifying the code to operate on the data for training LaMDA.

Source: & Google & Qubit

AI enters the courtroom, Colombian judge uses ChatGPT to make judgments

According to news on February 6, a judge in Colombia recently stated that the content provided by ChatGPT was referred to in the legal judgment. The case is the first known case in which an AI text generator has been used in a legal decision.

According to reports, the judge first introduced his point of view in the judgment, and used ChatGPT to "expand the arguments of the passed decision", and finally used his point of view and ChatGPT's answer as the basis for the final decision.

The judge said, "The purpose of using these artificial intelligence-generated texts is by no means to replace judges' decisions. What we hope is to use artificial intelligence to reduce the time spent on drafting judgments under the premise of verifying that the information provided by artificial intelligence is correct. .”

However, some ethicists have pointed out that the use of AI in legal judgments may reinforce racist and sexist stereotypes, leading to unequal judgments.

Source: Vice

Secoo announced the combination of ChatGPT and luxury business, US stocks rose more than 120% before the market

According to news on February 6, Secoo, a luxury e-commerce platform, will explore the application of AIGC technology to luxury-related businesses, and will conduct in-depth research and expansion on the use of ChatGPT-related technologies in the future.

Secoo said that through ChatGPT technology, interactive dialogues similar to real people can be realized, and the relevance of luxury-related text and video content, product selling point descriptions and other content can be further enriched.

Affected by this, the stock price of Secoo US stocks soared before the market. As of press time, the stock price rose by more than 125%, to 3.83 US dollars (currently about 26 yuan).

Source: Pinwan

Dell to lay off about 6,650 jobs, becoming latest tech company to lay off thousands

According to news on February 6, Dell confirmed that it will lay off about 5% of its global workforce and will confirm related expenses in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2023.

A previous memo from Dell’s joint COO Jeff Clarke stated that the company’s market conditions continue to deteriorate and the future is highly uncertain. Faced with a slump in demand for PCs, Dell will cut about 6,650 jobs.

About 55% of Dell's revenue comes from PCs. According to IDC data, in the fourth quarter of 2022, PC shipments will drop significantly. Among major companies, Dell saw the biggest decline, down 37% compared to the same period in 2021.

Source: Foreign Media & Jiemian News

"Sister Wood"'s company issued another radical forecast: the price of Bitcoin will reach 1 million US dollars in 10 years

On February 6th, ARK Invest, a subsidiary of Cathie Wood, known as "Sister Wood", released the "Big ideas of 2023" research report, predicting that the price of Bitcoin is expected to reach $1 million within ten years.

ARK said: "Despite a turbulent year, Bitcoin has not missed a beat. Its network fundamentals have strengthened and its holder base has become increasingly long-term focused. At the same time, centralized exchanges Doubts raised by counterparties boost Bitcoin’s value proposition: decentralization, auditability, and transparency. Bitcoin’s price could hit $1M in the next decade.”

In early 2022, Wood also predicted that Bitcoin would reach $1 million by 2030. However, in the past 2022, the cryptocurrency market led by Bitcoin has encountered multiple shocks, and the price of Bitcoin has fallen by 65.41% within one year.

Source: Interface News

 OpenAI CTO: ChatGPT must be more regulated

OpenAI's CTO Mira Murati recently accepted an interview with Time Magazine to discuss the problems ChatGPT faces.

Murati pointed out that as a large-scale dialogue model, the core problem of ChatGPT is still the same old problem: it may make up facts, and in a very confident tone.

However, if this is the case, the user can actually start the conversation with words like "Are you sure? I think actually…" and guide ChatGPT to correct the mistake in a gentle way.

Regarding the many doubts that ChatGPT may have dire consequences, Murati also said that technology and people are shaped in both directions. What we need to ensure is "how to make the model do what you want it to do" and "how to ensure it conforms to human intentions. and ultimately serve humanity".

"We need to bring in different voices, such as philosophers, social scientists, artists and people in the humanities," to manage the use of artificial intelligence in a way that is consistent with human values. So, AI companies have a responsibility to make the public aware of these problems, and at the same time, "regulators, governments and everyone else" need to invest more in this system:

"It's really important for everyone to start participating."

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Lei Jun: Mi 13 series and Mi 10 Gigabit routers will be upgraded with a new generation of Wi-Fi 7

On February 6th, Lei Jun revealed on his personal WeChat public account that the Mi 13 series and Mi 10 Gigabit routers will soon be upgraded to a new generation of Wi-Fi 7.

According to reports, Wi-Fi 7 introduces a brand-new MLO chip-level multi-channel connection technology. The mobile phone can select two signal channels at a time and transmit data at high speed at the same time.

According to Xiaomi data, Mi 13 can achieve 2.4GHz+5GHz dual-frequency concurrency and a transmission speed of 3.6Gbps, while Mi 13 Pro can achieve 5GHz+5GHz ultra-high-speed dual-frequency concurrency. Reach the transmission speed of 4.3Gbps.

In addition, Redmi Redmi also announced that the Redmi K60 Pro will also be upgraded to a new generation of Wi-Fi 7 standards.

Source: Jiemian News & IT Home

Apple is still working on iPhone reverse wireless charging , sources say

On February 6th, according to 9to5Mac, Apple is continuing to develop reverse wireless charging technology for the iPhone.

According to reports, Apple had hoped to debut the feature in the iPhone 14 Pro series, but failed to meet the deadline.

The key to reverse wireless charging is managing the charging speed between the iPhone and other devices, including cooling and charging efficiency. Apple is said to be developing a unique "wireless power output" firmware as the basis for the feature, as well as a special user interface for reverse wireless charging, similar to the interface currently used for MagSafe chargers and accessories.

However, the source also said that this feature may eventually be delayed again or canceled entirely.

Source: 9to5Mac

Eliminate 8GB, start with OnePlus Ace 2 memory 12GB

According to news on February 6, OnePlus officially warmed up OnePlus Ace 2 again, saying that OnePlus Ace 2 started with 12GB of memory and "thoroughly popularized 16GB".

The poster also shows that OnePlus Ace 2 uses the full blood version of LPDDR5X memory. A few days ago, Li Jie, President of OnePlus China, also announced the real machine photo of OnePlus Ace 2. The new machine has a 2.21mm ultra-narrow bezel design and a hyperbolic screen with a centered hole.

According to previous information, OnePlus Ace 2 will be equipped with a full-blooded version of the first-generation Snapdragon 8+ flagship chip, using OnePlus’ classic three-stage switch.

Source: IT Home

Nothing Phone (2) configuration exposure: equipped with an unannounced Snapdragon 8 series processor, will be released in the third quarter

On February 6th, MySmartPrice revealed new information about Nothing Phone (2), and said that the new phone may be launched in the third quarter of 2023.

In terms of configuration, the Nothing Phone (2) may be equipped with the unannounced Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series SoC, provide at least 12GB of memory and 256GB of storage, and have a 5000mAh battery (the previous generation was 4500mAh).

In terms of appearance, it is expected that Nothing Phone (2) will remain unchanged from the previous generation, equipped with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate AMOLED screen.

Previously, Pei Yu confirmed that Nothing Phone (2) will be released within this year, which will be "more advanced" than the previous generation, focusing on the software experience.

Source: IT Home

EV startup Rivian is making an e-bike move into micromobility

On February 6th, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe announced that he will use electric bicycles (Electric Bike) as a new product.

It's unclear whether Scaringe is referring to electric motorcycles or bicycles, but Rivian already has patents on components and designs for electric bicycles, the report said.

Rivian, an electric vehicle and self-driving technology company founded in 2009, was previously known as a "Tesla rival," but recently announced a 6% layoff.

Source: foreign media

MSCHF launches Astro Boy rain boots

On February 6th, the creative studio MSCHF recently revealed its latest works.

Judging from the exposure picture, its design inspiration comes from the leg components of Astro Boy in the classic Japanese animation "Astro Boy". The shoes are made of EVA material and are expected to be available soon.

Previously, BALENCIAGA's "Mickey Boots" also attracted attention. Both have exaggerated silhouettes, bringing a strong sense of volume.

Source: Hypebeast & Nowre

Ruixing Coffee x "Line Puppy" joint name, new Valentine's Day new products

According to news on February 5, Ruixing Coffee cooperated with "Line Puppy" to jointly launch new products "Prickly Rose Latte" and "Acacia Red Bean Latte", priced at 21 yuan per cup.

Line puppy Maltese is a work published by Korean artist moonlab_studio on ins. The protagonists are a white Maltese dog and a golden retriever.

In this cooperation, a total of 2 joint e-gift cards limited to Valentine's Day and peripherals such as "Xiugou Love Story"-themed physical cup holders, paper bags and stickers will be launched. 8 joint-branded theme stores will also be launched in different cities one after another.

Source: SocialBeta

"The Missing She" is scheduled for June 22, and it will be the first to enter the Dragon Boat Festival

Click on the picture to jump to view the preview

According to news on February 6, the suspenseful crime movie "She Who Disappeared" announced that it will be released on June 22, and it will be scheduled for the Dragon Boat Festival.

Adapted from the Soviet film "A Trap for the Bachelor," the film tells the story of a wife who suddenly reappears after disappearing on a wedding anniversary trip, but the husband insists that the woman in front of him is not his wife. As lawyers intervene, more mysteries emerge. Gradually emerge.

The film is produced by Chen Sicheng, directed by Cui Rui and Liu Xiang, and starred by Zhu Yilong, Ni Ni and Janice Man.

Source: Sina Movies

The 65th Annual Grammy Music Awards Announced, Beyoncé Breaks the Record for Most Grammy Awards

On February 6th, the 65th Grammy Music Awards Ceremony was held in Los Angeles.

American singer Beyoncé became the most awarded musician in Grammy history with awards including Best Dance/Electronic Album, Best Dance/Electronic Production, Best R&B Song and Best Traditional R&B Performance.

In the four major categories, Lizzo won Record of the Year, Harry Styles won Album of the Year, Bonnie Raitt won Song of the Year and Samara Joy won Newcomer of the Year.

In addition, Adele won Best Pop Performance for "Easy on Me" and Taylor Swift won Best Music Video for "All Too Well: The Short Film".

Source: China News Network

Activision Blizzard exec hints: Diablo 4 public beta is coming

February 6 news, Activision Blizzard executives, "Diablo" general manager Rod Fergusson recently hinted that a more official statement about the "Diablo" public beta may be released soon.

In response to a Twitter user's comment, Rod Fergusson said: "Soon! If only we could announce something like this sometime in the game this month…"

According to outside speculation, Rod Fergusson may be hinting that Blizzard plans to announce details about the Diablo 4 public beta program at the IGN Fan Festival 2023 held on February 17-18.

Source: 3DM


The price of the poor ghost meal has increased, but the price of McDonald's here has been reduced

Google Maps and Scandinavian McDonald's recently held an event to encourage everyone to find old McDonald's billboards from many years ago through the Street View function of Google Maps.

Upload street view screenshots during the event, and treasure hunters can buy various classic McDonald's products at the lowest prices on the posters.

"Who wouldn't want to go back to a time when a cheeseburger was 10 SEK?" said DDB, who planned the "travel".

When will the "1+1" here also return to 12.9 yuan?

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