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ByteDance responds to account ban by OpenAI: We are in contact and communicating with OpenAI

Google DeepMind uses AI to solve super data problems

Xpeng Motors: Alibaba remains the company’s second largest shareholder

Lei Jun: The first car employed 3,400 engineers and the entire R&D investment exceeded 10 billion


Dong Yuhui is promoted to senior partner of Oriental Selection

Mohit Joshi: No matter how AI develops, the demand for programming talents will not decrease

Apple’s focus next year will be on wearable devices such as Vision Pro

NIO’s executive flagship sedan ET9 debuts this month

New Balance 1906R "Lunar New Year" Pack Debuts

PUMA x BMW Motorsport team up for collaborative capsule collection

Netflix Games is developing Squidward video game

"American Black Magic Society" released trailer

"One Piece" announces the launch of a new remake TV animation

Marvel's new drama "Echo" releases new trailer


ByteDance responds to account ban by OpenAI: We are in contact and communicating with OpenAI

According to The Verge, ByteDance has been secretly using OpenAI’s technology to develop its own competitive large language model, which violates OpenAI’s terms of service. Currently, ByteDance’s account has been suspended by OpenAI.

OpenAI's terms of service stipulate that models exported by the company cannot be used to "develop any AI models that compete with OpenAI." ByteDance purchased access to OpenAI through Microsoft, which has the same policy.

According to Byte's internal documents, the company relies on the OpenAI API at almost every stage of development to develop its basic large language model code-named "Project Seed", including training and evaluation models.

According to Jiemian News, the relevant person in charge of ByteDance responded that the company emphasized that it must abide by its terms of use when using OpenAI-related services. We are also in contact with OpenAI to clarify possible misunderstandings caused by external reports.

Byte released an introduction to its use of OpenAI services:

1. At the beginning of this year, when the technical team started to conduct initial exploration of large models, some engineers applied GPT's API services to experimental project research on smaller models. This model is only for testing, there are no plans to go online, and it has never been used externally. This practice has been discontinued after the company introduced GPT API call specification checks in April.

2. As early as April this year, the Byte Big Model team had put forward clear internal requirements not to add data generated by the GPT model to the training data set of the Byte Big Model, and to train the engineering team to abide by the terms of service when using GPT. .

In March and September, the company conducted another round of internal inspections and took measures to further ensure that API calls to GPT comply with regulatory requirements. For example, batch sampling is used to detect the similarity between model training data and GPT to prevent data annotators from using GPT privately.

4. In the next few days, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection again to ensure strict compliance with the terms of use of relevant services.

big company

Google DeepMind uses AI to solve super data problems

According to "MIT Technology Review", recently, Google DeepMind used a large language model to solve a well-known unsolved problem in the field of pure mathematics.

In a paper published in the journal Nature, researchers say this is the first time large-scale language models have been used to discover a solution to a long-standing scientific puzzle: generating verifiable and valuable new information that never existed. .

DeepMind built a tool called "FunSearch" on top of its gaming artificial intelligence AlphaZero to solve mathematical problems by treating them as puzzles in Go or chess.

FunSearch incorporates a large language model called Codey, which is trained and honed with computer code and programmed to reject incorrect answers and feed correct answers into its model.

Xpeng Motors: Alibaba remains the company’s second largest shareholder

On December 16, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission documents showed that Taobao China Holdings Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, plans to sell 25 million shares of Xpeng Motors Co., Ltd., with a total value of approximately US$391 million.

In this regard, the relevant person in charge of Alibaba said in a statement: "Based on our own capital management goals, we sold part of our shares in Xpeng Motors and reduced our shareholding ratio from 10.2% to 7.5%."

"Xpeng Motors is one of the leaders in China's electric vehicle field, and we have established a strategic partnership with it. We believe in Xpeng Motors' prospects and look forward to continued cooperation with the company."

According to "Securities Daily", in response to this reduction, the relevant person in charge of Xpeng Motors said: "Alibaba's reduction in holdings is to implement the strategy of realizing investment and returning shareholders as communicated in its third quarter financial report for fiscal year 2023, and not because of its investment in small companies." Changes in Peng Company’s views”.

"In addition, Alibaba will continue to be the second largest shareholder of Xpeng Motors, holding about 8% of the shares, and will continue to carry out in-depth strategic cooperation with Xpeng Motors in areas such as cloud computing."

Lei Jun: The first car employed 3,400 engineers and the entire R&D investment exceeded 10 billion

In CCTV's "Face to Face" program broadcast last night, Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Group, told reporters that he felt Xiaomi had many natural advantages in making cars.

He pointed out that the essence of today's smart electric vehicles is the integration of the automotive industry and the consumer electronics industry. It is a big integration, so entering the automotive industry is a challenge for Xiaomi, but overall the difficulty is controllable.

Lei Jun said, "We invested 3,400 engineers in our first car, and the entire R&D investment exceeded 10 billion. We spent more than 10 times the investment. After having such confidence, I did it with the determination to win anyway." .

Regarding the expectations for Xiaomi's first model, Lei Jun said that his mentality is very complicated, "I am particularly worried that it will not be popular once it comes out, and no one will buy it. What is even more worried is that everyone will buy it. If you have to wait for a year or two, you will definitely be replaced. What a shame.”

Dong Yuhui is promoted to senior partner of Oriental Selection

Early this morning, Oriental Selection released a live broadcast preview, announcing that Dong Yuhui will live broadcast with New Oriental founder Yu Minhong at 20:00 on December 18.

In the poster, Dong Yuhui's identity is changed to "Senior Partner of Oriental Selection". Previously, Yu Minhong said in a live broadcast that Dong Yuhui will definitely have the right to speak in the future.

In addition, Oriental Selection announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on December 17 that the board of directors had resolved to remove Sun Dongxu from his position as CEO and remove him from his position as executive director of the company on December 16, with immediate effect.

In view of the recent public opinion turmoil, Sun Dongxu's change of position reflects his recent poor management of the company's brand and reputation; the board of directors believes that Sun Dongxu's withdrawal from these positions will better safeguard the interests of the company's shareholders, allowing more experienced directors to take over the company daily management.

Sun Dongxu confirmed that as of the date of this announcement, he has no differences of opinion with the board of directors and has not made any claims against the company. The board of directors has appointed Yu Minhong as the company's new chief executive, effective immediately.

 Mohit Joshi: No matter how AI develops, the demand for programming talents will not decrease

Mohit Joshi, CEO-designate of Indian IT giant Tech Mahindra, recently said at the Zero Mile Samvad conference: “Artificial intelligence will definitely make programming easier and make it more widespread, but I don’t think it will make programming work easier. Got extra."

In his view, artificial intelligence has indeed done some amazing things. For example, it can make ordinary programmers reach the level of "experts" and significantly improve productivity.

He said, "No matter what artificial intelligence does, the demand for programming talent will not decrease over time. The role of programmers will evolve over time."

Mohit Joshi also said: "Artificial intelligence will create winners and losers, and it will create more winners than losers, which will benefit us all greatly."

New product

Apple’s focus next year will be on wearable devices such as Vision Pro

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said in this week's Power On newsletter that although the iPhone has been at the center of Apple's product strategy for more than 15 years, the company's focus will shift next year with the launch of Vision Pro, Apple Watch and AirPods .

According to reports, the iPhone will still be upgraded next year, but there will be no major changes: Apple plans to retain the design of the iPhone 15 while increasing the screen size of the Pro version. The basic model will be equipped with an "operation" button, and a new button will be added specifically for shooting video.

Gurman said the Vision Pro marks a new category for Apple, and that AirPods and Apple Watch will also receive their biggest upgrades ever.

Apple will launch the fourth generation of AirPods next year, which will include two versions. The two fourth-generation AirPods will feature an updated design, with the new AirPods expected to look like a cross between the current AirPods and AirPods Pro, with shorter stems.

The new version will also bring a redesigned protective shell, as well as a USB-C charging port, and the high-end version of AirPods will be equipped with active noise cancellation.

Additionally, Apple is preparing hearing aid features that will be released later next year. AirPods Pro will also introduce body temperature and health tracking features, which are still in the early stages of development.

Apple also plans to launch a new version of AirPods Max in 2024, which will add new colors and be equipped with a USB-C port.

The Apple Watch is also set to receive an upgrade, with the company planning to launch at least one model with a new look. What's more, Apple is developing two health features – blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea monitoring – designed to take smartwatches to new heights.

Gurman believes that Apple Vision Pro will definitely become the focus of attention in 2024, even if it will not bring much revenue to Apple in the short term. Apple is still trying to figure out the device's key selling points, and believes it could "become a significant part of its financial story" within a few years.

According to previous reports, sales training on Vision Pro is scheduled to start in mid-January next year, and each employee will receive two days of training to learn how to use and sell the device.

Vision Pro is expected to be launched before March next year and will be available first in the United States, followed by other countries and regions in 2024.

NIO’s executive flagship sedan ET9 debuts this month

Li Bin, founder, chairman and CEO of NIO, announced during the live broadcast of the 150kWh battery pack endurance test yesterday that the executive flagship sedan ET9 will be unveiled at the 2023 NIO Sunrise held on the 23rd of this month.

At the same time, Li Bin also emphasized that the "competing products" of this mysterious new car include the Maybach S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Porsche Panamera, etc.

He said, "This market has always been inaccessible to Chinese car brands. We believe that in the era of smart electric vehicles, administrative flagships have always been technological flagships. I think our Chinese companies have the opportunity to participate."

In addition, yesterday’s “NIO 150kWh battery life test” reached a final score of 1,044 kilometers after more than 14 hours of driving. In this actual measurement, the average energy consumption per 100 kilometers for the entire 1,044 kilometers was 13.2kWh, and the remaining power was 3%.

new consumption

New Balance 1906R "Lunar New Year" Pack Debuts

This New Balance "Lunar New Year" model uses 1906R, a popular shoe model, and matches it with soft and elegant pink and goose yellow, showing another elegant charm of Chinese culture.

At the same time, the New Balance 1906R "Lunar New Year" set also uses turquoise insoles to pay tribute to China's traditional jade culture and make it more gentle and elegant.

The two colors of the New Balance 1906R "Lunar New Year" set will be officially released through New Balance sales channels early next year, priced at US$170 (currently approximately RMB 1,204).

PUMA x BMW Motorsport team up for collaborative capsule collection

PUMA and BMW Motorsport, the racing arm of BMW, have teamed up to create a new joint capsule collection.

The series pays tribute to the classic work of the famous American Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein – the unique appearance designed for the BMW 320i Turbo in 1977 – which fully demonstrates the dynamic landscape of the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race track.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Lichtenstein's birth, PUMA and BMW Motorsport have reinterpreted his artistic style and transplanted it into clothing through this collaboration. The dynamic appearance of the "graffiti car" is restored by using overlapping dots, stripes and other elements. This series has been launched on PUMA official website.

Netflix Games is developing Squidward video game

"Squid Game: Live Challenge" was officially released last month. Recently, Netflix Games announced that it is developing "Squid Game", a video game version of Hwang Dong Hyuk's popular series "Squid Game".

Mike Verdu, Vice President of Netflix Games, wrote that the company will provide a number of new games in 2024, including "Squid Game", the video game version of "Squid Game".

However, the article only briefly describes: "A game based on "Squid Game", where you can compete with other players in the game." There is no more detailed game content.


"American Black Magic Society" released trailer

The fantasy comedy "The American Black Magic Society" starring Justice Smith has released a trailer, which is based on the "magical black man" routine of Hollywood film and television:

There is "The American Society of Magical Negroes" (The American Society of Magical Negroes), which is dedicated to making white people's lives more comfortable, because "white people don't live well, and bad things will happen to us black people later."

A young man joins the group and begins learning to use magic to perform tasks to keep the white people happy. And one day he met a woman, so he doubted his work and the entire logic…

The film will premiere at the next Sundance Film Festival and then be released in North America on March 22 next year.

"One Piece" announces the launch of a new remake TV animation

Netflix announced that it will produce a new series of animation "THE ONE PIECE", starting from the first episode of "East China Sea".

"THE ONE PIECE" will be animated by WIT STUDIO. The production lineup and broadcast time have not yet been announced.

Marvel's new drama "Echo" releases new trailer

Marvel's new drama "Echo" has released a new trailer. It is a large-scale and emotional action scene. It will be launched on Disney+ and Hulu on January 9 next year. It is rated as TV-MA (suitable for adults) for the first time in a Marvel drama.

Alaqua Cox's "Echo" has made her debut in "Hawkeye."

The series follows her brutal actions in New York that reverberate back home, forcing her to confront her past and reconnect with her roots as a Native American and come to terms with her family and community if she hopes to move forward. significance.

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